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Stabilizer                                                    Carbon fiber design creates a LIGHTWEIGHT stabilizer, which ...
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RigsUS WONDLANFollow FocusWondlan follow focus is extremely accurate with gear-driven design                      Standard...
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1. The surface of flags and inside of main body use flame plating                              workmanship like the military...
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Tripod                                               Tripod                                                             Tr...
Tripod                       Tripod                       WL-7100                                                         ...
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Updated Wondlan Album


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The updated album of wondlan products

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Updated Wondlan Album

  1. 1. AboutWondlan Saleswww.wondlan.com Network Wondlan International has hundreds of distributors in dozens of countries and regions with sales network around the world. Wondlan International is marketing high-quality professional products to every corner of the world at a rapid pace. Wondlan International is a leading manufacturer and supplier in photography and filmmaking industry. Since its factory was founded in China in 2004, it has experienced rapid development, and has been dedicated to development and manufacture of various camera and camcorder kits. Nowadays, Wondlan is offering comprehensive equipments and devices for photographing and film making. With competitive prices and high quality, especially unique and patented designs, the products are seeing strong sales all over the world – Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, etc. All the products of Wondlan are manufactured in advanced CNC machining center and meet international high-end quality standards. But designers of Wondlan are not satisfied with being only professional, they keep on improving their designs, and always try to offer higher cost performance ratios. Thanks to the outstanding, thoughtful and diligent designers, Wondlan’s products contain rich innovative elements, to achieve better and more convenient shooting, such as the matte box with side opening, double-gear follow focus, light and sturdy carbon fiber stabilizers, bi-directional platform fine adjustment system of stabilizers, transformable tripod, unique handheld stabilization system, etc. Wondlan always listens to its users and keeps improving its products, its products including steadycams and DSLR rigs have been upgraded for times, but still adhere to competitive prices. Wondlan also pays attention to comfortability and aesthetics. Its products are always designed based on ergonomics, and meanwhile look fresh, delicate, elegant and friendly.
  2. 2. Stabilizer Leopard Series Arm The arm is made of high-strength and light-weight aero alloy processed by CNC machining center, and Load-Bearing: 6KG-15KG /13LBS-33LBS it features double-spring mode. The inner diameter of the handle is 16mm, which is connected with the Leopard II arm through the pin. Carbon fiber deluxe version Wondlan "Leopard II " stabilizer is designed for precise stabilizing, it has HDMI interfaces and a 2-section telescopic carbon-fiber post, perfectly fitting heavy-duty cameras. 1 2 3 4 1 Pin connected to sled It features excellent operation capacity with wide 2 Spring adjusting knob usage range. It allows 180 degree horizontal and 1.5m vertical shooting, better than traditional 3 Quick release pin steadicams only for horizontal shooting. 4 Pin connected to vest
  3. 3. Stabilizer 980MM Leopard Load Vest Leopard series professional vest is designed Leopard Professional Sled according to ergonomics, making weight of The two-section, carbon fiber telescoping post extends the stabilizer shared at multi-position adequately sled from 620MM to 980MM. Inside the sled is the curly- and distributed over shoulder, back, chest, cable system with power cable, HDMI cable and AV cable. waist, abdomen etc. efectively. Chest plate Fixing knob Height adjustable plate Adjustment rail 620MM Bidirectional baseplate Precision gimbal control with fine adjustable system and fine handle Locating pin Metal buckles and chest plate create a vest which can hold and distribute the weight of the system across the operators shoulders, back and waist. The vest can be manually setting, each locking knob can be adjusted smoothly without any tool. Adjustable camera Battery base with 3 mounting system additional lines applied Depending on your shooting, Vest-Arm Pin can be set up on left or right, suits for your shooting habit. With 8 counterweights, Made of carbon fiber, possible for heavy bearing light to handle With metal clasp and fine texture, the vest is gorgeous * We also supply 3 - 7.5KG edition of Lepord II stabilizer.
