Selling digital products online( For WordPress websites )


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Selling digital products online( For WordPress websites )

  1. 1. #WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  2. 2. Agenda Planning Available Solutions Case Studies Audience case studies Questions #WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  3. 3. What is your product?  eBook Examples  Free eBook offered as an incentive for joining your email list  eBook sold for an $xx  Video Examples  Access to the videos of a recorder seminar  Set of training videos  Recorded webinars  Audio Examples  Accesses to past interviews #WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  4. 4. How ? - Delivery Models  Expired links – A link to the purchased product is sent via email and the purchaser can download the product using a hyperlink is valid for a pre defined length of time and/or umber of downloads  Protected Download Area - Members can login and download content or files they paid for.  Publisher - Publish new content on a regular basis, much like an online “magazine”.  Modular Course - A course with several modules. Members move from one module to the next based on a set schedule (ex. 1 module per week). More about delivery models – Top Ten Membership Models #WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  5. 5. Planning: Email Marketing  What emails are sent as a result of a purchase  Would you like to automatically subscribe customers to a specific list based on what they purchased?  Will you need to use auto responders in conjunction with content delivery #WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  6. 6. Planning: Payment processing  PayPal only  Direct processing of credit cards - requires a merchant account and a gateway.  What currency are you going to use?  Do you need to charge reoccurring fees?  Cancelation handling?  Do you want to offer discounts? Coupons? Trials #WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  7. 7. What are your Options  There tens of tools and solutions  None WordPress solutions:  InfusionSoft  Amazon  Shopping carts  Many more #WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  8. 8. WordPress based Solutions  Easy digital downloads  Free , easy to use for eBooks  S2 Member –  FREE when using only PayPal  Support expiring links  WishList member –  Very popular  Robust support  Easy to use #WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  9. 9. Case Study - eBook  Used the free version of Easy digital downloads and     PayPal Define a product Embed product shortcode on sell page Define paypal as you gateway Start selling #WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  10. 10. Case Study: Video training Simple one time purchased give access to a set of 16 videos  WishList Memeber  Using MailChimp to collect contact info  Videos are hosted in Vimeo using the pro #WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  11. 11. Case Study: Membership Site  WishList Insider - Publisher model and more #WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  12. 12. Case Studies What is you case? #WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  13. 13. Resources Summary  Top 21 Questions About Membership Sites  WishList Memeber  Easy Digital Downloads #WordPressInsider @MichelleCasti
  14. 14. Connect With Me: Email: LinkedIn Twitter Facebook ( Feel Free to Like us  ) Website: