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City of Waterloo Strategic Plan 2011

  1. 1. My Future . My Say . My Waterloo 2011 - 2014 City of Waterloo Strategic Plan Scan this to see how the city’s Strategic Plan impacts our community. 1
  2. 2. My Future . My Say . My Waterloo Waterloo City Centre A Message From Council The City of Waterloo prides itself on being a great city, where residents of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can thrive in a strong and prosperous community. One of the building blocks of making a great city is good strategic planning; where, as a community, we pause and take a good look at where we are and where we want to be. The process of building a great city is never nished, and The 2011-2014 Strategic Pillars are: neither is the process to create strategic change. In order - Sustainability and Our Living Environment to realize our vision, we need to continuously plan for - Public Engagement Waterloo City Council 2011 - 2014 change. We also need to engage the community, to ensure that their input, ideas and thoughts are captured within - Healthy & Safe Community Back row: Jeff Henry, Karen Scian, Mark Whaley, Melissa Durrell, Scott Witmer our future plans and initiatives. - Vibrant Neighbourhoods Front row: Angela Vieth, Mayor Brenda Halloran, Diane Freeman - Getting Around And that is where this strategic plan started. This document contains thousands of voices, ideas and comments - Economic Vitality collected through face-to-face workshops, online surveys, These pillars, along with the strategic objectives that have view of where we are going. This strategic plan will act committee meetings and comment cards. The feedback been identi ed with each pillar, will guide the direction as a road map that will continue to carry us forward collected helped de ne the six strategic pillars which will of our City for the next four years. As a Council, we as we strive to make Waterloo an even better place to provide the future direction and areas of focus to help are committed to demonstrating leadership in each of live, work and play. move our city forward in the next four years. these areas while providing the community with a clear2 3
  3. 3. My Future . My Say . My Waterloo Waterloo Public Square Our Community Vision In 2029, the City of Waterloo has enhanced its friendly feel, welcoming and accommodating a diversity of people. Waterloo is a caring community where people support each other; a green city with healthy green spaces, land, water and clean air; an economic leader with a strong diverse economy; a community of vibrant neighbourhoods; a learning community with strong ties to its schools, universities and college; an exciting city with abundant recreation, leisure, arts and cultural opportunities; and a city that is accessible to all. Waterloo is a better place to live, work and play than ever. Mission Statement The Corporation of the City of Waterloo is a dedicated team of volunteers, staff and elected of cials who apply leadership, enthusiasm, skill and integrity in providing needed and valued services that help build the best quality of life possible for all of our citizens. Our Values Service Excellence • Personal Leadership • Effective Communication • Healthy Workplace4 5
  4. 4. STRATEGIC PILLARSustainability and Our Living Environment My Future . My Say . My Waterloo Waterloo ParkOur environment and how we care for it is the most highly regarded characteristic of our city.This, combined with climate change, is making sustainability (acting today in a way that will notnegatively affect tomorrow) a key direction for the City of Waterloo.Strategic Objective: Act today, but consider tomorrow • Continue to focus on the action items within the Environmental Strategy in all ve categories:Waterloo will be a city that leaves a legacy of environmental responsibility for futuregenerations. We will continue to value our natural surroundings and take the necessary - Energy, air and wasteactions to maintain and enhance the quality of our living environment. - Planning and growth - Water resources Areas of focus: - Greenspace• Implement components of the new Official Plan upon adoption. - Environmental awareness and culture• ive consideration to creating the Office of Sustainability in order to drive G and promote sustainability across the corporation. • Continue to explore the development of “good pedestrian environments” that focus on providing a great sense of place from a pedestrian perspective.• Consider a baseline for carbon reduction through Sustainable Waterloo involvement. (Urban Design Guidelines)• romote a green culture within the organization and look for opportunities to P • Continue to plan for growing ‘up’ instead of ‘out’. With the declining amount develop green infrastructure where appropriate. of green eld land in Waterloo, there will be a continued shift in how the city• xplore opportunities with energy providers to reduce energy consumption E is developed. and investigate alternative forms of energy where appropriate. • Continue to replace infrastructure to support uptown intensification. • eview the year-round ban on on-street overnight parking and, where appropriate, R This will allow for sustainable urban growth. (Asset Management Strategy) give consideration to overnight on-street parking from May to October.• mplement the priorities within the Council-approved Environmental Strategy I (based on resources and where budget permits).6 7
  5. 5. STRATEGIC PILLAR My Future . My Say . My Waterloo Waterloo Park Sustainability and Our Living Environment CONTINUED ... Strategic Objective: Protect our natural resources Strategic Objective: Be stewards of the environment Waterloo continues to be a leader in the protection of natural resources through Waterloo will maintain and enhance its role as caretaker of the environment, both environmental initiatives. We must continue to look for and consider assigning locally and beyond our borders, through the work with our various partners and nancial resources in the areas that directly improve the quality of the natural stakeholders. environment within the City. Areas of focus: Areas of focus: • ontinue with the 10,000 Trees project and provide detailed updates on the C • onitor and manage the light levels in new developments through the use of M number and locations of trees planted. lighting standards. (Urban Design Guidelines) • ontinue to purchase environmentally sensitive lands when they become available. C • Be caretakers of the various streams and creeks within the City. (Environmental Strategy) • Conserve and protect the quality of our drinking water. • Explore the opportunities of becoming a partner to the Sustainable Waterloo initiative. (Environmental Strategy)8 9
  6. 6. STRATEGIC PILLARPublic Engagement My Future . My Say . My Waterloo Waterloo Public SquareTechnology and communications are evolving at an ever-increasing rate. And with this evolution comes apublic appetite for more information delivered in a convenient and timely manner. Engaging the communityis critical as we move forward. We need to tell the community not only what we are doing, but, moreimportantly, why we are doing it. We also need to provide as many two-way communication channelsas possible so that the City maintains the connection with residents.Strategic Objective: Reach out and communicate more • Explore opportunities to provide information in locations other than those owned by the City, but where the City has a presence (e.g. Conestoga Mall).Waterloo residents want to be informed, connected and engaged in everything theCity does. They also want the opportunity to both have their voices heard and to be • Explore the creation of City of Waterloo ‘apps’ for mobile devices. able to access information when they want it. Providing these opportunities is a critical • Explore opportunities to link students in all aspects of the community. function of the City and will continue to be a focus as technology and communicationchannels evolve. • Expand and enhance communication channels and provide two-way communication opportunities for residents and stakeholders of the City. Areas of focus: • Work with Kitchener, Region of Waterloo, Cambridge, local townships and other agencies and stakeholders to survey the community regularly to obtain feedback• sing the recently adopted Public Involvement Guidelines, develop a community U whenever it’s required. (Joint Services Initiative) engagement action plan and roll it out over the next four years outlining what the City will do to engage our citizens. (Public Involvement Guidelines) • Build on the quality-of-life improvements. Knowing that 66% of people surveyed feel that uptown Waterloo is better/improved, continue to explore opportunities• xplore new and more effective ways of providing information to residents E to build on the successes within our uptown area. and stakeholders, focusing on convenient delivery and speedy responses.10 11
  7. 7. STRATEGIC PILLAR My Future . My Say . My Waterloo Information Session Public Engagement CONTINUED ... Areas of focus: • ook at developing a regular reporting program for our Council committees, L Strategic Objective: Gather information and listen to and build these reports into Strategic Plan updates. what the public is saying • here the City has garnered recognition from outside agencies and groups, W Monitoring trends and public opinion, and linking those trends together with an inform residents not only what we have achieved, but why we have achieved it. action plan, will require the ability to see the bigger picture. Maintaining open • ook at creating a new and better way to deliver City news and stories to L channels of respectful communication will be critical as the City moves forward residents and stakeholders. in this regard. Areas of focus: Strategic Objective: Help people nd what they need • ook at building a city-wide email list and an electronic communications L Residents want quick access to information about City services and how to resolve vehicle for quick delivery of City information. problems that they may encounter. They also want information to be in plain and simple language, rather than technical jargon. The City will strive to provide quick • Refresh the City’s website and link to social media channels. and easy access to information through a variety of sources, while using the • e aware that other governments within the region may move toward a B appropriate level of technology and language to deliver messages. regional 311 system, and give consideration to partnering in that initiative. Areas of focus: Strategic Objective: Tell our story • ook at providing opportunities for the public to obtain the information they need, L Residents and stakeholders want to hear about our stories and experiences with with a preference on methods that are less resource dependant, such as e-services. our partners and the community – it’s the evolution of delivering City information. • ontinue to work with neighbourhoods located near areas of potential intensification C The sharing of these stories will help community members better understand initiatives, and help resolve issues related to the continued vertical growth of the City. spur others to action and make Waterloo a better place to live, work and play. • se plain language in reports, advertisements and notices. If ads have to be technical U by law, aim to post a one-paragraph plain language explanation of the report and provide a link to that explanation within the report.12 13
