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Satan versus christ english

  1. 1. Free–not to be soldCompiled by Watson GoodmanSatan versus CHRISTSatan, described in God’s Word as “the prince of this world,” is thearch-enemy of God and God’s highest creation—man. We human beingsare on a desperate battlefield. The battle rages between CHRIST andSatan. We must choose which of the two will be our personal masterforever, CHRIST the Creator—who is Emmanuel (God with us)—orSatan, the creature—who is prince of all rebellion against God. ThroughHis death and resurrection CHRIST won perfect victory for all whowill truly believe in Him.Satan tries in numerous ways to deceive and mislead people. Worshipis the ultimate issue. CHRIST, our Creator, deserves all worship. Weidentify with the one we worship. Satan’s final attempt to capture peo-ple world-wide centers in: (1) independence from God, (2) obedience todemons, (3) worship of the “man of sin,” (4) worship of his “image,” and(5) the mark on the body required to buy or sell. Beware of all of these!The Bible text used is from the New King James version. Copyright © 1979, 1980, 1982,Thomas Nelson Inc., Publishers. Used by permission.GOD DID NOT CREATE AN OPPONENT 1God Created Lucifer for a VeryHigh Position in HeavenThus says the Lord GOD: “Youwere the seal of perfection, full ofwisdom and perfect in beauty.You were in Eden, the garden ofGod; every precious stone wasyour covering: the sardius, topaz,and diamond, beryl, onyx, andjasper, sapphire, turquoise, andemerald with gold. The workman-ship of your timbrels and pipeswas prepared for you on the dayyou were created.”Was Near God’s Throne“You were the anointed cherubwho covers; I established you;you were on the holy mountain ofGod; you walked back and forthin the midst of fiery stones.”Was Created Perfect“You were perfect in your waysfrom the day you were created, tilliniquity was found in you.”God Casts Out Sin“By . . . your trading you be-came filled with violence within,and you sinned; therefore I castyou as a profane thing out of themountain of God; and I destroyedyou, O covering cherub, from themidst of the fiery stones.”—Ezekiel 28:12b-16Pride goes before destruction,and a haughty spirit before a fall.—Proverbs 16:18“Your heart was lifted up be-cause of your beauty; you cor-rupted your wisdom for the sakeof your splendor; I cast you to theground, I laid you before kings,that they might gaze at you.”—Ezekiel 28:17The Rebel’s Fate“You defiled your sanctuariesby the multitude of your iniq-uities, by the iniquity of yourtrading; therefore I brought firefrom your midst; it devoured you,and I turned you to ashes uponthe earth in the sight of all whosaw you. All who knew youamong the peoples are astonishedat you; you have become a horror,and shall be no more forever.”—Ezekiel 28:18, 19Any Creature Is to Be Subjectto the CreatorServe the LORD with gladness;come before His presence withsinging. Know that the LORD, Heis God; it is He who has made us,and not we ourselves; we are Hispeople and the sheep of His pas-ture. —Psalm 100:2, 32 WHAT INSTIGATED LUCIFER’S SIN? LUCIFER’S DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE 3His Will Against God’s Will“How you are fallen from heav-en, O Lucifer, son of the morn-ing! How you are cut down to theground, you who weakened thenations! For you have said in yourheart: ‘I will ascend into heaven, Iwill exalt my throne above thestars of God; I will also sit on themount of the congregation on thefarthest sides of the north; I willascend above the heights of theclouds, I will be like the MostHigh.’”Works Destruction on Earth“Yet you shall be brought downto Sheol, to the lowest depths ofthe Pit. Those who see you willgaze at you, and consider you,saying: ‘Is this the man who madethe earth tremble, who shookkingdoms, who made the world asa wilderness and destroyed itscities, who did not open the houseof his prisoners?’”He Is an Abomination to God“All the kings of the nations, allof them, sleep in glory, everyonein his own house; but you are castout of your grave like an abom-inable branch, like the garment ofthose who are slain, thrustthrough with a sword, who godown to the stones of the pit.”—Isaiah 14:12-19aSatan versus CHRISTThere is great victory over evil spirits.Never worship the deceiver, Satan, or demons.All are doomed forever who receive on theirhand or forehead “the mark of the beast”so they can buy or sell.
  2. 2. In Lucifer First(See Lucifer’s five “I wills” in Isaiah 14:13,14 on page 3.)And He said to them, “I sawSatan fall like lightning fromheaven.” —Luke 10:18In Angels that Follow SatanGod did not spare the angelswho sinned, but cast them downto hell and delivered them intochains of darkness, to be reservedfor judgment. —2 Peter 2:4bIn People Satan Can DeceiveNot a novice, lest being puffedup with pride he fall into the samecondemnation as the devil.—1 Timothy 3:6For by whom a person is over-come, by him also he is broughtinto bondage. —2 Peter 2:19b“For false christs and falseprophets will arise and show greatsigns and wonders, so as todeceive, if possible, even theelect.” —Matthew 24:24Heaven Must Have One WillOnly—God’s Perfect WillAnd do not be conformed tothis world, but be transformed bythe renewing of your mind, thatyou may prove what is that goodand acceptable and perfect will ofGod. —Romans 12:2Hell will have millions of wills hatingeach other forever.4 BEING INDEPENDENT OF GOD IS FATAL GOD’S RIGHT TO ALL WORSHIP 5“I am the LORD your God whobrought you out of the land ofEgypt, out of the house of bond-age. You shall have no other godsbefore Me.” —Deuteronomy 5:6,7Give to the LORD the glory dueHis name; bring an offering, andcome before Him. Oh, worship theLORD in the beauty of holiness!—1 Chronicles 16:29“Worship Him who made heav-en and earth, the sea and springsof water.” —Revelation 14:7bThen Jesus said to him, “Awaywith you, Satan! For it is written,‘You shall worship the Lord yourGod, and Him only you shallserve.’ ” —Matthew 4:10And I fell at his feet to worshiphim. But he said to me, “See thatyou do not do that! I am your fel-low servant, and of your brethrenwho have the testimony of Jesus.Worship God!” —Revelation 19:10aOh come, let us worship andbow down; let us kneel before theLORD our Maker. (See Genesis 1:27.)—Psalm 95:6The Deceived Worship the RebelAll the world marveled andfollowed the beast. So they wor-shiped the dragon who gaveauthority to the beast; and theyworshiped the beast.