W3: Connecting brands with people


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A brief overview of Working Three

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W3: Connecting brands with people

  1. 1. WORKINGTHREE Connecting brands with people
  2. 2. Our mission is to help brands have better relationships with their customers.
  3. 3. OVERVIEW W3 customer experience services
  4. 4. IT’S OUR BUSINESSTO COMMERCIALISE DIGITAL COMMUNITIES While it is important to build community engagement, social media activity needs to be commercial. Social media is creating and organising vast quantities of consumer data. We help the brands get access to, and value from, that data. The need The opportunity The value
  5. 5. WHERE WE FIT We’re not an advertising agency. We’re not a market research company. We aren’t a web design company. We are a strategy focused marketing agency that specialises in customer experience strategy and design. We mature and commercialise online communities. What we are not What we are What we do
  6. 6. WHAT WE HAVE BEEN DOING We are focused on developing and our consulting approach. We have standardised frameworks to ensure a great outcomes. The W3 production and development team has the skills and depth to design and build integrated digital solutions. We have developed and matured our consulting approaches into product offerings to speed up delivery. Consulting services Production & Development Productisation
  7. 7. CLIENTS
  8. 8. An effective customer experience helps the customer get value from their own information. It allows a brand to be invested in - even if a financial transaction is not involved
  9. 9. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE EXPERTS Many industries are being disrupted by digital communications and are looking to develop a customer experience approach. Our depth of knowledge in consumer data generated in the social media space gives us a unique view of the customer experience space. Working with our customers we create strategies that focus on customer lifetime value and identify new revenue streams. The need The opportunity The value
  10. 10. “One of the issues of social networking... is that they have the data and I don’t...” Tim Berners-Lee, 2012 W3’s focus is on collecting and utilising consumer data to develop relationships
  12. 12. THE MARKET Why we do what we do
  13. 13. Customer Experience Management Market & Voice of Customer (VoC) Analytics Market... is expected to reach $6.61 billion by 2017 MarketsandMarkets
  14. 14. UNDERSTANDINGTHE CUSTOMER Use social media to communicate with your market and demonstrate value. Show that you are interested in each customer. Your audience has given you permission to develop a relationship. Personalisation shows that you are interested in their objectives. The information collected is used to refine communications and offerings. Personalisation makes it easy for the customer to buy and remain loyal. “Do you value me?” “Do you understand me?” “Are you making my life easier?”
  15. 15. THETHREE PHASES OF ONLINE MARKETING The first online marketing model used a traditional media approach in the online space - interrupting the viewer with marketing messages.This has proven to be mostly ineffective. Spurred on by a focus on measurability caused by the GFC, the world is currently in the surveillance model. Vast amounts of data is collected by brands to ‘personalise’ communications - this can make the audience feel uneasy and spied upon. The world is now entering the relationship model.The data that has been collected by brands is starting to be given back and the consumer is regaining some control.This makes for trusted longer term customer relationships. Interruption model Surveillance model Relationship model The environment is evolving
  16. 16. THE W3 CAPABILITIES & APPROACH What’s needed to design customer experiences
  17. 17. SKILLS The people working on your strategy will be the people you talk to everyday. The guys in the ‘back end” who make everything possible. These people think “facts are fine but insights are better” - as insights create action. Every touchpoint needs to be engaging and well crafted. These guys make everything look, sound and feel fantastic. The guys who think in code. They turn a creative idea into a usable digital experience. Strategy & account management Data infrastructure Insights & planning Creative & design Development
  18. 18. SERVICES Digital communications touch every part of an organisation.We define the vision, and do the thinking, stakeholder management and implementation planning to transform your business. The way your website, app or social media presence acts, looks and feels plays a big part in the way your market perceives your brand.We have the depth of skill to make sure the experience will be one your customers will remember, for all the right reasons. Digital communications mean the consumer's path from discovery to purchase and loyalty is complex, but data rich.We work with our clients to make the most of each and every interaction on the conversion path, and beyond. Data is the lifeblood of our approach. Whether it is CRM, loyalty data, or social media and e-commerce information, we generate, collect, analyse, segment and utilise data for our clients. We relentlessly focus on the key business objectives of our clients and align digital activity accordingly.We connect the dots between social media activity, mobile, e- commerce, retail and lead generation with a single-minded focus on your conversion objectives. We have the creative, design, development and insight generation skills to make campaigns jump off the screen and excite your customers. Our campaign management team will make sure your market stays engaged. Digital strategy & planning Online brand development & expression Customer experience design Active data design & management Digital commerce & conversion Campaign development
  19. 19. PLATFORM MATURITY Pilot stage Foundation stage Optimisation stage Platform stage Early stage audience engagement. Basic customer data combined with opt- in social media data. Behavioural insights and initial segmentation. Initial conversion messages tested. Manual deployment. Low level of personalisation messages from sub-segmentation information. Engagement Data Insights & segments Conversion activity Personalisation Deeper engagement around multiple product categories. Combined CRM, user interaction and opt-in social data. Sub-segments refined. Behavioural drivers tested and refined. Conversion focused program of activity developed and refined. Channels remain focused. Increased personalisation of messages focused on users objectives. Community content planning and digital touch-points put on continual improvement cycle. CRM, daily-feed social data, user interaction and mobile data synced. Key drivers identified for detailed segments. Propensity to purchase multiple products behavioural data identified. Conversion events automated and refined. Rules engine configured. High level of personalisation and relevance. Understanding of the customer’s behaviours and networks. Multiple social and digital channels working together as a customer experience platform. High levels of opt-in data combined with detailed behavioural and transactional data. Detailed insights into customer behaviours and purchasing drivers. Automated detailed segmentation. Omni-channel conversion activity triggered by user interactions. Detailed personalisation through multiple channels with high levels of relevance. Outcomes
  20. 20. “Big Data isn’t about bits, it’s about talent.” Douglas Merrill, past CIO andVP of Engineering at Google, 2012
  21. 21. thanks