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WordStream is offers a suite of Web-based keyword tools, PPC tools and SEO tools, that offers a continuous stream of keyword suggestions and a full suite of tools for their maintenance and optimization. WordStream improves the value and relevance of search marketing efforts, including search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, for increased productivity and return on investment.

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Keyword Tools, PPC Tools & SEO Tools from WordStream

  1. 1. “ ” Keyword Managment Solutions for PPC and SEO Product Overview As Search Engine Marketing grows as an in- dustry, it’s inevitable that new technology will evolve to fill in the gaps where current solutions fall short. Case in point is WordStream, a new SEM tool that specifically helps raise productivity WordStream is a Web-based keyword management for handling, assembling, and segmenting your solution that offers a continuous stream of keyword keyword list. suggestions and a full suite of tools for their mainte- Josh Dreller nance and optimization. Search Engine Land WordStream improves the value and relevance of search marketing efforts, including search engine op- timization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, for increased productivity and return on investment. Key Benefits of WordStream How it Works, and Why it’s Different • Relevance: With an ever-growing list of person- Our keyword management solutions go beyond basic alized keywords based on real searches, as well as keyword research and bid management to address keyword grouping tools to organize them into a useful the numerous challenges search marketers face in taxonomy, you have the basis for far more relevant between these tasks. We offer tools that improve the landing pages and text ads, driving traffic and conver- results and increase the efficiency of processes like sions from both paid and organic search. keyword discovery, keyword grouping, ad group cre- ation and workflow prioritization. • Productivity: WordStream improves workflow by providing a clear plan of action for fast search market- From the initial stages of keyword research all the ing ROI, as well as making strategic use of automa- way through to PPC campaign tracking (and back tion to enable much more efficient completion of the again), WordStream simplifies the tasks that are repetitive and mundane (though necessary) work as- critical for long-term PPC and SEO success but can sociated with search, so your team can get more done be time-consuming, difficult and tedious without the in less time. proper search marketing tools. • Value: Ongoing keyword expansion, increased rel- evance, and more, better-qualified traffic: It all adds up to higher click-through rates and Quality Scores for a lower cost per action, adding value at every level of your search marketing campaigns. © 2009, WordStream, Inc. All rights reserved. WordStream technologies are protected by pending US patents. 1
  2. 2. “ A Search Engine Marketing Platform ” Unlike generic keyword tools that we’ve tried in the past, WordStream’s Keyword Discovery Tool provided us with an exclusive database of keywords highly specific to our business. It took the guessing game out of the equation for us and freed our time from having to dedicate hours a day to the tedious task of coming up with new and relevant keywords. Chris Lemley President, Sentry Auto Group Figure 1: In WordStream, you can instantaneously view and ma- nipulate data from all aspects of your search marketing campaigns. Quickly and easily segment your keywords into a strategic hierar- chy, create targeted ad groups and text ads, and post changes to • Continuous Keyword Discovery: WordStream your PPC accounts in real time—all while WordStream performs does more than create a static list of keywords; it con- what would otherwise require untold hours of labor in the back- tinually tracks and stores new keywords every day, ground. so your database stays accurate and up-to-date as it grows into the thousands or even millions. Key Features • Actionable Data: You can instantly group these keywords into easy-to-visualize, manageable seg- • Keyword Research and Discovery ments to take immediate advantage of your keyword research for SEO and PPC campaigns. • Keyword Grouping and Organization • Keyword Analytics and Goal Tracking Keyword Grouping and Organization • Negative Keyword Discovery The ability to segment your extensive keyword list into close-knit, semantically related groups is crucial • PPC Text Ad Creation and Publishing to the success of your search marketing efforts. The WordStream solution helps you create profitable, • Workflow Prioritization traffic-driving ad groups with tools that automate the tedious manual work involved in keyword grouping, so you can organize keywords in a fraction of the time Keyword Research and Discovery and focus more attention on PPC strategy. WordStream offers a unique means of identifying the WordStream’s keyword grouping tools increase pro- keywords you should be bidding on in your pay-per- ductivity and relevance with three core features: click marketing campaigns. Our solution utilizes ana- lytical tools to parse your website’s log data and track • Automatic Keyword Sorting: As WordStream the keywords new visitors are using to reach your site. imports an ongoing stream of new keywords into your This provides you with three central benefits: database, they’ll be automatically assigned to your existing keyword groups as appropriate. • Exclusivity: Because it’s based on your site’s historical traffic data, your keyword database will be wholly personalized, private and unique, complete with a long tail of highly relevant, high-intent key- words that your competitors won’t have access to. © 2009, WordStream, Inc. All rights reserved. WordStream technologies are protected by pending US patents. 2
