Breakdown of fast-e
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Breakdown of fast-e



This is the Round-up for the Fast-E Project Bobbie & I have been doing.

This is the Round-up for the Fast-E Project Bobbie & I have been doing.



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Breakdown of fast-e Breakdown of fast-e Presentation Transcript

  • FCET Staff Away Days
    Breakdown of Fast-E Rapid innovation in the use of emerging technologies to enhance educational practice 2009-10
    Dr Bobbie Fletcher & NiaWearn
    Games Technology Group
  • Initial issues, Aim & objectives
    Big files
    Lots of students
    Corruptible media (cd's / dvd's)
    Lots of waste
    Consistency issues with marking
    Students not picking up feedback, then complaining
    Why games is a good example
        Big assignments
        Lots of different, complex hand ins
  • Initial Case study (1st Semester)
    Digital Marking 1A – 2 lecturers, 107 assignments each
        Via Dropbox & Excel
        Used the digital copy they hand in anyway
        e-mailed feedback
        Crude by effective
    The Digital Marking was easier & quicker then normal method of marking
    Also used Forums & Nings
    (for the first time for Assessment)
    -Mixed Results
  • Fast-EFeedback, Assessment and Submission Totally-Electronically
    Create a process by which the Games Technology assessments are assessed and feedback received by the students electronically, eliminating any paper process.
    Speed up the process of marking and deliver feedback in a timely and consistent manner
    Reduce the environmental impact of assessments and feedback
  • Fast-e Breakdown
        Elected to use existing Blackboard methods of submission
        Integrated System - students familiar with them
    Assessment & Marking
        Digital only
        Devices to combat the HCI issues of marking digitally
        (biggest complaint when discussion digital marking)
            Blackboard via MyGrades or E-mail 
  • Submission
        Crude but:
            No limits on file size, or file type
            No link to Grademark
            No Receipt - does bug out
            2 Part Submission confuses our students
            Can Bug out with large files
        Not 100% dependable
        Takes more file types, technically no limit on file sizes but does bug out with big ones
        Slightly convoluted but does work with Grade mark
    No Receipt
    Turn it in
        Great for text (Pdfor Doc, not Docx)
        Needs at least 20 written words
        Great if lots of people are marking the same assignment- rubrics etc are lovely
        Gives a receipt but limited usage in Games.
  • Assessment
    Rubrics on Turn it in
    Building spreadsheets in Grade Center
    Sharing a Excel Spreadsheet between x amount of people
  • Marking Devices
    Sony E-Reader
        pdf & docx - least amount of faff
        No video but does do Mps3
        No other types of files
        Very nice to read
        Annotations are a lie
    Amazon Kindle
        pdfs work properly after an upgrade
    (previously needed converting to a e-book)
        Nice to read
        Needs an Amazon account to work
        No annotation
  • Marking Devices Cont
    32GB Ipod Touch was stolen from our office =(
    (wasn't all that useful anyway)
        Needs an ITunes account to even switch on
        works well with pdfs but they need to be downloaded via stanazaapp's
        Nice to read from but doesn't do docs
        Can do video & audio –
    but very funny on codecs and overall
    not that useful
  • Marking Devices roundup
    Nothing we found could do annotations that were useful
        Netbooks are nice for portability but small screens don't help with HCI issues.
    One method to have 2 devices
    One for reading
    One connected to GradeCenterfor Feedback & Marks
    I suspect in between writing this and presenting it a firmware update somewhere will have changed everything.
    Everything exists on vague vapors from the future.
  • Assessment
    Needs to think differently in some cases:
        How will they break it (and they will)
        What could go wrong (and it will)
        Other issues
            Data Protection
            Copyright Issues
    Big complex multi-part files are always going to be an issue.
    (Text is super easy)
    We'd love to have our own version of YouTube or something stable for assessment/
  • Feedback
    Grade Center = My Grades
    Comments on each section appear as feedback
    Enable it for students to view at your leisure
        Build Spreadsheets into BlackBoard Grade Center
            - No one gets lost
            - Great for consistency
            - Easy to send (download and e-mail)
    Complex marking structures, percentages etc = handy to have a PhD in Mathematical Modeling
    TurnItIn - they pick up comments – (not tried the new version)
    No one has complained so far about not getting feedback
    On average they're getting better feedback, and more of it.
  • Other Digital marking stuff
    Not strictly part of Fast-E but highlights other methods we're doing:
    3D work marked on Forums & Nings (not any more - too expensive and hard to control)
        Works great – and under uni control
        Fosters competition (and complaints)
        Time Consuming
        Needs a lot of supervision
    Some students really seem to like it
    Works well in combination with a spreadsheet Grade Center (but doesn't everything)
  • Case Study for Intro to Games Audio Engines
    Submission Cock-Up
        - Assignment =(  
        - Turn it in =)
    Too large, sometimes
    Bugged people out
    No second attempts
    (locked out tutors too)
    Marking - none of the devices fit for purpose - brightness & text size issues (some fixed now)
    Setting up Grade Center like excel =)
    Using Grade Center for Feedback (My Grades Tool Button) =)
  • Things we have learnt
    We did have some tiny admin issues with the External
    GradeCenter& Blackboard are ace - and we can use them a lot more - does take time to set up, but once it's there it's there.
    Wonderful ways of keeping consistency - as we lean on part time lecturers more and more then this is key
    Students can, and will, break everything - they are the best people to test these kinds of things
    Nothing is perfect, there is no easy solution, Don't believe the hype
  • The Serene Calm of C160 Now