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WordStream Webinar: Effective Keyword Research for PPC, SEM & SEO


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Effective keyword research and management is a foundational element of every successful SEO and PPC marketing effort. This webinar discusses advanced tips, strategies and best practices for conducting …

Effective keyword research and management is a foundational element of every successful SEO and PPC marketing effort. This webinar discusses advanced tips, strategies and best practices for conducting effective keyword research, including:

* How to personalize keyword research to the needs of your specific market
* How to categorize, organize and prioritize your keywords for optimal relevancy
* How to expand your keyword lists and discover new keyword and negative keyword opportunities
* How to be more productive by eliminating the repetitive tasks that plague search marketers
* How keyword research can be leveraged to prioritize search marketing workflow

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  • 1. WordStream, Inc. Keyword Management Solutions for SEO and PPC Webinar: Effective Keyword Research for SEO & PPC Presenter: Larry Kim, Founder, VP of Products, WordStream, Inc. May 21, 2009 WordStream, Inc.
  • 2. Today’s Agenda • Challenges of Keyword Research • Keyword Research Best Practices for SEO & PPC • WordStream Solution for Keyword Research • Q&A WordStream, Inc.
  • 3. Keyword Research Challenges • Billions of Keywords to Choose From! • Keyword Suggestion Tools are Limited – Popular keywords isn’t the same thing as relevant keywords – Same keywords available to everyone – “Low Resolution”, missing out on “Mid-tail” and “Long-Tail” Terms. • Coming up with a keyword list isn’t “keyword research”! • Negative Keywords are critically important yet hard to identify • How do you organize huge keyword lists? • How do you make keyword research dynamic and iterative? • How do you know where to focus your attention? • How do you co-ordinate a team of individual contributors? WordStream, Inc.
  • 4. Applying Keyword Research to PPC Optimize your campaign by following Google’s best practices: – Select large volumes of very specific keywords and negative keywords – Group together closely related keywords – Write relevant text ads and destination pages – Repeat! WordStream, Inc.
  • 5. Applying Keyword Research To On-Page SEO Author lots of original Web Pages… – Specifically themed around narrow subjects – Includes long-tail keyword variations in the page copy – Organize content with relevant intelligent information architecture – Repeat! WordStream, Inc.
  • 6. Let’s Take a Look at WordStream! WordStream, Inc.
  • 7. Summary of Keyword Research Best Practices • Keyword Research should be… – Private & Proprietary – Personalized and Based on Real Traffic and Conversions – Keyword Grouping & Organization – Continuous & Iterative – Should include ongoing Negative Keyword expansion – Data-Driven & Actionable – Should leverage both PPC and SEO data – Broken down into prioritized tasks – Require Coordination & Collaboration WordStream, Inc.
  • 8. WordStream WordStream is a provider of Keyword Management Solutions for working with large numbers of keywords to build and optimize PPC and SEO on an continuous basis. We provide search marketers with a private online keyword workbench for conducting keyword discovery, research, grouping & organization and workflow, as well as integrated tools to take action on their keyword research. WordStream, Inc.
  • 9. Virtuous Cycle of Effective Keyword Research Conduct Keyword Research Group, Organize, Find Obtain more Negatives, Prioritize keyword data Keywords & Tasks Act: Publish Ads for PPC and Web Content for SEO WordStream, Inc.
  • 10. WordStream Value Proposition Relevance Value Productivity • Private keyword • Lower CPC • Workflow Tools database • Increased clicks • Data-Driven • Keyword Discovery • Improved Automation • Keyword Grouping conversion rate • Ad Copy Creation • Better SERPS WordStream, Inc.
  • 11. Your Questions Thank you for attending WordStream’s webinar on effective keyword research. Don’t forget to sign up for a Free WordStream Trial: Learn more about Keyword Research and Management at: Or contact Larry directly: WordStream, Inc.