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An overview of us as an agency and the team behind the creative.

An overview of us as an agency and the team behind the creative.

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  • 1. www.bewonderful.co.ukCredentials
  • 2. Clients
  • 3. WebWe’ve adopted a holistic approach to web • Full web analyticsenvironments and take our clients on a • Website design/UCDcomplete journey when developing theironline presence. Starting with user-centred • HTML email campaignsdesign during the creative phase, our creative • CMS driven website developmentand technical teams take web projectsthrough each stage of development until • Intranet developmentthey result in attractive, clear, future proofwebsites using industry leading content • Social media integrationmanagement systems. We make sure all ourwebsites have full web analytics, includingmeasurements and reporting.Providing web services to boot, ourportfolio includes intranet development andall areas of online marketing such as emailmarketing campaigns, Google pay-per-clickcampaigns, Search Engine Optimisation andaffiliate marketing.
  • 4. Social mediaOur social media team is expert at planning • Social media planningsocial media campaigns and writing policies • Policy writingfor small and large companies in everyindustry sector. • Content generationUpon completing the planning and policy • Social media channel designprocess we love creating bespoke blogs,designer social media advertising campaigns • Website blog creationfor all platforms including YouTube, Twitterand Facebook and building LinkedIn profiles • Facebook advertising campaignsand strategies. • Social media workshopsWe can help with consumer demographictesting and the management of all campaigns • Page moderationincluding page moderation, reporting and • Consumer demographic testingrunning workshops for key stakeholders. • Customer interactivity through social media
  • 5. MobileWhether you want your current website • Multi platform developmentconverted for viewing on a mobile deviceor a fully featured iPhone, iPad or Android • Mobile optimised websitesapplication, our team of developers and user • iPhone/iPad games and Applicationsinterface consultants will be able to create theright solution. • Mobile advertising campaignsWe have partnerships with many large mobile • Mobile strategy and planningdevice manufacturers and we are registered ascertified Apple and Android developers. And, • Application communication server setup andbecause we can handle your entire mobile maintenanceproject internally, we offer you a highly cost- • Multi level UI designeffective service. • Experience tracking • Mobile demographic reporting
  • 6. BrandingOur experience means we understand how • Brandingto grow and develop brands. When working • Competitor analysiswith clients, we will often take a step back andanalyse and assess every key element of the • Key values analysisbrand and everything we do helps to defineand build that brand ethos. • Mission statement developmentWe work with clients on a full rebrand • Logo design and developmentprocess, culminating in a fresh set of internaland external communications, as well as • Internal and external communicationsdevelopment of brand strategies. We also • Livery designdeliver training to help employees understandthe values of the brand and the whole rebrand • Signage designprocess; what it means for the company,why it is important and how it improves thecompany’s position and communications.
  • 7. AdvertisingWonderful has a vast range of advertising • Campaign concept creationexperience from international to European • Cinema advertising campaignsonline campaigns, outdoor to indoor projectsand campaigns for international to growing • Radio campaignsbusinesses and brands. With so many • Online flash advertising campaignsplatforms to use, we choose those best suited • Online dynamic advertising campaignsto your brand and the aims of your brief and • Online and offline banner campaignsdeliver the campaign with great creative. • Press advertising campaignsWhile we develop advertising campaignsfor cinema, radio, outdoor and press with • Advertising across other printed mediaa confidence that comes with experience,our expertise lies in online advertising, Flashadvertising and dynamic advertising. And,being adept at media planning and buying,our team can help companies get the bestreturn on investment.
