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  • 1. What’s wrong with this picture?
    Right before her science class, Ann touched up her hair with an extra application of hairspray.
    Ann will be late for class if she sprays her hair.
    Hair spray is dangerous around open flames.
    Ann’s hair will be too stiff.


  • 1. Safety in Science
  • 2. Whatʼs Wrong?
  • 3. Over Cluttered And Under-Prepared
  • 4. Function NOT Fashion
  • 5. Nateʼs hair looks is also ON awesome, FIRE!
  • 6. Food and labs, donʼt always mix.
  • 7. Oh no! IʼM ON FIRE!
  • 8. Walk to the nearest fire extinguisher?
  • 9. Walk Outside?
  • 10. Stop, Drop, and Roll.
  • 11. Flame Hot Plate
  • 12. Hot Plate
  • 13. Living plants and animals in the wild and in True. the lab should False. always be treated with respect.
  • 14. True.
  • 15. The best way to cut a soft object is to True. hold it in the False. palm of your hand and then carefully cut it.
  • 16. True.
  • 17. If your lab partnerʼs hair caught on fire, True. you should False. quickly throw water on the burning hair.
  • 18. False.
  • 19. You should pour acid or a base into water to True. False. keep the acid from producing heat and splattering.
  • 20. False.
  • 21. It is important to taste a chemical to True. False. find out exactly what you are working with.
  • 22. False.
  • 23. It is OK to take True. something False. from the lab as long as you return it.
  • 24. False.
  • 25. It is OK to True. illuminate a False. microscope with direct sunlight.
  • 26. True.
  • 27. True.
  • 28. False.