Wordbee a comprehensive, cloud-based solution to translation project management


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The Luxembourg-based company Wordbee has developed Wordbee Translator a collaborative platform for project management and translation. Wordbee also offers an advice and support service for the management of multilingual documents and content. Wordbee assists companies and public bodies who wish to integrate their multilingual approach in their projects. Wordbee currently has clients in over 20 countries around the world. For more information about Wordbee please visit: www.wordbee.com

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Wordbee a comprehensive, cloud-based solution to translation project management

  1. 1. A coprehensive, cloud-based solution to translation project management Presenting the privacy, security, and benefits of the cloud. Privacy in the cloud Wordbee offers maximum privacy and security to its customers. Wordbee is in the software business, not the information or advertising businesses. Customers have their own private Wordbee, their own translation memories, and their own intellectual property. In fact, Wordbee eliminates the need for agencies to share their translation memories with translators and greatly improves the security system of a typical agency, both of which are improvements on the last-generation desktop solutions. What is the Cloud? Download your data at any time You can export your translation memory and any other information in Wordbee to standard formats like .tmx or Excel. Simply put, it’s your data and you can do what you like with it. Your own private Wordbee Every Wordbee customer gets their own private Wordbee. In this respect, it’s just like traditional industry software. Your own translation memory With Wordbee, your translation is your own property. In fact, it’s more yours than ever before, because it’s centralized online, in real-time, so you don’t have to send it to any translators. Software is our passion Wordbee is a software company whose only objective is to help you with your translation software. Software is our passion. We are not in the information or advertising business. Your data is yours. Keep your intellectual property safe Your intellectual property is yours and yours alone. In fact, Wordbee helps keep your intellectual property safe! “The Cloud” refers to anything that is hosted on servers and accessed from your computer. Websites are in the cloud, email accounts like hotmail and yahoo mail are in the cloud, and if you have a corporate hosting plan for your email accounts, those are in the cloud too. Some of those services use your data for advertisements, which is why they are free. Wordbee, on the other hand, is not free, and does not use or share your data!
  2. 2. Last-Generation desktop based software Traditional translation software solutions required documents and memories to be sent by email and often saved on freelancer computers. A typical workflow would pass through as many as four computers and clouds. This left enterprises and agencies with more questions than answers. Security of the cloud Modern, cloud-based software By centralizing your translation workflow to a single platform, Wordbee ensures that every step in your translation chain is protected, and all users are sending encrypted communications. Did you know? Wordbee protects you from the beast attack. According to trustworthy internet. org, 72.4% of “secure sites/hosts” are actually vulnerable to the beast attack. Moving to Wordbee keeps your entire chain safe. Secure, encrypted connections should be used to connect to your email or any other server, because they prevent people from evesdropping on your passwords and communications Studies estimate that 80% of all translation professionals are freelancers. How many freelancers work on your documents? Do they use secure, encrypted connections? Secure, encrypted connections are particularly important when you use a public wireless network. How often do you work from a café or public connection? How often do you think your freelancers work from a café or public connection? 4different emails Firewall & Antivirus Firewall & Antivirus Different computers Firewall & Antivirus Firewall & Antivirus Any computer Communication encryption Communication encryption Are all clouds involved in a safe data center? Is everyone sending and receiving with secure, encrypted connections? Are all clouds involved protected by firewall and antivirus? Are all computers with saved documents protected by firewall and antivirus? How much do you really know about your freelancers and their computers? 80%
  3. 3. Benefits of the cloud Customers from all areas of the translation market, from large enterprises and agencies to public organizations and universities, are realizing the benefits of switching to Wordbee. Faster deliveries. Collaborative translation allows for simultaneous translation and proofreading which speeds up deliveries. Reduced management time. Automated management reduces management time and automatically kicks off project phases. Total transparency. Managers get total transparency over every phase of the translation process, and can even enter translations in progress to answer questions or just check up. Total management. Because everything from supplier data to prices and invoices are managed in Wordbee, you are effortlessly organized. Routine tasks from translator assignment to invoicing are all automated. Low cost solution. Wordbee is updated and maintained by Wordbee as part of the service. Updates and improvements to the system occur frequently and automatically, ensuring you are using the latest technology. All the server hardware is maintained by Wordbee as part of your package. No installation is necessary on any computer. “Wordbee: Cloud or Site install? Wordbee customers frequently ask about getting a Wordbee site install instead of going with the cloud solution, and we always recommend the cloud solution. Why? Our cloud solution is secure and private for customers. Security and privacy being equal, Wordbee adds value when you have less IT and maintenance expenses. Traditional System Management time IT Investment Productivity Quality Save $$$ The end result of all these benefits is speed, efficiency, and ultimately saving money. Save money! Site Install Cloud Install Your hardware, IT staff and maintenance expenses are increased. You have less investment left for opportunities. ITExpenses Moneyleftfor opportunities The cloud saved you money on IT expenses! You have lots of investment left for opportunities that drive your success! ITExpenses Moneyleftfor opportunities
  4. 4. Most complete feature set of any cloud solution. Translator prefered CAT tool Features lower the cost of translation, speed deliveries, and improve project management vs any system on the market. Implements faster than you can say SaaS. People of the cloud Wordbee is a comprehensive solution. The people that use it can all connect and collaborate in the cloud, even simultaneously on projects and documents. This happens in any major web browser. Wordbee is optimized to run quickly on the web, and is easy to use for all participants-- even experts who have never used a CAT tool. Reasons to choose Wordbee 1 2 3 4 Get your free, personalized DEMO,to learn more and get feature details! Visit www.wordbee.com for more information. sales@wordbee.com Wordbee Europe work66, rue de Luxembourg L- 4221 Esch-sur-Alzette Luxembourg Tel. +352 54 55 80 875 info@wordbee.com Crowds Translators Localization Manager Quality Assurance Experts Finance Sub-contractor translators Subcontractor quality assurance Sub-contractor Finance Sub-contractor Crowds Language Agencies Your enterprise Providers Experts Finance Your clients or corporate providers Internal and External Teams? Wordbee connects all of your internal or external translation professionals in the same system, regardless of geographical location. Unify your language providers in your own platform! With Wordbee, your supplier agencies can manage their own suppliers in your Wordbee. Their agency, their suppliers. Your tool, your translation memory.