  • 8. Offline marketingThere isn’t anything Wonderful hasn’t done • Pop-up displays • Photographyover the years with offline marketing. Our • Multi-media displays • Copywritingcreativity comes alive with the challengesof designing newsletters, annual reports, • Lighting and sound • Corporate stationarymarketing collateral, brochures and visualand spacial projects such as exhibition and • Large Format Banners • Newsletter creationevent displays. • Display marketing materialFrom direct mail campaigns to loyalty cardlaunches, photography to poster campaigns, • Promotional giftswe are well-versed at managing international • Brochure designbrands through to growing businesses. • Annual report creation • Direct mail campaigns • Poster campaigns
  • 9. Event marketingWonderful has extensive experience in all • Full service event marketingforms of event marketing. From hiring art • Online booking systemgalleries through to corporate training events,the team can handle all aspects of event • Email Marketingmarketing and event management. • Database event marketingOur recent projects include event marketingfor Uk’s highest profile business dinner and • Full service event managementconference, as well as a three day outdoorfestival attracting thousands of people acrossthe country.
  • 10. TD Affiliate MarketingAbout Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing is the practice of a company financiallyrewarding an affiliate (a publisher) for a sale or lead whichhas been driven from the affiliate’s website via links, banners,creative, etc. Affiliates are the companies or individuals whothrough their online activity attract traffic for their selectedpartners (known as ‘merchants’). Affiliates can use a number ofonline marketing channels to drive online traffic to a merchantsite, this may include paid search, search engine optimisationor email marketing. Thus, affiliates are commonly viewed asan extension of a merchant’s virtual sales force – your onlinebusiness partners.Affiliate marketing is the most cost-effective way of advertisingonline as it is based on CPA (cost per acquisition) model which TradeDoubler provides clients with cutting edge technologymeans that a merchant will only ever pay a commission to an and services which allow them to develop a successful affiliateaffiliate if a sale has been generated by that affiliate. In other marketing campaign by acting as a gateway to large numbers ofwords, the merchant only ever pays on performance. This quality affiliates. Furthermore, CPA remuneration model will offerprocess has been illustrated right: full transparency and control over your online marketing spend.
  • 11. Awards 2010/11Last year...The Wonderful Creative Agency scooped winner in theBest Business from the Creative Industries at the annual Best Business from theKent Excellence in Business Awards and was a finalist in Creative Industriesthe Start-up Business of the Year category.So far this year... FINALIST Young Entrepreneur of the YearDan won won the Entrepreneur of the Year award atKent Invicta Chamber’s ‘Excellence in Business’ Awards. FINALIST Start Up Business of the Year
  • 12. Case Study CMS websiteRedesign and build ofebookersadvertising.comKey Features· Complete design overhaul· Website developed with CMS· Development of fresh sales messages and brand messages· Integration with social media applications Some examples of online advertising we have worked onCampaign: development of ebookersonline advertisingKey Features· Full online advertising campaigns for a wide range of clients· Translation of campaigns into many worldwide languages· Prodcution of search creative
  • 13. Case Study European advertising campaignEuropean online interactiveadvertising campaignThe BriefWonderful has been commissioned to createtwo major Europeanwide online advertisingcampaigns for Park Plaza Hotels and Resorts andart’otel. The projects include online interactiveadvertising through which we will promote ParkPlaza’s flagship London hotel in Westminster.The SolutionWe produced a range of interactive banners thatallowed the end user to sample which hotels wereon offer before clicking through to the main site.In doing so, we promoted the brand as a whole,specific cities in which the hotels can be foundand individual hotels.The campaign will be translated into severaldifferent languages in order to reach eachEuropean market.
  • 14. Case StudyFacebook and TwitterTwitter Facebook tabs
  • 15. Case StudyWebsite banner marquees
  • 16. Case StudyFacebook tabs and email campaign
  • 17. Case StudyTwitter, Facebook, and YouTubeTwitter Facebook YouTube
  • 18. Case Study Tesco dynamic advertising campaignDynamic Flash Advertising (XML Driven)The Brief• Dynamic advertising campaigns• Online advertising campaignsWonderful was given an open brief to develop a flashbanner with dynamic content that pulls in up to theminute information on Tesco’s online wine selection.The SolutionOur ultimate aim was to drive customers to the Tesco’s Winesite in a way that was both innovative and more informative Tesco online advertising campaignthan a usual static Flash banner. The live data is collectedfrom an XML file and the images are from the Tesco’s site.Our widget pulls it all together in one neat package.In addition to this, we have also been helping to boostTesco’s SIM card campaign by creating email and onlinebanner adverts which encourage customers to register fora Tesco SIM card, with the added benefit of being enteredinto a free prize draw for one of six Nokia X8 mobile phones.
