First presentation- School Nurses


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Presentation of our FIRST pilot mental health intervention and Prevention project to School Nurse Clinical forum for West Leicestershire 4th July 2012.

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First presentation- School Nurses

  1. 1. Worth-It Projects FIRST Personal Development Programme Liz Robson PGcert QCG, DipCG, LNCP
  2. 2. Who are Worth-It Projects ?• Micro social enterprise• Awarded grant by Leicestershire Community Foundation to run a pilot.• Training provider that focuses on intervention and prevention.• Support young people aged 13-25• All our work is underpinned by principals of coaching.• Team of qualified and experiences coaches and
  3. 3. Principals of Coaching• Non clinical or medical• Focuses on the “hear and now”• Positive, down to earth and motivational• About you moving forward• Your Coach has belief in your ability to change• You have the answers- the Coach has the
  4. 4. FIRST programme• FIRST is a fun and positive interactive group programme for vulnerable young people aged 14-17• FIRST is an intervention and prevention programme, aimed at young people who are at risk of developing mental health problems or
  5. 5. FIRST programme• Young carers • Truancy• Parental mental health • Bereavement problems • Anger• Substance misuse • Stress and anxiety within the family • Developing mental• Behavioural difficulties health problems such• ASB as self harm and• Being bullied depression• Substance misuse • Low confidence• Domestic violence • Lack of goals and
  6. 6. The FIRST programme covers• Emotional literacy • Through the group work young people develop• Thoughts and and practice positive behaviours. coping strategies that• Trust replace negative old ones.• Honesty• Stress• Anger• Communication• Feelings• Reactions.
  7. 7. Survey of 48 young people aged 13-24 What would help you to improve your mental health. Being with positive people who can help feeling safe 12% 10% support outside medical settings 6% Having Fun support from my 17% peers 10% Making new friends talking about things 11% 11% Other 2% learning coping Meeting other stratagies people with similar 10% problems 11%
  8. 8. Outcomes -Worth-it because…• Improved confidence, “Mum Said I’ve changed in a behaviour & self good way since coming to FIRST” awareness “ I am a much more nicer• Greater resilience person”• Less stressed at exam “my stress is calm” time and generally “I’m not getting bullied any• Calmer more” “I can be more positive on• Less angry difficult situations like• Hope for the future exams”• Progression onto other “it is a beneficial programme and what is learnt helps me services on a daily basis”• Improved engagement “ I used the techniques during in learning my A Levels, it helped me stay calm”
  9. 9. Our Services• FIRST Personal development programme 14-17 (awaiting Children in Need funding)• Head- Space 16-25 (awaiting Comic Relief Funding)• Behaviour partnership alternative curriculum framework (awaiting approval) schools can buy our service in.• Accreditation Level 1 AIM awards in Personal Development.• Private Coaching available for 1:1
  10. 10. Get in Touch• Call Liz on 07749125877• Email• Go to our website• Like our Facebook page Worth-it Projects• Follow us on Twitter Worthitprojects.• We hope to work with you