—Revelation 13:3b, 4aSatan and Demons CraveWorshipAgain, the devil took Him up onan exceedingly high mountain,and showed Him all the kingdomsof the world and their glory. Andhe said to Him, “All these thingsI will give You if You will falldown and worship me.”—Matthew 4:8, 9But the rest of mankind, whowere not killed by these plagues,did not repent of the works oftheir hands, that they should notworship demons, and idols of gold,silver, brass, stone, and wood,which can neither see nor hear norwalk. —Revelation 9:20God Destroys SuchWorshippersAnd a foul and loathsome sorecome upon the men who had themark of the beast and those whoworshiped his image. And theywere judged, each one accordingto his works. Then Death and Ha-des were cast into the lake of fire.This is the second death.—Revelation 16:2b; 20:13b, 14I am the LORD, that is Myname; and My glory I will notgive to another, nor My praise tograven images. —Isaiah 42:86 DO NOT WORSHIP GOD’S OPPONENTS! CHRIST’S ANGELS AND SATAN’S ANGELS 7The Lord’s Angels Are StrongerThan Satan’s Fallen AngelsBless the LORD, you His angels,who excel in strength, who do Hisword, heeding the voice of Hisword. —Psalm 103:20And war broke out in heaven:Michael and his angels foughtagainst the dragon; and thedragon and his angels fought, butthey did not prevail.—Revelation 12:7, 8aGod’s Holy Angels Minister toand Protect the Lord’s PeopleAre they not all ministeringspirits sent forth to minister forthose who will inherit salvation?—Hebrews 1:14For He shall give His angelscharge over you, to keep you in allyour ways. They shall bear you upin their hands, lest you dash yourfoot against a stone.—Psalm 91:11, 12Fallen Angels (demons) AreDetermined to Take Man to Hell“. . . and takes with him sevenother spirits more wicked thanhimself....” —Luke 11:26bNow the Spirit expressly saysthat in latter times some will de-part from the faith, giving heed todeceiving spirits and doctrines ofdemons. —1 Timothy 4:1Man, Created in God’s ImageAnd as he was still coming, thedemon threw him down and con-vulsed him. Then Jesus rebukedthe unclean spirit, healed thechild, and gave him back to hisfather. —Luke 9:42Families—God’s Blessing“I will bless those who blessyou, and I will curse him whocurses you; and in you all thefamilies of the earth shall beblessed.” —Genesis 12:3Christ (God in the Flesh), withSalvation in His Very Personand Divine BloodThen Herod . . . was exceeding-ly angry; and he sent forth andput to death all the male childrenwho were in Bethlehem and in allits districts, from two years oldand under, according to the timewhich he had determined from thewise men. —Matthew 2:16God’s Word—SatanContradicts It“Has God indeed said . . . ? ”And the serpent said to the wom-an, “You will not surely die.”—Genesis 3:lb, 4Spirit-Born BelieversYour adversary the devil walksabout like a roaring lion, seekingwhom he may devour.—1 Peter 5:8b8 WHO AND WHAT SATAN ESPECIALLY HATES SATAN, THE IMITATOR 9Imitates Mark of OwnershipAnd there shall be no morecurse, but the throne of God andof the Lamb shall be in it, and Hisservants shall serve Him. Theyshall see His face, and His nameshall be on their foreheads.—Revelation 22:3, 4(See Satan’s imitation, page 35.)Perverts the Gospel with LiesI marvel that you are turningaway so soon from Him whocalled you in the grace of Christ,to a different gospel, which is notanother; but there are some whotrouble you and want to pervertthe gospel of Christ.—Galatians 1:6, 7Imitates God’s MinistersFor such are false apostles,deceitful workers, transform-ing themselves into apostles ofChrist. And no wonder! For Satanhimself transforms himself intoan angel of light.—2 Corinthians 11:13, 14Imitates God’s Miracles withLying Wonders(2 Thess. 2:9; Rev. 13:13, 14; 19:20)Just as Christ takes dominion whenone truly worships Him, Satantakes dominion when people wor-ship him or his gods.O LORD our God, other mastersbesides You have had dominionover us. —Isaiah 26:13a
  3. 3. Little children, keep yourselvesfrom idols. Amen. —1 John 5:21“You shall have no other godsbefore Me. You shall not make foryourself any carved image, or anylikeness of anything that is inheaven above, or that is in theearth beneath, or that is in thewater under the earth; you shallnot bow down to them nor servethem.” —Exodus 20:3-5aOther gods are an abominationto God. Human SacrificesForbidden“You shall utterly destroy allthe places where the nationswhich you shall dispossess servedtheir gods, on the high mountainsand on the hills and under everygreen tree. Take heed to yourselfthat you are not ensnared to fol-low them, after they are de-stroyed from before you. Youshall not worship the LORD yourGod in that way; for every abomi-nation to the LORD which Hehates they have done to theirgods; for they burn even theirsons and daughters in the fire totheir gods.”—Deuteronomy 12:2 and 30a, 31Shall I give . . . the fruit of mybody for the sin of my soul?—Micah 6:7bChrist’s blood washes away sin.10 KEEP YOURSELVES FROM IDOLS IDOL WORSHIP 11The Folly of Idol WorshipWho exchanged the truth ofGod for the lie, and worshiped andserved the creature rather thanthe Creator, who is blessed for-ever. Amen. —Romans 1:25But our God is in heaven; Hedoes whatever He pleases. Theiridols are silver and gold, the workof men’s hands. They havemouths, but they do not speak;eyes they have, but they do notsee; they have ears, but they donot hear; noses they have, butthey do not smell; they havehands, but they do not handle;feet they have, but they do notwalk; nor do they mutter throughtheir throat. Those who makethem are like them; so is everyonewho trusts in them.—Psalm 115:3-8Idol Worship Is Devil WorshipFlee from idolatry. But I saythat the things which the Gentilessacrifice they sacrifice to demonsand not to God, and I do not wantyou to have fellowship with de-mons. —1 Corinthians 10:14b and 20The Punishment for IdolWorship“Idolaters . . . shall have theirpart in the lake which burns withfire and brimstone, which is thesecond death.” —Revelation 21:8bGod Destroyed Nations forTheir Idols—No Idols in YourHouse!