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Brandwatch: From Social Listening to Social Business
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Brandwatch: From Social Listening to Social Business


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Simon McDermott, Business Development Manager, BrandWatch …

Simon McDermott, Business Development Manager, BrandWatch

Social listening powering the social business

Simon co-founded Attentio in 2004, a pioneer in social media analytics and listening. As Sales & Marketing Director and then CEO, Simon and his team built the company to a million euro in sales. In 2012 Simon joined Brandwatch where he works on growing new markets and channels in Europe. In his career Simon has worked with numerous start-ups through the Founder Institute and Microsoft's Bizspark, he’s also a Non-Executive Director of Jam Publishing.

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  • 1. From social listening to social business November 2013 Simon McDermott | | Tel: +32 473 670178 | @simonmc
  • 2. Early days of social listening © 2012 Brandwatch | 2
  • 3. The market was very similar to press clipping © 2012 Brandwatch | 3
  • 4. Counting the buzz and graphing it © 2013 Brandwatch | 4
  • 5. Some sentiment, often questioned
  • 6. But then the change…Why? A few things really. © 2012 Brandwatch | 6
  • 7. Social media and “me” Source/ Mary Meeker, Kleiner Perkins 7
  • 8. Metamorphosis …A social business now knew • There is volume, conversations to analyse, across the world • No one says, “what is social media?” • Case studies burst forward every day • Social media is a battlefield and being good at it is a competitive advantage • Business cases are across the organisation • Insight is… © 2012 Brandwatch | 9
  • 9. Deeper. E.g. Analysis by meaningful categories © 2012 Brandwatch | 10
  • 10. Ability to dig deeper into data i.e. gender, influence © 2012 Brandwatch | 11
  • 11. The chatter could be analysed © 2013 Brandwatch | 12
  • 12. Social Business/ Bring the voice of the consumer into the organisation Corporate communicati ons (e.g. reputation management) Marketing (e.g. campaign tracking) Production (e.g. product development) HQ Human Resources (e.g. employee relations) Customer service (e.g. workflow) Market research (e.g. analytics) “To believe you can run a business competitively without incorporating the ideas of social business is like running a factory without automation or running a bank without digital trading systems.” [] © 2013 Brandwatch | 13
  • 13. Enters the centre of the company The Globe: Understand your conversation around the world in real time The Sentiment: How is sentiment for your brand tracking against benchmarks and competitors? Topic Heatmaps: What are the key topics of the day and how is that changing? Key Analytics: All the KPIs you care about and the situation right now © 2013 Brandwatch | 14
  • 14. Sample client 2013 (automotive) Human Resources: Change perception of them as an employer Enable more targeted ad spent Digital Marketing: Increase sales Measure customer satisfaction Communications: Keep employees informed on the latest news and stories related to the brand and key competitors International Customer Service Write a bi-monthly report to analyse customer’s opinions about their products and services, across EU top5 on social media Market Research Understand how brand is perceived in relation to the 6 core brand values. Gather insights in social media to inform product development and future strategies © 2012 Brandwatch | 15
  • 15. Brandwatch clients Spanning a wide range of industries & geographies across the globe © 2013 Brandwatch | 16
  • 16. BRANDWATCH/ CONTACT EMAIL: WEB: TWITTER: @simonmc PHONE: UK: +44 (0)7738 770061 US: +1 212 229 2240 Germany: +49 (0)711 912 442 04 FAX: UK: +44 (0)1273 234 291 © 2013 Brandwatch | 17