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Lockyer valley education and skills summit don't wait for the nbn, get your business ready now wp v1.0


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Don’t wait for the NBN; get your business ready now! Is ideal for a 45 minute session including questions. This session will cover a simple self-assessment of your business against a digital …

Don’t wait for the NBN; get your business ready now! Is ideal for a 45 minute session including questions. This session will cover a simple self-assessment of your business against a digital capability framework, where are your business strengths and development needs, examples of small and medium sized enterprises maximising productivity from the NBN, tools and systems including how to move to the cloud, how the NBN can transform your business with practical tips, hints and demonstration.

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  • Don’t wait for the NBN; get your business ready now! Is ideal for a 45 minute session including questions. This session will cover a simple self-assessment of your business against a digital capability framework, where are your business strengths and development needs, examples of small and medium sized enterprises maximising productivity from the NBN, tools and systems including how to move to the cloud, how the NBN can transform your business with practical tips, hints and demonstration.  
  • Introduce your business to the people around you and share what social media channels your organisation has a presence on. What works best for your business? Australian VET Leaders on LinkedIn – 4300+ NBN Enabled Capability Development Network on LinkedIn - 140 Workforce Planning Tools on LinkedIn – 360+ SMART Business Association on LinkedIn Workforce_Plan on Twitter Workforce BluePrint on Facebook, YouTube, Slideshare and Foursquare Email: [email_address] Web: Blog: LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: Slideshare:
  • Refer to copy of the Digital Capability Framework document Common development needs: Market research Digital images SEO Digital/mobile games Music (use) and sound (editing) IP Storylines and treatments Web and social media What are your strengths and development needs?
  • Home-based Willunga business owner Linda Sanders, whose Oz Feathers products relies heavily on the internet for promoting and selling its display banners to Australian and global customers, welcomes faster broadband speeds. "Because it's a technology we've not yet experienced we're not sure how many advantages there are. We don't know what we'll be able to do yet," Mrs Sanders said. She expected faster broadband would allow her to liaise with any client and working on a banner in real time, online. "We'll try anything if it increases productivity ... and reduces costs," she said. Her 10-year-old business has moved from a part-time hobby to employing two full time staff and a contract seamstress. OzFeathers Linda Sanders, creative director at Oz Feathers, has been on the NBN for just over a year and is a strong supporter of the network. As part of the OzFeathers business, a Web-based business that designs marketing banners, Sanders sends large files to customers. Previously, these had to be sent in the mail. Sending files of any size was an arduous process on her dial-up connection, which she was using until around 2010 when she was finally able to connect to ADSL. With only 5GB of data, she frequently exceeded her limit, despite not downloading large files or streaming videos. Oz feathers is now on an  Internode  12/1Mbps plan. “ Since 13-14 months ago, we’ve had reliable Internet – we’ve never had to worry about the Internet not working [and] we’ve never had to worry about too many people [being] online at once,” Sanders says. The NBN has also helped increase her confidence in uploading videos and using YouTube. She can now also communicate with clients via Skype. “ Having the NBN helping our business just means that we can communicate with Korea or Thailand without worrying about the quality of the phone line or the speed of email or the size of email. It’s just opened our thinking to outside our local domain,” she says. “ We live locally, but everything we do is global.” Like others, Sanders says she is paying more for her Internet, but she is receiving a greater download limit. Previously paying $29.95 a month, she is now paying $49.95 a month and also has a phone line on the copper network with Telstra. Sanders says although the NBN has done wonders for her business, there has been a lack of education and awareness about the network and what users could expect. For example, the installation of the NBN box, the Network Termination Unit. “ Someone just rocked up on the doorstep and said ‘here we are’ with a screwdriver in hand,” she says. “ We had no idea what the box was or where it should go or what we did with it once it was there. We had to turn them away because where they wanted to put it was ridiculous because it was on the outside of the building. “ The next stage would have been to drill through a 30cm solid stone wall and come out in the middle of our bedhead.” Sanders eventually built a cupboard to house the box in. Once the NBN connection was live, she says it has been “amazing” and there has been only been one further glitch in her connection, which caused an outage for around four hours. “ It’s a way forward for Australia,” she says. “We’re looking forward to the future and what the NBN will be doing when our grandchildren go to school and we’ll be able to follow along with them and they’ll be teaching us [things]. It’s a big learning curve but it’s fantastic.”