“No one shall be able to standagainst you until you have de-stroyed them. You shall burn thecarved images of their gods withfire; you shall not covet the silveror gold that is on them, nor take itfor yourselves, lest you be snaredby it; for it is an abomination tothe LORD your God. Nor shall youbring an abomination into yourhouse, lest you be doomed to de-struction like it”—Deuteronomy 7:24b-26aWhy were so many in God’s chosennation demon-possessed duringChrist’s ministry? Their forefathersworshipped devils!They served their idols, whichbecame a snare to them. Theyeven sacrificed their sons andtheir daughters to demons. There-fore the wrath of the LORD waskindled against His people, sothat He abhorred His own inher-itance. —Psalm 106:36, 37 and 40You shall not bow down to themnor serve them. For I, the LORDyour God, am a jealous God, visit-ing the iniquity of the fathers onthe children to the third andfourth generations of those whohate Me. —Exodus 20:512 IDOL (DEVIL) WORSHIP ABHORRED BY GOD ALL WITCHCRAFT IS SIN 13“You shall not permit a sorcer-ess to live.” —Exodus 22:18“Give no regard to mediumsand familiar spirits; do not seekafter them, to be defiled bythem.” —Leviticus 19:31aI will cut off sorceries fromyour hand, and you shall have nosoothsayers. —Micah 5:12“For rebellion is as the sin ofwitchcraft, and stubbornness isas iniquity and idolatry. Becauseyou have rejected the word of theLORD, He also has rejected youfrom being king.” —1 Samuel 15:23“When you come into the landwhich the LORD your God is giv-ing you, you shall not learn to fol-low the abominations of those na-tions. There shall not be foundamong you anyone who makes hisson or his daughter pass throughthe fire, or one who practiceswitchcraft, or a soothsayer, or onewho interprets omens, or a sorcer-er, or one who conjures spells, or amedium, or a spiritist, or one whocalls up the dead. For all who dothese things are an abominationto the LORD, and because of theseabominations the LORD your Goddrives them out from before you.”—Deuteronomy 18:9-12Necromancy: The art of predicting fu-ture events by conjuring up the spiritsof the dead; black magic.God Forbids Astrology, Sorcery,Cuttings and Marks on Flesh“You shall not eat anythingwith the blood, nor shall you prac-tice divination or soothsaying.You shall not make any cuttingsin your flesh for the dead, nor tat-too any marks on you: I am theLORD.” —Leviticus 19:26 and 28“Therefore do not listen to yourprophets, your diviners, yourdreamers, your soothsayers, oryour sorcerers.” —Jeremiah 27:9a“I will be a swift witnessagainst sorcerers, against adulter-ers, against perjurers.”—Malachi 3:5bFor the idols speak delusion;the diviners envision lies, and tellfalse dreams; they comfort invain. Therefore the people wendtheir way like sheep; they are introuble because there is noshepherd. —Zechariah 10:2Trust the True Shepherd[Jesus said,] “Let not yourheart be troubled; you believe inGod, believe also in Me.”—John 14:1Divination: Foretelling the future orunknown by false systems.Sorcery: Magic performed with the aidof evil spirits.14 FORETELLING THE FUTURE BY AID OF DEVILS RENOUNCE ALL METHODS OF DIVINATION 15Divining by Familiar SpiritsAnd when they say to you,“Seek those who are mediums andwizards, who whisper and mut-ter,” should not a people seektheir God? —Isaiah 8:19aUsing Body Organs, Images“For the king of Babylonstands at the parting of the road,at the fork of the two roads, to usedivination: he shakes the arrows,he consults the images, he looksat the liver.” —Ezekiel 21:21Divining by RodsMy people ask counsel fromtheir wooden idols, and their staffinforms them. For the spirit ofharlotry has caused them tostray, and they have played theharlot against their God.—Hosea 4:12Punishment for DivinationSo Saul died for his unfaithful-ness which he had committedagainst the LORD, because he didnot keep the word of the LORD,and also because he consulted amedium for guidance. But he didnot inquire of the LORD.—1 Chronicles 10:13, 14a“So the seers shall be ashamed,and the diviners abashed . . . forthere is no answer from God.”—Micah 3:7
  4. 4. The Heathen Follow AstrologyThus says the LORD: “Do notlearn the way of the Gentiles; donot be dismayed at the signs ofheaven, for the Gentiles are dis-mayed at them.” —Jeremiah 10:2Do not trust in letters or objects for“luck,” nor yield yourself to devilishmusic or evil pictures. “I will set noth-ing wicked before my eyes” (Psalm101:3.) Forsake pride, hypocrisy, anddead religion.“Woe to you, . . . hypocrites! . . .which indeed appear beautifuloutwardly, but inside are full. . . of all uncleanness. Evenso you also outwardly appearrighteous to men, but inside youare full of hypocrisy and law-lessness.” —Matthew 23:27, 28Suicide Is From the DevilDo not believe lies from Satan ordemons that killing yourself bringsfreedom from problems or guilt! “Youshall not murder” (Exodus 20:13.)Only Christ Frees From Guilt(See pages 48 and 49.)The LORD is my strength andsong, and He has become my sal-vation; He is my God, and I willpraise Him; my father’s God, andI will exalt Him. —Exodus 15:216 WAYS THE PRINCE OF THIS WORLD WORKS BEWARE OF SATAN’S MESSAGES 17Through False ProphetsAnd the LORD said to me, “Theprophets prophesy lies in Myname. I have not sent them, com-manded them, nor spoken tothem; they prophesy to you afalse vision, divination, a worth-less thing, and the deceit of theirheart.” —Jeremiah 14:14“For false christs and falseprophets will rise and show signsand wonders to deceive, if possi-ble, even the elect.” —Mark 13:22Through Talking with the DeadUnder inspiration of God, KingDavid said of his son, “But nowhe is dead ...he shall not returnto me.” —2 Samuel 12:23Do not talk with evil spirits, except tocommand them in Christ’s Name toleave. Put no trust in palm reading, oui-ja boards, charms, magic. “Deliveranceis of the LORD” (Proverbs 21:31b.)Destroy Idols, Satan’s BooksAlso, many of those who hadpracticed magic brought theirbooks together and burned themin the sight of all. And they count-ed up the value of them, and ittotaled fifty thousand pieces ofsilver. So the word of the Lordgrew mightily and prevailed.—Acts 19:19, 20 (Read Genesis 35:2-5.)18 CHRIST CREATED SEX—SATAN PERVERTS IT FORNICATION AND ADULTERY ARE REBELLION 19AGAINST GOD“You shall not commit adult-ery.” —Exodus 20:14For this is the will of God, yoursanctification: that you should ab-stain from sexual immorality.—1 Thessalonians 4:3“The man who commits adult-ery with another man’s wife, hewho commits adultery with hisneighbor’s wife, the adulterer andthe adulteress, shall surely be putto death.” —Leviticus 20:10The Sin Against Your BodyNow the body is not for sexualimmorality but for the Lord, andthe Lord for the body. Do you notknow that your bodies are mem-bers of Christ? Flee sexual im-morality. Every sin that a mandoes is outside the body, but hewho commits sexual immoralitysins against his own body.