  8. 8. STRATEGIC PILLARHealthy & Safe Community My Future . My Say . My Waterloo RIM ParkThe health and safety of our residents continues to be one of the top and most crucial pillars.As Council moves into this 2011-2014 term, there are expectations such as providing clean water,snow removal, good roads and re protection, but there are also desires to grow our city moreinclusively and be aware of housing costs.Strategic Objective: Be healthy and safe • ive consideration to the development of a “walk and watch” program. This program G would look at encouraging walkers to be the “eyes on the street” within parks, The essential services that the City provides are often taken for granted, including trails, environmental areas and neighbourhoods. re protection, the delivery of clean water and the collection of sanitary sewage.These services are always a high priority for the City and our residents. However, • ork with the Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council as they implement their Wthere are additional areas of focus that go into the development of a healthy and Smart on Crime Strategy in an effort to build safe neighbourhoods through strongsafe community. The City will continue to nurture these areas to help promote community partnerships.and maintain a safe community for all. • ontinue to advocate for improved health-care facilities and programs. C Areas of focus: • onsider a “best pedestrian environment” category in the renewed Urban Design C Awards – people understand a good pedestrian environment when they’re in it.• Engage with other partners within the region as they develop their strategic plans in efforts to improve partnerships and focus on joint initiatives. Examples include • ontinue to address our infrastructure deficit, with a focus on our nodes and C Waterloo Regional Police Service and our post-secondary institutions. corridors areas that are expected to further intensify in the future.• On matters that are regulated by law, report regularly to Council using statistics and • ontinue to implement the various master plans related to a healthy and safe C compare Waterloo against other similar-sized communities in the province. community (e.g. Fire Master Plan) and prioritize the various activities of those Examples would include water quality and re response times reported through master plans through the budget review process. the Public Sector Accounting Board requirements. 14 15
  9. 9. STRATEGIC PILLAR My Future . My Say . My Waterloo Waterloo Public Square Healthy & Safe Community CONTINUED ... Strategic Objective: Be inclusive Strategic Objective: Promote recreation and culture The cultural makeup of our city is changing, and a more diverse population is becoming Recognizing that recreation and culture mean different things to different people, the norm. This varied population will continue to evolve and will have different desires the City must strive to make Waterloo a place for all ages and cultures to live and ideas regarding the services that the City should consider. It is important that the and play. An examination of the past, while focusing on the future, will help the City be aware of these cultural differences and be in a position to engage these groups. City build on an already exceptional recreation and cultural framework. Areas of focus: Areas of focus: • Look at developing an inclusion strategy. • ecognize that a blend of services and cultural opportunities will be required as R the City continues to grow and develop. Look for opportunities to develop • rovide mechanisms for the public to give feedback in identifying city-wide P programs, initiatives and projects that link these vital pieces together. accessibility issues through our website. • Consider developing a heritage strategy. • omplete and implement an electronic volunteer management system to enhance C the recruitment and engagement of volunteers. (Volunteer Engagement Strategy) • Implement the low-rise residential rental housing bylaw. • ontinue to work with partners and stakeholders in efforts to nurture and C • ecognize that the development of great public spaces is critical in R encourage safe and affordable housing alternatives. the development of a vibrant city. • ook at developing a senior/zoomer strategy. Conduct the necessary L • ontinue to implement the Waterloo Park Master Plan with priority C engagement to nd out their needs and desires. on developing the action sports park, front-entrance gates along Father David Bauer Drive and an accessible playground. • n issues that relate to a fire safe community, our fire and rescue service will O Implement as resources and budget permit. (Waterloo Park Master Plan) continue to educate those who live, work and play in our community on the value of re safety. We will continue to strive for an effective and ef cient response to those • Continue to work with our Library partners as we open the new in need through annual reporting to Council. West Side Waterloo Library.16 17
  10. 10. STRATEGIC PILLARVibrant Neighbourhoods My Future . My Say . My Waterloo Eastbridge Green ParkWe all live in neighbourhoods, whether it be a suburban dwelling or an uptown high rise.Our neighbourhoods are a re ection of who we are. We walk on our neighbourhood streets,we shovel our snow and we plant our gardens. This is where we live, and this is where things happenat the grassroots level. Encouraging development and involvement in our neighbourhoods is agood thing, and will contribute to the vibrancy of Waterloo.Strategic Objective: Encourage vibrant neighbourhoods • Look at developing a neighbourhood strategy and consider:by building from the ground up - Participatory budgeting for neighbourhood associationsThe City will strive to develop walkable, bikeable and connected neighbourhoods. - A program to allow closure of local streets, or parts thereof,Providing people with opportunities to work and play in the same neighbourhood from May to October for street barbecues/get-togethersas they live will encourage strong cultural links within the community. - Neighbourhood-based programs that promote, identify and Areas of focus: celebrate the different geographic and/or cultural elements within the city• Promote and encourage inclusivity within the City’s various neighbourhoods and stakeholder groups. • Promote the creation of complete and integrated communities and neighbourhoods.• Promote and encourage community gardens. 18 19
