Oz feathers webinar 4 july2013


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Small business case study at the National NBN-enabled Digital Economy Forum.

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Oz feathers webinar 4 july2013

  1. 1. Linda Sanders, CreativeDirector ozfeathers.com.au
  2. 2. Business History from 1995 • Started with a retail kite shop, moved online 1999 • Website and email not a major focus, sales were word of mouth, only in SA • In a small, rural township – Telstra Exchange is small, slow internet, not good for business, with no hope to grow. • Hobby-sized business. • Limited access to wider markets. FIRST of its kind in SA, 1998 ozfeathers.com.au
  3. 3. 2011 – NBN offered • In early stages explanations were highly technical; yawn-worthy. • Glitches - externally - where to fit the box? Needed connection to power source, and must come through the external wall. Contractors couldn't offer advice. internally – unit needs to be accessible, but has lots of distracting flashing lights We built a cupboard in another room.
  4. 4. NBN – switched on Sept 2011 WE CAN NOW… •… Skype and still use other computers at same time. (I used to have to make cuppa when partner wanted to make a call) •… view multiple YouTube videos (tuition, promotion, keep up with our competitors) •… quickly open different websites while customers are still on the phone. (Pre-NBN had to hang up, research, then call back.) ozfeathers.com.au
  5. 5. NBN benefits to us If NBN is a multi-lane high-speed freeway, then we used to think like the horse-drawn cart on a dirt road… but now we’re working like a gutsy 4WD and we’re keeping up with semi- trailers and Porsches… •Helped us link with valuable international connections •LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook Business Page – unheard of before NBN. Helped our reputation expand overseas. •Amazing Google & SEO benefits from website Blogs •We now go direct to our Asian raw materials’ suppliers ozfeathers.com.au
  6. 6. Why we love NBN • Customer base now worldwide • Conference calls are hassle- free and high voice quality • Internet costs are CHEAP advertising – just 33¢ extra per day for enormous R.O.I. • Social Media an excellent PR tool - takes a few minutes each day. • Telephony is clearer, all calls are cheaper via fibrephone. • No more Telstra! Bonus. ozfeathers.com.au
  7. 7. •…“NBN for Dummies” as a take- home pack in the early days •…we had video examples of existing set ups… plugs, lights •…Telstra had been clearer & upfront over copper wire issue. Telstra only offer DATA port telephony at present, not VOICE port connection. We needed seamless transition. If Only… ozfeathers.com.au
  8. 8. WHAT ISN’T WORKING, just yet…? • Only a few customers are NBN- connected. • Many expect face-to-face or phone- to-phone rather than internet. Reluctance to USE technology. EXAMPLES from recently: • “You can see my logo on my shop sign. Just drive past and you’ll see it.” • “We’re struggling with how to put it up. Stop in when you drive past…?” (Only 150kms round trip…!) • Suggested customer email a digital photo, instead he expected a site visit. ozfeathers.com.au
  9. 9. I’m happy to PAY IT FORWARD and answer questions. Our website is on the photo of Spike below. Thank you, Linda Sanders ozfeathers.com.au
  10. 10. I’m happy to PAY IT FORWARD and answer questions. Our website is on the photo of Spike below. Thank you, Linda Sanders ozfeathers.com.au