  4. 4. Stabilizer Carbon fiber design creates a LIGHTWEIGHT stabilizer, which transforms your shaky camera footage into smooth, professional one and enables operators to shoot for a long time continuously if necessary. 1 2 3 Load-Bearing: 1KG-7.5KG / 2LBS-17LBS 950MM Leopard II The Best Combination: Vest + Arm + Sled 1 Leopard Load Vest Carbon fiber standard version 2 Leopard Series Arm 3 Leopard Professional Sled 2 550MM Shoot Movies Yourself
  5. 5. Stabilizer S INGLE The structural design of the single-arm steadycam features 14 high precision bearings, ARM allowing more flexible operation. The high precision bearings are designed based The arm can be connected to Load-Bearing: 1KG-5KG / 2LBS-11LBS on human hand simulation, to achieve flexible the vest port quickly. operation. The whole vest is simplified, with a thinner chest plate Leopard III and a single knob to adjust its height. Its load capacity decreases, but it is more flexible to operate. L OAD Single-Armed Version The fixing knob can be used to adjust height of the vest. As an entry-level light load type steadycam, the Single- VEST Arm Steadycam of Wondlan features simple structure, The load arm can be inserted into the slots of the vest easily. convenient loading, light weight and economic price. The arm can be collocated with the “Magic” Carbon or Fiber Handheld Stabilize and Mini Handheld Stabilizer. H ANDHELD Mini Stabilizer: Min. Height: 43cm Max. Height: 71cm STABILIZER “Magic” Carbon Fiber Stabilizer: Min. Height: 69cm Max. Height: 120cm
  6. 6. Stabilizer Magic Body Weight 1.2KG Maximum Length 120CM Minimum Length 60CM Load-Bearing Range 1-5KG Material Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber Stabilizer "Magic" lies in stabilizers multi-function. Carbon fiber material design creates an only 1.2kg body and Relaxed handheld Used as a small rocker Used as a monopod 2-section telescopic post enables operators to use makes shooting easily arm when raise it up when foot on the floor it not only as a stabilizer but also a small crane or a monopod. High-end design, excellent workmanship of magic carbon fiber stabilizer matched with Wondlan high quality arm and Leopard load vest will be a good tool for middle and high end customers. Bidirectional Baseplate Comfortable Handle Adjustable Length Adjustable Weight * It supports all kinds of professional camcorders, SLR cameras and DVs
  7. 7. www.wondlan.comStabilizerMini Handheld Stabilizer Mini Handheld Stabilizer VS Carbon Fiber Handheld StabilizerThe Mini handheld stabilizer weighs only 1.1kg, its exquisite appearance, Maximum Sizeeasy operability and flexible design allows all-round smooth shooting. Body Weight 1.1KG 172cm Maximum Length 71CM Minimum Size Minimum Length 43CM 120CM Load Bearing Range 0-3KG Material Aluminium Alloy 71CM Photographers can shoot stably from 60CM various angles horizontally or vertically 43CM with a 360 free rotation Carbon Fiber Mini Carbon Fiber Mini It supports all kinds of professional camcorders, SLR cameras and DVs High angle shot Shoot over head "Magic" Carbon Fiber Handheld Stabilizer and Mini Handheld Stabilizer can be collocated with Single-Arm Steadycam. or Single Arm Mini "Magic" Load Vest
  8. 8. Stabilizer Wondlan International launches its featured product --Sniper 2.0 Series DSLR Rigs Flexible combination and quick mounting and dismounting make it popular among many filmmakers. Pegasus II Series Stabilizer Ares Hand-held Stabilizer ------Wondlan Pegasus series DV stabilizers -----a professional film and television realize your dream of shooting your own equipment, adhering to high-end professional movies with the most affordable price. quality of Wondlan.Body Weight Body Weight 0.7KG 0.7KG Body Weight 1.2KG Fold:30CM*10CM*9CM Fold:35CM*16CM*10CMBody dimension Unfold:36CM*23CM*9CM Body dimension Unfold:38CM*30CM*10CMMaximum bearing 2.1KG Maximum bearing 3.3KGMinimum bearing 0.2KG Minimum bearing 0.6KG
  9. 9. Rigs SHOOTING EDGE TOOL HD Monitor FOR SLR CAMERAS Magic Hand Grip Upper Handle 1 2 Recording ModuleMatte Box Standard 1: matte box + follow focus + front handle + upper handle + baseplate + gunstock and battery base Power Supply System Standard 2: Baseplate matte box + follow focus + upper handle + baseplate Follow FocusFlexible Shaft Battry Base Front Handle Shoulder Pad Gunstock Downwards Upwards The handles beneath the matte box and the shouldering behind form a Wondlan released the latest DSLR rig – Sniper 2.0 with better functions and stable triangle, you can shoot high or far scenes by raising the handles, higher price performance ratio. and shoot nearby articles by lowering the handles. Kits include: matte box, follow focus, support system (upper handle, front handle, baseplate, gunstock and battery base). Optional accessories: HD monitor, magic hand grip.
