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Demand Gen 2011

Demand Gen 2011






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    Demand Gen 2011 Demand Gen 2011 Presentation Transcript

      • Presented by:
      • Liz Woodbridge
      • Account Director, Mardev-DM2
      Customer Behavior & Buying Cycle
    • Did you know?
      • 69% of leads get no follow-up from sales (Gartner)
      • Only 10% of leads are followed up correctly by sales (Aberdeen Group)
      • Measuring & increasing qualified lead gen results is one of the top 3 marketing issues for board directors (IDC)
      • What is expected of marketers?
      • Who is the “Customer”?
        • … and how do they buy?
      • What is a “lead”
        • … and what is involved with generating one?
      • What is online lead generation
        • … and where does it fit in the customer’s buying cycle?
      • The value of a lead
        • Scoring and nurturing your leads to improve ROI
      What we will be exploring…
    • Who is the customer?
      • Understand the state of your internal data
          • 25-30% of customer data is incomplete or inaccurate
          • 75-80% of prospect data is incomplete or inaccurate
      • Quality data allows you to:
        • Segment
        • Profile
        • Model
        • Target
        • Measure
      Source: Direct Marketing Association
    • Marketing & Sales Challenges
      • Marketing
      • What does your customer journey look like?
      • What existing collateral is working for you?
      • Where are the content gaps?
      • How are prospects and dropped leads being nurtured?
      • Sales
      • What does a prospect look like?
      • What does a lead look like?
      • What are the conversion rates from leads?
      • What are the timescales?
      • What is the sales drop rate of marketing generated leads?
      Sales Accepted Leads
    • What currently passes for Customer Engagement?
      • A business card collected at a trade fair
      • A click-thru on an email
      • A white paper download
      • An amorphous mass of un-measurable or un-attributable web analytics
    • Is this a problem?
      • Does any one activity represent proper engagement?
      • How can this activity be turned into demand?
      • How and when should we send prospects to sales?
      • Will the leads be followed up?
      • How will you ensure that the lead is followed up, conversion to sales is monitored and return on marketing investment is measured?
      • How will you demonstrate your revenue contribution?
      • What is online demand generation?
    • $$ Inquiry Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) Sales Accepted Lead (SAL) Suspect Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) Evaluate Purchase Learn Justify Interest Customer Buying Process Sales & Marketing Process Define opportunities to pull the levers Marketing validates quality of interest. Marketing nurtures to sales ready. Sales validates and accepts ownership. Sales validates BANT criteria Sales closes revenue opportunity.
    • Deciding Purchase Awareness Intent Target Group Customer Advertising/ promotion Lead generation Keep the customer engaged Webpage / SEO Banner ads Sponsored content Print ads Newsletters Events Rich media banners Partner mailings Inserts Response cards Sponsored email Whitepapers Webcasts Referrals Listing Quotes E-Commerce Direct What you can do to keep the conversation going throughout the buying cycle
    • Future campaigning
      • Agree on lead qualification and audience criteria with sales
      • Create library of engagement content
      • Launch online campaign, SEO/SEM, email, e-newsletters, advertorial, Online PR, Social networking campaign, to fill the top of the sales funnel
      • Drive traffic to engaging and educational content
      • Monitor and score response to determine development of lead towards a sale – NURTURE
      • Confirm that score is equal to ready to buy and pass to sales team for conversion
    • Moving Up The Lead Value Chain Lead Definition Lead Generation Process # of leads Lead Characteristics Sales Opportunity – ready to buy - Largely sales force task Low Hot Pre-qualified lead – some information known about purchasing requirements - High degree of interaction required with prospects, integration of online and offline channels to identify prospective need. May include email, online, telemarketing, direct mail. Medium to Low Warm Prospects – indicated definite interest
      • Search
      • - Permission marketing
      High to Medium Warm Profiled Suspects – higher propensity to purchase
