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Word press sites maintenanace


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  • 1. WordPress Maintenance
  • 2. Software updates - Why
    Core software – Wordpress
    New functionality
    Security fixes
    Keep up with PHP and mySql upgrades – Hosting providers constantly upgrade the software versions being used. Backward compatibility may be lost
    Plugins and Themes
    New functionality
    Compatibility with core software
  • 3. Software updates - How
    No rush. Wait at least a week after a core software release before you install the new version. ( Let others find the bugs )
    Backup before you upgrade
    Check plugins compatibility
    Check minimum requirements are still met by your server
    If you have many sites you may want to look at ManageWP
  • 4. WordPress Optimization
    Page load speed impacts user experience
    Page load speed impacts Google ranking
    If you run a high traffic WordPress installation you will want to optimize WordPress and your server to run as efficiently as possible.
  • 5. Tools for checking the speed
    • 6. Firefox/Chrome + Firebug + Yahoo! Yslow
    • 7. Pingdom
    • 8. Firefox + Firebug + Google Page Speed
    • 9. Google Chrome + Google Speed Tracer
  • What impacts your website load speed
    Images size
    Database size
    Amount of calls to data base – depends on theme and plugins code
    Hosting server
  • 10. Optimizing Images
    Should be optimized before images are even loaded into the server.
    Pixel size should be same as the target screen pixel siz
    JPEG images quality can be reduced the medium and reduce the image file size significantly.
    If you do not have image editing software, use online free tools instead. ( )
    Use plugin to further optimize your images. ( Typically reduces size by 10% )
  • 11. Check plugins impact
    Plugins are the prime suspect for slowdowns.
    To check plugins
    Deactivate all of plugins
    check the critical areas of the site again.
    If everything runs OK, re-enable the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin.
  • 12. Reduce database size
    Optimize DB tables
    Use wp-optimize plugin
    Delete post revisions
    Use wp-optimize plugin or revision control plugin
    Delete spam and unapproved comments
    Use wp-optimize plugin
  • 13. Optimize database
    Delete revisions:
    Revision Control plugin
    To set a limit for the number of post revisions that will be saved in future, open wp-config.php and paste in the following snippet of code:
    /** Limit post revisions */ define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', 3);
    This needs to be added before the line: /** Sets up WordPress vars and included files. */ require_once(ABSPATH . 'wp-settings.php');
  • 14. Server impact on load time
  • 15. Further Speed Up you site
    Caching your wordpress website
    Use CDN (Content Distribution Network) - CDN is a technique where you serve content of your website(mostly multimedia items) from different servers around the world instead of a single webhost. This helps in distributing the load on your website equally among lot more servers and helps in loading your website at much faster speed than normal.
  • 16. Backups
    WP-DB-Backup – A plugin that allows you to backup the database
    Instruction how to backup all files:
    We use BackupBuddy
  • 17. Resources - WordPress Optimization
    Wordpress Optimization Guide by ValdimirPrelovae
    Optimizing WordPress database performance by Joost De Valk
    W3 Total Cache and why you should be using it
  • 18. Thank You
    Connect With Me:
    Facebook ( Feel Free to Like us  )