  10. 10. Rigs 1 2 Standard 1 Standard 2 3 4 5 Simplified matte box Simplified Version Baseplate Front Handle 6 7 8 Gunstock Battery Base+Battery Plate/Power-supply System Gunstock Tool Box Weights 1 Matte Box III (Simple Version) +Standard Follow Focus + 3.0 Simple Front Handle + Simple Baseplate + Gunstock Battery Base 2 Matte Box III (Simple Version) + Standard Follow Focus + Upper Handle + 3.0 Simple Front Handle + Simple Baseplate + Gunstock Battery Base 3 No side opening or filter lens. Front dia: 245mm160mm(9.6’’-6.3’’) Back dia:140mm (5.5’’). Distance from front to back: 115mm (4.5’’). 4 With no design of quick rease plate,camera can be fixed on the baseplate directly. 5 The new handles have no adjusting knob, allowing easy operating and convenient using.It suits for all kinds of SLR Cameras.New Simplified Version 6 Made of aluminum alloy, the battery base has multiple screw interfaces forDSLR Rig 3.0 Series 7 mounting various power supply systems and battery plates. Strong magnetic force can fix cover of tool box firmly, and the box can hold commonThe simplified version of DSLR Rig Sniper 3.0 Series is a brand-new product from accessories like wrenches and bolts.Wondlan. It inherits the CNC processed aluminum alloy but has a simpler shape. The 8 Weights can be added to the gunstock to achieve perfect balance of the rig, and thedesign of its components is new and unique. It’s an entry-level product with a high price weights are 1.36kg.performance ratio.
  11. 11. Rigs cameras ds of all kinCamcorder Kit ppor t tly su PerfecUS Wondlan launches the newest product: Movie-Level Camera Kit.It perfectly supports all kinds of cameras, such as SONY PMW-F3, SONY FS100, PANASONIC AF103, CANON C300, SONY HD1000C etc. d1 ard andar SONY F3 SONY FS100 CANON C300 SONY HD1000C nd + Sta St rofess i onal) ate te B ox I (P ig Basepl Mat ocus+ B Fo llow FH IGHER Baseplate of Wondlan Camcorder Kit can be flexibly adjusted in height and length, to support various devices BASEPLATE like broadcast-level camcorders and record unit. d2 andar d St andar nal ) + St + Big fessio t Handle Box I (Pro on Matte 2.0 Fr y Bas e Fo cus + tock Batter Follow te+ Guns la Basep* Carbon fiber rod is optional. Record unit can be mounted on 600MM Long Rod. US WONDLAN Movie-Level Camcorder Kit
  12. 12. RigsUS WONDLANFollow FocusWondlan follow focus is extremely accurate with gear-driven design Standard Follow Focusfor slip free. Besides, various types are available to meet any shootingdemands. Ring belt Crank Features: 1. Accurate movement without any slip. 2. Gear adjustment screw allows user to tighten up and loose gear play Configuration: Follow focus + Ring belt 2pcs + Crank 1pcs Double-gear Quickfit Follow Focus Features: 1. Accurate movement without any slip. 2. Gear adjustment screw allows user to tighten up and loose gear play. 3. The unique design of double gears can meet the demands of professional lenses in different standards and sizes. Quickfit Follow Focus 2.0 Configuration: Follow focus + Ring belt 2pcs + Crank 1pcs Features: 1. Accurate movement without any slip. 2. Gear adjustment screw allows user to tighten up and loose gear play. Optional accessories: Flexible Shaft It’s made by the special materials of with high strength and super flexibility. The follow focus can be 3. Quickfit design creates faster and easier mounting and dismounting. rotated by using the follow focus whip. Whip can be used by the follow focus staff as well as operated by Configuration: Follow focus + Ring belt 2pcs + Crank 1pcs the cameraman. The cameraman can focus at the left, right or extend to any other position.
