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The WordStream suite of Keyword Tools is an integrated and actionable set of keyword tools designed to help search marketers with keyword analysis, keyword search, keyword suggestion, keyword grouping, and long-tail keyword and negative keyword discovery that go beyond the capabilities that a typical free keyword tool can offer. Learn more about keyword tools and start now by reading this document.

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Keyword tools

  1. 1. Keyword Tools - Get More Productive andRelevant with WordStream Keyword ToolsThe WordStream suite of Keyword Tools is an integrated and actionable set of keyword toolsdesigned to help search marketers with keyword analysis, keyword search, keyword suggestion,keyword grouping, and long-tail keyword and negative keyword discovery that go beyond thecapabilities that a typical free keyword tool can offer.Each PPC keyword tool in WordStreams suite gives marketers the power to manage their paidand organic search efforts with a higher degree of productivity, relevancy, cost-efficiency andconfidence. Read on to learn why our suite of keyword tools are the best keyword tools on themarket.Free Keyword Tool by WordStreamThe Free Keyword Tool by WordStream is the fastest, most accurate, most comprehensiveonline SEO keyword suggestion tool available. We aggregate over 1 billion unique keywords,representing over a trillion search queries, and hundreds of millions of related terms from diversekeyword sources. This huge database enables us to supply thousands of long-tail keywordsuggestions--far more than even subscription-based tools--and its always completely free.We also offer a Keyword Tool API.Free Keyword Niche FinderThe Free Keyword Niche Finder is an innovative new keyword tool that returns structuredkeyword suggestions rather than a disorganized list. Just enter a keyword to find your mostrelevant and profitable keyword niches for pay-per-click advertising and SEO.
  2. 2. Free Keyword GrouperIf you already have a keyword list, the Free Keyword Grouper can transform your list (up to10,000 keywords) into an organized keyword structure ready for high-performance PPCcampaigns and an SEO-friendly information architecture.WordStream SEO for FirefoxWordStream SEO for Firefox is a Firefox browser plug-in that integrates your keyword researchwith your content management system or blogging platform. The tool makes it easy to writekeyword-optimized, targeted Web pages and blog posts with your private keyword data andkeyword suggestion tools right at your fingertips.
  3. 3. Keyword Analyzer ToolThe Keyword Analyzer Tool saves you time and can dramatically improve your performance inthe SERPs. Unlike third-party keyword tools that derive data based on guesstimates,WordStream’s Keyword Analysis Tool arms you with detailed, relevant keyword analysis fromyour own private server logs. You can examine your keyword performance based on actionableresults, such as impressions, clicks and conversions. And your website keyword analysis happensautomatically every day, so by using this keyword tool you can be assured that your keyworddata is always accurate and current.Keyword Discovery ToolWordStreams Keyword Discovery Tool is the ideal way to find keywords that are new andrelevant to your website. Visitors land on your site and the search queries that brought them are
  4. 4. automatically added to your WordStream account, giving you an ever-expanding database ofnew, actual keywords, which are highly relevant to your website and business. No other keywordfinder on the market will boost your productivity, relevancy and savings the way theWordStream Keyword Discovery Keyword Tool can.Keyword Generator ToolWordStreams Keyword Generator Tool works together with the Keyword Discovery Tool tooffer continuous keyword research and keyword ideas that are specific to your website. With theWordStream Keyword Generator Tool, you can review the keywords suggestions and approve orreject them--the keyword tool remembers your actions, so if a keyword is rejected, it will neverbe suggested again. You’ll have complete control over new keyword ideas and will save time bynot duplicating your search marketing efforts.Keyword Organization and Keyword Grouping ToolWordStreams Keyword Grouping Tool makes organizing large groups of keywords simple andeasy. The Keyword Grouping Tool analyzes your keywords and offers suggestions on how bestto group keywords for AdWords and for the most relevance and highest performance. Properkeyword grouping and organization is a crucial component in improving your Quality Score,which helps you minimize costs, increase your exposure and improve your conversions. No otherkeyword tool on the market comes close to the grouping power of the WordStream KeywordGrouping Tool.
  5. 5. Keyword Research ToolWordStreams Keyword Research Tool continually discovers new keywords for you that aresite-specific, proven to generate traffic and based on REAL data from your sites own log files ona daily basis. This is a next generation keyword tool that goes far beyond typical keywordresearch, giving you the power to group keywords and organize massive lists of new keywordsinto tight, focused clusters for superior relevancy.
  6. 6. Keyword SoftwareKeyword Software from WordStream simplifies multiple aspects of search engine marketing,including keyword discovery, keyword organization and negative keywords. Our keyword toolsoftware even helps prioritize your workflow by suggesting your next courses of action, so youcan make key changes to your search marketing that will generate immediate results.Keyword Suggestion ToolRather than guessing which keywords are relevant to your website, WordStreams KeywordSuggestion Tool suggests keywords for you to include in your PPC or SEO efforts that are basedon real data from your websites log files. By doing so, this free Internet marketing tool creates acontinuously growing list of keywords that you know are bringing traffic to your site and areproven to convert.
  7. 7. Long Tail Keyword ToolLong-tail keywords improve conversion rates and ROI, but they are extremely hard to manage.WordStreams Long Tail Keyword Tool streamlines the process of long-tail keywordmanagement, so you can group and organize large groups of long-tail keywords in just a fewclicks. Boost your productivity with this keyword tool by generating narrow, more relevant long-tail keyword groups in a fraction of the time.Negative Keyword ToolWordStreams Negative Keyword Tool improves your cost-efficiency by preventing yourAdWords PPC ad from showing on irrelevant searches. With just a click of a button,WordStream suggests negative keywords, which you can choose to either accept or reject, andyour work is done. As a result, your ads will be more relevant to searchers, grab a much moretargeted audience and reduce your overall ad spend. Every PPC marketer needs a keyword toollike this that streamlines your PPC efforts by weeding out negative keywords that dont produceresults.
  8. 8. SEO Keyword ToolWith WordStreams SEO Keyword Tool, your site data is used to continuously suggestkeywords with a high ROI for PPC, so you know which terms to focus your SEO efforts on next,and how to structure your site’s content hierarchy. WordStreams keyword tool for SEO alsoincludes a fully integrated version of the Google keyword tool, so if you do choose tosupplement your private data with additional keyword suggestions, you can import them withone click.Bing Keyword ToolsWe also offer free and paid tools for Bing keyword research, grouping, organization, analysisand action so you can advertise via Bing PPC and optimize your website for Bing traffic.learn more about wordstreams keyword toolsWordStream’s Keyword Tools offer a full spectrum of Keyword Management Solutions – fromkeyword discovery, to keyword analysis, to keyword grouping – all in one actionable,centralized, private workbench, which is designed exclusively for addressing the challenges ofcreating and optimizing effective SEO and PPC work.
  9. 9. Get the edge you need to succeed in today’s highly competitive search environment withWordStream’s keyword tools.Learn more about the benefits of our keyword tool suite by: Trying WordStream Free Today Requesting a Live Demonstration Signing up for our Search Marketing Webinar Subscribing to our Newsletter