  • The Alma Hotel Melinda McCauley from the Alma Hotel has had one of the most difficult transitions to the NBN. McCauley took advantage of training sessions for the network to learn about the benefits of high-speed broadband and potential drops in phone and broadband costs. She was previously using a USB-connected mobile broadband modem for Internet access and now has three NBN plans with NuSkope – two for residential premises on 12Mbps and a 100Mbps connection for the hotel, which provides free Wi-Fi to customers at around 70Mbps. McCauley has experienced several outages on the NBN. She has a VoIP line on the NBN for the hotel and was unable to make and receive calls for several days due to an NBN Co update, which she says she was not informed about. NuSkope’s CEO, Michael Blake,  posted on Whirlpool  about the problem. “ What my customers and I myself want to know, WHEN do NBN plan to get their act together? It better be before the phone lines all get cut here in 18 months because how do NBN expect business to run at all without phone lines? Let alone for a 3-4 day wait for a tech to come out. Even Telstra is faster,” he wrote. “ This is my second PLEASE EXPLAIN to NBN this year in regards to outages, if the network is going to be this unreliable perhaps they need to hire a few more techs just like Telstra has to cover the issues with their network that’s not even 10 per cent built yet and already failing customer’s needs.” Blake said over 80 per cent of the NBN faults in Willunga had so far been due to remote firmware updates that failed. NBN Co told  Computerworld Australia  a scheduled firmware upgrade of the UNI-V or voice port was carried out in October after technical engagement with and notification to retail service providers. “ During the upgrade an issue arose that affected a handful of voice services offered by one service provider, and NBN Co worked with the provider to minimise the disruption and resolve the issue,” a spokesperson said. The Alma hotel also experienced an outage when a painter at the hotel damaged the fibre connectors in the hotel, which took around three days to get fixed. The two outages occurred at busy times for the hotel – one in the lead-up to Christmas and the other around Melbourne Cup. “ So we had quite a few people say ‘we haven’t been able to reach you – what’s the problem?’ It does have an impact on our business,” she says. Despite the problems, McCauley says she likes being on the NBN and puts the issues down to teething problems. She says she’s saving at least $100 per month on phone costs alone. In total, the saving is around $200 a month, factoring in phone line rental costs and cheaper calls. “ Also, now that we’re able to run the extra service of Wi-Fi for our customers that we weren’t doing before. Because Willunga is a fairly small country town, it has a big tourist element, so being able to offer [that to customers is good],” she says.
  • Everyday Marketing Solutions Gary Lodge, business owner of Everyday Marketing Solutions, also took part in early education sessions about the NBN and free trials on the network run by Telstra. He also encountered some early problems in the wake of switching to the NBN, though in his case related to his on-premise wireless network. [ Receive up-to-the-minute news on telcos in Computerworld's Telecoms newsletter ] “ There were a lot of teething problems, which were pretty frustrating at times when the internet wasn’t available or there were technical problems. [But] that’s to be expected, I think, with any new technology or new system coming into the town,” he says. He experienced problems with the wireless router in his double brick home, with the connection not reaching all areas of his premise. Lodge says this required getting Telstra to put in signal boosters. However, there were also issues with boosters breaking down. “ They just tried some different things – just a bit of trial and error to get everything up and running with the speeds working how it should,” he says. Overall Lodge is happy with the NBN and has not had any problems since and says the network is helping his marketing and website creation business. Often going out to meet locals in the area, Lodge says businesses are becoming more aware that they need to adapt to new technology and change the way they are doing things and the NBN has become a way to market his business. “ The [businesses] that are finding it tough tend to blame the government or blame somebody else for their problems. They’re the ones who haven’t changed and they’re still doing things like they were doing 20 years ago,” he says. “ So it’s been a bit of a kick up the backside for a lot of people who have said ‘Yes, we do need to do something to change the way we do business’.” Everyday tasks have become easier, such as sending large files online and communicating with staff who don't live locally via online video. Lodge is paying around $20 to $30 more for his NBN plan than his ADSL as Telstra requires him to still have a copper phone line. “ That’s one thing that I’m a bit disappointed with,” he says. “There are no packages without that. We never used that home phone before because we’ve got mobiles, but we had to have it to get broadband.”