  • 19. Case Study Campaign microsite with social media integrationNew microsite with integrated social media pagesThe BriefSave the Children approached Wonderful to create a site to help raise morefunds for Haiti; something we needed to achieve within three days.Beginning on one Tuesday morning, we established and developed thewebsite including its design, a registration system and integrated and brandedsocial media pages. The project was completed on Thursday morning.The microsite was aimed at getting young entrepreneurs to generate ideas of Social Media Email marketinghow to raise funds for the Caribbean country.Objectives: If you are unable to view this email please click here • Website design and build Haiti Earthquake Challenge Save children in Haiti and further your career at the same time • Social media setup • Social media integrationSolution • We successfully delivered the project with excellence and in a very Could you develop a business idea that will bring in sizeable revenues for charity? By 7th February 2010? tight time schedule (Yes, youve only got a week.) And would you like the chance to be mentored by one of Accentures experienced team? if you enter the Business heroes Challenge you: Plus an internship with Save The Children? • will pitch your entrepreneurial skills If you answered Yes the above, you really against others across the country to should put your obvious entrepreneurial spirit • The campaign attracted 23 business ideas, of which five have been see who can raise the most for Haiti to good use by becoming a Save The Children Business Hero. • could win up to £500 funding for your business idea from our sponsors Youll not only improve your own future Reckitt Benckiser and Accenture prospects immeasurably but also those of the • could have the opportunity to work children affected by the earthquake in Haiti. sponsored with an experienced mentor from Accenture to develop your business • will win an internship for summer 2010 with Save the Children if your business raises the most money or is voted Most Innovative Idea • will gain skills and experience to build your CV and to help • Successful social media campaign which attracted followers, comments and you stand out from the crowd at job To take up our Business interviews Heroes Challenge • will be visible to companies across the UK who are looking out for CliCk here great business talent business ideas The Save the Children Haiti business Hero Challenge sponsored by: This email was sent to [email] Click here if you would prefer not to receive offers and emails from us. Design and delivered by Wonderful Creative Agency
  • 20. Case StudyFlash advertising campaignThe BriefWonderful designed and created a flashadvertising campaign for Honda promoting itstest drive service.The SolutionThe banners were used as part of Honda’scampaign which featured on a host of websites.
  • 21. Case StudyWebsite and intranet developmentThe BriefAfter splitting from another Primary Care Trust, Eastern and CoastalKent Community Services became one of the largest PCT’s in Kentwith 3,500 staff. The core of the brief was to improve communicationto staff members, doctors and the general public through thedevelopment of its branding and marketing collateral. This included: • CMS website design and build CMS website • Intranet design and build • More than 70 service leaflets • Internal communication newsletters • Brand developmentThe Solution • Successful implementation of chatrooms and forums for more than 3,500 staff Leaflets and newsletter • Significant increase in Google presence for NHS services • Streamlined communications for all NHS services
  • 22. Case Study Email campaignEmail marketing campaignThe BriefWonderful was commissioned to design andbuild product based email marketing campaign tomarket to the current client database.Wonderful took a completely fresh approach toHalford’s email marketing campaigns. We lookedat the overall corporate branding as well as howthe products are laid out. We undertook a photoshoot to get the key sales message across.
  • 23. Case StudyCorporate site
  • 24. Case Study Html email Examples from the banner campaignEmail marketing campaign and bannersThe BriefWonderful were commissioned to produce anemail marketing campaign and online advertisingcampaign to promote the latest Asda Mobilebranding and offering. Wonderful were taskedto develop fresh creative ideas with clear andtargeted sales messages.
