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  1. 1. Today many resource masters use SWF files on their sites. They are trying to make web pages more catching and hence morepopular. At first sight, its OK. SWF elementsmake web page eye-catching and catchy. But on the other hand there is the problem that may affect the traffic of resource, and therefore the profit. Why this is possible? In fact not all people have Macromedia Flashplayer installed on their system, so they may cannot see your flash animation at all. And therefore they cannot see such important sides of resource as banners, animatedbuttons, menus etc. So you can lose potentialclients. So what should I do? - you may ask. I was thinking about this issue for a long time, and finally Ive found a great solution. We all know about an animated GIF format, that is de-facto standard in Internet world. This format is supported by totally all browsers, and people dont have to use additional
  2. 2. software to be able to see GIFs. So why to donot try to convert our Flash to GIF animation? To do this, we will need a utility for Flash to GIF converting. I have spent a lot of time while seeking for a lot of tools in this category. And finally Ive found stunningapplication SWF-AVI-GIF Converter, that has a power to solve our problem. It is made for easy and quick Flash to GIF conversion. When I have used it first time, I was very impressed by the interface. It is cool andeasy-to-use. Actually this program is not only for SWF to GIF transcoding. It is also able to transcode SWF to GIF, FLV to AVI, video to animated GIF and SWF to JPEG series. Butwe only need the 1st option - Flash to GIF. So at first, we open our flash file (both SWF and FLV files are allowed). Second, we have to edit the GIF: there are many controls on this tab. So we can edit the Frame rate. This is how frequently slides move in the animatedGIF. The higher this value is, the smooter will be output GIF. The next control is a colordepth. The value is 8 bits by default, but if you need something else, you can pick up "As in source" value. The next important option is size of the final GIF - width and height. Just edit these values and you will see how theresulting image will look like on Preview area. The final three parameters are not so important, but who knows?.. Thus you are
  3. 3. allowed to enter the "Loop GIF animation" setting, so that the final GIF will be animatedforever. If you turn off that option - the GIF willbe played just once. You can also choose the Transparent color and Background color. When all changes are ready, we are ready to initiate the conversion. Just click the "Start GIF recording" button, and thats it. The software will complete the encoding work, and you can save your GIF to any directoryon the PC. When you received your animatedGIF, you can move it to the server and rewrite previous SWF animation on your web page. This is it. You will not have questions with SWF compatibilities anymore. Download and use for free this powerful SWF to GIF encoder tool. I am sure you will be amazed, and your problems will be solved.Singapore SEO
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