Women's Forum Global Meeting 2011 - Best Of Book (Part 1)


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From the Women's Forum Global Meeting 2011: sessions highlights, key facts and key figures, and pictures (Part 1).

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Women's Forum Global Meeting 2011 - Best Of Book (Part 1)

  1. 1. WOMEN’S FORUM GLOBAL MEETING 11 www.womens-forum.com Save the date for the next meetings WOMEN’S FORUM BRAZIL São Paulo Brazil 4-5 June 2012 What if ? Challenge, imagination, commitment WOMEN’S FORUM GLOBAL MEETING Deauville France 13 14 15 October 2011 8th Edition Deauville France 10-11-12 October 2012 59 boulevard Exelmans 75781 Paris Cedex 16 - France Phone: + 33 1 58 18 62 00 Fax: + 33 1 58 18 62 01 contact@womens-forum.comCOUV.indd 1 WOMEN’S FORUM GLOBAL MEETING 11 09/02/12 16:29
  2. 2. Editorial W hat drew a record audience – 1,430 a worldwide multi-media consultation on participants from 84 countries – What will women’s empowerment mean to the 2011 Global Meeting? The for men?; sessions on networks, executive chance to hear unique insights to help leadership, and board participation). We plot possible futures for themselves, their opened to a new country, Brazil, via its companies and their countries; and the delegation, and to Millennials through Gen opportunity to interact with women and men Y topics and speakers. Many also gained leaders from Europe and the world. personally through workshops on well- being, social technology and media training. But underlying this was the pull the Forum exerts on all those who attend: its vitality, its The unanticipated events which led us creative energy, and the space it opens for to adopt “What if?” as the 2011 program women’s voices to be heard on the major theme are not proving unique. Social and issues of our day. If many of those attending economic transformation can be positive for felt the tremors in the global economy, women – witness Brazil or China – but it can surely they appreciated a dose of resilience, also increase an already-heavy burden and creativity, and encouragement to think limit or even reverse gender equity. That is outside the box. why in 2012 we will carry the “What if” spirit into a follow-on Forum to be held in Brazil, The 2011 Forum gave us this dose in three and into the next Global Meeting, 10-12 days filled with learning and emotion. Shirin October 2012 in Deauville. Ebadi made us hope and fear for women in Arab Spring countries. Women for Education Enjoy this account of the 2011 Global launched the Stand Up for African Mothers Meeting. And we look forward to seeing you campaign. A distinguished panel pushed again in 2012! us on the future of capitalism; another challenged us on what digital technologies Véronique Morali mean for human intelligence. Women’s corporate advancement was featured in President, Women’s Forum many ways (the CEO Champions Initiative; for the Economy & Society 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM ❙1
  3. 3. CONTENTS 2011 Women’s Forum Global Meeting What if?: Challenge, imagination, commitment Deauville, France, 13-15 October 2011 1 Editorial 48 INITIATIVE CEO Champions 4 Women’s Forum welcome 50 PLENARY CEO Champions: What if we had to do even 6 OPENING PLENARY Challenge, imagination, more to advance women in corporations? commitment 52 MY DISCOVERY Network 8 INITIATIVE The Brazilian Delegation 54 MY DISCOVERY Reinvent yourself 12 MY DISCOVERY Discover Brazil 56 MY DISCOVERY Connect 58 MY DISCOVERY Be prodigious 60 MY DISCOVERY Challenge BUSINESS 62 INTERACT SESSION Being a woman: Our different perspectives 15 PLENARY What if corporate key drivers became totally 64 PLENARY Women’s Forum Gala Dinner different? 68 INITIATIVE Women in Media 18 INTERACT SESSION What if we took a people-centric 69 MY DISCOVERY Communicate approach to business? 20 SIDE MEETING As corporate key drivers change, what should I do differently on Monday morning? ECONOMY 22 INTERACT SESSION Is social entrepreneurship the new business of the future? 