  • 25. Case Study Banner campaignsIntegrated marketing campaignThe BriefWonderful have worked with Keynoir tohelp them develop their brand across allchannels. Working with print advertising, Facebook rebrand and adverts Printed collateralonline advertising, exhibition graphics, customFacebook pages, competition management and As featured in:campaign landing page creation, we have helped Get up to 70% off exclusive London experiences Helloto develop and deliver the creative marketing Keynoir is a buyers club that gives its members access to an indulgent and fun lifestyle. We have direct partnerships with the hottest restaurants, spas, and hotels in London, which allows us to offer huge discounts of up to 70% off normal price. The sales are over fast though; so well send you the best ones straight to your inbox each day.which has ultimately helped to grow this fast Simply join today in 2 easy steps, but hurry, open membership is for a limited time. Step 1: Go to www.keynoir.com Step 2 : Register your e-mail and set your password. Et voila! Instant access to all of London’s most indulgent experiences at a fraction of the price. As a special reward for joining, Igrowing start-up. would like to give you and a friend £5 off your very first purchase. I look forward to bringing you all of the capital’s best offers. Charlotte Rhys-Davies Recent Member exclusives. £114 £76 – SAVE 33% £62 £29 – SAVE 54% Lunch For Two At Ministry of Waxing in Double Michelin - Starred Covent Garden Marcus Wareing Discover the naked truth of a Regularly referred to as the best fine really good wax with Ministry of dining restaurant in London, Marcus Waxing. With a brand new salon Wareing at The Berkeley will blow in the heart of Covent Garden, you away with its sensational food their fast and efficient service will and impeccable service. be a depilatory revelation. £5 Credit towards your first purchase £5 Credit towards your first purchase keynoir.com keynoir.com Code: canarywharf Code: canarywharf
  • 26. Case Study 2008/2009 www.kca.org.ukRebranding campaignThe BriefKCA is a large charity which provides drug andalcohol rehabilitation services to people in thecommunity. The main aim of the project was torefresh KCA’s brand and bring it up-to-date to Brand Guidelinesreflect the charity’s current services and values. Drug, alcohol and mental health servicesThe brief also included: Brand guidelines Annual report • Creating and designing an end of year report Photography from our horse riding and equestrian care group Intensive Community Treatment and Key • Developing brand guidelines and stationery Working Services The high point of the team’s year was winning the Chair’s commendation from the Kent Criminal Justice Board for their work across Kent. I’m not a slave to heroin. I have New initiatives continue to be developed in response to service user needs including the a better quality of life and no introduction of modules on alcohol management longer have to commit crime • Creating and designing a newsletter and anger management. Links continue with adult education services and new community projects to feed my family. have been introduced including horse riding and equestrian care, archaeology, reading groups, cooking groups and an allotment project. In October last year, KCA was awarded the Alcohol Treatment Requirement (ATR) contracts in East Kent and Medway, funded by the Kent Probation Service. This followed a successfulThe Solution pilot which demonstrated a significant reduction in alcohol consumption and crime rates. The team worked hard to establish the two programmes and, by April, 177 people had accessed the service, with many starting to complete their six month ATR orders. Howard Cohn, Kent Probation Service Commissioner said: Content is being used for illustrative purposes only and any person depicted in the Content is a model Lunch at an Intensive Community Treatment and Key Working Service KCA has consistently provided a high level of flexibility and responsiveness to our For me, entering the KCA requirements. An initial ATR pilot project in building was the smartestWe successfully updated KCA’s brand to reflect Thanet has since spread and been extended across Eastern & Coastal Kent and Medway, choice I ever made. Life with a high level of successful offender management and ATR completions. is really good and I feel privileged and grateful. Activity levelsits current services and values. The rebrand has Intensive Community Treatment and Key Working Services 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 08-09 % change Total number of voluntary and 350 590 761 29% It’s kept me out DRR clients seen of trouble, out of prison and backallowed the charity to bid for larger contracts. 