  13. 13. Rigs www.wondlan.com Shoot Movies Yourself Matte Box I (Professional Version) Matte Box II (Standard Version)Matte BoxWondlan launches the newest high-quality matte box, with swing away, no light Matte Box III (Simplified Version)spray workmanship, bayonets design on the lateral flag.
  14. 14. 1. The surface of flags and inside of main body use flame plating workmanship like the military aiming sight lenses. Unique open- side design, easy to change lenses. Tool Box 2.The three removable flags are made of aviation aluminum alloy, easy to install and dismantle. also can be adjusted by hand. 3.The unique design of bayonet solves the problem of dropping flag.Matte Box Support System 4.The front dia. is 245mm-160mm (9.6"-6.3"); the back dia. is 140mm (5.5"); distance between front and back is 115mm (4.5"). Suit for 16:9 wide-angle lens, provide 4 donuts with diameter of 51mm/2", 64mm/2.5", 76mm/3", 103mm/4". 5. Offer universal 360 degree rotating filter stages, convenient to install polarization filter. With 2 dual-purpose filter trays, supporting 4x4 and 4x5.65 filter sizes. 1 2 3 4 1. Front handle The universal joint can be adjusted to a most comfortable position according to the different figures. 2. Upper handle 6. The quick release locking style, fitting the universal 15mm The upper handle solves the problem of shooting at low angles. The exclusive rapid unfold function is support system and the height of the Matte Box can be adjusted specially designed for rapid lens changing while shooting. quickly to meet the position of the lens. 3. The baseplate The baseplate can be adjusted to four directions to fit cameras of all sizes. 4. Gunstock and battery base With precise CNC workmanship, the battery base can be adjusted vertically and the gunstock contains a toolbox. www.wondlan.com US Wondlan International Shoot movies yourself
  15. 15. Mini Slider Features: Mini Slider Modern design, diversified combination and all-round move make shooting stable and smooth. With supporting legs, the slide can move vertically The high-precision design of slide rail and block, make the sliding stable and smooth It suits all kinds of SLR cameras like Type Product Specification Slide Block Size Sliding Distance Weight Load-Bearing 5D2, 7D, DVs and light camcorders. A L: 80CM W:4CM 8.6*4.2CM 80CM 3.2KG 30KG B L:100CM W:4CM 8.6*4.2CM 100CM 3.6KG 30KG C L:150CM W:4CM 8.6*4.2CM 141CM 4.4KG 30KG Adjustable damping system is convenient to regulate and lock flexibly Add one foot tilted frame can be installed It also can move in all postions when combine wirh single tripod,like a small rocker arm. Its used as the air slider when matches with two tripods The other way can be installed horizontally, the tilt installation
  16. 16. Tripod Tripod Tripod Tripod WL-3100 WL-6100 WL-3100 The most powerful Tripod WL-6100 with 3-way Ball head with secured clip & universal head for SLR cameras, the double-hand allows quick release system you to rotate in any direction, and it can load up to 10kgs. Adjustable level of leg angles, just push down here to set up at various angles 1 2 Elaborate Sponge tube which is antiskid and cold-proof, it feels comfortable 3 4 5 1 Pull out the button, quickly adjust angles of legs Hi-speed locking system, fast and safe 2 One touch locking system, fix itself easily for fixing the legs 3 3 leg angel settings with Quick release leg locks 4 It suit all kinds of SLR Cameras 5 Professional shooting with adjustable ballhead&legs WL-3100 WL-6100 Center column bottom spring hook Leg sections 3 Leg sections 4 can hang weights to stabilize shooting Folded height 640MM Folded height 650MM Min-Max. height 460MM-1570MM Min-Max. height 600MM-1830MM Max. pipe dia. 24MM Max. pipe dia. 32MM Variable spike equipped, for indoor & flatland, please off the spike Weight 1.88KG Weight 3KG Load Capacity 5KG Load Capacity 10KGTripod WL-3100 with Ball Head design is the best choice for outdoor photographactivities. The lightweight and flexible handling will make your shooting more enjoyable.