  11. 11. STRATEGIC PILLAR My Future . My Say . My Waterloo Willis Way & King Street Getting Around Whether we are walking, driving a car, riding a bicycle, taking public transit or using some other means, getting from A to B is important. With more intensi cation and a strong desire to evolve to a more sustainable lifestyle, there are more walkers and cyclists than ever before. These modes of transportation are not just recreational anymore – they’ve become a big part of how we get around. Strategic Objective: Support all forms of transportation Strategic Objective: Look for alternatives as The City of Waterloo recognizes that every alternative mode of transportation has energy prices continue to uctuate seen some growth over the years, and, as a City, we should be encouraging a reduction With traditional transportation modes being one of the largest greenhouse gas in private automobile use as we become more compact and walkable. contributors, the City will continue to explore energy and environmentally-friendly Areas of focus: transportation alternatives. • upport public transit in order to encourage the long-term intensification S Areas of focus: of the City along our nodes and corridors. (Transportation Master Plan) • Continue to build bicycle networks and complete gaps in the trail system so • romote improvement of east/west corridors across the city, especially in P people can commute, not just exercise. (Transportation Master Plan) light of Grand River Transit plans for north/south spine improvements. • Move toward implementation of the City’s Transportation Master Plan as • onsider the development of car-free days on appropriate streets C funding and resources allow. (e.g. square2square initiative) and combine closures with festivals or other • Continue to look for ways to reduce energy consumption in our City vehicles events whenever possible. to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. • ork with Grand River Transit to increase bus service in evenings and W • Give consideration to the construction of a paid parking lot behind (east of) weekends where possible, targeting the places where people want to be. City Hall on lands owned by the corporation. • onsider reductions in speed limits on appropriate municipal streets C • Continue to consider all avenues of transportation through the city, with the to provide safety to growing numbers of cyclists. progression of Grand River Transit and alternative transportation options. • s the uptown core intensifies, look at developing a traffic management A Grand River Transit (GRT) plan requiring deliveries to businesses and residences in off-peak hours.20 21
  12. 12. STRATEGIC PILLAREconomic Vitality My Future . My Say . My Waterloo Research In MotionWaterloo’s thriving economy continues to evolve and grow in many sectors. The City’s economic vitalityis a key pillar of success. Building, learning, living, playing and doing business in Waterloo will continue todepend on a number of internal and external factors that require ongoing attention and action.Strategic Objective: Be the location of choice for a Strategic Objective: Enable and strengthen ouryoung, educated labour force learning institutionsRetaining a young, educated labour force is essential to the long-term health of our Waterloo is fortunate to have three post-secondary institutions within its borders,community. Promoting a vibrant nightlife, having a strong post-secondary presence, and continued growth and partnerships with these institutions will have anproviding opportunities for creative workspaces and having an entrepreneurial spirit increasingly positive effect on our City. The City will continue to explorewill continue to make the City a great place to live and work. opportunities to engage and partner with these institutions. Areas of focus: Areas of focus:• ork with Waterloo’s Economic Development Advisory Committee and other W • ocus efforts on assisting the University of Waterloo to develop the Northwest F advisory committees of Council as needed to develop an action plan for the kind of Campus lands in order to get further return on the City’s nancial investment in cultural facilities/features needed to retain skilled labour in the community. underground infrastructure on those lands. Look at developing a program to make these things happen (use partners as needed) • ontinue to share our Strategic Plan initiatives with our post-secondary partners. C and engage our post-secondary institutional partners. Be aware of each others’ initiatives, and look for opportunities for collaboration. • ontinue to build on what has become a thriving uptown with a focus on good C • ontinue to partner with post-secondary institutions on projects like the C pedestrian-oriented development as the uptown continues to evolve. This will Sustainable Waterloo initiative, and build on joint successes. continue to be the heart of the City for the foreseeable future. (Uptown Vision 2025)22 23
