10 Ways To Outsmart Your PPC Competition with WordStream and Hanapin [Webinar]


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You're doing so many things right in PPC, but your competitors still seem to be gaining an edge on you. Nevermore! It's time to get on your boxing gloves and start fighting with smart strategy and tips your competitors don't know about (yet!). From quality score to ad extentions to conquesting, be ready to be a smarter PPC manager.

Join experts Erin Sagin from Wordstream and Hayley Cummings from Hanapin as they discuss 10 tips, tricks, and strategies that will keep you ahead of the game and running past your competition.

Visit www.wordstream.com or http://www.hanapinmarketing.com/ for more information.

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10 Ways To Outsmart Your PPC Competition with WordStream and Hanapin [Webinar]

  2. 2. #thinkppc The Agenda! #1 Focus on Quality Scores #2 Implement Ad Extensions #3 Auction Insights #4 Conquesting #5 Identify new opps through your search query report #6 Re-build & Restructure #7 Utilize Bid Rules #8 RLSA #9 Participate in Betas #10 Keep Up With The Experts
  3. 3. #thinkppc #1 Get Your Quality Score Discount Google wants you to create relevant, engaging ad content Quality Score discounts give advertisers an incentive to develop good content Quality Score Your CPC vs. QS = 5 10 Discounted by: 50% 9 Discounted by: 44.4% 8 Discounted by: 37.5% 7 Discounted by: 28.6% 6 Discounted by: 16.7% 5 ------------------------------- 4 Increased by: 25% 3 Increased by: 67% 2 Increased by: 150% 1 Increased by: 400%
  4. 4. #thinkppc QS Impact on Actual CPC
  5. 5. #thinkppc Components of Quality Score A few reminders on Quality Score:  It can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to see updates to QS Google periodically renormalizes the average WS to 5  Average QS fluctuates by industry New keywords’ QS is impacted by the performance of existing, related keywords Device DOES matter for QS calculations
  6. 6. #thinkppc #2 Implement Ad Extensions Ad Extensions are a critical component of PPC campaigns  Simple, quick set-up  No additional costs  Variety of format (Call, Sitelink, Location, etc.) and scheduling options  In-depth reporting available through AdWords Benefits?  Higher Ad Rank  More SERP Real Estate  Increased CTRs
  7. 7. #thinkppc Improve Ad Rank
  8. 8. #thinkppc Boost Visibility and CTRs
  9. 9. #thinkppc What I was looking for was right in front of me all along … #3 Auction Insights
  10. 10. #thinkppc Preliminary Questions Decide which campaign you are most concerned with: a) All campaigns b) Just one or two c) One specific keyword theme or group Once you know what to focus on, check out where you stand!
  11. 11. #thinkppc How to Pull the Data Now let’s walk through how to start looking at the data 1. Log into your AdWords account 2. Select the campaign/group that you want to analyze 3. Select the ‘Details’ button (below) 4. Then select ‘All’
  12. 12. #thinkppc What Does This Data Show Us? From here you can see where you stand compared to your competition for the following metrics: • Impressions share • Avg position • Overlap rate • Position above rate • Top of page rate Make sure you are looking at competitors that are closely related to your brand.
  13. 13. #thinkppc Next Steps Now that you know where you stand, what can be done about this? Impression Share Loss Metrics: • Build your share by increasing you daily budget • Build your share by increasing you bids • Make sure you are on the first page or, if you choose to be more aggressive, top of page Revisit in 3 months and set a quarterly reminder moving forward.
  14. 14. #thinkppc #4 Conquesting Bidding on your competition’s brand terms: When is this OK? First things first, are they bidding on your terms?
  15. 15. #thinkppc How Do You Know if You Should Conquest? After looking into your Auction Insights data, you can now revisit this looking at your branded terms only. Answer these questions to qualify a Conquesting campaign: 1. How much impression share are they gaining from your brand? 2. Has your branded CPC increased over the past 3 – 6 months? 3. How has that CPC increase effected your ability to garner the same number of clicks/conversions? Once you have made a good case for bidding on a competitor’s brand terms, you will be ready to move forward. Let’s be sure to set some realistic expectations…
  16. 16. #thinkppc Be Sure to Set Some Expectations Remember this audience is already telling us what brand they are loyal to and(or) done the research on. What does this mean for us? • They will not likely click on our ads – CTR will be low • However, if they do, you should see that they are much more engaged and likely to purchase – Conversion Rate should be higher
  17. 17. #thinkppc How Should You Set Up Your Campaigns? How do you ensure you are setting your campaign up for the MOST success possible? • Utilize a strong call to action and research what your competition is offering and beat it / meet it. • This will draw their eye to your ad and entice the click • Focus on your strengths • How are you better than your competition? Put it in the ads! • Be selective about your keywords • Focus on tightly themed, exact match terms to avoid bidding on even less relevant traffic
  18. 18. #thinkppc #5 Mine Your Search Terms Report Your Search Terms Report is a gold mine just waiting to be tapped into… Utilize this report regularly to: Develop a better understanding of what searches are triggering your PPC Ads  Discover new keyword opportunities with high potential  Identify and weed out negative keywords
  19. 19. #thinkppc Where can I find my Search Terms Report? 1. Head to the Campaigns tab in AdWords 2. View Keywords 3. Click the details button above the statistics table 4. Select “All” from the dropdown menu
  20. 20. #thinkppc PPC Advisor QueryStream
  21. 21. #thinkppc Don’t let your competitors outsmart you when it comes to the simplest of tasks. Your account structure and content determines everything…so DO IT RIGHT!! #6 Rebuild & Restructure
  22. 22. #thinkppc Why is it Important to Segment Your Match Types? If you cannot be sure you are prioritizing the most valuable terms, then you risk your competitor stealing share of voice. • If you have a higher bid set at the broad match level than the exact match level, the algorithm could prioritize the broad keyword • Segment by group so you can prioritize your most valuable, exact match terms first • Negative the exact match versions of those terms in the broad (and phrase) match groups
  23. 23. #thinkppc What Could Happen if You Don’t? Here is what you will be risking: • Running through your budget on a less relevant audience  • Showing less relevant ad copy because we can’t be 100% sure what the broad match query will be  • Landing your potential buyers on a less than specific page 
  24. 24. #thinkppc #7 Utilize Bid Rules I know you’re busy so let’s take advantage of some of those free tools available to use right in AdWords. Use Bid Rules
  25. 25. #thinkppc Where Can I Find This Option? Setting up bid rules can be as simple or complicated as you make it. Determine what you really desire and make it so! • Start by logging into AdWords and navigating to your high priority campaigns/group/terms • Once there you can select the keywords or ad group tab (if not already there) • You will see a ‘Bid Strategy’ button (below)
  26. 26. #thinkppc Bid Strategies Once you have selected the ‘Bid Strategy’ you will be able to choose from the following options:
  27. 27. #thinkppc Automate Options Or you can select ‘Automate’ which will provide the following options:
  28. 28. #thinkppc #8 RLSA Keep your audience aware, engaged and motivated by prioritizing them EVERY time they search. Don’t let your competition steal potential buyers whom you have already informed.
  29. 29. #thinkppc What is RLSA? RLSA, also known (at Hanapin) as RFS, means Remarketing For Search. This means you can remarket to those who have been to your site as they continue to search right within the SERP. What can you do? • Prioritize certain audiences with higher bids • You can customize ads to those who have previously visited your site and(or) taken a specific or high value action This will allow you to: • Set a separate budget for those who are searching for related terms and are already brand conscious
  30. 30. #thinkppc Why Should We Focus on This? This audience should be the HIGHEST priority as they are; • Raising their hands and asking for MORE information (unlike remarketing within a Display Network) • They are previously qualified as being brand aware (which will lower your risk) • They are telling us they are still ‘in-market’ by continuing to search (also lowering your risk) o Exclude your converters!
  31. 31. #thinkppc #9 Participate In AdWords Betas Be on the cutting edge for new features Many marketers assume that they must be invited to join a new beta program. Don’t wait for an invite—be proactive! 9 times out of 10, all you have to do is ask.  Keep an eye out for Betas that you may want to participate in  Contact your AdWords Rep/Certified Partner for application details  Be sure to comply with all AdWords requirements
  32. 32. #thinkppc Betas We’ve Seen Success With Gmail Sponsored Promotions  Rather than using Managed Placements to show ads on the Gmail platform, use advanced options to target Gmail ads by email address, subject line, job title and product category • 80% decrease in CPA • 11% CTR Google Merchant Promotions  Append special offers to Shopping Ads to distinguish ads from competitors and encourage more clicks • 25% decrease in CPA • 36% increase in conversions • 16% increase in revenue • 13% increase in ROAS
  33. 33. #thinkppc #10 Keep Up With the Experts There’s no shortage of PPC content online, keep on top of it! Use a news aggregator to follow industry news o Search Engine Journal o Seach Engine Watch o ClickZ o PPC Hero o WordStream Participate in #ppcchat (Tuesdays at 12PM EST) Attend SEM conferences Keep watching webinars!
  34. 34. #thinkppc Have more questions? • Contact us Directly: » Hanapin Feedback: marketing@hanapinmarketing.com Wordstream Feedback: marketing@wordstream.com