Breakdown of fast-e


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This is the Round-up for the Fast-E Project Bobbie & I have been doing.

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Breakdown of fast-e

  1. 1. FCET Staff Away Days<br />Breakdown of Fast-E Rapid innovation in the use of emerging technologies to enhance educational practice 2009-10<br />Dr Bobbie Fletcher & NiaWearn<br />Games Technology Group<br />
  2. 2. Initial issues, Aim & objectives<br />Big files<br />Lots of students<br />Corruptible media (cd's / dvd's)<br />Lots of waste<br />Consistency issues with marking<br />Students not picking up feedback, then complaining<br />Why games is a good example<br />    Big assignments<br />    Lots of different, complex hand ins<br />
  3. 3. Initial Case study (1st Semester)<br />Digital Marking 1A – 2 lecturers, 107 assignments each<br />    Via Dropbox & Excel<br />    Used the digital copy they hand in anyway<br />    e-mailed feedback<br />    Crude by effective<br />The Digital Marking was easier & quicker then normal method of marking<br /> <br />Also used Forums & Nings<br />(for the first time for Assessment)<br />-Mixed Results<br />
  4. 4. Fast-EFeedback, Assessment and Submission Totally-Electronically<br />Aims<br />Create a process by which the Games Technology assessments are assessed and feedback received by the students electronically, eliminating any paper process.<br />Speed up the process of marking and deliver feedback in a timely and consistent manner<br />Reduce the environmental impact of assessments and feedback<br />
  5. 5. Fast-e Breakdown<br />Submission<br />    Elected to use existing Blackboard methods of submission<br />    Integrated System - students familiar with them<br /> <br />Assessment & Marking<br />    Digital only<br />    Devices to combat the HCI issues of marking digitally<br />    (biggest complaint when discussion digital marking)<br /> <br /> Feedback<br />        Blackboard via MyGrades or E-mail <br />
  6. 6. Submission<br />Dropbox<br />    Crude but:<br />        No limits on file size, or file type<br />        No link to Grademark<br />        No Receipt - does bug out<br />        2 Part Submission confuses our students<br />        Can Bug out with large files<br />     <br />Assignment<br />    Not 100% dependable<br />    Takes more file types, technically no limit on file sizes but does bug out with big ones<br />    Slightly convoluted but does work with Grade mark<br /> No Receipt<br /> <br />Turn it in<br />    Great for text (Pdfor Doc, not Docx)<br />    Needs at least 20 written words<br />    Great if lots of people are marking the same assignment- rubrics etc are lovely<br />    Gives a receipt but limited usage in Games.<br />
  7. 7. Assessment <br />Rubrics on Turn it in<br /> <br />or <br /> <br />Building spreadsheets in Grade Center<br /> <br /> <br />or<br /> <br />Sharing a Excel Spreadsheet between x amount of people<br />
  8. 8. Marking Devices<br />Sony E-Reader<br />    pdf & docx - least amount of faff<br />    No video but does do Mps3<br />    No other types of files<br />    Very nice to read<br />    Annotations are a lie<br /> <br />Amazon Kindle<br />    pdfs work properly after an upgrade <br />(previously needed converting to a e-book)<br />    Nice to read<br />    Needs an Amazon account to work<br />    No annotation<br />
  9. 9. Marking Devices Cont<br />32GB Ipod Touch was stolen from our office =(<br />(wasn't all that useful anyway)<br /> <br />IPad<br />    Needs an ITunes account to even switch on<br />    works well with pdfs but they need to be downloaded via stanazaapp's<br />    Nice to read from but doesn't do docs<br />    Can do video & audio – <br />but very funny on codecs and overall <br />not that useful<br /> <br />    <br />        <br />
  10. 10. Marking Devices roundup<br />Nothing we found could do annotations that were useful<br /> <br />    Netbooks are nice for portability but small screens don't help with HCI issues.<br /> <br />One method to have 2 devices<br /> One for reading<br /> One connected to GradeCenterfor Feedback & Marks<br /> <br />I suspect in between writing this and presenting it a firmware update somewhere will have changed everything.<br /> <br />Everything exists on vague vapors from the future.<br />
  11. 11. Assessment<br />Needs to think differently in some cases:<br />    How will they break it (and they will)<br />    What could go wrong (and it will)<br />    Other issues<br />        Data Protection<br />        Copyright Issues<br />        Plagiarism<br /> <br />Big complex multi-part files are always going to be an issue.<br />(Text is super easy)<br /> <br />We'd love to have our own version of YouTube or something stable for assessment/<br />
  12. 12. Feedback<br />Grade Center = My Grades<br /> Comments on each section appear as feedback<br /> Enable it for students to view at your leisure<br />    Build Spreadsheets into BlackBoard Grade Center<br />        - No one gets lost<br />        - Great for consistency<br />        - Easy to send (download and e-mail)<br /> <br />Complex marking structures, percentages etc = handy to have a PhD in Mathematical Modeling<br /> <br />TurnItIn - they pick up comments – (not tried the new version)<br /> <br />No one has complained so far about not getting feedback<br />On average they're getting better feedback, and more of it.<br />
  13. 13. Other Digital marking stuff<br />Not strictly part of Fast-E but highlights other methods we're doing:<br /> <br />3D work marked on Forums & Nings (not any more - too expensive and hard to control)<br />    Works great – and under uni control<br />    Fosters competition (and complaints)<br />    Time Consuming<br />    Needs a lot of supervision<br /> <br />Some students really seem to like it<br /> <br />Works well in combination with a spreadsheet Grade Center (but doesn't everything)<br />
  14. 14. Case Study for Intro to Games Audio Engines<br />Submission Cock-Up<br />    - Assignment =(  <br />    - Turn it in =)<br />Too large, sometimes<br />Bugged people out<br />No second attempts <br />(locked out tutors too)<br />Marking - none of the devices fit for purpose - brightness & text size issues (some fixed now)<br />Setting up Grade Center like excel =)<br />Using Grade Center for Feedback (My Grades Tool Button) =)<br />
  15. 15. Things we have learnt<br />We did have some tiny admin issues with the External<br /> <br />GradeCenter& Blackboard are ace - and we can use them a lot more - does take time to set up, but once it's there it's there.<br /> <br />Wonderful ways of keeping consistency - as we lean on part time lecturers more and more then this is key<br /> <br />Students can, and will, break everything - they are the best people to test these kinds of things<br /> <br />Nothing is perfect, there is no easy solution, Don't believe the hype<br />
  16. 16. The Serene Calm of C160 Now<br />