The "Happy Juice" Principle: Marketing that Captures and Converts [Webinar]


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In this WordStream webinar, learn how "happy juice" marketing can help break through your audience's indifference and drive better results from your sales and marketing efforts.

Join small business guru and Google AdWords expert Perry Marshall, as he shares what the happy juice principle is and how it can help drive stronger connections with your audience. Then, get real business examples from WordStream's Marketing Director Amber Stevens and see how happy juice enables you to capture more leads and convert them to sales!

You'll learn how to create the following:

-Paid search ads with killer click-through rates
-Emails with sky-high open rates
-Engaging blog posts with shares & comments
-And much more!

Visit for more information.

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The "Happy Juice" Principle: Marketing that Captures and Converts [Webinar]

  1. 1. The Happy Juice Principle: Marketing That Captures & Converts Brought to you by: Webinar Perry Marshall Founder, Perry S. Marshall & Associates Amber Stevens Director of Marketing, WordStream
  2. 2. Go straight to the front of the class with WordStream's PPC University. You'll learn how to master pay-per-click advertising and Google AdWords in three guided courses, from PPC 101 to Advanced PPC, plus webinars, white papers, and free tools to help you along the way. Want to get smart in PPC? Brought to you by PPC University
  3. 3. Include the hashtag #wordstream Take Part In Real Time
  4. 4. Perry Marshall Author of a best selling book,‘The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords’and ‘80/20 Sales and Marketing’ Most quoted consultant on Google advertising Founder of Perry S. Marshall & Associates, focused on helping marketers and business owners work smarter Meet The Experts
  5. 5. Amber Stevens 10 years of Online Marketing Wizardry Worked at Boston based start-ups; Unica, Eloqua, SnapApp and… WordStream! Fascinated by people and how they behave Knows a secret technique that will put a lobster to sleep Meet The Experts
  6. 6. Search Marketing software company founded in 2007 located in Boston, MA #184 fastest growing private company in the US Winner of best Customer Engagement Driver Award from MITX Helping 1,000’s of Businesses with: o PPC Advisor (PPC Management Platform) o The Free AdWords Performance Grader o The Free AdWords Landing Page Grader o Expert PPC Management Services About WordStream
  7. 7. What The‘Happy Juice Principle’Is Why You NEED Happy Juice in Your Sales and Marketing How You Can Apply The Happy Juice Principle to: Paid Search Content/Inbound Marketing Email Marketing Q&A: Send us your questions! Today’s Agenda
  8. 8. Let’s Learn a Little About You…
  9. 9. a) There is only“i”in this Team b) 2 people c) 3-5 people d) More Than 5 people Poll Question #1: How Many People Are On Your Marketing Team?
  10. 10. a) Always! b) Sometimes c) Pretty Infrequently d) Never Poll Question #2: How Often Are You Testing Messaging/Offers?
  11. 11. What Is The Happy Juice Principle?
  12. 12. What Is The Happy Juice Principle? Optimization Testing Persona Mapping IntentMessaging Need/WantExperience
  13. 13. This Is NOT The Happy Juice Principle This is an A/BTest
  14. 14. Happy Juice in Action!
  15. 15. I LOVE this stuff!
  16. 16. We’re Always Learning…
  17. 17. Things We’re Proud Of! Increased Website Visitors by 116% 2X Sales Qualified Leads Hockey Stick Revenue Growth
  18. 18. Getting Started Mapping Your Buyer Pick Up the Phone Send a Survey Collect Information as They Engage Use Free Tools!
  19. 19. The WordStream Blog
  20. 20. If You Write It, Will They Come?
  21. 21. Check the Competition
  22. 22. Measure The Impact Ranked #2
  23. 23. WordStream’s PPC & Re-Marketing Program
  24. 24. Believe in the Query Fairy
  25. 25. Getting More Clicks 34% More Clicks!
  26. 26. Providing the Right Context
  27. 27. Reducing Friction & Building Trust 86% Improvement in Lead Capture
  28. 28. One Size Fits All?
  29. 29. A Personal Approach Welcome – Agency 1) “Welcome to WordStream – We Love Agencies!” 2) “Welcome <First Name>, See Why Agencies Love WordStream” Welcome – Advertiser 1) “Let’s Make PPC Your BFF” 2) “<First Name>, Have No Fear - WordStream’s Here General Agency Personal Adv. Personal Open 28% 49.55% 30.2% ClickThru 5% 8.85% 5.3% 77% 76%
  30. 30. Why Open Rate Matters Sent Open Leads! 30% 8.5% 10,000 3,000 255 50% 8.5% 10,000 5,000 425 67% More Leads
  31. 31. People Only Skim – They Don’t Read Use FEW or LOTS of Superlative's None: “27Ways toTrain a Dog” 1: “The 27 WorstWays toTrain a Dog” 4: “The 27 Worst and Stupidest Ways Ever to Train a Perfect Dog” Negative SuperlativesWork Best Use a Number in the Title AddressThe Reader Directly People HATE Questions Sentence Case Capitalization Is Preferred Headline Tips from Pro’s Credit:Courtney Seiter @Moz Mozinar: ‘The Science of Writing Must-Click Headlines for Social Media’
  32. 32. Headline Tips from Pro’s Credit:Courtney Seiter @Moz Mozinar: ‘The Science of Writing Must-Click Headlines for Social Media’
  33. 33. With SEO, Understand Intent & Check the Competition With Paid Search, Believe in the Query Fairy & Apply Offline Research With Email, Get Personal and Don’t Underestimate the Power of a GREAT Subject Line What’ve We Learned?
  34. 34. Get In Their Heads Map Your Buyer Profile Understand Intentions Test, test, test Write LOTS of Headlines Content Must Amaze…Always Crawl, Walk, Run Happiness Is Hard Work…
  35. 35. A. FREE live demo of WordStream’s 20-Minute PPC Work Week B. FREE 1-on-1 AdWords Grader walk-through with a PPC expert C. Nothing at the moment Special Offers! Would You Like…
  36. 36. Brought to you by: Webinar THANK YOU! Benchmark your AdWords account today! Questions? 855.967.3787 Perry Marshall Founder, Perry S. Marshall & Associates Amber Stevens Director of Marketing, WordStream