Digital Work Center 3 Tier: Specifications


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Digital Work Center 3 Tier: Specifications

  1. 1. Big Design for Small Workspaces Digital Work Center 3-Tier + Data Drawers Digital Work Centers come in 4 models. 2 tier with + w/o data drawers and 3 tier with and w/o data drawers. Units can be used in apartments, offices, schools or any small living space. - solid hardwood construction - maximized worksurface area - docking station - cable management - heavy duty soft wheel casters General Information - cable + power gear storage Designed to maximize workspace in a small footprint, the eco-friendly - data storage drawers avail. products feature vertically-stacked work surfaces that deliver high - multi level work shelves function and ergonomic efficiency. - ergonomic efficiency All of the products are made in Wisconsin of hardwoods grown in - easy assembly sustainable managed forests. Even the shipping cartons are SFI certified for their fiber content. The products are finished with the finest Tung oil Height: 34” which is one of the first truly “Green” finishes. It is all natural and Width: 15” contains zero VOC’s. Tung oil is an all natural finishing product that Length: 46” provides a tough, flexible and highly water-resistant coating. Digital Work Centers can adapt to any computer 46” configuration for either Mac or PC. 3 pull out shelves. 15” Contemporary design 12” language. Solid Ash 25½” hardwood natural finish with 28” nickle plated fasteners and matte black heavy duty casters. Other wood species 34” available on request. 31” 28½” Manufactured in Wisconsin, 26” USA from White Ash hardwood harvested from sustainable managed forests in Northern Wisconsin. All Digital Work Center 3-Tier with drawers waste in harvesting and manufacturing is reused.
  2. 2. Digital Work Center 3-Tier © Workbench 2.0, LLC
  3. 3. 46” 15” 12” 25½” 28” 34¼” 31½” 29” 26½” Digital Work Center 3-Tier © Workbench 2.0, LLC
  4. 4. FEATURES/BENEFITS: FEATURES: • PC / Mac - Laptop + All-in-one compatable • Compact modular design • Solid Ash hardwood construction • Multi-level pull-out work surfaces • Cable management system • Docking station • Floor friendly casters (soft surface wheels with locks) • Area for surge protector, back up drives and other gear • Nickel plated fasteners • Data storage drawers (optional) BENEFITS: • Designed for small space considerations • Multi level shelves create Ergonomic capabilities • Durable construction for many years of use • Shelves maximize work surface area • All your gear and cables are organized • Moveability • No more components on the floor i.e. surge protector • All your gear in one place - charge phone, camera etc. • All your data is at your finger tips • Made in the USA • Wood is harvested from sustainable forests Digital Work Center 3-Tier © Workbench 2.0, LLC
  5. 5. CABLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: The Digital Work Center has provisions for the management and organization of cables + devices. 1. Keep surge protectors, cables and other components off the floor 2. Route cables from and to any area on the Work Center INSTALLING GEAR: 3. The use of hook and loop fastening strips to keep cables in place. Note: Determine 4. 4. You can install gear during the assembly of the Work Center or after cable length needed then with assembly you can easily remove shelf scissors cut a short piece of stop pins and slide shelves out from rear adhesive back strip, then apply or front to install gear. strip around cable. Place 2. between strips to secure. 3. 1. * Work Center has removed components to show cable management system Digital Work Center 3-Tier © Workbench 2.0, LLC
  6. 6. CABLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM : Manage all your cables from tier to tier and keep your gear off the floor. Select a tier to be your docking station for optimum organi- zation. Digital Work Center 3-Tier © Workbench 2.0, LLC
  7. 7. * The Digital Workcenter gives you shelf height flexability in achieving comfort while using your PC or Mac laptop in conjunction with a large monitor and keyboard. The same comfort capability can be achieved with an all-in-one computer. Digital Work Center Comfort using your laptop or all-in-one computer
  8. 8. Digital Work Center 3-Tier without Drawers © Workbench 2.0, LLC
  9. 9. Digital Work Center 3-Tier Detail © Workbench 2.0, LLC
  10. 10. HL G A HR ™ I C B L J E K D F Item Quantity Description 2-Tier 3-Tier 1H 18" 24" Hook (adhesive) Velcro Strip 1L 18" 24" Loop Velcro Strip 2 12 18 Shelf Stop Pins 3 24 24 Hex Screws (nickel plated) 1/4-20X1-3/8 4 4 4 Drawer Mounting Hex Screws (black oxide plated) (optional) 5 1 1 Hex Wrench 6 4 4 Casters 7 1 1 Open End Caster Wrench 8 1 1 Assembly Manual A 2 3 1000A03 - Shelf B 2 2 1000P26 C 1 1 1000A05 - Storage Box D 2 2 1000P25 E 1 1 1000P24 F 4 4 1000P23C - Legs Digital WorkCenter G 1 1 1000P02 - Top HL 1 1 2-tier- 1000P04-2L / 3-tier - 1000P04-3L HR 1 1 2-tier- 1000P04-2R / 3-tier - 1000P04-3R Made in USA I 1 1 1000P01 - Bottom J 2 2 Drawer Box Assembly (optional) K 2 2 Drawer Assembly (optional) L 4 4 Drawer Dividers (optional) 06.04.2010 rev1 © Workbench 2.0, LLC
  11. 11. Hardware Kit 1 NOTE: This solid hardwood product has a eco-friendly Tung oil finish. Use pure Tung oil to maintain surface. B E 1H + 1L 2 3 D F 3 4 2 5 6 7 3 5 8 Digital WorkCenter bees wax cube Made in USA
  12. 12. 3 5 3 5 F 7 6 4 6 3 NOTE: Finish information This solid hardwood product has a eco-friendly Tung oil finish. Use pure Tung oil to maintain the surface. Pure Tung Oil was and is one of the first truely “Green” finishes. It is all natural and contains zero VOC’s. Pure 5 Tung oil is a all natural finishing product that provides a tough, flexible and highly water-resistant coating. You can purchase on the internet or at your local paint store. Here is a link to purchase Tung oil and information on the oil itself . Follow manufactur- ers instructions. If you do get a stain it can be easily removed with fine steel wool, however, in many cases if you apply Tung oil it will remove the stain.
  13. 13. 7 9 HL HR 3 C 3 I C-bottom direction when mounting 8 10 HL 1L 2 1H HR A rub bees wax cube to 2 inside of shelf runners rub bees wax cube on shelf ends where contact is made with runners
  14. 14. 11 13 4 12 14 G 4
  15. 15. Cable Management C 1H 2 1H D A 1H back view E 1L B 1H/1L 1H find recycling in your area: