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The 20-Min PPC Work Week [Webinar] - 2/13/13
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The 20-Min PPC Work Week [Webinar] - 2/13/13


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For more information, visit: …

For more information, visit:

Want to make a big impact, in not a lot of time? Believe it or not, you can significantly improve your AdWords results in just 20 minutes per week – we’ll show you how!

In this free webinar, WordStream's Search Strategy Team Managers Chad Larson and Tim Warner will show you:

- 5 guidelines for achieving success in Google AdWords
- How the 20-Minute PPC Work Week™ can help you make an impact in less than half an hour per week!
- Some common problems we see in PPC accounts – you’ll be shocked!

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Webinar:The 20 Minute PPC WorkWeekChad Larson and Tim WarnerFebruary 13th 2013 CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 1
  • 2. Today’s Agenda• Some shocking yet common problems we see in PPC accounts• 5 guidelines for achieving success in Google AdWords• Introducing the 20-Minute PPC Work Week• How to make the most of WordStream’s PPC Advisor and the 20-Minute PPC Work Week 2
  • 3. Take Part in Live Blogging on Twitter / Google+• Include the hashtag #20minppc in your Google+ status updates,Twitter tweets,, etc. 3
  • 4. Speaker Introductions• Chad Larson & Tim Warner – Search Strategy Team Managers – 10+ Years experience Helping SMB’s navigate the search marketing landscape – WordStream Certified – AdWords Certified – Boston Sports Fans – Proud Father (Tim) 4
  • 5. Let’s learn a little about you…. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 5
  • 6. Poll Question 1: How much time do you spenddoing PPC work every week?a) Im supposed to do work in my PPC account every week?b) < 1 hour / weekc) 1-10 hours / weekd) 10-39 hours / weeke) +40 Hours / week - its my full time job! 6
  • 7. Poll Question 2: Whats your biggest Time Sink inPPC Management?a) PPC Bid Managementb) Reporting & Analysisc) Ad Text Authoringd) Keyword Research / Negative Keyword Researche) Landing page creation / Optimization 7
  • 8. PPC Trivia!5 Quick Questions about AdWords Accounts1. How often do small businesses (spendingunder $5k / month on AdWords) do work intheir AdWords account? Answer: • 50% of them don’t even check once per month • 25% haven’t done anything in the last 90 days • Agencies & advertisers score the same CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 8
  • 9. PPC Trivia! (Continued)2. What percentage of AdWordsaccounts have used at least 1negative keyword in the last 90 days? Answer: • Less than 50% • And 20% of them have yet use a negative keyword… ever… CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 9
  • 10. Grade Yourself!• Baseline your performance• A free, instant PPC audit in under a minute!• Grades your AdWords account performance based on the 8 PPC metrics that really matter• Compares how you’re doing against other accounts of similar size (monthly spend) 10
  • 11. What will you learn? CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 11
  • 12. The Average AdWords Account forSmall & Medium Businesses. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 12
  • 13. 5 Things that we know to be trueabout achieving AdWords Success At WordStream, we’ve …  Analyzed thousands of accounts.  Talked to thousands of different users  Shared findings with our partners @ Google We summarized the findings into just 5 things you need to know! 13
  • 14. 1. PPC is Hard… But the right tools, techniques and education can make it a LOT EASIER. 14
  • 15. 2. You get what you put in… A little work every week on your AdWords campaigns can deliver big dividends. 15
  • 16. 3. Keep your PPC house clean Pause, fix or kill irrelevant, underperforming keywords to maximize ROI. 16
  • 17. 4. You gotta have goals Knowing what you want defines and simplifies your workflow. 17
  • 18. 5. Succeeding in PPC is all aboutrelevance Give the searcher a direct link to what they are looking for 18
  • 19. How Google made $37 Billionand the fragile PPC eco-system Relevancy & Quality Score Advertisers Customers How does Google keep this eco-system working? CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 19
  • 20. How Quality Score is Calculated & How itImpacts AdRank and CPC 20
  • 21. Introducing the 20 Minute PPC Work Week! 21
  • 22. Path To Success – The 20 Minute PPC Work Week CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 22
  • 23. Path To Success – The 20 Minute PPC Work Week CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 23
  • 24. Will the 20-minute PPC work week really work for me?• Is 20 minutes / week enough time?• What if I have more than 20 minutes of issues in my account?• What if it takes me more than 20 minutes to the task in the work week? 24
  • 25. Summary: How to Make the Most of PPC Advisor• Most Advertisers AdWords accounts are a disaster• Review the 5 Habits of Successful PPC Marketers• Think of PPC campaign work as a recurring weekly task.• WordStream PPC Advisor enables the 20 minute PPC Work Week, an impactful PPC workflow for managing AdWords accounts 25
  • 26. What makes WordStream different? Automated Actionable Alerts Simplified 20 minute workflow Powerful tools for more advanced users Premier PPC Consulting Dedicated Google Certified Rep Expert advice from a human when you need it! CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 26
  • 27. Your Questions Thank you for attending WordStream’s webinar on: The 20 Minute PPC Work Week. #20minppc Benchmark your account today! Don’t forget to sign up for our Free Trial: Or contact us directly: Chad Larson Tim Warner 27