  3. 3. • Segmentation Suggestions: The Keyword Seg- Negative Keyword Discovery menter Tool guides your decision making with smart suggestions for groupings that will drive traffic and For optimized, high-performance PPC campaigns, it’s conversions. not enough to find all the right keywords to bid on— you need to make sure you’re not also bidding on the • Infinite Nesting Capabilities: Create as many wrong keywords. Discovering those keywords in your segmentations and subgroups as you choose; Word- ad groups that may seem relevant but are actually Stream will keep you informed about which keyword worthless to you is called negative keyword discov- and ad groups offer the most segmentation benefit. ery, and it’s critical if you want to reduce wasteful PPC spending and maximize click-through rates and Quality Scores. WordStream offers negative keyword Keyword Analytics and Goal Tracking tools that enable efficient, continuous discovery and elimination of keywords that are irrelevant to your business and search marketing campaigns. PPC Text Ad Creation and Publishing In addition to helping you create and maintain op- timized ad groups for Google AdWords campaigns, WordStream provides suggestions for maximally rel- evant ad text. Our ad text creating and editing tools make it simple to author compelling, clickable ads that benefit your PPC campaigns in several ways: Figure 2: WordStream empowers your keyword database with actionable analytics. • Increased relevance to searchers: When your ad is highly relevant to the search query, users are more WordStream’s powerful, search-focused analytics likely to click, and high CTRs contribute to high Qual- tools enable marketers to quickly sift through vast ity Scores. numbers of keywords and instantly react to it. You can sort by keyword, number of visits or completed • Increased relevance to your ad group: Advertis- goals or sales. You can also segment data by temporal ing copy that relates to the other keywords in your ad metrics and view by keyword group size (number of group also has a positive impact on Quality Score and keywords) and importance (amount of traffic driven) lowers your cost per click. to gain valuable workflow insights—with the power to actually act on them. WordStream goes beyond a typi- • Increased productivity: Author multiple effective cal analytics tool by making data actionable. You can text ads with minimal commitment of time and effort. use the information to perform value-adding actions that are meaningful to your business: • Keyword grouping • Ad group creation • Text ad creation Figure 3: Get Quality Score friendly ad text suggestions with intui- • Landing page creation tive editorial tools that let you publish PPC campaign changes right from your WordStream dashboard. • And more © 2009 WordStream, Inc. All rights reserved. WordStream technologies are protected by pending US patents. 3
  4. 4. WordStream also offers the ease and convenience of About WordStream, Inc. publishing text ads and making other PPC adjust- ments without logging into your AdWords account WordStream is an industry-leading provider of through a separate interface. You can use one unified, keyword management and search engine marketing integrated platform for all your keyword research, solutions. Our patented, innovative software helps grouping and analytic needs as well as AdWords cam- customers worldwide to cost-effectively and consis- paign management. tently meet their search marketing objectives. For more information, visit us on the Web at Workflow Prioritization WordStream provides workflow prioritization tools Pricing to help you determine where your search marketing team’s time and energy are best spent for tangible WordStream is currently available for free trial, and returns. These tools leverage your analytic data to is sold at a low, flat monthly service fee, not as a per- provide an evolving to-do list of tasks ordered by centage of advertising spend. relevance to your business goals. You’ll know exactly when you need to segment keyword groups, create ad groups, write Web copy, designate negative keywords System Requirements and more to see fast PPC and SEO benefits. No other search marketing tool on the market does that! WordStream is a hosted, Web-based application. The only system requirements to run WordStream are a Web browser that supports Flash 9.x (essentially any Web browser). “ ” Corporate Headquarters 133 Federal St, 5th Floor Boston, MA, 02110 x Even though my keyword inventory was constantly expanding, WordStream’s Keyword Segmentation Tool helped me to easily manage my campaign by automatically organizing daily suggestions into meaningful ad groups. Otherwise, I’d have to sort through thousands of keywords using an Excel spreadsheet and waste time importing and exporting data across applications. There is no easier way to bring about this kind of order to thousands of keywords. Ian Hughes E-Commerce Marketing Manager, SC Publishing © 2009, WordStream, Inc. All rights reserved. WordStream technologies are protected by pending US patents. 4