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  1. 1. 客户案例展示APSense Ltd. 2012 年荣誉出 年荣誉出品品
  2. 2. 什么是国际化品牌营销专页连接全球 15 亿全球用户的桥梁  国际化品牌专页(简称品牌专页)是 在2012 年推出的品牌营销服务系统。企业通过建立自己的品牌专页向全球展示企业的品牌及文化,它能保护企业品牌的数字资产,提升潜在客户、投资者、合作者对企业的信任度,从而帮助企业超越竞争对手,赢得更多商业机会。因此,品牌专页对企业将如同注册商标、企业域名一样的重要。
  3. 3. 案例 : APSenseAPSense is a business social networkwhere people come together to sharetheir businesses. Imagine a place whereyou have all the tools you need to helpyour business grow.
  4. 4. 案例 : BABEENIWe are manufacturer of clothing forchildren such as: wholesale boy clothing,wholesale girl clothing, smockedclothing, girl smocked dresses, boysmocked long-all, smocked short-all,Appliqué clothing, Plain clothing,Swimwear clothing...
  5. 5. 案例 : Be Proactive NowPhilippe Moisans blog about onlinemarketing and personal development. Ihave created more than 200 videotutorials about APSense, Facebook,WordPress, Blogger, etc...
  6. 6. 案例 : DragonSoftDragonSoft is a technology leader in thesoftware industry of Shanghai.Dragonsoft has become a groupcompany providing professional servicesincluding software development, R&D,offshore outsourcing, IT solutions anddata analysis, and so on.
  7. 7. 案例 : Exceptional Content PublishingWe are a trio that are here to build asuccessful business by helping you builda successful business. Yes, we are here tohelp you succeed by giving you acomplete library of resources unheard ofanywhere else on the net.
  8. 8. 案例 : FERALDThe official website for Ferald characters,artwork and other children propertiescreated by Keith Williams. Characters forLicensing.
  9. 9. 案例 : Froggy BlasterFroggyblaster is a New Breed of listbuilder mailer that will blast your ads allover the Internet marketing super hwyJoin Us FREE Froggy Blaster is 1 monthold.
  10. 10. 案例 : FungFooGamersA gaming blog that informs readersabout the latest games from platformslike Xbox, PlayStation, and wii. Updates,Information, News and Reviews are allprovided on Fung Foo Gamers.
  11. 11. 案例 : Global Web HostingGlobal Web Hosting provides affordableVPS and Web Hosting Services.
  12. 12. 案例 : HonrenEstablished in 1991, Anhui Honren(Group) Co., Ltd. formed a group in 1998,and is an export-oriented enterprisespecializing in down and feathermaterials and finished products.
  13. 13. 案例 : Indiana Water FilterIndiana Water and water filterinformation. Useful information aboutwhat contaminates our drinking watersupply with reasonable solutions.
  14. 14. 案例 : Lowcost-WebspaceAs the co-owner of LowCost-Webspace Iwould like to invite those of you that arelooking for first time hosting, thinking ofchanging your hosting, or looking forbetter support and assistance to checkout
  15. 15. 案例 : is here to help people fulfilltheir travel desires by providing a meansto pay for their trip. Whether it is airfare,car rental, hotel fees, etc., we are here tohelp you get there.
  16. 16. 案例 : PET MachinePET Machine series are designed andmanufactured according to PET injectionmolding machine technologies withprofessional screw and barrel design,precise temperature controlling systemas well as special ejector design.
  17. 17. 案例 : PinOpps“Pin Your BizOpps”…The PinOppsPinboard, located at,is a social pinboard for businessopportunities and resources. You can“pin” images and videos of your favoritebusiness opportunities and resourcesand follow the pins of others.
  18. 18. 案例 : PrintingRayPrintingRay is an online cheap stickersprinting company, providing the beststickers printing services in USA with thehelp of live support. You may get yourfree quote by Mail or by live chat.
  19. 19. 案例 : SocialsCubeThe idea of SocialsCube is based on thedesire to provide quality social mediaservices to ensure growth of twitter,facebook, youtube accounts and muchmore, to businesses and individuals alike.
  20. 20. 案例 : VGKLightingLighting, Light Fixtures, Designer Lights,Home and Commercial Lighting, LowVoltage Lighting, Contemporary Lightingat Lowest Prices.
  21. 21. 案例 : Viral AssociatesViral Associates are convergencespecialists. While some will help you withSEO, Viral Associates will converge yourbusiness and social sites to rank faster,higher and covert better.
  22. 22. 案例 : Website Design NepalOrasoft is a professional Web Designingcompany in Nepal specializing in WebSeo, Custom website design, cms webdesigning, web hosting, e-commercesolutions and SEO.
  23. 23. 案例 : WebmiepI am involved in several services relatedto Internet business. I am owner of agraphic design service, a traffic exchangeand several advertising services. I amvery active on several social media.
  24. 24. 案例 : Winning Solos Text Ad ExchangeWinning Solos is a text ad exchange that Iown/run. It is a promotional marketingtool used to help members promote allof their offers on the Internet. It is aprogram that is free to join, butupgrading gives more benefits.
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  26. 26. 谢 谢!了解更多产品信息,请访问