13 Impact Report 2008/2009 14 at work. Twelve months ago I walked through the door to my local KCA Over the past 5 years, services with an addiction to opiates. My health and wellbeing had been the DTMU team have built deteriorating for some time. I had been served with a drug rehabilitation up a successful relationship requirement to attend the KCA Intensive Community Treatment and Key with KCA staff, ranging from the Administrative Working Service, as well as weekly key worker sessions and counselling. team through to the Chief Over 10 months KCA helped me tackle my drug problem. They Executive. Their engagement also helped with building my confidence and gave sessions on and commitment to achieve assertiveness and providing daily meals until I felt ready to enter excellent quality within their into a drug detox centre. NDTMS data, and, since October 2007, to implement I spent two weeks on a reduction programme from my prescribed the Treatment Outcome medication and I left the programme happy, confident, and best of Profile successfully has been all, completely drug free. particularly appreciated by For me, entering the KCA building was the smartest choice I ever the DTMU. made. Life is really good and I feel privileged and grateful. If you work Regina Lally the programme you can really change your life for the better. Drug Treatment Monitoring Unit Manager 11 Impact Report 2008/2009 12
  • 27. Case Study CMS website Email marketing CBI html email Annual Conference London Hilton on Park Lane Opportunity, growth & investment A vital conference for anyone involved in UK business Book nowWebsite design and build The CBI’s annual conference never fails to Showcase the voice of UK business. Last year the conference brought together the leaders of the three major political parties, in uential businessmen and KEY SPEAKERS THIS YEAR Helen Alexander President, CBI international speakers. Business needsThe Brief 2010 is a vital year for the voice of British business to be heard as a new government sets to the task of restoring the public nances and sustaining economic growth. The conference will draw a high-level group of speakers to Nick Buckles Chief executive G4S debate the issues around opportunity, growth and investment.Wonderful was commissioned by the Rare opportunity to hear high pro le Rt Hon Paul Martin international speakers Former prime minister of Canada O ering a mix of keynote addresses and panel sessions, the day allows you to express your opinions on business matters close to your heart.Confederation of British Industry to design It is a lively place for debate - who else can gather the elite of Paul Tucker British business together for one day under one roof? Deputy governor Bank of England It is not big government that will drive us out of the recession and into sustainable recovery. It is Jon Snowand build a website for its prominent people like you; entrepreneurs, business people, Presenter Channel 4 News wealth creators. David Cameronannual conference. Don’t miss out on this fantastic event! Find out more In association with: Principal sponsor:The CBI conference is one of the most highprofile business and industry events of the Bespoke booking systemyear which is attended by some of the mostinfluential people in the country. Last year,the event brought together the leaders ofthe three major political parties, leading Online advertisingbusinessmen and international speakers.The SolutionWe designed and built the website so itwas consistent with the CBI’s branding. Wedeveloped the site in a way which integratedblip.tvwww.blip.tv and Amiando payment gateway.
  • 28. Corporate Social Responsibility We are hugely excited to support such a great charity. It has been an honour to have them as our charity of the year and we look forward to raising funds and helping them practically in 2010.We hold the work of charities which have a child with a life- pro bono marketing and brandingin high regard and are very limiting condition. work for the charity and others inkeen to give something back to the county. As part of our fundraising weour community. are baking cakes, jumping out We also sponsor events and of planes, bungee jumpingAs such, we have pledged to donate some of our profits to and taking part in runs andraise £20K for Demelza House the not-for-profit sector and marathons. We are also hosting aChildren’s Hospice which this year we have supported large quiz night.currently cares for more than the likes of Restoring Hands,570 families across Kent, East Aside from raising funds through Habitation UK, a training centreSussex and South East London crazy activities, we have completed and Saturation Trust.
