Natalie Cox RF WonkComms 1 year on, May 2014


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How I learned to stop worrying and love buzzfeed

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Natalie Cox RF WonkComms 1 year on, May 2014

  1. 1. Figure out what you can bring 0 Learn how to do what your colleagues think is amazing but have no idea how to make 0 It doesn’t matter if it’s secretly easy peasy @NatalieScox ‘Branded infographic template’ (Aka two rectangles on top of each other with an excel pie chart on top of a free light bulb vector*) *A shape that doesn’t pixelate, get ‘em free by googling ‘free vector of x’
  2. 2. Then get your team on board 0 Once your team know you can do cool stuff, they’ll give you a heads up on the good bits and will stop you barking up the wrong tree 0 Lead by example first with new platforms and concepts, if your team like the results make them aware of the time frame @NatalieScox
  3. 3. Reassurance is key 0 Explaining what Buzzfeed is to your Director is a bit cringe but ultimately worth it 0 Team need reassurance that tweeting this stuff won’t make them look stupid in front of their peers 0 Buzzfeed, Storify, Creativist, Videoscribe, are all brilliant free (or free trial) platforms Legit data Dancing Carlton @NatalieScox
  4. 4. Justifying the time it takes 0 You’re reaching people who don’t seek you out via your website or read to the end of the article 0 And if you can pack an aesthetically pleasing punch, elicit an emotional response, and do it when it’s topical the RTs will speak for themselves @NatalieScox
  5. 5. How to do it in house 0 Tutorial videos taught me everything I know in terms of design (YouTube, Adobe website, Lynda) 0 But peer review was really important along the way, via team members and WonkComms - the first draft is never going to be the best 0 Try to do as much as you can for free, but sometimes you have to pay… @NatalieScox
  6. 6. Your toolkit @NatalieScox Cough up for Adobe Creative Cloud, monthly payment and you get all their apps Free database of icons, use for infographics For livestreaming events Animation presentation Amalgamating online content
  7. 7. But when you need to look elsewhere, bluff it 0 You don’t need to learn how to code, you do need to learn the language 0 Learn a few phrases- D3 is the open source (free!) javascript library (say that like you know what it means) that’s used to make a lot of interactive dataviz 0 Where next? Website and report redesign! Mobile sites are so last year, responsive design the future @NatalieScox
  8. 8. Thanks! @NatalieScox