—1 Corinthians 6:13b, 15a and 18Parents to Shield From Sex SinDo not prostitute your daugh-ter, to cause her to be a harlot,lest the land fall into harlotry,and the land become full of wick-edness. —Leviticus 19:29Fornication: Sexual relations on thepart ot any unmarried person.Adultery: Sexual relations with otherthan marriage partner atter marriage.For as in Adam all die, even soin Christ all shall be made alive.—1 Corinthians 15:22Inasmuch then as the childrenhave partaken of flesh and blood,He Himself likewise shared in thesame, that through death Hemight destroy him who had thepower of death, that is, the devil,and release those who throughfear of death were all their life-time subject to bondage.—Hebrews 2:14, 15For this purpose the Son of Godwas manifested, that He mightdestroy the works of the devil.—1 John 3:8bHaving disarmed principalitiesand powers, He made a publicspectacle of them, triumphingover them in it. —Colossians 2:15Immortality for Us in ChristWho has saved us and called uswith a holy calling, not accordingto our works, but according to Hisown purpose and grace which wasgiven to us in Christ Jesus beforetime began, but has now been re-vealed by the appearing of ourSavior Jesus Christ, who has abol-ished death and brought life andimmortality to light through thegospel. —2 Timothy 1:9, 1020 SATAN WAS DEFEATED BY CHRIST’S DEATH THE CHRISTIAN’S VICTORY OVER SATAN 21Your adversary the devil walksabout like a roaring lion, seekingwhom he may devour. Resist him,steadfast in the faith.—1 Peter 5:8b, 9aPut on the whole armor of God,that you may be able to standagainst the wiles of the devil. Forwe do not wrestle against fleshand blood, but against principali-ties, against powers, against therulers of the darkness of this age,against spiritual hosts of wicked-ness in the heavenly places. . . .that you may be able to withstandin the evil day, . . . having girdedyour waist with truth, having puton the breastplate of righteous-ness, and having shod your feetwith the . . . gospel of peace;above all, taking the shield offaith with which you will be ableto quench all the fiery darts of thewicked one. And take the helmetof salvation, and the sword of theSpirit, which is the word of God;praying always . . . in the Spirit,being watchful.—Ephesians 6:11-18aTherefore submit to God. Re-sist the devil and he will flee fromyou. —James 4:7He [Christ] who is in you isgreater than he [Satan] who is inthe world. —1 John 4:4bWhy Satan flees: Christ is in you!Sex Created for Marriage OnlyThen the rib which the LORDGod had taken from man Hemade into a woman, and Hebrought her to the man. Thereforea man shall leave his father andmother and be joined to his wife,and they shall become one flesh.—Genesis 2:22 and 24Marriage is honorable amongall, and the bed undefiled; but for-nicators and adulterers God willjudge. —Hebrews 13:4For this you know, that no for-nicator, unclean person, nor cov-etous man, who is an idolater, hasany inheritance in the kingdom ofChrist and God. —Ephesians 5:5Now to the married I command,yet not I but the Lord: A wife isnot to depart from her husband.But even if she does depart, lether remain unmarried or be recon-ciled to her husband. And a hus-band is not to divorce his wife.—1 Corinthians 7:10, 11(See Romans 7:2; Mark 10:9.)Satan Is Behind DisobedienceHe who sins is of the devil, forthe devil has sinned from the be-ginning. —1 John 3:8aYou Belong to the One You ObeyDo you not know that to whomyou present yourselves slaves toobey, you are that one’s slaveswhom you obey? —Romans 6:16a
  5. 5. He is the Voice of GodGod . . . has in these last daysspoken to us by His Son, whomHe has appointed heir of allthings, through whom also Hemade the worlds. —Hebrews 1:1a, 2And they were astonished atHis teaching, for He taught themas one having authority, and notas the scribes. —Mark 1:22Yet for us there is only one God,the Father, of whom are allthings, and we for Him; and oneLord Jesus Christ, through whomare all things, and through whomwe live. —1 Corinthians 8:6“And has given Him authorityto execute judgment also, becauseHe is the Son of Man.” —John 5:27Who has gone into heaven andis at the right hand of God, angelsand authorities and powers hav-ing been made subject to Him.—1 Peter 3:22For to this end Christ died androse and lived again, that Hemight be Lord of both the deadand the living. —Romans 14:9Then Jesus came and spoke tothem, saying, “All authority hasbeen given to Me in heaven and onearth.” —Matthew 28:1822 THE AUTHORITY OF CHRIST CHRIST SPEAKS AND ACTS WITH AUTHORITY 23Then He arose and rebuked thewind, and said to the sea, “Peace,be still!” And the wind ceased andthere was a great calm. —Mark 4:39He Healed with Authority“But that you may know thatthe Son of Man has power onearth to forgive sins”—He said tothe paralytic, “I say to you, arise,take up your bed, and go yourway to your house.” And im-mediately he arose, took up thebed, and went out in the presenceof them all, so that all were a-mazed and glorified God.—Mark 2:10-12aChrist Cast Out DevilsAnd when the unclean spirithad convulsed him and cried outwith a loud voice, he came out ofhim. Then they were all amazed,so that they questioned amongthemselves, saying, “What isthis? What new doctrine is this?For with authority He commandseven the unclean spirits, and theyobey Him.” —Mark 1:26, 27Raised the Dead with AuthorityThen He came and touched theopen coffin, and those who carriedhim stood still. And He said,“Young man, I say to you, arise.”And he who was dead sat up andbegan to speak. And He present-ed him to his mother.—Luke 7:14, 15“Behold, I give you the authori-ty to trample on serpents andscorpions, and over all the powerof the enemy, and nothing shallby any means hurt you.”—Luke 10:19Then He called His twelve disci-ples together and gave them pow-er and authority over all demons,and to cure diseases. —Luke 9:1“For assuredly, I say to you,whoever says to this mountain,‘Be removed and be cast into thesea,’ and does not doubt in hisheart, but believes that thosethings he says will come to pass,he will have whatever he says.”—Mark 11:23“Most assuredly, I say to you,he who believes in Me, the worksthat I do he will do also.”—John 14:12aJesus said to him, “If you canbelieve, all things are possible tohim who believes.” —Mark 9:23And what is the exceedinggreatness of His power toward uswho believe, according to theworking of His mighty power.—Ephesians 1:19I can do all things throughChrist who strengthens me.