73 PLENARY What if there were new ways to address 24 SIDE MEETING Bringing best practices and poverty, precariousness and inequality? international expertise into the boardroom 76 PLENARY The economy: The question on everyone’s 26 INTERACT SESSION Business innovation: Using mind emotion in creating new products and services 78 SIDE MEETING Finding the courage to live positively 28 SIDE MEETING Quality of daily life: A key driver in 80 INTERACT SESSION What do we have to do to save organizational performance? the European social model? 30 MY DISCOVERY Presentation 82 MY DISCOVERY Creating shared value 32 MY DISCOVERY Have your say 84 MY DISCOVERY Imagine 34 MY DISCOVERY Meet 86 MY DISCOVERY Taste 36 MY DISCOVERY Build 88 People & Atmosphere 38 INITIATIVE The Diversity Club for Business 90 INTERACT SESSION Gen Y in the workplace: Meet the 39 MY DISCOVERY Lead next generation 42 INTERACT SESSION Women on boards Bootcamp 92 INTERACT SESSION What if tomorrow’s leaders see 44 SIDE MEETING Leadership Matters: What women need change-making differently? to know on their way to the top 94 MY DISCOVERY Inspire 46 SIDE MEETING The world of business, an opportunity 96 INITIATIVE The Rising Talents for women 98 MY DISCOVERY Dare More info on our website www.womens-forum.com and our social networks2 ❙ 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM
  4. 4. POLITICS TECHNOLOGY & SOCIETY101 PLENARY Will the Arab uprisings truly become Arab 135 PLENARY Technology and society: Digital culture – for springs? and against104 INTERACT SESSION Can our societies be religious and 138 INTERACT SESSION What if we all have to start secular at the same time? Tweeting?106 INTERACT SESSION Violence against women: What 140 INTERACT SESSION What if social networks could are some solutions for change? improve business operations?108 INITIATIVE The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards 142 INTERACT SESSION Managing time in an eLife: Five109 MY DISCOVERY Pioneer habits and five tools110 PLENARY The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards 144 SIDE MEETING What if half of the technological innovators were women? 146 MY DISCOVERY ShareENERGY 148 MY DISCOVERY Do 150 MY DISCOVERY113 PLENARY What if the energy landscape requires us to 152 PLENARY Forum closing speech and last words change dramatically? 154 Program116 INTERACT SESSION Two degrees warmer: Mitigating 170 The Women’s Forum Partners and adapting to climate change? 193 Management & teams118 MY DISCOVERY RechargeHEALTH & SCIENCE121 PLENARY Wanted: An ethics for our mastery of life124 PLENARY Going beyond scientific research towards a real social commitment126 MY DISCOVERY Engage128 MY DISCOVERY Anticipate130 INITIATIVE Women For Education132 MY DISCOVERY Stand up More info on our website www.womens-forum.com and our social networks 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM ❙3
  5. 5. PLENARY Women’s Forum welcome Thursday, 13 October 2011 – 08:30-09:30 Véronique Morali and Patricia Mitchell T Moderator : he 7th Women’s Forum Global Meeting Patricia Mitchell, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Paley Center for Media, USA opened with 1,430 participants from 84 Keynote speaker: countries attending the largest annual Véronique Morali, Founder and CEO, meeting in the Forum’s history. Véronique Terrafemina.com, Vice-Chairman, Fitch Group, and President, Fimalac Development and the Women’s Morali, the Forum’s new President, told Forum for the Economy & Society, France the packed opening plenary that now more than ever, the world faces changes without ‘‘ For the Rising Talents: Armance Bordes for Virginie Morgon, Member of the Executive Board and Director of Investments, Eurazeo, France Evelyne Sevin, Partner, Egon Zehnder International, France For the Brazilian Delegation: Ellen Gracie Northfleet, former Chief Justice of the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil easy solutions. “Being together, fighting together is crucial,” she said, adding that, “the Forum is a resource for hope,” and an “agora for the future.” Patricia Mitchell, who moderated the opening session, announced the 5th anniversary of the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards and the Rising Talents program, noting that the women selected ‘‘ are likely to include future CEOs and possibly presidents of countries. Armance “Being together, fighting Bordes and Evelyne Sevin explained the Ellen Gracie Northfleet together is crucial.” important contributions of the Rising Talents Véronique Morali program, while Ellen Gracie Northfleet, the Key fact  Launch of the interactive onsite consultation by CNBC Creative Solutions in association with PwC and the Women’s ‘‘ first woman Chief Justice of Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court, who only recently retired, introduced a special delegation from Brazil, one of the highlights of this year’s Global Meeting. “Experience shows that in harsh times, women suffer more.” Ellen Gracie Northfleet Forum, asking people to have their say about what women’s empowerment will “It is a year that can only be described as the year mean for men. of the unexpected.” Patricia Mitchell4 ❙ 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM More info on our website www.womens-forum.com and our social networks
  6. 6. Key fact  “Stand Up for African Mothers,” as part of the Women For Education Initiative, is intended to help women better cope with harsh living conditions in less privileged regions.La 7e édition du Women’s Forum Global Meeting aaccueilli pour sa séance d’ouverture plus de 1400participants de 80 pays, en faisant le plus grandévénement annuel de l’histoire du Forum. VéroniqueMorali, Présidente du Forum, a déclaré au large publicde la séance plénière d’ouverture qu’aujourd’hui plus The Rising Talents 2011que jamais le monde était en proie à des défis qui nepourront être résolus facilement. « Il est essentiel derester solidaire et de faire front ensemble, » a-t-elleajouté, précisant que « le Forum est une source d’espoir» et une « agora pour l’avenir ». Patricia Mitchell,modératrice de la séance d’ouverture, a annoncé le5e anniversaire des Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards ‘‘et de l’initiative Rising Talents, précisant que parmi lesfemmes sélectionnées se trouvaient peut-être de futursPDG, voire même des Présidentes. Armance Bordes etEvelyne Sevin ont détaillé les contributions essentiellesdu programme Rising Talents, tandis qu’Ellen GracieNorthfleet, première femme à avoir occupé le postede juge à la Cour suprême du Brésil et récemmentretraitée, introduisait une délégation brésiliennespéciale, l’un des moments forts de cet événementannuel. Evelyne Sevin Armance Bordes “We owe it to them and to ourselves to meet them. Nurturing the talent of women is vital.” Evelyne SevinThe Brazilian Delegation You can watch the video of this plenary session on youtube and on www.womens-forum.com 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM ❙5
  7. 7. PLENARY Opening plenary: Challenge, imagination, commitment K. Hall-Trujillo, E. Palcy, Y. Benguigui, P. Mitchell F Thursday, 13 October 2011 — 09:30-10:15 our highly creative and inspiring are film makers, one a photographer and women from vastly different another the creator of a social support backgrounds spoke to delegates system to fight infant mortality. “One of the ‘‘ ‘‘ Moderator: Patricia Mitchell, President and CEO, The Paley Center for Media, USA Speakers: Yamina Benguigui, Writer, Movie Director, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of human rights and the fight against discrimination, France USA Kathryn Hall-Trujillo, Founder, Birthing Project Japan Rinko Kawauchi, Photographer, Euzhan Palcy, Film Director, Writer and Producer, France about the importance that stories and story- telling have played in their lives, both in providing personal inspiration, strength and guidance, and as a way of communicating, supporting and educating others. These women use stories to promote political change, increase awareness of injustice, inspire hope and create solidarity. Two major themes of the Women’s Forum is all the ‘What Ifs’ we are now facing. One of the best ways forward is through the stories we share with each other. Stories are a kind of secular prayer — they inspire, comfort and help us move forward together,” said Moderator Patricia Mitchell, President and CEO of The Paley Center for Media. “Stories are a kind of secular prayer — they inspire, comfort and help us move forward together.” Patricia Mitchell “I had to connect the dots between people, between ‘‘ countries, between continents.” “I asked myself what is the most powerful way to do that and the answer was film.” Euzhan Palcy “Destruction is also an opportunity for creation, providing an opportunity to think seriously about our life.” Rinko Kawauchi Yamina Benguigui and Patricia Mitchell6 ❙ 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM More info on our website www.womens-forum.com and our social networks
  8. 8. Quatre femmes créatives et passionnées venant est photographe et la dernière est la créatrice d’und’horizons très différents ont parlé aux participants système de soutien social visant à lutter contre lade l’importance qu’ont eut les histoires qu’on leur a mortalité infantile. « L’un des principaux thèmes duracontées dans leur vie, à la fois en tant que source Women’s Forum porte sur toutes les possibilités (Whatd’inspiration et de force, en tant que conseils et commeoutil de communication, de soutien et d’éducation. Cesfemmes utilisent toutes les histoires pour promouvoirle changement politique, pour sensibiliser les gens àl’injustice, pour redonner l’espoir et pour favoriser lasolidarité. Deux d’entre elles sont réalisatrices, l’une ‘‘ if?) auxquelles nous faisons face. L’un des meilleurs moyens d’aller de l’avant est par le biais des histoires que nous partageons. Les histoires sont comme une prière séculaire. Elles inspirent, réconfortent et nous aident à avancer ensemble, » a déclaré la modératrice Patricia Mitchell, PDG du Paley Center for Media. “Film gives us a way to talk about controversial, social and Rinko Kawauchi personal issues, I firmly believe‘‘Euzhan Palcy in the power of the image.” Yamina Benguigui “I realized I was not my husband’s wife. I was not my parent’s child. I was my own woman, my own self. I learned I could trust other people, that I was connected to a world and that the world would be good to me.” Kathryn Hall-Trujillo Kathryn Hall-TrujilloK. Hall-Trujillo, E. Palcy, Y. Benguigui, P. Mitchell You can watch the video of this plenary session on youtube and on www.womens-forum.com 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM ❙7
  9. 9. INITIATIVE The Brazilian Delegation with Renault-Nissan Alliance and Sodexo in association with Hyatt and TAM Airlines Partnered by Renault-Nissan Alliance The Brazilian Delegation on stage welcomed by Patricia Mitchell, Véronique Morali and Ellen Gracie Northfleet and Sodexo, in association with Hyatt A and TAM Airlines, the Brazilian Delegation delegation of forty remarkable spent 24 hours in Paris for a dedicated Brazilian women gave this year’s program during which they participated Women’s Forum a very special feel. in a lunch hosted by Le Printemps All sectors of the Brazilian society were department store, a dinner reception represented: corporate, not-for-profit, hosted by Sodexo on board Yachts de Paris and were welcomed at both the politics, legal, environmental, media, food, National Assembly and the Brazilian medical, and culture. Embassy. In Deauville, many of the Brazilian delegates spoke in plenary and Discovery sessions. The delegation was The Brazilian Delegation on the “Yachts de Paris” introduced by Ellen Gracie Northfleet, the former and first woman President of the Supreme Court in Brazil. Three of them were selected as Rising Talents; others were guests of CEO Champions, and many shared insights on current issues in Brazil: on international expertise in the