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FREE Keyword Research Guide for Search Engine Marketing - WordStream
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FREE Keyword Research Guide for Search Engine Marketing - WordStream


Keyword research is critical to achieving success with pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO). Learn how to conduct keyword research in our FREE keyword research guide for search …

Keyword research is critical to achieving success with pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO). Learn how to conduct keyword research in our FREE keyword research guide for search engine marketing.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. WordStream, Inc.
    Boston SEO MeetupEffective Keyword Research for SEO and PPC
    Larry Kim, Founder and VP of Products, WordStream, Inc.,
    June 15, 2009
  • 2. What is Keyword Research?
    Discovering & analyzing a company’s search taxonomy (the universe of search queries of search engine users that are relevant to an organization’s business)
    Leveraging the understanding of your keyword taxonomy to continuously inform and optimize SEO and/or PPC efforts
    It’s the most important task in search marketing since:
    In PPC, you’re essentially paying for clicks on search queries
    In SEO, you have to model your content around actual search queries
    Do a bad job at keyword research, nothing else will work optimally in search marketing
    Also potentially the hardest task in search marketing to do well
    WordStream, Inc.
  • 3. Keyword Research Challenges
    Billions of Keywords to Choose From!
    Keyword Suggestion Tools are Limited
    Popular keywords isn’t the same thing as relevant keywords
    Same keywords available to everyone
    “Low Resolution”, missing out on “Mid-tail” and “Long-Tail” Terms.
    Generating a keyword list isn’t “keyword research”!
    Negative Keywords are critically important yet hard to identify
    How do you organize huge keyword lists?
    How do you make keyword research dynamic and iterative?
    How do you know where to focus your attention?
    How do you co-ordinate a team of individual contributors?
    WordStream, Inc.
  • 4. WordStream, Inc.
    Tonight’s Agenda
    Keyword Research Best Practices for PPC & SEO
    Overview of WordStream Solution for Keyword Management
    Questions & Answers
  • 5. WordStream, Inc.
    Step 1: Build a Keyword Database
    Treat your Keyword Research is a valuable, proprietary asset.
    Public Keyword Tools:
    Keyword Suggestion Tools, Competitive Keyword Tools, etc.
    Private Keyword Tools:
    Web Server Log Files, Keyword Reports from Web Analytics, Search Query Reports from Google AdWords
    Aggregate all this data
    Measure what keywords generated what outcomes (e.g.: clicks and conversions, etc.)
    Important note: Real data from private sources is worth more than estimated data from public sources
  • 6. WordStream, Inc.
    Step 2: Group and Organize Keywords
    A huge keyword list isn’t actionable for PPC & SEO
    You first need organize into smaller lists based on different keyword segmentations
    First Identify broad topics first, then create sub-groupings around more narrowly focused keyword niches
    Keyword segmentations should be discriminating
    Focus on traffic and goal producing segmentations
  • 7. Why Keyword Organization Matters for PPC
    Optimize your campaign by following Google’s best practices for maximizing Quality Score (Relevancy)
    • Select specific keywords and negative keywords
    • 8. Group together closely related keywords
    • 9. Write relevant text ads and destination pages
    • 10. Higher Quality Score: Better Exposure, Lower Minimum Bids, Lower Cost Per Click
    • 11. Makes bid manipulation more effective, improves conversion rates
    WordStream, Inc.
  • 12. Why Keyword Organization is key for SEO
    Author lots of
    original Web Pages…
    • Specifically themed around narrow subjects
    • 13. Includes long-tail keyword variations in the page copy
    • 14. Organize content with relevant intelligent information architecture
    • 15. Use as landing pages for PPC campaigns
    • 16. Repeat!
    WordStream, Inc.
  • 17. WordStream, Inc.
    Step 3: Negative Keyword Expansion
    Make sure your Negative Keyword Expansion is keeping up with your keyword expansion
    Keyword Research can reveal terms you’re inadvertently broad matched against
  • 18. WordStream, Inc.
    Step 4: Make Keyword Research Continuous
    Re-factor new keyword opportunities into your existing keyword research
  • 19. WordStream, Inc.
    Step 5: Prioritize PPC & SEO Workflow
    Build up a database of relevant search queries, organize into smaller groupings of related keywords
    Systematically generate coverage in paid and/or sponsored listings by publishing Web content and ad groups.
    This can take forever, so prioritize:
    Focus on keyword groupings that actually generate traffic and conversions on your site.
    Leverage PPC data to inform SEO if possible
  • 20. WordStream, Inc.
    Step 6: Act!
    Don’t get too lost in dashboards and reports
    Stick to a plan: X new web pages or ad groups per week
    If you don’t add new stuff, you’ll probably generate similar results
    Repeat the process
  • 21. WordStream, Inc.
    Summary of Keyword Research Best Practices
    Private & Proprietary Nature
    Personalized and Based on Real Traffic & Conversions
    Keyword Grouping & Organization
    Continuous & Iterative
    Should include ongoing Negative Keyword expansion
    Data-Driven & Actionable
    Should leverage both PPC and SEO data
    Break down into prioritized tasks
  • 22. WordStream Overview
    WordStream is a provider of Keyword Management Solutions for working with large numbers of keywords to build and optimize PPC and SEO on an continuous basis.
    We provide search marketers with a private online keyword workbench for conducting keyword discovery, research, grouping & organization and workflow, as well as integrated tools to take action on their keyword research.
    WordStream, Inc.
  • 23. Keyword Aggregation
    Import Keyword Data from a Variety of Different Sources
    Continuous Keyword Discovery continuous and dynamic
    WordStream, Inc.
  • 24. Keyword Analysis
    Long tail keyword analysis tools
    Determine what keywords led to what outcomes
    WordStream, Inc.
  • 25. Keyword Organization
    Suggests ways to segment keyword lists
    New keywords are automatically organized!
    WordStream, Inc.
  • 26. Actionable PPC & SEO Tools
    Turn Keyword segmentations into Ad Groups
    Associate keyword groupings with Web Pages for SEO
    WordStream, Inc.
  • 27. Negative Keyword Tool
    Suggests Negative Keywords
    WordStream, Inc.
  • 28. PPC & SEO Workflow Tools
    Each keyword grouping has associated tasks
    Prioritize tasks based on user defined criteria
    WordStream, Inc.
  • 29. Questions?
    If you have any comments or questions about this presentation, contact Larry directly:
    WordStream, Inc.