—Philippians 4:1324 CHRIST GIVES HIS FOLLOWERS AUTHORITYAND POWER OVER ALL POWER OF THE ENEMYHOW TO CAST OUT UNCLEAN SPIRITS 25Rebuke Them. Command ThemOut in Jesus’ NameFor He said to him, “Come outof the man, unclean spirit!” ThenHe asked him, “What is yourname?” And he answered, saying,“My name is Legion; for we aremany.” . . . Then the unclean spir-its went out and entered theswine. —Mark 5:8, 9 and 13bJesus . . . rebuked the uncleanspirit, saying to him, “You deafand dumb spirit, I command you,come out of him, and enter him nomore!” Then the spirit cried out,convulsed him greatly, and cameout of him. And he became as onedead, so that many said, “He isdead.” But Jesus took him by thehand and lifted him up, and hearose....“This kind can come outby nothing but prayer and fast-ing.” —Mark 9:25b-27 and 29bPaul . . . turned and said to thespirit, “I command you in thename of Jesus Christ to come outof her.” And he came out thatvery hour. —Acts 16:18bBut Jesus rebuked him, saying,“Be quiet, and come out of him!”And when the demon had thrownhim in their midst, it came out ofhim and did not hurt him.—Luke 4:35“And whatever you ask in Myname, that I will do, that the Fa-ther may be glorified in the Son.”—John 14:13Therefore God also has highlyexalted Him and given Him thename which is above every name,that at the name of Jesus everyknee should bow.—Philippians 2:9, 10a26 THE SUPREME NAME OF JESUS CHRIST tried to kill her, intending to make it appear she had been killed by atrain. When she commanded him in the Name of Jesus Christ, he waspowerless against her. In the power of Jesus, she made him walk infront of her all the way back to the college.Another lady told my wife and me that in her younger days she un-wisely opened her apartment for a fortune-telling party. After that, evilspirits began repeatedly moving furniture around in her apartment. Indesperation, she cast them out of her apartment in the Name of Jesus.Later, she yielded herself completely to Jesus Christ.Never pity nor sympathize with Satan or demons. Their only purposeis to get you to side with them rather than with God. An elderly Chris-tian, stricken with physical weakness and mental confusion, told methings Satan was saying to him. He was considering “giving him atry.” I pointed out that Satan is a master at deceiving people and youcannot trust a word he says. I rebuked Satan in the Almighty Name ofJesus Christ. This man said, “I’m glad you came tonight.” He seemedpeaceful in Christ the next five weeks before he died.—Watson Goodman (1920-2002)After taking my wife and family on faith back to Africa to work forChrist, I awakened one night with a horrible evil spirit on top of me.When I moved my knee against his knee to see if it were real, he pushedmy knee back suddenly with great strength, and came all the fastertoward my neck to choke me. I had time to cry out just three words,“Jesus, help me!” Instantly, he was gone, and I have never had a repeatof that in the years since. There is awesome power in the Name of JesusChrist over Satan and all demons! Call on Christ’s Name for salvationand deliverance (Romans 10:13).One lady told my wife and me that when she was in college, a youngman took her for a walk down a railroad track. At a certain point, he
  6. 6. Christ Is the Creator GodFor by Him all things were cre-ated that are in heaven and thatare on earth, visible and invisible,whether thrones or dominions orprincipalities or powers. Allthings were created through Himand for Him. —Colossians 1:16Christ Gives Light and Peace“To give light to those who sitin darkness and the shadow ofdeath, to guide our feet into theway of peace.” —Luke 1:79Now may the Lord of peaceHimself give you peace always.—2 Thessalonians 3:16aDemons and Satan Destroy“The thief does not come exceptto steal, and to kill, and to de-stroy.” —John 10:10a“Woe to the . . . earth . . . ! Forthe devil has come down to you,having great wrath, because heknows that he has a short time.”—Revelation 12:12bSatan Gives Darkness, TormentThe way of the wicked is likedarkness; they do not know whatmakes them stumble.—Proverbs 4:19“The rich man also died andwas buried. And being in tor-ments in Hades, he lifted up hiseyes.” —Luke 16:22b, 23a28 CHRIST AND SATAN CONTRASTED CHRIST AND SATAN CONTRASTED 29Christ Is TruthAnd the Word became flesh anddwelt among us, and we beheldHis glory, the glory as of the onlybegotten of the Father, full ofgrace and truth. “If you abide inMy word, you are My disciples in-deed. And you shall know thetruth, and the truth shall makeyou free.” —John 1:14 and 8:31b, 32Christ Is Full of LoveBy this we know love, becauseHe laid down His life for us. Andwe also ought to lay down ourlives for the brethren. —1 John 3:16We love Him because He firstloved us. —1 John 4:19Satan Is Father of Lies“You are of your father the dev-il, and the desires of your fatheryou want to do. He was a murder-er from the beginning, and doesnot stand in the truth, becausethere is no truth in him. When hespeaks a lie, he speaks from hisown resources, for he is a liar andthe father of it.” —John 8:44Satan Inspires Hate“If the world hates you, youknow that it hated Me before ithated you.” —John 15:18Now the works of the flesh areevident,... hatred,...wrath.—Galatians 5:19a, 20Christ Cleanses the SoulBut if we walk in the light as Heis in the light, we have fellowshipwith one another, and the blood ofJesus Christ His Son cleanses usfrom all sin. —1 John 1:7Christ Delivers From SinMuch more then, having nowbeen justified by His blood, weshall be saved from wraththrough Him. —Romans 5:9Christ Gives Eternal Life“And this is eternal life, thatthey may know You, the only trueGod, and Jesus Christ whom Youhave sent.” —John 17:3Satan Pollutes the SoulDo not be deceived, God is notmocked; for whatever a man sows,that he will also reap. For he whosows to his flesh will of the fleshreap corruption. —Galatians 6:7, 8aSatan Entices People to SinHe who sins is of the devil, forthe devil has sinned from the be-ginning. —1 John 3:8aSatan Leads to Eternal Death“The tares are the sons of thewicked one. The enemy who sowedthem is the devil, . . . the taresare . . . burned in the fire.”—Matthew 13:38b-40a30 CHRIST AND SATAN CONTRASTED SATAN AND WORLD CONTROL 31He Is Prince of This World Now“I will no longer talk much withyou, for the ruler of this world iscoming, and he has nothing inMe.” —John 14:30Satan Is Prince. If Things AreNot Going Right, Blame HimThis wisdom does not descendfrom above, but is earthly, sen-sual, demonic. For where envyand self-seeking exist, confusionand every evil thing will be there.