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  • 1.  
  • 2. Social media is an increasingly important way for architects to connect and interact with their peers, clients and potential clients. [email_address]
  • 3. It’s a powerful way for you to find people and to be found by others. [email_address]
  • 4. It builds connections: Social media is about the exchange of knowledge, insight, and ideas. [email_address]
  • 5. It’s human-centric: Social media is a direct conversation between real people . [email_address]
  • 6. It speaks with an authentic personal voice , not the canned phrases of corporate marketing. [email_address]
  • 7. It’s about exchange : The interconnectness and forwardability of social media means your ideas can be spread around the world [email_address]
  • 8. It’s about substance: credibility depends on the quality of your thinking, not years of experience or the number of projects [email_address]
  • 9. It’s a sounding board: By offering content that is relevant , you’ll attract followers and learn what others are thinking. [email_address]
  • 10. It builds your reputation: you can differentiate yourself from your competition and build a competitive advantage. [email_address]
  • 11. It’s spontaneous : With social media, you can engage with a network of interesting and interested people . [email_address]
  • 12. It’s cost-effective: y our investment will be your time and thought. [email_address]
  • 13. @ where
  • 14. Linkedin: link your personal linkedin profile to the woodhead company profile [email_address]
  • 15. twitter twitter: follow up to the minute woodhead news [email_address]
  • 16. twitter: listen to what our competitors, the industry and our people are talking about [email_address]
  • 17. facebook: follow up to the minute woodhead news & social events [email_address]
  • 18. flickr: an online gallery of our latest photography [email_address]
  • 19. ebooks: All brochures and portfolio capabilties available online [email_address]
  • 20. youtube youtube: Presentations interviews, vlogs and project videos [email_address]
  • 21. @ what
  • 22. Listen to what is going on in the industry: What clients are doing, new opportunities, [email_address]
  • 23. start a conversation as to trends, events and business opportunities [email_address]
  • 24. Extend our contacts through dialogue, generating interest and being linked in [email_address]
  • 25. Drive our existing contacts to remain up to date with our progress, projects and thought leadership [email_address]
  • 26. Sell our projects & ideas to potential clients and press [email_address]
  • 27. Sell our services to potential and existing clients [email_address]
  • 28. Promote our projects & achievements [email_address]
  • 29. @ now
  • 30. twitter http://twitter.com/woodheadarch [email_address]
  • 31. facebook http://facebook.com/woodhead [email_address]
  • 32. ebooks http://issuu.com/woodheadarchitecture [email_address]
  • 33. linkedin http://www.linkedin.com/company/388537?trk=pro_other_cmpy [email_address]
  • 34. flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/woodheadarchitecture/ [email_address]
  • 35. Architizer www.architizer.com/en_us/firms/view/woodhead [email_address]
  • 36. @ next [email_address]
  • 37. website refresh – january 2011 [email_address]
  • 38. website refresh – january 2011 [email_address]
  • 39. website refresh – january 2011 New look woodhead magazine [email_address]
  • 40. website refresh – january 2011 Visit the site on smart phones & handheld devices [email_address]
  • 41. for more information contact marketing & communications [email_address]
  • 42.