boardroom, beauty business, ethics and genetics, protection of the environment, the food revolution, new Brazilian women entrepreneurs, favelas, health, education challenges, and an overview of the role of women in Brazilian politics and business. Waleska and Francisco do Santos, Gisela Teresa Corçao, Bel Coelho, Denise Reis Pitanguy, Sandra Ralston The atmosphere of the delegation was particularly festive. After the artist Panmela Castro completed a full mural graffiti during the conference – auctioned to benefit her foundation in Rio, the singer Denise Reis led all the delegates in a Brazilian dance during the closing evening party. The members of the Brazilian delegation have since met up again back home and created a group which shall return to Deauville in 2012. Véronique Morali and Roberto Cirillo Isabelle Lucas, Maria Outters, Maria Fernanda Teixeira and Marise Barroso8 ❙ 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM More info on our website www.womens-forum.com and our social networks
  10. 10. Lydie Lecourt, Adriana Moreira, Maria Fernanda Teixeira, Isabelle Lucas, Daniela Fainberg, Candace Lessa,Suzana Padua, Elaine Smith, Ana Paula Camargo, Denise Reis,Teresa Genesini, Marcia NederMinister Counsellor Demétrio Bueno Carvalho Rita Andrade, Suzana Padua, Adriana Moreira, Denise Reis Daniela Fainberg, Elaine SmithPanmela Castro, Isabelle Loyola, Denise Reis performing at the Women’s Forum Leila Velez and Isabelle LoyolaGuacira de Oliveira Soirée Une délégation de quarante femmes brésiliennes remarquables donnèrent un sens particulier au Women’s Forum cette année. Tous les secteurs de la société brésilienne étaient représentés tels que l’industrie, ONG, la politique, la justice, l’environnement, les médias, l’industrie alimentaire, la médecine et la culture.Suzana Padua, Ana Cristina Barros, Yvonne Bezerra de Mello, Isabelle Loyola,Marise Barroso, Sandra Ralston, Adriana Moreira, Celina Carpi, Teresa Corçao,Maria Fernanda Teixeira, Christina Carvalho Pinto Rita Andrade, Guacira de Oliveira, Candace Lessa 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM ❙9
  11. 11. The Brazilian Delegation before the Women’s Forum Soirée The Brazilian Delegation in front of the National Assembly Teresa Genesini, Marcia Neder Isabel Franco, Maria Fernanda Teixeira, Laurent Schenten (Printemps) and Waleska Santos Marise Barroso Saulo Garroux, Dagmar Garroux, Carlise Kwiatkovski, Fernanda Richa, Ana Panmela Castro Gwenaelle Maitre, Candace Lessa Paula Camargo, Rita Andrade, Mara Luquet The members of the Brazilian Delegation Panmela CASTRO, Nami Rede Feminista de Arte Dagmar Rivieri GARROUX, Casa do Zezinho, Urbana, President and Street Artirst Founder and President Karin ALVO, Koury Lopes Advogados, Partner Sirlène CAVALIERE, CMP Braxis Capgemini, Saulo GARROUX, Casa do Zezinho, Personnel Rita ANDRADE, CMP Braxis Capgemini, Marketing & Communication Director Development Director & Author Vice-President - Application Services Ana Paula CHAGAS, Heidrick & Struggles, Partner Teresa GENESINI, Instituto da Psicanalise Ana Cristina BARROS, The Nature Conservancy, Bel COELHO, Restaurant Dui, Chef Lacaniana, Admistrative Director Country Representative Teresa CORÇAO, Restaurante O Navegador, Chef Candace LESSA, Consultores Associados, Marise BARROSO, Mexichem Brasil, CEO Daniela Nascimiento FAINBERG, Instituto Geraçao, Founder and Partner ; Ashoka in Brazil and Deborah BERLINCK, O Globo, Paris Founder and Director Uruguay, Co-founder and Director Correspondant Isabel C. FRANCO, Koury Lopes Advogados, Mara LUQUET, Letras & Lucros, Partner Celina Borges Torrealba CARPI, Grupo Libra, Mem- Senior Partner Yvonne Bezerra de MELLO, UERE, General ber of the Board of Directors Director10 ❙ 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM More info on our website www.womens-forum.com and our social networks
