New AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: What You Need to Know Now


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Google recently announced some big changes to the way mobile advertising works in AdWords. The new Enhanced Campaigns represent the most significant change to AdWords campaigns in the past five years.

In our next free webinar, WordStream's Founder and CTO Larry Kim will explain the top 5 things you need to know about Enhanced Campaigns, including:

- Why Google is making mobile advertising easier than ever
- How to use Enhanced Campaigns to manage your mobile ads, location targeting and more
- When your account will be upgraded and what to do before Google upgrades you automatically

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  • Jason introduction
  • New AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: What You Need to Know Now

    1. 1. Webinar:New AdWords Enhanced Campaigns:What You Need to Know NowLarry KimFounder & CTO, WordStream, Inc.Feb 15, 2013 CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 1
    2. 2. Today’s Agenda• User Context and Why it Matters• Introducing Enhanced Campaigns for Search & Display• Questions & Answers 2
    3. 3. Speaker Introductions• Larry Kim – Founder, CTO, WordStream, Inc. – Been doing PPC & SEO for 10 Years! – 5 Years ago, started WordStream! – We’re the Provider of the AdWords Grader and the 20 Minute PPC Work Week & 3
    4. 4. Take Part in Live Blogging on Twitter / Google+• Include the hashtag #wordstream in your Twitter tweets, Google+ status updates, etc. 4
    5. 5. Let’s learn a little about you…. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 5
    6. 6. Live-Poll Question 1Question: Have you had a chance to use the new AdWordsEnhanced Campaigns Yet? #wordstreama) Yes!b) Not yet. 6
    7. 7. Live-Poll Question 2What do you think of the new AdWords EnhancedCampaigns #wordstreama) Love them. Way better than before.b) Upset about loss of features like device targeting, etc.c) Indifferent / No opinion yet. 7
    8. 8. 3 Big Mobile Search Trends1. Devices are Evolving Quickly!2. Users are constantly switching between devices3. New ways are needed to measure advertising effectivenessThis creates a lot of marketing challenges and opportunities! 8
    9. 9. Understanding User Context• User Context – Location – Time – Device• Understanding User Context = Better ROI• How is this different? CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 9
    10. 10. AdWords Enhanced Campaigns 10
    11. 11. New Bid Management Tools• Day Parting• Location Bidding• Mobile BiddingManage your bids across location, time and device —all within a single campaign!! CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 11
    12. 12. Location, Time and Device Bid Management• Campaign settings have options for location, ad scheduling and device-based bid adjustments. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 12
    13. 13. Location Based Bid Management CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 13
    14. 14. Time Based Bid Management CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 14
    15. 15. Device Based Bid Management CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 15
    16. 16. New Smarter Ads• Scheduled extensions• Enhanced sitelinks• Customized messages on mobile location CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 16
    17. 17. Ads Become User Context-Aware CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 17
    18. 18. Ad Extensions Become More Powerful CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 18
    19. 19. Ad Extensions Become More Powerful CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 19
    20. 20. Advanced Reports for Measuring Mobile ROI CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 20
    21. 21. New Phone Call Conversion Type CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 21
    22. 22. Four key changes from enhanced campaigns1. Campaigns will run across all devices2. Tablet bidding strategies will be aligned with desktop3. Mobile bids will be adjusted at the campaign level4. Mobile bids fully controlled by advertisers CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 22
    23. 23. Example 1: Local Restaurant• Time: Evenings and Weekends do better. Disable ads when closed.• Location: Great in the city, OK in the suburbs• Smart Phone: Display click to call ads and/or offers when depending on user context.• Track: Calls over 60 seconds indicate a conversion. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 23
    24. 24. Example: Software Company• Location: Sells to English speaking markets• Mobile Devices: Display click to call ads for searches on mobile, but only between 9AM- 5PM on weekdays• Track: Calls over 5 minutes indicate a conversion. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 24
    25. 25. Why I am so Excited for Enhanced Campaigns CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 25
    26. 26. Community Reaction CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 26
    27. 27. New Bidding Options for Google Display Network• Time, Location and Device• Gender, User, Interests, Age, Placements• Coming Soon: – More granular targeting options enabling advertisers to bid based on the value of target audiences. – Bid adjustments can be enabled across multiple targeting criteria types within one ad group. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 27
    28. 28. Example: Wedding Photographer• Time: More wedding research being done nights and weekends.• Location: Mostly does local weddings• Interests: Family & Relationships• Gender: Women tend to plan weddings• Age: 28-45• Placements:,, etc. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 28
    29. 29. Summary• Enhanced Campaigns – Aligned with mobile world we live today – More Power AND Simplicity – Better ROI on Paid Search! CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 29
    30. 30. Special Offer• As more information becomes available on AdWords Enhanced Campaigns, are you interested in learning more from WordStream? – Yes! – No thanks CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 30
    31. 31. Your Questions Thank you for attending WordStream webinar on Enhanced Campaigns in AdWords. #wordstream Don’t forget to sign up for a Free Trial of WordStream: Grade Your AdWords Account Today Or contact us directly: Larry Kim 31