      • Segmentation, modelling of databases
      • richer demographics or information
      High Cold to Lukewarm Suspects - Lists with some demographics High Cold
    • Solution objectives
      • Integrated marketing activity
        • Address customer needs based on their online behaviour and where they are in the buying cycle
        • Use a broad range of media channels to fill the funnel
        • Don’t push the prospect down a predefined path allow them to pick the route.
        • Focus on increasing/improving ROMI
        • Ensure measurability and accountability
        • Utilize technology to ensure we produce reactive, transparent, fully optimised campaigns
    • Lead generation – Tactical leads prospects Campaign Objectives Lead definition & qualification whitepaper download, appointment Target audience company size, business sector, job title Collateral Creation case study, whitepapers, webinars Channel Selection email, digital, telemarketing Analyse, Optimise and Adapt what’s working – increase what’s not, adapt or switch off Deliverables volumes, timescales, CPL reporting tele marketing email Online r e s o u r c e o p t i m i s a t i o n Reporting nurture
    • Campaign example Pass to Sales NURTURE Telephone to Qualify LEAD meets Gold criteria i.e 500+ pc’s and B.A.N.T LEAD meets Silver criteria i.e 50 – 499 pc’s and A+N - T Invite to seminar/live event Email with whitepaper Email with case study Invite to webinar
    • Lead generation – Strategic
      • Drive a targeted audience to a bespoke microsite dedicated to engaging prospects around specific propositions
      • Once on the microsite, some prospects will readily complete a form indicating their specific and time-bound interest - most prospects will not
      • To drive demand and capture interest over a period of time with future prospects, we will observe the detailed digital footprint of the non responder and nurture their interest via:
        • completed forms
        • white papers
        • demos and downloads
        • pattern of clicks
        • what they looked at
        • how long they spent on the site
    • Strategic campaign workflow example NURTURE PROGRAMME Pass to Field Sales Nurture
      • Budget
      • Authority
      • Need
      • Timescales
      • Monitor level of interest based on :
      • Email opens
      • visits to microsite
      • Downloads
      • Reading/Posting on Blogs
      Telemarketing DYNAMIC MICROSITE Whitepapers Case studies Competitions Blogs Forums Webinars Podcasts RFQ SEO/PPC Social Networking Online inventory Gold Leads Silver Leads Bronze Leads Emails & Newsletters Advertising
    • HSBC example Microsite
    • HSBC example Microsite branding / sponsored message video of presentation submit questions slides of presentation
      • The value of a lead
    • Dynamic Lead Scoring Model
      • Score on Profile Fit and Level of Engagement
        • Level of Engagement
        • 1 = Showing buyer interest
        • 2 = Showing some interest
        • 3 = Not enough information
        • 4 = Inactive
        • Profile Fit
        • A = Target fit (BANT qualified)
        • B = Potential fit (nurture)
        • C = Not high enough now
        • D = Not a fit
      • Don’t send unqualified leads to sales… Nurture.
        • Nurturing programs generate on average:
          • 7-10% increase in marketing qualified lead (MQL) generation
          • > 50% acceptance from sales (SAL)
    • Practicing what we preach
    • Next Steps
      • Back end to manage the lead collection process
        • Cleanse & Score
        • Filter & TRACK leads
        • Provide infrastructure for scaling
    • Integrated demand generation platform CRM Common analytics platform across all marketing channels Segmentation, Profiling, and Analytics Individual Marketing channels marketing email sales email chat direct mail advertising keyword search telemarketing landing pages Web forms Event-based, multi-step, multi-channel automation Marketing Automation Command & control Marketing Intelligence Dashboard
    • Critical Success Factors for Revenue Generation?
      • Marketing aligned to the BUYER’s cycle
      • Sales involvement at the beginning and throughout the campaign
      • Test value propositions & Calls to Action with Sales
      • Optimise all marketing channels
      • Ability to respond to market changes in ‘real time’
      • Efficient & productive operational model & processes
      • Agreed lead definition with Sales
      • Defined lead management process
      • Closed loop reporting & analysis
    • Actionable Insight combined with Accountable Marketing delivers Incremental Revenue