  • Refer to HATS brochure
  • After Workforce BluePrint was connected to the National Broadband Network in May 2012, we aimed to overcome the tyranny of distance imposed by being a regional South Australian business and win new customers across Australia and the globe. We set out to harness the power of high-speed broadband to help us improve efficiencies, increase our reach and market ourselves more effectively. Workforce BluePrint is a family-owned business based in Happy Valley about 20km from the centre of Adelaide. We provide workforce development and planning, vocational training and small business support services for customers around the country. Before connecting to the NBN hours were lost uploading and downloading materials and travelling to meet with clients. Now, with the fast experience that speeds over the NBN offer, most of our training sessions can be conducted via online communication and webinars right across the country, saving time and travel costs and reducing our carbon footprint. The greatest revelation was moving all of our data and analytics into the cloud - something we could only achieve with a high-speed internet connection. Our cloud solution allows us to store accounting, reporting and carbon emission materials in a single, secure hub that can be accessed by the entire team from anywhere across the country or the world. Whether you have access to the NBN now or you're waiting for it, remember that the most dynamic businesses adapt in anticipation of a change, rather than as an afterthought, so it's time to start thinking about how your business can use high-speed broadband. With that in mind, speaking from experience, my advice to small businesses for 2013 would be: Cloud   computing for simplicity and flexibility . Cloud computing allows you to save your essential business data, emails, work files, and accounting software in easy-to-sort files that can be accessed from anywhere you can find an internet connection. Running a small business while juggling family life and business travel can be challenging, so having access to your business via the internet gives you the flexibility to work effectively around the needs of home and family life - making the most of any chance to tick off your to-do list! Build a strong foundation for success with your website.  When it comes to your website, content is king. Engaging and well-presented content, including images and video, can help attract new customers and build trust in your product or service. The quality but also the speed of your website is becoming increasingly critical to business success. Customers are not prepared to wait for your page or your video to load. This means that as the NBN reaches more and more Australians, so too can your business. Unlock new opportunities through social media . Social media can boost your brand recognition, and ultimately your customer base. According to a recent survey of 1,951 Australian small businesses, only 27 per cent are using social media  (Australian Interactive Media Industry Association).  Buck this trend in 2013 to tap into new markets and get the competitive edge. Use tools that integrate and track all your social media channels to save time and resources. Think outside your box with video link ups.  Video links or online meetings have allowed us to maintain quality relationships with clients while significantly cutting our travel budgets, freeing up precious time to spend working on our core business or just being at home with the family. The high upload capacity of our fibre connection over the NBN allows us to host high-definition videoconferencing without the drop-outs and delays we used to have. Through video links we've also had enormous success in extending our workshops and webinars to clients in remote and regional areas of the country. Network for success.  Join the NBN Capability Development Network on LinkedIn as well as other groups that allow small businesses to collaborate on tips and advice. Share your experiences and challenges with others on the same path - it's amazing what you'll learn.
  • Top 1-3 actions to get us ahead of the reforms and to take advantage of the NBN Next steps, follow up…
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    • 1. Presented by Wendy PerryWorkforce BluePrintWorkforce BluePrintDon’t wait for the #NBN, get yourbusiness ready now!1
    • 2. What will we cover?• eIntroductions, @ and outline• Self-assessment against a digital capabilityframework• Business strengths and development needs• Examples of businesses maximise productivityfrom the NBN• Tools, systems and moving to the cloud• How the NBN can transform your business• Action plan• Contact details2
    • 3. eIntroductions3
    • 4. Digital Capability FrameworkSelf assess your NBN enabled capability against thefollowing areasRate: Need development, competent, candevelop others•Communication, Marketing and Sales•Creativity, Change and Innovation•E-learning•General•Intellectual Property•Multimedia, Storyboarding and Games•Systems, Software, Tools and Packages•Web and Social Media4
    • 5. Workforce BluePrint5
    • 6. Oz Feathers6
    • 7. Willunga Farmers Market7
    • 8. Alma Hotel8
    • 9. Everyday Marketing Solutions9
    • 10. Tools systems and moving tothe cloud• Central Desktop – all files, photos and projectmanagement• Xero - finances• Hootsuite – social media management• Icontact – email system• Go to meeting – webinars• Wistia – hosting videos• Skype – meetings and coaching/mentoring• Dropbox – sharing files, recordings and tools• Wordpress – websites and blogs• WP commerce and PayPal for your online shop• Workforce planning and development, skills profiling tools10
    • 11. Hootsuite for social mediamanagement11
    • 12. Blogging is a must for SEO andthought leadership12
    • 13. Online shop - transformational13
    • 14. 14The Workforce Plan Tool
    • 15. 15Skillsbook
    • 16. Small Business Health Check16
    • 17. More Tools• Mahara, HATS, Moodle, online surveys17
    • 18. How the NBN can transformyour business• Cloud computing for simplicity andflexibility.• Build a strong foundation for success withyour website.• Unlock new opportunities through socialmedia.• Think outside your box with video link ups.• Network for success. Join the NBN Capability Development Network onLinkedIn 18
    • 19. Your Action Plan19
    • 20. Workforce – check out the shop! (all things Vocational Education and Training) up to date:LinkedIn: @WorkforcePlan and @waperryWorkforce Planning Tools: