Create keyword groups using strategic automation


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Niche keywords are the highly specific long-tail keywords that pertain to a narrow industry vertical. It's important to optimize your site and your pay-per-click campaigns for niche keywords and not just broad, popular terms, which are often too difficult to rank for, especially as a new venture.

When you're just getting started with a search marketing initiative—whether you're a new affiliate marketer, new to an industry, or launching a new product—it can be very hard to predict the impact of a new search campaign, as well as to determine an attack plan for your industry niche.

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Create keyword groups using strategic automation

  1. 1. Create Keyword Groups Using StrategicAutomationCreating a keyword group typically requires: Importing third-party keyword research into a spreadsheet Manually analyzing and comparing keyword data Trying to stay organized and keep track of which keywords are grouped where Repeat, repeat, repeat.Most PPC search marketing experts rely on Excel spreadsheets to analyze their data, collectingkeywords and building each day on a list that grows to an unmanageable size, until swaths ofkeywords are left forgotten due to sheer time constraints.But creating keyword groups doesn’t have to take so much time and energy. Since keywordgroups are a key component in a successful pay-per-click advertising strategy, you dont want toignore them, and you also dont want to feel bogged down by this step. You need automation, butyou dont want to forfeit total control of your campaign to a software program.Using WordStream as a keyword management tool strategically automates many of the morelaborious PPC tasks, while allowing you to stay in control of your campaign managementdecisions.Lets find out how to create keyword groups quickly and simply with WordStream.How to Create Keyword Groups in WordStreamWordStream’s Keyword SegmenterWordStream helps you create keyword groups with a suite of keyword grouping tools thatstrategically automate many of the more iterative and time-consuming tasks that SEO and PPCentail.WordStream’s keyword segmenter tool provides intelligent suggestions for ways to segmentyour keywords into more targeted, granular groupings.
  2. 2. You can preview the keywords in a selected keyword group before creating it, and you have theoption to segment further with another click.WordStream’s Keyword Grouping Options
  3. 3. Creating keyword groups from the suggested segmentations is fast and easy. Just click a buttonto create a keyword group.You can create multiple keyword groups at once, or just one at a time, and your results aredisplayed instantly in a neatly organized hierarchical tree in the WordStream dashboard.WordStream’s Negative Keyword ToolSee keywords in your keyword group segmentation suggestions that don’t make sense for yourcampaign? Get rid of them with the negative keyword tool and rest assured that related wordswill continue to be filtered out of your keyword groups in the future, keeping your keyword listclean and targeted to the right audience.How Creating Keyword Groups Helps Your Quality ScoreHaving close-knit keyword groups really helps you both in and outside of your campaignmanagement. While working on your campaign, you can stay organized and see how yourkeywords are related to one another without needing to sift through thousands of rows in a
  4. 4. spreadsheet. Outside of this improved functionality, search engines will reward you for groupingyour keywords as well.Having closely knit keyword groups and ad groups shows search engines like Google that you’vedone your homework – you’ve researched what terms your visitors are searching for, and you’vemaximized your ability to draw them in by setting up ad groups that cluster related terms theymay be searching on. This provides you with a better PPC click-through rate, which improvesyour Quality Score.Youll also find it easier to write focused content and ads around your tightly grouped keywords.It would take forever to write a full page and unique ads for every single keyword, but you cantjust randomly group a lot of unrelated words and hope that your content will rank for all of thoseterms. Creating relevant keyword groups lets you target several related keywords at once with amuch greater chance of ranking and drawing qualified traffic, without the effort of writing aunique page for every single term.With a higher Quality Score, expect to start seeing better ad positioning and rankings in searchresults for lower ad costs. Creating keyword groups is a win-win situation for you and the searchengines.Try Creating Your Own Keyword Groups with WordStreamWith properly organized keyword groups, you can expect to see your PPC results improve inmore ways than one. To begin boosting your relevancy, traffic rates and Quality Score: Try WordStream Free Today View a Video Demo