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Wide Web Of Opportunities
Wide Web Of Opportunities
Wide Web Of Opportunities
Wide Web Of Opportunities
Wide Web Of Opportunities
Wide Web Of Opportunities
Wide Web Of Opportunities
Wide Web Of Opportunities
Wide Web Of Opportunities
Wide Web Of Opportunities
Wide Web Of Opportunities
Wide Web Of Opportunities
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Wide Web Of Opportunities


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 1. Wide Web of Opportunities <br />An introduction to online networking, job searches, and lead generation <br />
  • 2. Yours Truly.. <br />Name: Cecelia Anastasiadis <br />Hometown: Austin, TX<br />Current Employer: SwervePoint ( <br />Alma Mater: University of Texas at Austin <br />Degree: B.S. in Advertising (Communications) <br />This is my online Gravatar. I created it on when I signed up for their online training program. I use it for many of my online profiles where I may not be comfortable sharing an actual photo. <br />
  • 3. Experience &amp; Online Presence <br />Social Media Consultant for the Beverly Chamber of Commerce <br />Social Media Coordinator for the Boston Irish Wolfhounds Rugby Team <br />Listed on the Top 400 Tweeters in Massachusetts<br />Twitter <br />( <br />WorkinGreekGirlBlog (<br />LinkedIn ( <br />Facebook, Myspace, Digg, Facebook Fan page<br />
  • 4. Overview <br />Online Tool Stats <br />Online Networking <br />Online Job &amp; Volunteer Search Tools <br />Online Resume and Business Card Tools<br />Online Application Etiquette &amp; Tips <br />
  • 5. The Stats and Facts<br />Chris Kieff, the director of marketing at Ripple6, wrote that he was hired through Twitter.<br />A June Jump Start Social Media survey of 100 hiring managers at small, mid-size and large companies found 75 % go to LinkedIn to research job candidates before making a job offer, while 48% check out Facebook and 26% go to Twitter. When asked where they find talent for job openings, 66% said LinkedIn, 23% said Facebook and 16% said Twitter.<br />Another survey of more than 450 employers found that 53% used social networking sites to research job candidates, while 12% plan to do so. Half of the employers said they had found content on social networking sites that caused them to hire the candidate.  <br />The top reasons were:<br />Profile substantiated candidate’s professional qualifications – (61%)<br />Candidate displayed good communication skills – (41%)   <br />Candidate seemed well-rounded – (37%)   <br /><br />
  • 6. Online Networking <br />Networks: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. <br />Utilizing your Profile:<br /><ul><li>Complete your profile so it is 100% and post a picture
  • 7. Use interesting language in bios
  • 8. Build connections, import contacts, and get recommendations
  • 9. Include educational background and professional experience
  • 10. Stay active and share work via portfolio uploads and slide sharing</li></ul><br />Utilizing your Network: <br /><ul><li>Groups within Networks: professional interests, former employers and school alumni associations, LinkedIn Answers
  • 11. Request an introduction
  • 12. Research Company Profiles and connection companies</li></li></ul><li>Online Networking <br />LinkedIn: As a networking tool, LinkedIn is best used to look up previous co-workers, college alumni, or someone that works in a company you would like to join. Use those contacts to get job leads and a foot in the door.<br /><br />
  • 13. Online Internship, Job, &amp;Volunteer Search Tools <br /><ul><li>Job Search Engines:,,,, etc.
  • 14. Facebook Apps: Career Builder, CareerJournal, CBCampus Career Link, Indeed, etc.
  • 15. Emailed relevant job alerts
  • 16. Search Tool Widgets: pluginsfor Firefox and for your Google Desktop and Toolbar, LinkedIn’s JobInsider
  • 17. Application Management Tools:</li></li></ul><li>Online Resume &amp; Business Card Tools<br /><br /><br />
  • 18. Online Applications Etiquette &amp; Tips <br /><ul><li>Be sure to gain audience with the hiring manager. Managers remember applicants not applications.
  • 19. Email your resume and cover letter, but be sure to follow up with a phone call and be sure to be professional in your email.
  • 20. Email Signature - Create an email signature with a link to your LinkedIn Profile.
  • 21. Spell check your profile and resume! Use appropriate and generic fonts.
  • 22. Get a PDF version of your resume.</li></li></ul><li>Question &amp; Answer<br />
  • 23. Congratulations and good luck! <br />Staying positive is absolutely the most important thing. Looking for a job can be fun! Showcasing your talents on paper daily should be a positive experience. Employers can smell sincere enthusiasm so make sure to keep your attitude and energy in the good places. <br />Cecelia Anastasiadis<br />e-Business Consultant <br />512-751-6768<br /><br />