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Emergency Clinic: Your Campaigns Are "Enhanced," Now What?!
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Emergency Clinic: Your Campaigns Are "Enhanced," Now What?!


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The deadline you’ve been waiting for – or dreading – has arrived. It’s July 22: Enhanced Campaigns D Day. …

The deadline you’ve been waiting for – or dreading – has arrived. It’s July 22: Enhanced Campaigns D Day.

If you previously followed the best practice of creating separate campaigns to target different devices and locations, you’ll need to make some changes TODAY.

In this free Emergency Clinic, we’ll review the step-by-step changes you need to make NOW to be compatible with Enhanced Campaigns, avoid overbidding on devices, and take advantage of new features.

We’ll review the plan of action for these 4 use cases:

1) Your campaigns target only desktop
2) Your campaigns target only mobile
3) Your campaign targets both (most popular)
4) Your campaigns are geo targeted

However your account looks now, this emergency clinic will prepare you for the upgrade.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 1 Emergency Clinic: Your Campaigns Are “Enhanced,” Now What?! Larry Kim Founder & CTO, WordStream, Inc. July 22, 2013
  • 2. Today’s Agenda 2 • 4 Most Common Upgrade Paths – Your Campaigns Target: – Your campaign targets all devices (most popular) – Your campaigns are Geo Targeted – Your campaigns target only desktop – Your campaigns target only tablet and/or mobile • AdWords Campaign Upgrade Center
  • 3. Take Part in Live Blogging on Twitter / Google+ • Include the hashtag #wordstream in your Twitter tweets, Google+ status updates, etc. 3
  • 4. Speaker Introductions 4 • Larry Kim – Founder, CTO, WordStream, Inc. – Been doing PPC & SEO for +10 Years! – 5 Years ago, started WordStream! – We’re the Provider of the AdWords Grader and the 20 Minute PPC Work Week – Voted #1 Top Influential PPC Experts in 2013 by!
  • 5. Let’s learn a little about you…. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 5
  • 6. Live-Poll Question 1 Question: What percentage of your campaigns have been upgraded to AdWords Enhanced Campaigns? #wordstream a) 1-25% b) 26-50% c) 51-75% d) 76-100% e) Haven’t Yet Started. 6
  • 7. Live-Poll Question 2 How Are Your PPC Campaigns Doing in the New Enhanced Campaigns World? #wordstream a) Amazing. Way better than before. b) Terrible. Performance has tanked. c) Too early to tell / Haven’t yet migrated to EC. 7
  • 8. Key EC Concept: Understanding User Context • User Context – Location – Time – Device • Understanding User Context = Better ROI • How is this different? CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 8
  • 9. What You Get in Enhanced Campaigns • New Bid Tools – Day Parting – Location Bidding – Mobile Bidding • Smarter Ads – Ability to specify mobile preferred ads – Schedule extensions – Enhanced sitelinks Manage your bids across location, time and device —all within a single campaign!! CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 9
  • 10. Key Changes in Enhanced Campaigns CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 10 1. Campaigns run across all devices 2. Tablet bidding strategies will be aligned with desktop 3. Mobile bids will be adjusted at the campaign level 4. Mobile bids fully controlled by advertisers
  • 11. AdWords Enhanced Campaigns 11 • Migrating to Enhanced Campaigns Depends on Your Current Campaign Structure • We’ll Cover the Top 4 Most Common Upgrade Paths!
  • 12. 1. If Your Campaign Targets All Devices • This path is well supported. Basically you just get a ton of new features! – Set a mobile bid adjustment – Create mobile preferred ads and extensions – Consider time of day bid adjustments CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 12
  • 13. Set Campaign/AdGroup Mobile Bid Adjustments CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 13
  • 14. How To Set Mobile Bid Adjustment Factor? • Weighted Average CPC for Computers & Tablets = [(5,100*$0.11) + (750+$0.17) ] / (5,100 + 750) = $0.117 • Mobile CPC = $0.08, which is -31.6% CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 14
  • 15. Write Mobile Preferred Ad CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 15
  • 16. Leverage Call Extensions CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 16
  • 17. New Phone Call Conversion Type CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 17
  • 18. Leverage Other Ad Extensions CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 18
  • 19. So Now, You Can Have Ads Like This! CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 19
  • 20. Consider Time Based Bid Management CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 20
  • 21. 2. If Your Campaigns are Geo Targeted • No Longer Necessary To Create Separate Campaigns for Each Location CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 21
  • 22. 3. If Your Campaigns Target Only Desktop • You can set Mobile Bid Adjustment Factor to -100% • No longer possible to separate tablets from desktop CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 22
  • 23. 4. If Your Campaigns Target only Tablet and/or Mobile • No longer supported. • If you have duplicate campaigns (a mobile and desktop campaign targeting same keywords) you’ll need to merge them back together. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 23
  • 24. The Google Upgrade Center CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 24
  • 25. Merging Campaigns CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 25
  • 26. Choosing Campaign Merging Settings CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 26
  • 27. Summary • You should be upgrading your account, not Google! • Beyond setting a mobile bid adjustment and consolidating duplicated campaigns, remember to leverage new features as much as possible CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 27
  • 28. WordStream PPC Advisor SaaS platform connects to existing AdWords or Bing accounts Alert driven. New alerts generated every week. “Make it so” 20 minutes a week equals PPC success! $299/$499/$999/mo Premiere Support (monthly check-ins) Struggling with PPC? Let our software do all the work! CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 28
  • 29. Free Tools - AdWords Performance Grader One of a kind, free performance grader Deep analysis in 8 key performance areas Compares businesses to industry benchmarks Provides actionable recommendations Biggest Insight: Big opportunities for improvement Provide your AdWords credentials Instant Report Card – On Demand CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 29
  • 30. Special Offer • Are you interested in a live demo to see how WordStream's PPC Advisor can help optimize your paid search campaigns? – Yes! – No thanks CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 30
  • 31. Your Questions 31 Thank you for attending WordStream’s webinar on Enhanced Campaigns in AdWords. #wordstream Don’t forget to sign up for a Free Trial of WordStream: Grade Your AdWords Account Today Or contact us directly: Larry Kim Sales line: 1-855-967-3787