—James 3:15, 16When Satan has the chance, he de-stroys freedom to worship Christopenly. He cannot destroy yourheart-love for Christ. Keep the faith!Be True to Christ Unto DeathAnd they stoned Stephen as hewas calling on God and saying,“Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.”Then he knelt down and cried outwith a loud voice, “Lord, do notcharge them with this sin.” Andwhen he had said this, he fellasleep. —Acts 7:59, 60Christ’s World GovernmentOf the increase of His govern-ment and peace there will be noend, upon the throne of David andover His kingdom, to order it andestablish it with judgment andjustice from that time forward,even forever. —Isaiah 9:7aMan of Sin Empoweredby SatanNow, brethren, concerning thecoming of our Lord Jesus Christand our gathering together toHim . . . . Let no one deceive youby any means; for that Day willnot come unless the falling awaycomes first, and the man of sin isrevealed, the son of perdition, whoopposes and exalts himself aboveall that is called God or that isworshiped, so that he sits as Godin the temple of God, showinghimself that he is God. And thenthe lawless one will be revealed,whom the Lord will consume withthe breath of His mouth anddestroy with the brightness ofHis coming. The coming of thelawless one is according to theworking of Satan, with all power,signs, and lying wonders.—2 Thessalonians 2:1, 3, 4, 8-9And the dragon gave him hispower, his throne, and great au-thority. And authority was givenhim over every tribe, tongue, andnation. —Revelation 13:2b and 7bSo they worshiped the dragonwho gave authority to the beast;and they worshiped the beast,saying, “Who is like the beast?Who is able to make war withhim?” —Revelation 13:432 ANTICHRIST—COMING WORLD RULER ANTICHRIST WILL WAR WITH SAINTS 33He shall speak pompous wordsagainst the Most High, shall per-secute the saints of the MostHigh, and shall intend to changetimes and law. Then the saintsshall he given into his hand for atime and times and half a time.But the court shall be seated, andthey shall take away his domi-nion, to consume and destroy itforever. —Daniel 7:25, 26And he was given authority tocontinue for forty-two months.Then he opened his mouth in blas-phemy against God, to blasphemeHis name, His tabernacle, andthose who dwell in heaven. And itwas granted to him to make warwith the saints and to overcomethem. And authority was givenhim over every tribe, tongue, andnation. And all who dwell on theearth will worship him, whosenames have not been written inthe Book of Life of the Lamb slainfrom the foundation of the world.If anyone has an ear, let him hear.—Revelation 13:5b-9Fight the good fight of faith,lay hold on eternal life, to whichyou were also called and have con-fessed the good confession in thepresence of many witnesses.—1 Timothy 6:12
  7. 7. World religious leader helpsAntichrist deceive the world.Worship or Die!And he deceives those whodwell on the earth by those signswhich he was granted to do in thesight of the beast, telling thosewho dwell on the earth to make animage to the beast who waswounded by the sword and lived.He was granted power to givebreath to the image of the beast,that the image of the beast shouldboth speak and cause as many aswould not worship the image ofthe beast to be killed. Then thebeast was captured, and with himthe false prophet who workedsigns in his presence, by which hedeceived those who received themark of the beast and those whoworshiped his image. These twowere cast alive into the lake offire. —Revelation 13:14, 15 and 19:20aGod’s People Reject Other gods“If that is the case, our Godwhom we serve is able to deliverus from the burning fiery furnace,and He will deliver us from yourhand, O king. But if not, let it beknown to you, O king, that we donot serve your gods, nor will weworship the gold image which youhave set up.” —Daniel 3:17, 1834 NEVER WORSHIP ANTICHRIST’S IMAGE ANTICHRIST: SUBMIT OR STARVE 35And he causes all, both smalland great, rich and poor, free andslave, to receive a mark on theirright hand or on their foreheads,and that no one may buy or sellexcept one who has the mark orthe name of the beast, or the num-ber of his name. Here is wisdom.Let him who has understandingcalculate the number of the beast,for it is the number of a man: Hisnumber is 666. —Revelation 13:16-18Better Day Comingfor the Saved“These are the ones who comeout of the great tribulation, andwashed their robes and madethem white in the blood of theLamb. Therefore they are beforethe throne of God, and serve Himday and night in His temple. AndHe who sits on the throne willdwell among them. They shall nei-ther hunger anymore nor thirstanymore; the sun shall not strikethem, nor any heat; for the Lambwho is in the midst of the thronewill shepherd them and lead themto living fountains of waters. AndGod will wipe away every tearfrom their eyes.”—Revelation 7:14b-17Better to enter heaven hungry thanhell with a full stomach!Then a third angel followedthem, saying with a loud voice,“If anyone worships the beastand his image, and receives hismark on his forehead or on hishand, he himself shall also drinkof the wine of the wrath of God,which is poured out full strengthinto the cup of His indignation.And he shall be tormented withfire and brimstone in the presenceof the holy angels and in the pres-ence of the Lamb.“And the smoke of their tor-ment ascends forever and ever;and they have no rest day ornight, who worship the beast andhis image, and whoever receivesthe mark of his name.”Here is the patience of thesaints; here are those who keepthe commandments of God andthe faith of Jesus. Then I heard avoice from heaven saying to me,“Write: ‘Blessed are the dead whodie in the Lord from now on.’ ”“Yes,” says the Spirit, “that theymay rest from their labors, andtheir works follow them!”—Revelation 14:9-1336 ALL THE PEOPLE ARE DOOMED WHO WORSHIPTHE ANTICHRIST, OR RECEIVE HIS MARKON THEIR BODY IN ORDER TO BUY OR SELLVICTORY OVER SATAN’S MARK AND IMAGE 37BEFORE GOD’S WRATH COMES TO EARTHSeven angels having the sevenlast plagues, for in them thewrath of God is complete. And Isaw something like a sea of glassmingled with fire, and those whohave the victory over the beast,over his image and over his markand over the number of his name,standing on the sea of glass, hav-ing harps of God. And they singthe song of Moses, the servant ofGod, and the song of the Lamb,saying: “Great and marvelous areYour works, Lord God Almighty!Just and true are Your ways, OKing of the saints!” Then I hearda loud voice from the temple say-ing to the seven angels, “Go andpour out the bowls of the wrath ofGod on the earth.”—Revelation 15:lb-3 and 16:1(Revelation chapters 16-18: seven plaguesand results.)Beheaded Martyrs ReignI saw the souls of those whohad been beheaded for their wit-ness to Jesus and for the word ofGod, who had not worshiped thebeast or his image, and had not re-ceived his mark on their foreheadsor on their hands. And they livedand reigned with Christ for athousand years. —Revelation 20:4bDevils Gather Nations to FightFor they are spirits of demons,performing signs, which go out tothe kings of the earth and of thewhole world, to gather them to thebattle of that great day of GodAlmighty. And they gatheredthem together to the place calledin Hebrew, Armageddon.—Revelation 16:14 and 16Christ Liberates His Land andHis Chosen People, Israel“Behold, I will make Jerusalema cup of drunkenness. And it shallhappen in that day that I willmake Jerusalem a very heavystone for all peoples; all whowould heave it away will surely becut in pieces, though all nations ofthe earth are gathered against it.”Then the LORD will go forth andfight against those nations, as Hefights in the day of battle. And thisshall be the plague with which theLORD will strike all the peoplewho fought against Jerusalem:Their flesh shall dissolve whilethey stand on their feet, their eyesshall dissolve in their sockets, andtheir tongues shall dissolve intheir mouths.—Zechariah 12:2a, 3; 14:3, 12If God be for us, who can beagainst us? —Romans 8:31b38 ARMAGEDDON, THE BATTLE CHRIST STOPS CHRIST IS THE FINAL WORLD RULER 39For the wrath of God is re-vealed from heaven against allungodliness and unrighteousnessof men, who suppress the truth inunrighteousness. —Romans 1:18Now out of His mouth goes asharp sword, that with it Heshould strike the nations. And HeHimself will rule them with a rodof iron. He Himself treads thewinepress of the fierceness andwrath of Almighty God. And Hehas on His robe and on His thigha name written: KING OFKINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.—Revelation 19:15, 16“And He shall reign forever andever!” —Revelation 11:15bAntichrist rules a few years.Christ rules here 1,000 years,then He reigns forever.But they shall be priests of Godand of Christ, and shall reign withHim a thousand years.—Revelation 20:6b“And in the days of these kingsthe God of heaven will set up akingdom which shall never be de-stroyed.” —Daniel 2:44aAll Nations to Worship Christthe LORD!All nations whom You havemade shall come and worship be-fore You, O Lord, and shall glori-fy Your name. —Psalm 86:9
  8. 8. And war broke out in heaven:Michael and his angels foughtagainst the dragon; and the drag-on and his angels fought, but theydid not prevail, nor was a placefound for them in heaven anylonger. So the great dragon wascast out, that serpent of old, calledthe Devil and Satan, who deceivesthe whole world; he was cast to theearth, and his angels were cast outwith him. Then I heard a loudvoice saying in heaven, “Now sal-vation, and strength, and the king-dom of our God, and the power ofHis Christ have come, for the ac-cuser of our brethren, who accusedthem before our God day andnight, has been cast down.”—Revelation 12:7-10Weapons to Win This War“And they overcame him by theblood of the Lamb and by theword of their testimony, and theydid not love their lives to thedeath.” —Revelation 12:11Satan’s Eternal FateAnd fire came down from Godout of heaven and devoured them.And the devil, who deceived them,was cast into the lake of fire andbrimstone where the beast and thefalse prophet are. And they will betormented day and night foreverand ever. —Revelation 20:9b and 1040 SATAN LOSES HIS WAR AGAINST GOD WHOSE IS THE ETERNAL KINGDOM? 41Lucifer could have obeyed in celes-tial joy forever, but he tried to ruleGod’s kingdom.(Read Isaiah 14:13, 14 on page 3.)The Lord Christ Reigns ForeverYours, O LORD, is the great-ness, the power and the glory, thevictory and the majesty; for allthat is in heaven and in earth isYours; Yours is the kingdom, OLORD, and You are exalted ashead over all. —1 Chronicles 29:11For as in Adam all die, even soin Christ all shall be made alive.But each one in his own order:Christ the firstfruits, afterwardthose who are Christ’s at His com-ing. Then comes the end, when Hedelivers the kingdom to God theFather, when He puts an end toall rule and all authority and pow-er. For He must reign till He hasput all enemies under His feet.The last enemy that will be de-stroyed is death.—1 Corinthians 15:22-26Then the seventh angel sound-ed: And there were loud voices inheaven, saying, “The kingdoms ofthis world have become the king-doms of our Lord and of HisChrist, and He shall reign foreverand ever!” —Revelation 11:15Satan Corrupts Body and Soulwith Homosexuality,Murder of Unborn Babies,Demon Possession. . . Men . . . burned in their lustfor one another . . . receiving inthemselves the penalty of their er-ror.... —Romans 1:27These . . . things the LORDhates, . . . hands that shed inno-cent blood. —Proverbs 6:16a, 17b“Then he goes and takes withhim seven other spirits more wick-ed than himself, and they enterand dwell there; and the last stateof that man is worse than thefirst.” —Matthew 12:45aAnd no wonder! For Satan him-self transforms himself into anangel of light. —2 Corinthians 11:14Seek only the Living God. Do not callupon “another god” to know the future,to read minds, to be physically healed,or to have spiritual guidance.Satan, the rebel against God, standsbehind all of this. He works throughpeople, literature, material objects , andreligions of error. What he producesmay look miraculous and helpful atfirst, but it brings one into Satan’s cruelbondage. Only Christ can set you free.Do not yield yourself to the control ofany spirit that is not of God’s Holy Spir-it. Believe only the Bible and the LordJesus Christ. (See Revelation 19:13.)42 SATAN AND DEMONS,YOUR ENEMIES MANY SHALL COME AND DECEIVE MANY 43Any teaching that leads awayfrom the narrow way of forgive-ness, cleansing, and redemptionthrough the blood and person ofChrist is false and deceptive.And Jesus answered and said tothem: “Take heed that no one de-ceives you. For many will come inMy name, saying, ‘I am theChrist,’ and will deceive many.Then many false prophets willrise up and deceive many.”—Matthew 24:4, 5 and 11For many walk, of whom I havetold you often, and now tell youeven weeping, that they are theenemies of the cross of Christ:whose end is destruction, whosegod is their belly.—Philippians 3:18, 19aForgive and Be Forgiven“For if you forgive men theirtrespasses, your heavenly Fatherwill also forgive you.”—Matthew 6:14Precious Blood of ChristRedeemsKnowing that you were not re-deemed with corruptible things,like silver or gold,...but with theprecious blood of Christ, as of alamb without blemish and with-out spot....who through Him be-lieve in God.—1 Peter 1:18, 19 and 21aRuled by the Sin PrincipleBut we are all like an uncleanthing, and all our righteousnessesare like filthy rags; we all fade asa leaf, and our iniquities, like thewind, have taken us away.—Isaiah 64:6Wrath on Spirit of DisobedienceIn which you once walked ac-cording to the course of thisworld, according to the prince ofthe power of the air, the spiritwho now works in the sons ofdisobedience, among whom alsowe all once conducted ourselves inthe lusts of our flesh, fulfillingthe desires of the flesh and of themind, and were by nature childrenof wrath, just as the others.—Ephesians 2:2, 3Satan Masters the UnsavedBut even if our gospel is veiled,it is veiled to those who are per-ishing, whose minds the god ofthis age has blinded, who do notbelieve, lest the light of the gospelof the glory of Christ, who is theimage of God, should shine onthem. —2 Corinthians 4:3, 4In Christ Is the VictoryThere is therefore now no con-demnation to those who are inChrist Jesus, who do not walk ac-cording to the flesh, but accord-ing to the Spirit. —Romans 8:144 OH, WRETCHED MAN THAT I AM! UNSAVED PEOPLE BELONG TO SATAN 45“The field is the world, the goodseeds are the sons of the kingdom,but the tares are the sons of thewicked one.” —Matthew 13:38“You are of your father the dev-il, and the desires of your fatheryou want to do.” —John 8:44aIn Adam, We RebelAgainst God“He who is not with Me isagainst Me, and he who does notgather with Me scatters abroad.”—Matthew 12:30This Is Why We Must Be BornAnew of the Spirit of ChristTherefore, if anyone is inChrist, he is a new creation; oldthings have passed away; be-hold, all things have become new.—2 Corinthians 5:17“My sheep hear My voice, and Iknow them, and they follow Me.And I give them eternal life.”—John 10:27, 28aYield to the Lord Jesus NowBehold, now is the acceptedtime; behold, now is the day of sal-vation. —2 Corinthians 6:2bIf we confess our sins, He isfaithful and just to forgive us oursins and to cleanse us from all un-righteousness. —1 John 1:9
  9. 9. 46 ETERNAL TRIUMPH IN CHRISTWho shall separate us from thelove of Christ? Shall tribulation, ordistress, or persecution, or famine,or nakedness, or peril, or sword?Yet in all these things we are morethan conquerors through Himwho loved us. —Romans 8:35 and 37For whatever is born of Godovercomes the world. And this isthe victory that has overcome theworld—our faith. —l John 5:4Reward Those Who Overcome“He who has an ear, let him hearwhat the Spirit says to the church-es. To him who overcomes I willgive some of the hidden manna toeat. And I will give him a whitestone, and on the stone a newname written which no one knowsexcept him who receives it.”—Revelation 2:17“And he who overcomes, andkeeps My works until the end, tohim I will give power over thenations.” —Revelation 2:26You are very important to God.Calvary proves that! God is veryimportant to you!Not that we are sufficient of our-selves to think of anything as beingfrom ourselves, but our sufficiencyis from God. —2 Corinthians 3:5CHOOSE WHOM YOU WILL SERVE FOREVER 47Appear with Christ in GloryIf then you were raised withChrist, seek those things whichare above, where Christ is, sittingat the right hand of God. Set yourmind on things above, not onthings on the earth. When Christwho is our life appears, then youalso will appear with Him in glo-ry. Therefore put to death yourmembers which are on the earth:fornication, uncleanness, passion,evil desire, and covetousness,which is idolatry. Because ofthese things the wrath of God iscoming upon the sons of disobe-dience. —Colossians 3:1, 2 and 4-6Or Be Cursed with SatanForever“Then He will also say to thoseon the left hand, ‘Depart from Me,you cursed, into the everlastingfire prepared for the devil and hisangels.’” —Matthew 25:41The wicked shall he turned intohell, and all the nations that for-get God. —Psalm 9:17“And if your hand makes yousin, cut if off. It is better for youto enter into life maimed, thanhaving two hands, to go to hell, in-to the fire that shall never bequenched.” —Mark 9:4348 THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS FOR YOUHumble YourselfAnd Jesus called a little child toHim, set him in the midst of them,and said, “Assuredly, I say toyou, unless you are converted andbecome as little children, you willby no means enter the kingdom ofheaven. Therefore whoever hum-bles himself as this little child isthe greatest in the kingdom ofheaven.” —Matthew 18:2-4Repent of SinJohn came baptizing in the wil-derness and preaching a baptismof repentance for the remission ofsins. Now after John was put inprison, Jesus came to Galilee,preaching the gospel of the king-dom of God, and saying, “Thetime is fulfilled, and the kingdomof God is at hand. Repent, and be-lieve in the gospel.”—Mark 1:4 and 14, 15“I tell you, no; but unless yourepent you will all likewiseperish.” —Luke 13:3“Repent therefore and be con-verted, that your sins may beblotted out, so that times of re-freshing may come from the pres-ence of the Lord.” —Acts 3:19(More on next page.)RECEIVE CHRIST AS YOUR SAVIOR TODAYGive Yourself to Jesus ChristCommit your way to the LORD,trust also in Him, and He shallbring it to pass. —Psalm 37:5“For God so loved the worldthat He gave His only begottenSon, that whoever believes in Himshould not perish but have ever-lasting life.” —John 3:16So they said, “Believe on theLord Jesus Christ, and you will besaved, you and your household.”—Acts 16:31God Gives the Rightto Be His ChildrenBut as many as received Him,to them He gave the right to be-come children of God, even tothose who believe in His name.—John 1:12Confess Christ OpenlyIf you confess with your mouththe Lord Jesus and believe in yourheart that God has raised Himfrom the dead, you will be saved.For with the heart one believes torighteousness, and with themouth confession is made to sal-vation. For the Scripture says,“Whoever believes on Him willnot be put to shame.”—Romans 10:9b-11Published in numerous languages by World Missionary Press as God suppliesfunds in answer to prayer. Other booklets are also available. If you would like morecopies for careful distribution, please write in English, if possible. Specify whichlanguage or languages you need for your area, and what quantity of each you canprayerfully use. Please tell us clearly how you plan to distribute the booklets.World Missionary Press, Inc.P.O. Box 120New Paris, Indiana 46553-0120 U.S.A.