Business Perspectives: Qualify Sales Opportunities to Win Sales Opportunities


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Consistent sales qualification is key to a successful sale and increases sales productivity. Learn more....

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Business Perspectives: Qualify Sales Opportunities to Win Sales Opportunities

  1. 1. Qualify Sales Opportunities. Win Sales Opportunities From the Business Perspectives Series of Sales & Marketing Advisories for Small and Mid-Size Business Perspectives
  2. 2. Appropriate Targeting = Effective Sales and Marketing Activities Identifying your ideal customer How can you reach them? Once reached, how should you proceed? Perspectives
  3. 3. Adoption and Enforcement of a Consistent Qualification Process is Key To Successful Sales Qualify at the start of the sales process Qualify continuously Use qualification to know which steps to take and when Know when to qualify out as well as in – To improve sales productivity Perspectives
  4. 4. Consistent Qualification Improves Sales Productivity: Clear and consistent approach to opportunities Uniformity of information Solid foundation to make investment decisions Accurate forecasting Appropriate resource utilisation Demonstrating sales professionalism to the prospect Perspectives
  5. 5. Qualification Fills the Gaps ....Giving You Information That: Leads to an action plan Identifies where to spend time and resources Answers key questions – Does your solution solve the problem? – Is it the preferred choice? – Can you win? – Will the effort involved outweigh predicted revenue? Perspectives
  6. 6. A Repeatable Qualification Process Delivers: Uniformity of approach throughout the sales team Relevant CRM information to support the sales cycle Accurate forecasting Ease of knowledge share with team members Perspectives
  7. 7. Sales Success....For the Sales Person Process-driven deal maximises win rate Demonstrates professionalism Builds confidence internally and externally Ensures accurate preparation for each stage Accurate forecasting Perspectives
  8. 8. Sales Success....For the Sales Manager Accurate forecasting and revenue predictions Best use of time and resource Provides opportunities for mentoring Knowledge share Less micro-management Perspectives
  9. 9. Support the Qualification Effort with the Right CRM System Timely and relevant access to the right information Built-in metrics assist with the qualification process – Prompts for the relevant information Ensures consistency across the organisation Not just a data repository system; a sales enabler Perspectives
  10. 10. Give Your Opportunities a MEDICAL MEDICAL is a powerful, structured qualification process 7 easy to use steps Each step logically helps to create an accurate picture of the sales opportunity For consistent qualification in every deal View Next: ‘Give your Sales Deals a MEDICAL: 7 Easy Steps’ Perspectives
  11. 11. Workbooks CRM from Workbooks Online is helping small and mid-size businesses drive best practice sales methodology Contact us to take a look or take a test drive. +44 118 3030 100 Happy Selling! Perspectives