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Kids aquarium contest_overview_wa11



An overview of the Kids Aquarium Contest at the 1st Annual America's Family Pet Expo in Puyallup, Washington,

An overview of the Kids Aquarium Contest at the 1st Annual America's Family Pet Expo in Puyallup, Washington,



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Kids aquarium contest_overview_wa11 Document Transcript

  • 1. Kid’s Aquarium Contest Promoting responsible pet care… one child, one aquarium at a time™Program OverviewThe Kid’s Aquarium Contest is a captivating learning program designed toteach children about the environment, stimulate their minds, ignite theircreativity and warm their hearts through the rewards of pet care. CreativityThe first building block of the Kid’s Aquarium Contest is CREATIVITY. Thechildren are challenged to design a fish aquarium that reflects theirpersonality or showcases their favorite hobby. Pirates of the Caribbean, abaseball field and outer space adventures are a few that have received topranks.When the children arrive at AMERICA’S FAMILY PET EXPO we ignite the Responsibilitysecond element within this learning program - RESPONSIBILITY. The AFPEteam members assist the children as they prepare a personalized habitat fortheir fish. Our aquatic experts from Seachem Laboratories/Jurassi Petexplain the basic care guidelines and empower each child to become aresponsible pet owner.The Kid’s Aquarium Contest not only enhances their understanding ofaquatic care, it also teaches them the importance of a balanced ecosystem Environmentby understanding what factors are essential for a healthy fish environment.Those similar lessons can be applied to their own environment. Correlatinga fun animal experience with the ENVIRONMENT is another benefit of thisprogram.Children from the ages 5-16 are encouraged to join the competition.Aquariums will be lined up spotlighting the children’s creations. This healthyform of competition is a rewarding way to develop their SELF ESTEEM. Every Selfcontestant is rewarded in many ways – ribbons are given to all the children, Esteemeach tank creation is theirs to keep and the pride of being an active citizenin community events will reward them for a lifetime.To learn more about AMERICA’S FAMILY PET EXPO and the Kid’s AquariumContest visit or call (800) 999-7295.A special “Thank You” to our sponsors - Marineland, Instant Ocean, Tetra,Tetrafauna and Seachem/Jurassi Pet – for making this possible. World Pet Association, Inc. Producers of America’s Family Pet Expo and SuperZoo 135 W Lemon Avenue, Monrovia, California 91016 Phone (626) 447-2222 (800) 999-7295 ▪ Fax (626) 447-8350 E-Mail: ▪ Web Site: