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Hydrogen Stick English
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Hydrogen Stick English


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Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Hydrogen is the key to health and beauty. Simply put, aging is the oxidation of cells. Hydrogen is the world's oldest and most efficient antioxidant, eliminating free radicals which cause oxidation in your body which in turn cause aging and disease. 2 NES Hydrogen Stick ~The Secret to Stay Young~ Fight for Health Fight for Our Future Let’s work together! Drink Healthy Live Younger H2 +.OH = H2O MagicshakeTM generated hydrogen bonds only to destructive reactive oxygen, converts it to water, and discharges it from the body. Safe There is no problem no matter howmuch hydrogen is taken. Indeed, thehigher the concentration of hydrogen,the better its efficacy at limiting freeradicals.
  • 2. HYDROGEN-RICH WATER BENEFITS: THE LOREM IPSUMS SPRING 2016 Detoxifies your entire body Maximizes anti-aging potential Slows free radical body damage Promotes younger looking skin Reduces blemishes, wrinkles, sagging Strengthens your immune system Promotes stronger & thicker hair Helps maintain blood pressure Helps lower cholesterol levels Aids in absorption of nutrients Enhances blood circulation Improves memory and brain function Helps lubricate joints and muscles Hydrates your body up to six times more than ordinary water Supports proper pH by reducing acidic conditions Effects Hydrogen is the key to health and beauty, Aging is purely cellular oxidation. Hydrogen is the world's oldest and most effective antioxidants in the body to eliminate radicals, delaying aging. Reduces old-age body odor Because hydrogen molecule is the smallest molecules in the universe, they quickly penetrate the entire body, the rapid elimination of the free radicals produced by cells. 2
  • 3. THE LOREM IPSUMS SPRING 2016 Additional features of Magicshake Uses only 3 x AAA batteries (good for 30 - 40 cycles). Each cycle takes just 3 minutes to generate hydrogen-rich water per 500ml of mineral water. 电池操作 Depending on the quality of the mineral water, Magicshake can generate hydrogen concentrations of 200-449 ppb. Tests have shown health benefits from hydrogen waterwith hydrogen concentrations of 80 ppb onwards. 3
  • 4. Hydrogen Content Distribution THE LOREM IPSUMS SPRING 2016 On Earth and in the Earth's atmosphere there is only a very rare free state hydrogen. In the Earth's crust, if calculated by mass, hydrogen is only 1% of the total mass, and if by atomic percentage terms, accounted for 17%. Hydrogen is widely distributed in nature, water, hydrogen is the "warehouse" - hydrogen in the water mass fraction of 11%; mud about 1.5% hydrogen; petroleum, natural gas, hydrogen plants and animals also. In the air, the hydrogen back much, the total volume of 5/10000000. In the entire universe, according to atomic percent, the hydrogen is most abundant element. According to the research, the sun's atmosphere, in terms of atomic percentage terms, accounting for 81.75% of hydrogen. In the space, the number of hydrogen atoms than all other atoms are approximately 100 times the total. Hydrogen is the atomic number of a chemical element, chemical symbol is H, the first one is located in the periodic table. Its atomic mass is 1.00794u, is the lightest, but also the most abundant element in the universe, about 75% of the mass of the universe occupied. On the main sequence stars are the main components of a hydrogen plasma state. And on Earth, the natural conditions of the formation of the free state of elemental hydrogen is relatively rare. Historical development As early as the sixteenth century, a Swiss physician discovered hydrogen. He said: "The iron sulfate invested in, it will produce bubbles, like a whirlwind into the sky." He also found that this gas can be burned. However, he is a wellknown doctor, many patients do not have time to do further research. When there is a seventeenth century doctors discovered hydrogen. When people's wisdom to be a false theory Mongolia disadvantages, that no matter what the gas can not exist alone, neither collect nor measured. The doctors think no different with air, hydrogen, soon abandoned research. 4
  • 5. THE LOREM IPSUMS NES Hydrogen Stick SPRING 2016 2009 Tokyo Institute of Health and Longevity Medicine, Dr. Osawa Yu Lang breakthrough invention, the success of the hydrogen molecules stick minerals remain three days time, this breakthrough so that tens of thousands of people cheering in Japan. So far, the hydrogen oxidation studies including almost all diseases associated with oxidative damage: for example, ischemia-reperfusion, inflammation, drug toxicity, trauma, radiation injury, oxygen toxicity, cancer, colitis, carbon monoxide poisoning encephalopathy, cerebral ischemia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, depression, spinal cord injury, skin allergies, type 2 diabetes, acute pancreatitis, organ transplantation injury, intestinal ischemia, systemic inflammatory response, radiation injury, retinal damage and deafness. . Although the human body has the potential of hydrogen treatment of diseases value, but in order to achieve the purpose of anti-oxidation, to the use of hydrogen is still a major issue we face. Methods currently used three kinds of hydrogen, one can direct breathing gas mixture containing hydrogen, and second hydrogen-containing drink or injection of the solution, and the third diffusion through the skin induced by colon bacteria to produce hydrogen. From the use of security and economic point of view, ordinary drinking water containing hydrogen is an ideal approach. In the past two are drinking or injecting a solution containing hydrogen cannot be sustained, neither collect nor measured. NES Hydrogen Stick maintaining the hydrogen breakthrough to help the success of the radical body out of the body, giving the body a better health, currently in Japan has been medically recognized there are large crowds in use. NES Hydrogen Stick Will be the Human Protector Nesvitality Sdn Bhd No. 33A-G & 35 – G, Block C, Zenith Corporate Park, No. 1 Jalan SS7/26, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Phone: +603-78866898 5