Google plus, more then a social media platform
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Google plus, more then a social media platform



Google+ - Presentation to Rapid Time Networks Burnaby. Oct 23 2013

Google+ - Presentation to Rapid Time Networks Burnaby. Oct 23 2013



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Google plus, more then a social media platform Google plus, more then a social media platform Presentation Transcript

  • Twitter: @MichelleCasti Michelle Google+
  •     Like Twitter - Users are able to follow anybody that they want to without requiring their target to accept a „friend request‟. Like Facebook - Users are able to post rich content and detailed status updates to their profile and have this content show up in other user‟s newsfeeds Unique to Google+, Circles - allow users to create custom groups of people that they would either like to receive updates from or send updates to. Many more features such as hangouts, events, business pages, communities @MichelleCasti
  • @MichelleCasti
  • @MichelleCasti
  •   Launched by Google in June 2011 December 2012 Stats : ◦ 235 million are active across Google (+1'ing apps in Google Play, hanging out in Gmail, connecting with friends in Search...) ◦ 135 million are active in just the stream.  Since December ( Announced in Jan 2013 ) Google+ has grown by 27 percent with 343 million users globally. Making it the 2nd largest social media network @MichelleCasti
  •  The impact of Google+ on the search results is very significant  It is only the beginning @MichelleCasti
  • @MichelleCasti
  •  This picture is from my Google+ profile @MichelleCasti
  •  When a user searches for a restaurant, he may see an ad including a 5-star review by another friend. @MichelleCasti
  •  Search+  Author your world Rank  Are-you-for-real rank @MichelleCasti
  •  Released in the beginning of 2012  Available only in the USA on  When signed in with Google+, you‟ll find personal results and profiles of people you know or follow. @MichelleCasti
  • Searched for “Google Plus” @MichelleCasti
  • Searched for “Google+Local Searched for “Local Internet Marketing” @MichelleCasti
  •   You need to develop you network in Google+ so when people search for your services they find you thank to your friends This is new word-of-mouth marketing” @MichelleCasti
  • @MichelleCasti
  •  The idea behind AuthorRank is that your reputation as a content creator will influence the ranking of search results. Google‟ Agent Rank Patent Application(2005)   Authors can mark the content that they publish on the Web with a digital signature, Authorship may influence the rankings of that content by associating a reputation score with it. @MichelleCasti
  • “Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance.” The Future According To Google‟s Eric Schmidt The earlier you start the better @MichelleCasti
  •  A way to connect authors with their content on the web ( Announced by Google on June 7 2011 ) Rich Snippet @MichelleCasti
  • A short video that can help @MichelleCasti
  • “ general rule is that people have a lot of free time and people are on the Internet, there are people who do really really evil and wrong things on the Internet, and it would be useful if we had strong identity so we could weed them out. I‟m not suggesting eliminating them, what I‟m suggesting is if we knew their identity was accurate, we could rank them. Think of it like an identity rank.” ~Eric Schmidt in the Edinburgh Intl TV Festival on August 28th, 2011 (Nov 7 2011 - SEO by Sea) @MichelleCasti
  •  Local businesses reviews verification  +1s (“Likes”) and comments verification  ???? @MichelleCasti
  •  @MichelleCasti
  • Add event Add photos Add a link Add video @MichelleCasti
  •       Tag people or page using + or @ You can edit after you post +1 = “Like” To bold text— put *asterisks* around the word or phrase To underline text— put _underscores_ around the word or phrase • To strikethrough text— put— dashes— around the word or phrase @MichelleCasti
  •   Custom groups of people that they would either like to receive updates from or send updates to.  Other people cannot see your circles names  Can be used for both listening and talking  You can circle up to 5000 @MichelleCasti
  • @MichelleCasti
  •    Claim your authorship Use Google+ : Post quality content, engage, build relationships Promote your Google+ profile to your existing network @MichelleCasti
  • Add a good headshot picture Add relevant keywords to Introduction, Employment, Education or Places lived Include hyper links Link your profile to Your website(s) (Under “contributor to @MichelleCasti
  •  Edit the “Contributor To” section and your website URL. Here‟s what that looks like:
  • In order to add a link from a webpage to a Google+ account the following line should be added to the code of the page: <link rel="author“ href=" This may sound complicated but if your have a WordPress website it is in fact very easy to do.
  •   There are few plugins as well as themes that provide a user friendly interface to add the required information. I prefer using the WordPress SEO Plugin as I use it anyway on all the websites I create and use.
  • 1. Install and activate WordPress SEO plugin 2. Locate your profile in the users area and add the full URL of you Googl
  • Can easily be done by using Google‟s Rich Snippet Verification Tool
  • @MichelleCasti
  •  Google Places is now Google+ Local  Caveat: Cannot yet be used for:◦ Service area business with address correctly hidden ◦ Big brand or business with multiple locations @MichelleCasti
  • @MichelleCasti
  • @MichelleCasti
  • @MichelleCasti
  •   Reviews can be added only by a logged in Google+ account All local businesses will eventually be on Google+ @MichelleCasti
  •    Using social extension links this +1 button to your business‟ Google Plus page. When users +1 the ad, it counts toward your Google+page, and when users +1 your Google+ page, it counts toward your ad. Provides Social Proof to you ads @MichelleCasti
  • Join the Google+ Insider community: Follow me in Google+ @MichelleCasti
  • Connect With Me: Phone: 778 998 5739 Email: Twitter: @MichelleCasti Google+ @MichelleCasti