  • 29. Business Heroes is a fund-raising competition to encourage young people to raiseTestimonials money for Save the Children’s emergency work in Haiti. We came up with the idea immediately after the earthquake struck and urgently needed a website and registration platform for the competition.We enlisted the services of the Wonderful Creative Agency Wonderful Creative did an awesome job for The agency helped me to developfor the development of their web site having discovered the us in a very short space of time. They first an integrated marketing strategyCompany by chance on a Google map. heard about the competition on a Friday in the South East. Their creative afternoon. They came to Reading to visit us onTheir brief was to make best use of current technology but and strategic thinking enabled us Monday afternoon, and by Thursday a highlyto keep the site simple to use, easy on the eye and provide professional and beautifully designed website to communicate intelligently witha feel and content that would suit young and old users alike. was live for the launch of competition. See our customers and to keep ourIn addition we were keen to see the firm move forward with www.businessheroes.org.uk I know thatthe use of Social Networking features such as Twitter and marketing fresh. Their attitude and several people worked overnight to makeFacebook and this has been incorporated. results were excellent throughout this happen. That they did so is a testamentThe result shows the brief was adhered to and it met our to Wonderful’s client commitment and the campaign.expectations by allowing a better display of properties superior service. Heather Haddelseyoffered through Page and Wells. It is a site we are proud Zella King - Publicity Manager, ACASto promote and good feed back to date suggests that the - Original Business Heroes Concept CreatorWonderful design team got it right.Murray Wells – Founder and Owner of Page and Wells
  • 30. Testimonials I have known the team at Wonderful for Wonderful were great to work with. They several years now, and have been pleased with delivered against a challenging schedule, their work each time we have engaged. They were good value for money and created a are professional and deliver on time. consistent identity across all communication materials which were pitched just right forCBI appointed Will and Wonderful Creative Most recently, we worked on Facebook the target audience. A job well done!Agency to develop the 2010 CBI annual campaigns and dynamic ads, which enabled us to use our Facebook page more effectively by Jo Kingston - Save the Childrenconference website. They interpreted our brief creating custom welcome pages, promotionalvery well and the finished website at: areas and competition sections. Throughwww.cbiannualconference.org.uk gives us an running these competitions we increasedexcellent platform from which to achieve our Facebook fans if Keynoir and were able to Workshops convert them from Facebook fans to memberspolicy and commercial onjectives relating to this I found the workshop really useful; the set of the parent business.key CBI event. We look forward to working with up worked well and the content was great.Will and Wonderful again in the near future. Their work on product based landing pages, Suzanna Darling - Kent County Council adverts and print ad’s for us outperformedTop qualities: the ads we used from other agencies. I was skeptical at first, and then becameGreat Results, Personable, Good Value I would recommend anyone serious about the a positive convert. I now want to bring digital space to consider Wonderful. blogging to my organisation!Graham Smith Head of Marketing at CBI Glen Drury – Keynoir Suzanna Williams - Surrey County Council
  • 31. Key Working Group Dan Maudhub Managing Director Dan is Wonderful’s Managing Director. He has been involved in online marketing and brand building since 2002 and successfully ran a buzz building agency, which he merged to form the Wonderful Creative Agency. His passion for growing businesses through creative and strategic marketing has seen some work with some of the world’s largest brands as well as SME’s.
  • 32. Key Working Group Darren Eagles Creative Director Darren has worked with some of the world’s largest brands on international advertising and brand building campaigns, including Vodafone, British Airways and Tesco. Working for some of the major London agencies, his years of big brand experience, combined with his business understanding, place him perfectly as Wonderful’s Creative Director.
  • 33. Key Working Group Richard Parsons Consultant Director Richard has recently joined Wonderful to overview strategy, diversity and developing the business. He has over thirty years’ experience in various specialist sectors that include financial markets, inward investment and the business press. He spent more than 25 years working across the globe for ANZ Investment Bank including stints running trading activities as far afield as Melbourne, Hong Kong and New York. Leaving the City of London in 2002 he worked with two leading regional media groups, publishing business newspapers before setting up his own specialist inward investment consultancy which he runs in conjunction with his work at Wonderful. Richard has a passion for most sports and he coaches senior cricket at the South’s leading cricket club, The Mote in Maidstone. Relevant Experience: The Bank of England, The Lord Mayor’s Office, Corporation of London, University of Kent, International Financial Services London, China Britain Business Council, Kent Messenger Group, KoS Media.
  • 34. Key Working Group Pete Campbell Head of Technical Development Pete is Wonderful’s Head of Technology. He has this broad title, because he has experience in a huge range of programming languages and business systems. He has worked on developing systems for brands such as Siemens, Eversheds, Moonpig.com, IMS Health, NICEIC and IG Index. Pete heads up our software development, programming and mobile application development team.
  • 35. The teamEach team member has been carefully chosen for their creativity, experienceand success in their respective area.Rachel Worzencraft Head of Copy Will Moore Head of Digital Innovations Martin Revelle Interactive DeveloperRelevant Experience: Halifax, Royal Mail, Woolworths, Will specialises in promoting holistic web environments, focusing Martin was trained in Professional Sound and Video TechnologyWarner Lambert, Superdrug, Seat, Heinz, Sky, Ballentines, not just on one specific element of social media, but creating a at Salford University before working for a TV company on the IsleEvening Standard. ‘web suite’ for our clients - incorporating a CMS/Blog, Facebook of Wight. Having more than 13 years experience in producing and Page, Twitter Account, Flickr etc, as well as creating viral marketing editing video, Martin has worked for a host of TV channels. FourSinta Price Senior Designer ideas and email campaigns. years of his time was spent with Solent TV where he produced a A keen amateur photographer and videographer, Will can often be daily news programme and was responsible for editing, advertising,Sinta grew up in Indonesia, lived in America and then moved to found around the UK coastline documenting one of his loves - the motion graphics and audio. He also ran his own, successful mediaEngland where she met her Australian husband! She has a BA in sea and UK surf scene. business before he joined Wonderful.Graphic Design, eight years’ industry experience and works at alightning pace. Sinta is also a keen musician, recently qualified as a As a drummer, Martin can often be found tapping tunes on objectsdance instructor and can cut hair like a pro. What a creative girl! around the office. Kristy Bourne Account Manager Kristy has recently joined the Wonderful team after spending aChantal Wegrzyn Senior Designer few years working as a newspaper journalist. She’s also spent time Michael Puffett Non-Executive DirectorWe love having Chantal in the office because she’s full of smiles, working in magazine features and as a radio broadcaster. Kristy is one Michael is our non-executive director and has a vast amount ofbakes lots of goodies and is a very cheery person. She also has of Wonderful’s Account Managers with a hand for copywriting. She experience and skills in business, leadership and entrepreneurship.a first class honours degree in Graphic Design, an eye for detail brings quite a varied scenery to Wonderful life as she often changes Having set up seven charities, Michael knows how to runand five years’ industry experience which makes her a valuable her hair colour and style and has a Heinz variety of laughs. organisations from the grass roots to the very top levels ofaddition to our creative team. Chantal enjoys feeding people and responsibility. As well as this, Michael spends much of his timeplaying jazz flute. travelling the globe presenting leadership conferences and Lydia Moore Account Manager workshops and developing leadership training material. Lydia plays a vital role in bringing together the creative andChris Higgins Head of New Media strategic elements of any campaign. She works with the team toChris used to be our Digital Media Specialist, but we’ve decided ensure client campaigns are delivered to the highest standardthat ‘Pixel Wizard’ is a more fitting title. Hailing from the Isle of Wight, and on time. Her passion for creativity is fuelled by her degreeChris gained a first class honours degree from the London College in photography and is proven by the fact she currently owns 22of Music and Media and has clocked up more than eight years cameras. She is often involved in photo shoots for Wonderful andexperience working in digital media. At Wonderful, Chris makes is mum to a cat called Dali.videos, builds websites and creates funky idents whilst regaling uswith tales from his youth on ‘the Island’.
  • 36. Why Wonderful? Wonderful is a great choice for an organisation that is looking for fresh, new creative solutions to their design, advertising and media issues, whether traditional or digital, online or offline. We provide our clients with an original and progressive Head Office creative direction, that will both attract new customers 11 Ashford Road Maidstone and enhance the brand, now shown-off to its best possible Kent ME14 5DA advantage by Wonderful ideas and design. Tel: 0845 2000 278 And even better is that Wonderful can offer London-standard If you would like more information creativity and digital expertise without the London price tag, please email: giving our clients an amazingly cost-effective solution. dan.maudhub@bewonderful.co.uk A partnership with Wonderful is a progression towards a more evolved media future. www.bewonderful.co.uk