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Design direction

  1. 1. Eugene11525100g
  2. 2.  Why people need to recall their historical stories? The sad stories, make you cry, the good memories also make you cry, as for the good memories is never once more.
  3. 3.  Can we design something, which can connect our history, present, future together? The history can make people feel strong, and cherish their present happy time, firmly believe their future is optimistic.Just giving people positive motivations.
  4. 4.  Without big screen, probably colorful images about history is hard to be realized. Large mechanical installations is not feasible for a short term project. Collecting a wide range of history information is also problematic in technique.However, we may make statistics about people’s daily- life behavior pattern. And the data can be energetic.
  5. 5.  I think it is much more meaningful if we combine people’s history, present, future together. The design direction can also be diverse. Here, I proposed one for example, later, I will continue to think hard on this direction.
  6. 6.  Suppose you are now working for a big company. From the beginning day when you just graduated from a famous university to the day when you became a leader in a department, can we record something about your joinery?
  7. 7.  We also know, in many big companies, employees have to punch the time clock when they enter or leave company. The process is really boring and forceful.How to make the journey more pleasure and motivative?
  8. 8.  1. the system can detect your emotion when you get close to it. And it will show a icon to represent your emotion, like smile, sad, general. And the same time, it will show the particular emotion statistics data from you first time collection.
  9. 9.  2. it also show how many days you have serve that company and the emotion of your last year( If suitable). 3. it can also reminder you what is your schedule today.
  10. 10.  2. it also show how many days you have serve that company and the emotion of your last year( If suitable). 3. it can also reminder you what is your schedule today.
  11. 11.  It also have motivation mechanical.As you know, if you are qualified in a company and serve it for many years, you will obtain more promotion opportunities welfare, so I proposed as following:1. When you check in and check out, and you give a big smile, you will be rewarded by 0.2day more working experiences in that company virtually.2. On every stage, you can obtained more privileges with your working experiences increasing. For if you have 1000days working days, you can have a dinner with the Big Boss, and get some money.3. You can continue to propose the motivation ways……
  12. 12.  Can be LED array Can be moderate screen Can be customized computer We can figure out a solution for it later.
  13. 13.  You past working experiences can have positive impact on your present evaluation, and your today performance can ensure you have a brighter future------it is circle motivation mechanical. It can increase employee’s loyalty to their company. And the history, present, future, to some extend, be connected.
  14. 14.  All in all, I think it meaningful, usable, feasible. The following work is to refine the design details and propose a well thought-out design direction.Probably, we are on the right track.