  17. 17. Tripod Tripod WL-7100 1 2 3 Small and light Tripod WL-7100, but loaded weight is outstanding. It’s made of carbon fiber, equipped with ball head, it has removable leg used to be a monopod. Ballhead with 360 degree panning and quick release system 4 5 6 1 High-speed lock system gives fast lock, just 1.5 round is enough to lock or loose It’s made of carbon fiber and 2 Installable to all ball heads and cameras, it matches perfectly magnesium alloy, which are light 3 Adjust the angle of legs to realize special angle shooting and sturdy. 4 Center column can be separated and made upside down for lower angle shooting 5 One of legs can be released quickly and used as a monopod 6 Transformable monopod makes your fixed shooting come true 3 sections with screw locking system provide you with quick operation WL-7100 Leg sections 4 WL-01 WL-02 WL-03 WL-04 Folded height 469MM Ballhead Maxhight 95MM Ballhead Maxhight 94MM Ballhead Maxhight 130MM Ballhead Maxhight 88MM Min-Max. height 460MM-1630MM Weight 550G Weight 410G Weight 900G Weight 320G Max. pipe dia. 25MM Max Load 4KG Max Load 8KG Max Load 10KG Max Load 5KG Weight 1.15KG Camera Screw 3/8 Camera Screw 3/8 Camera Screw 3/8 Camera Screw 3/8 Load Capacity 8KG
  18. 18. HD Monitor HD Monitor WM - 700C Resolution: 1024x600 Input signal: HDMI,COMPONENT,VIDEO,AUDIO Output signal: COMPONENT,VIDEO,AUDIO Remark:Picture-in-picture function is added in both WM-700C and WM-700D-SDIWondlan has various HD monitors with input & output signals like WM - 700D - SDIHDMI, SDI, etc. Resolution: 1024x600 Input signal: 3G-SDI,HD-SDI, SD-SDI, HDMI, COMPONENT,VIDEO,AUDIO Output signal: 3G-SDI,HD-SDI, SD-SDI, COMPONENT,VIDEO,AUDIO WM - 700A Resolution: 800×480 Input signal: HDMI,VAG,VIDEO WM - 701BWM - 700B Resolution: 1024x600Resolution: 800×480 Input signal: HDMI,YPbPr,VIDEO,AUDIOInput signal : HDMI,YPbPr,VIDEO1,VIDEO2,AUDIO Output signal: VIDEO,HDMISignal output: HDMI, AUDIO Remark:Battery base can be offered in customers’Remark: The product back case including battery slots are demand, including F970, LP-E6, D28, BP.available for two types of batteries: Sony F970 and Sony Battry base:QM91D.
  19. 19. Power Supply Viewfinder 5D2 Power Supply Viewfinder Professional Shooting Tool for SLR Video CamerasFeatures:1. Output hyperpressure protection circuit2. Low static energy consumption3. Low temperature coefficient4. High conversion efficiency5. Automatically locked protection Steps of Assembling & Disassembling Parameters: Lens:50mm professional optical glasses Magnification:2.5 times Screen size:3 inches (or less) Eyecup diameter:60mm External dimension:110mm(L)*70mm(W)*60mm(H)Step1:Remove the 4 fastening screws from the panel of power supply system; Body weight:100gStep2:Separate the power supply system from the back panel;Step3:Connect the back panel with power system bracket of the gunstock;Step4:Fix the front panel and back panel of the power supply system together; Panorama Series Viewfinder perfectly matches the Sniper Support System and professionalStep5:Fix the Wondlan power onto the V-type power supply system; tripod, allowing convenient shooting and outstanding stabilization.Step6:Press the battery release button on one side of the power supply system, and pull out the battery upwards todismantle the Wondlan power.