  13. 13. STRATEGIC PILLAR My Future . My Say . My Waterloo Sun Life Financial Economic Vitality CONTINUED ... Areas of focus: • Partner with others and let them promote the City internationally Strategic Objective: Continue to build the knowledge economy through their mandates. (e.g. Canada’s Technology Triangle) With a xed boundary limiting growth on a horizontal plane, the direction for growth • Look at directing municipal resources toward local economic in physical space required for the knowledge economy will continue to be vertical. development initiatives. The refurbishing of existing oor space, the development of new employment areas and construction of new space will be paramount. • Leverage the Intelligent Community award where appropriate. • Rebrand the Sustainable Waterloo initiative so it is more reflective of Areas of focus: the overall goals of the project. (i.e. it’s more than environmental initiatives) • Implement the Employment Lands Strategy. • With additional levels of public involvement in land development processes and • ive consideration to the implementation of brownfield policies that will G the high cost of dealing with appeals under the Planning Act, the City should give provide for the redevelopment/intensi cation of underutilized lands and buildings. consideration to its role as owner/developer of employment land. (Employment Land Strategy) Strategic Objective: Act globally, but think locally… rst • Continue to explore strategies to support manufacturing in order to assist in retaining/expanding businesses. Waterloo has earned the reputation of being a centre for creative excellence, and will continue to generate new and exciting business opportunities at both the local • Give consideration to the development of a Tax Increment Grant (TIG) and international levels. The City recognizes that local actions have a bearing on the program upon completion of the new Of cial Plan. success of businesses and continued partnerships with stakeholder groups will further • Be flexible in our capital work program in order to take advantage of develop economic opportunities locally. government-funded infrastructure programs if and when they become available.24 25
  14. 14. How this document will be used Corporate Principle: Be focused on the public Areas of focus: • Develop a key performance indicators list and report on it regularly. The Strategic Plan helps set the direction the City will move in from 2011-2014. While this is not a • Advise the public on how we’re doing through regular Strategic Plande nitive list of action items and focus areas, the key pillars and strategic directions will provide the and nancial reporting.public, various agencies, community stakeholders and staff with an overall sense of direction. • Continue to expand e-services. (IMTS Master Plan)Speci c action items will be further developed through the budget process, and elements of the • Continue to implement Records Management Plan.Strategic Plan will be rolled into departmental business plans where appropriate. • Continue to look for ways to enhance two-way communication channels.The City will continue to provide our base operational services. Any new action items will be Corporate Principle: Be the best at what we doprioritized along with the base operational services that the City is expected to and/or must provide Areas of focus:based on legislative requirements. A supplementary document to the Strategic Plan will be created • Take pride in being the best at providing services to the public. following the budget review. This document will outline speci c action items along with progress • Be fiscally responsible by living within our means. indicators and will accompany regular reporting to Council. • Perform a master plans analysis to determine overlaps and conflicts and provide an annual report on the status of master plans. • Work with other levels of government on a survey strategy to combine efforts CORPORATE FOUNDATION PRINCIPLES • equire that committees of Council (where appropriate) make presentations to R at surveying the community. (Joint Services Initiative) each other during the Council term, describing mandates and key initiatives so For more information regarding theCorporate Principle: Be innovative that information sharing and growth opportunities can be promoted. • Celebrate successes as the implementation of the Strategic Plan moves forward. City of Waterloo’s Strategic Plan, • Continue to reduce debt when opportunities to do so become apparent. • Complete and implement a corporate volunteering policy. please contact: Areas of focus: • s part of the 2012 Development Charge Bylaw review, engage all departments A • Complete the corporate space plan for all facilities with short-term and 100 Regina Street South• Build a culture of “let’s try it”, rather than “we better not do that”. Waterloo, ON N2J 4A8 to ensure that all opportunities available under the Development Charges Act long-term recommendations.• Complete an analysis on “what business should the City be in”, and determine if there are being explored. Email: • Continue to invest in our people. Coach, mentor and lead staff so that a are any things the City is currently doing that we should not be doing. Phone: 519-886-1550 • Move toward a sponsorship model of funding for City facilities/programs culture of being the best at what we do will prevail.• Focus on resource realignment where possible, placing resources in areas of where appropriate. • Provide learning opportunities for staff and members of the public on place-making importance and removing resources where there are areas of overlap with • Explore budget optimization models that link strategic priorities to budget and liveable city concepts and apply these in projects and proposals. other providers of that service. dollars in order to justify spending in respective areas.• Grow and develop partnerships with others to do things more effectively and cheaper. • Consider merging new ideas for environmental initiatives, projects, programs • Continue to encourage staff to come forward with ideas for administrative and partnerships being developed through the Environmental Strategy with improvements with cost savings through the Continual Improvement Plan. the Continual Improvement process.• Explore new areas of potential funding, with a focus on sustainable (i.e. not one-time) sources.26 27
  15. 15. www.waterloo.ca28