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Selling products and services with word press
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Selling products and services with word press


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business

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  • 1. #WordPressInsider
  • 2. Tell Us What You ThinkFACEBOOK : #WordPressInsider @MichelleCastiWin: 1 Hour consultation to help you design you WordPress based ecommerce solution#WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  • 3. AgendaPlanningAvailable SolutionsCase StudiesAudience case studiesQuestions#WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  • 4. Planning: Real Products How many? Do you need options/variations support?(e.g Color, size) How do you want to calculate Shipping Costs  Flat fee  Weight depended  Free shopping ( Minimum order may be a condition ) Do you need inventory management?#WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  • 5. Planning Digital productsVideo, Audio, eBooks What is you proffered delivery method?  Expiring link  Password protected Do you want the customers to download the product or use online? What level of content Protection do you need?  Limit IP address the access content  Use expired links for video and audio#WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  • 6. Planning: Payment processing PayPal only? Direct processing of credit cards - requires a merchant account and a gateway. What currency are you going to use? Do you need to charge reoccurring fees?  Cancelation handling? Do you want to offer discounts? Coupons? Trials#WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  • 7. Planning: Customer Management Emails sent as a result of a purchase Would you like to create a client data base? Auto responders#WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  • 8. Solutions: Payments Processing PayPal –  Easy to use and setup  No fees if not used  Takes time to get your money Direct credit card processing – requires a merchant account and a gateway#WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  • 9. Solutions: Online shopping carts PayPal –  Easy to use and setup  No fees if not used  Takes time to get your money Shopping Carts: PermiumWebCart 1ShoppingCart  Monthly fees $40~$100 ( Does not include merchant account cost )  Offer tons of options  Robust solutions#WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  • 10. Solutions: Shopping cart pluginsSimple WP shopping carteShopShopp Cart66WooCommerce#WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  • 11. Solutions: Membership Plugins S2 Member –  FREE when using only PayPal  Support expiring links WishList member –  Very popular  Robust support  Easy to use#WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  • 12. Case Study: Membership Site WishList member plugin PremiumWebCart Direct credit card processing Using Exact gateway – Was implemented especially for us Aweber for Auto responder Videos hosted on Amazon S3 and played with Easy Media Player#WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  • 13. Case Study: Online Store WooTheme’s theme WooCommerce plugin Direct credit card processing using a supported gateway “Table Rate” shipping extension Product Importer Deluxe#WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  • 14. Case StudiesWhat is you case? #WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  • 15. Need help?WordPress Beyond the Basics workshop - March 10 Making your site look great with WordPress themes Adding functionality to your site with plugins and widgets Search Engine optimization Website MaintenanceSignup before Friday and get 1 hr FREE ecommerce consultation + WooThemes ecommerce extensions #WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  • 16. Connect With Me:Email: Michelle@CastilloMediaGroup.comLinkedInTwitterFacebook ( Feel Free to Like us  )Website: