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An overview of the World Leisure Organization

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World Leisure Organization - WLO

  1. 1. World Leisure Organization Christopher R. Edginton, Ph.D. Secretary General World Leisure Organization
  2. 2. Formed in 1956, World Leisure is anon-profit, non-governmentalassociation of persons andorganizations from throughout theworldOriginally known as the InternationalRecreation Association (IRA)
  3. 3. Changed name in 1973 to the WorldLeisure and Recreation Association(WRLA)WLO’s current title was adopted in2007
  4. 4. Goals & ObjectivesA world-wide, non-governmentalvoluntary organization . . .. . . dedicated to discoveringand fostering thoseconditions which permitleisure to serve as a force tooptimize collective andindividual well-being
  5. 5. Goals & Objectives Promotes leisure as integral to social, cultural and economic development Supports the right of all people to good quality leisure experiences Recognizes that many have special requirements related to disability, age, gender, social status, poverty, domicile and education
  6. 6. World Leisure believes . . .Governments should providepolicy/legislation and supportprograms designed to optimizeleisure opportunitiesCommunity should be informedof the benefits of leisureparticipationSelected leisure experiences canimprove the quality of life forall… from childhood to laterlife
  7. 7. World Leisure believes . . .Public, commercial and voluntary sectors shouldcooperate to optimize outcomesSectors should work towards removing barriers toleisure involvement
  8. 8. World Leisure priorities . . .Linking to UN MillenniumDevelopment GoalsEnhancing Research andScholarshipAdvocating for Leisure
  9. 9. World Leisure priorities . . .Expanding EducationalOpportunitiesStrengthening Partnerships &Collaborative RelationshipsExpanding Membership
  10. 10. How does World Leisure Achieve these Goals?Fostering research andinquiryAdvocating the importanceof leisureProgramming directed atpolicy and executivedevelopment
  11. 11. Organizational Framework20-member InternationalBoard of DirectorsOfficers – Board Chair, BoardVice Chair, SecretaryGeneral, TreasurerExecutive Committee
  12. 12. Organizational FrameworkAdministration – Secretary General, Program Associates,other support staffThomas Rivers (USA) Director General Derek Casey (UK) Board Chair & Christopher& Lord Luke (UK) Board Chair Edginton, Secretary General (USA)
  13. 13. Organizational FrameworkCommissions – Specialized groupsAdministration – Secretary General, ProgramAssociates, other support staffProgram Directors – World Leisure Educational Services World Leisure International Scholarship Program World Leisure Event Management World Leisure Commissions United Nations Representative, New York UNESCO Representative, Paris World Leisure Chapters and Affiliates World Leisure Director of International Marketing & Communications World Leisure Journal, Editor-In-Chief World Leisure Journal, Managing Editor
  14. 14. Programs & ServicesForums  Biennial World Leisure Congresses  2012 Rimini, Italy  2014 Mobile Bay, USA  World Leisure Exposition  World Leisure EXPO 2006, 2011 Hangzhou, China
  15. 15. Programs & ServicesWorld Leisure Summits  1998 San Paulo, Brazil  Declaration on Leisure and Globalization  2008 Quebec City, Canada  Declaration on Leisure and Social, Cultural & Economic Development
  16. 16. Programs & ServicesWorld Leisure Centers of Excellence (WLCE) Vancouver Island University Established 2009 Arizona State University Established 2010Asia Pacific Center for the Advanced Studyof Leisure Zhejiang University, The People’sRepublic of China Established 2004
  17. 17. Programs & ServicesWorld Leisure Prize  Inaugural Award, 2006
  18. 18. Programs & Services Commissions & Working Groups  Access & Inclusion  Children & Youth  Education  Health Promotion & Disease Prevention  Law & Policy  Leisure in Later Life  Management  Research  Tourism & the Environment  United Nations  Women & Gender
  19. 19. Programs & Services Thomas and Ruth Rivers International Scholarship Award  support for students to attend and participate in World Leisure Congresses.  provides students with a broader perspective of international leisure trends, issues, philosophies and problems.  successful applicants are provided an opportunity to present a paper at the Congress and participate in special events.
  20. 20. Programs & ServicesResearch & Inquiry Basic & Applied Research Dissemination of hard evidence to inform advocacy role World Leisure Journal  Published quarterly  All articles peer reviewed  Special focus issues  Articles, book reviews, journal abstracts
  21. 21. Programs & Services Partnership ActivitiesWorld Leisure is a non-governmentalorganization in consultative status with theEconomic & Social Council of the UnitedNations – our most prized partnershipWe seek collaborative arrangements withgovernments and national and internationalNGO’sWe endorse conferences and other initiativesby partner organizations which promote social,cultural and economic development throughleisure
  22. 22. World Leisure ChaptersEstablished in 2001 to enable groupsto associate formally with WorldLeisure and promote its goals locally  1st World Leisure Chinese Taipei Chapter
  23. 23. World Leisure ChaptersExisting Chapters Chinese Taipei Chapter, 2003 China Chapter, 2007 Hong Kong Chapter, 2008 Quebec Chapter, 2009
  24. 24. World Leisure Affiliates Opportunity to link with other organizations Examples of Affiliates  The United Nations  World Tourism Organization  International Council of Sports Science and Physical Education  American Leisure Academy Opportunity for other organizations to link with World Leisure
  25. 25. Membership BenefitsNetworking World WideAdvocating for LeisureEducational OpportunitiesElectronic CommunicationsResearch and Fact FindingPartner with Collaborating AgenciesWorld Leisure JournalReduced registration fees forCongresses, Publications, etc.Participation in World LeisureCommissionsReduced rate for publications
  26. 26. World Leisure AcademyEncourage the study of thephenomena of leisureAdvance knowledge related to leisurebest practicesServe as a interdisciplinary forumServe as a forum to discuss issuesAcknowledge the contributions ofresearchers, educators, practitioners
  27. 27. World Leisure SecretariatThe affairs of the World Leisure Organization aremanaged and administered by the World LeisureSecretariat.
  28. 28. Functions of the World Leisure SecretariatMember ServicesCommunicationsInter-organizational RelationsBoard SupportCommission SupportNewsletterCongress Co-ordinationArchives/RecordsWebsite Development/Maintenance
  29. 29. World Leisure SecretariatThe World Leisure Secretariat is located at theUniversity of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa USA You can write to us at: World Leisure Organization 203 Wellness/Recreation Center University of Northern Iowa Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0241 USA
  30. 30. Concluding CommentsThe desire for increased quality oflife is evident throughout the worldLeisure holds great promise forfulfilling the dream of creatingmeaningful life experiences for allLeisure is a powerful force that aids inassisting individuals find happinessand joy in one’s liveLeisure aids in the livability of ourcommunities
  31. 31. Leisure is the perfect gift!
  32. 32. THANK YOU!