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Best Practices for Testing PPC Landing Pages & Ad Copy

Best Practices for Testing PPC Landing Pages & Ad Copy



Learn the best practices for A/B Testing Ad Copy and Landing Pages with our presenters Larry Kim from WordStream and Carlos Del Rio of Unbounce. Visit our website on http://www.wordstream.com

Learn the best practices for A/B Testing Ad Copy and Landing Pages with our presenters Larry Kim from WordStream and Carlos Del Rio of Unbounce. Visit our website on http://www.wordstream.com



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Best Practices for Testing PPC Landing Pages & Ad Copy Best Practices for Testing PPC Landing Pages & Ad Copy Presentation Transcript

  • Best Practices for TestingPPC Landing Pages & AdCopyJune 20, 2012Larry Kim, WordStreamCarlos Del Rio, Unbounce CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 1
  • Today’s Agenda• Introductions• Speaker introductions• Best Practices for A/B Testing Ad Copy• Best Practices for A/B Testing Landing Pages• Q&A 2
  • Take Part in Live Blogging on Twitter / Google+• Include the hashtag #wsppcabtests in your Google+ status updates,Twitter tweets,, etc. 3
  • Speaker Introductions• Carlos Del Rio – Director of Conversion Analysis & Digital Strategy – Co-author of User Driven Change: Give Them What They Want and A Strategic Framework for Emerging Media• Larry Kim – Founder, CTO, WordStream, Inc. – Been doing PPC & SEO for 10 years – 3 years ago, started WordStream – Today we’re an industry-leading provider of a PPC Management Platform and Keyword Research Tools – WordStream helps people get their website found on the internet! 4
  • Let’s learn a little about you…. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 5
  • Quick PollHow long have you been involved with SearchMarketing?o Less than 1 yearo 1-3 yearso 3-5 yearso 5+ years 6
  • Quick PollHow would you describe your Search Marketingresults? o I’m new to Search Marketing o Who knows – I don’t measure my results o Disappointing – I expected so much more from PPC o Satisfactory – I’m seeing return on my investment into PPC o Stellar – PPC is my most successful lead/traffic generating channel 7
  • Best Practices for A/B Testing Your Text Ads CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 8
  • Advertiser A 9
  • Advertiser A – 14% Click Through Rate 10
  • Advertiser A – Avg. Quality Score of 8.8 11
  • Advertiser B 12
  • Advertiser B – 1.3% Click Through Rate 13
  • Advertiser B – Avg. Quality Score 3.8 14
  • In My Ad Text Presentation You’ll Get:• Why Advertiser B is Struggling and Why Advertiser A is Rocking• The purpose of Ad Text Optimization• What’s a Good Click Through Rate?• How to Optimize your Ads! 15
  • What is the Goal ofAd Text Optimization? CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 16
  • The Purpose of Ad Text Optimization• Should be to try to get the highest possible Click Through Rate. Why?• Google rewards high CTR on keywords/ads with: – Higher AdRank (More Exposure) – Lower Cost Per Click (Save Money) – More impression share• Google punishes ads that have low CTR on keywords/ads. 17
  • Example Relationship Between CPC and QS CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 18
  • Example Relationship Between CPA & QS CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 19
  • The Purpose of Ad Text Optimization (Continued)• What about Conversion Rates & Cost-Per- Conversion? – It’s also very important – Carlos will talk about converting the your clicks into conversions in just a few minutes! 20
  • What is a Good Click Through Rate (CTR) for my Ads? CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 21
  • What’s a Good CTR for my Ads?• It depends on your ad position, keyword selection, and other factors.• Lets talk about CTR benchmarks! 22
  • Grade Yourself! http://www.wordstream.com/google-adwords• Baseline your performance• A free, instant PPC audit in under a minute!• Grades your AdWords account performance based on the 8 PPC metrics that really matter• Compares how you’re doing against other accounts of similar size (monthly spend) www.wordstream.com/google-adwords 23
  • Grade Your Click Through Rate!www.wordstream.com/google-adwordsCONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 24
  • Grade Your Ads!www.wordstream.com/google-adwords CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 25
  • OK, so now, how do I optimize my Ads? CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 26
  • A Common Ad Text Misconception“Most people think they’ve tested 20 Google ads butthey really just tested 2 ads 10 different times.” – Dr.Glenn Livingston (via Perry Marshall) 27
  • What Ad Text Optimization is Not 28
  • Forrest vs. Leaves“Forrest” “Leaves”• “Creative Stuff” • Grammar – Your Offer – Punctuation – Your USP – Capitalization – Your Guarantee – Spelling• “Technical Stuff” – Campaign Structure – Ad Extensions Our Focus for Today! – (etc.) 29
  • Ad Text Optimization: Creative Stuff CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 30
  • Ad Text Example 1. Urgent 2. Unique 3. Useful 4. Ultra- Specific 31
  • Example 32
  • Example #1 33
  • Example # 2 34
  • 3 Tips on How To Figure out your USP / OfferAsk your customers!• What is your #1 question about ____?• What caused you to look for ____ today?• What would you like us to help you with today? 35
  • Bob Bly’s Four U’s of Great Ads:1. Urgent2. Unique3. Useful4. Ultra- Specific 36
  • Ad Text Optimization: Technical Stuff CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 37
  • Organization impacts Click Through Rate & Quality Score– Use specific keywords and negative keywords– Group together closely related keywords– Write relevant text ads and destination pages– Repeat! (But this is actually a lot of work, so leverage software for this!) 38
  • Use Specific Mid Tail Keywords 39
  • Use Negative Keywords CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 40
  • Group and Organize Your Keyword List 41
  • Follow Technical Best Practices CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 42
  • Leverage Ad Extensions – Pimp Your PPC Ads! CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 43
  • Put it into practice1. Capture your baseline (grade your account)2. Identify under performing ads3. Select one or two and replace with new copy4. Wait…5. Measure,6. Repeat!!! CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 44
  • Summary• Successful Ad Text Optimization is a combination of 3 things: – Communicating your USP/Offer/Guarantee in a way that stands out in a big way! – Using all the technical best practices, like keyword selection, segmentation, and use of advanced features like ad extensions. – Build it into your process! 45
  • Best Practices for A/B testing Landing Pages CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 46
  • What ALL Good Landing Pages Have1.) Headline 3.) ValueBuy Xena Warrior Princess Chakram2.) Demonstration 4.) Support Wow! The free shipping got her in two days! - Happy McCustomer 5.) Action CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 47
  • What That Might Look Like 1. Unique value proposition in a concise headline 2. Image/video showing context of use 3. Core benefit statement 4. Request for data (and fair value item in exchange) 5. Strong Call to Action 6. Trust elements 7. Social Sharing Devices CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 48
  • Start With Brainstorming CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 49
  • Include Everything Anyone Could Want
  • Refine
  • TestBase Variations
  • Celebrate?!Base -20% -32% -1%
  • Call In The Reserves
  • Redeploy
  • Okay, Now Celebrate!Base 25% -1% 31%
  • Content TestBase Medium Short
  • Headline TestBase VS.
  • Button CTA TestBase VS. VS. No Button
  • Generation 3 27% 35% 74%Base Conversion: 10% Final Conversion: 17.4%
  • The ProcessThings to Test Phase One Headline  Brainstorm Content Call to Action  Design and Write Large Images  Create More Content Than You Need Length of Content  Create Control Page  Create Variations  Test Phase 2 and On  Analyze Your Results  Choose New Control  Revise Variations  Test Again CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 64
  • Special Offers• Unbounce – 30 day free trial – 50% off for 3 months with promo code WSwebinar503 – Get started at http://try.unbounce.com/with- wordstream/• WordStream – Grade your account – Then get a free account assessment with one of our Search experts – We’ll help you identify missed opportunities and more CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 66
  • Your Questions Thank you for attending Unbounce and WordStream’s webinar on: How to Use Killer Landing Pages to Get Better PPC Results. #wsppcabtests Evaluate your text ads today! http://www.wordstream.com/google-adwords Learn more about Unbounce: http://try.unbounce.com/with-wordstream Or contact us directly: Carlos del Rio carlos@unbounce.com Larry Kim lkim@wordstream.com 67