  12. 12. Juliano Araujo, Saulo Garroux, Vanessa Vilela, Dagmar Garroux, Elaine Smith, Ana Cristina Barros, DanielaFainberg, Waleska Santos, Ana Paula Camargo, Guacira de Oliveira, Lydie Lecourt, Isabelle Loyola,Gwenaelle Maitre, Suzana Padua The mural graffiti painted by Panmela Castro during the Forum, auctioned for the benefit of her foundation in RioJosé Mauricio Bustani (Ambassador of Brazil in Brazilian dancers at the Women’s Forum SoiréeFrance) and Ellen Gracie NorthfleetChristina Carvalho Pinto Vanessa Vilela and husband Juliano Araujo Jérôme Cahuzac (from the National Assembly) and Fernanda RichaAdriana MOREIRA, World Bank, Senior Wang Lee de PINHO, Sanofi Brasil, Medical Ana Paula RESQUE, Medley PharmaceuticalsEnvironmental Specialist Director Sanofi, Medical DirectorMarcia NEDER, Editora Abril, Publisher Gisela PITANGUY, Clinica Ivo Pitanguy, Director Fernanda RICHA, State Government of ParanaEllen Gracie NORTHFLEET, the Federal Supreme Jacqueline PITANGUY, CEPIA, Citizenship Studies, Waleska SANTOS, Couromoda Group,Court of Brazil, Former Chief Justice Founder and Executive Director Vice-PresidentIeda NOVAIS, KPMG, Corporate Director Christina Carvalho PINTO, Full Jazz Maria Fernanda TEIXEIRA, First Data Corp, Pre-Guacira de OLIVEIRA, Centro de Feminista de Communication Group and Mercado Ético Platform sidentEstudos e Assesoria, Director (Ethical Markets, President Leila VELEZ, Beleza Natural, CEOSuzana Machada PADUA, IPE, President Sandra RALSTON, Colliers International, Vice- Vanessa VILELA, Kapeh Cosméticos, CEORosa Celia PIMENTEL, Pro Crianca Cardiaca, President Mayana ZATZ, Human Genome Research Center,Director and Cardiologist Denise REIS, Singer Director and Professor of Genetics Andréia REPSOLD, LIDE RIO, President 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM ❙ 11
  13. 13. MY DISCOVERY discover Brazil with Renault-Nissan Alliance and Sodexo in association with Hyatt and TAM Airlines Participants were invited to the Brazilian corner to meet with the members of the 2011 Women’s Forum Dele- gation. The members were business leaders, entrepre- neurs, corporate board members, lawyers, and consul- tants; they were leaders of non-profit organizations; they were doctors, talented journalists, unique artists, and renowned culinary chefs. Discover Brazil Corner W ith Dilma Rousseff’s inauguration as Brazil’s first female president this year, the spotlight is on the Discover Brazil: role of women leaders in Latin America’s largest nation. Brazil has made great strides From São Paulo in increasing social mobility, including for women, in recent years. One result to Brasilia: The is an emerging middle class. Rousseff is maintaining anti-poverty efforts and taking role of women the reform battle forward by attacking corruption and appointing more women in business to key government positions. However, some participants raised concerns about and politics Thursday, 13 October 2011 — 12:30-13:15 Speakers: ‘‘ rampant consumerism and the president’s lack of concern about the environment. One speaker called for measures to guarantee greater participation for women in elected positions. Jacqueline Pitanguy Isabel Franco, Senior Partner, Koury Lopes Advogados, Brazil Iêda Novais, Corporate Director, KPMG Brasil, Brazil “Rousseff won an election where two of the three leading candidates were Christina Carvalho Pinto, President, Full Jazz Communications Group, Brazil women, and that together the two female candidates captured 70% of the Jacqueline Pitanguy, Founder and Executive vote. The gender barrier has been broken. Still there are many battles left Director, CEPIA — Citizenship Studies Information Action, Brazil to be fought.” Jacqueline Pitanguy12 ❙ 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM More info on our website www.womens-forum.com and our social networks
  14. 14. Depuis que Dilma Rousseff a pris ses fonctions en tantque première femme présidente du Brésil en débutd’année, le rôle des dirigeantes au sein du plus grand paysd’Amérique Latine est au cœur du débat. Le Brésil a faitd’importants progrès au cours des dernières années entermes de mobilité sociale, notamment pour les femmes,ce qui a permis l’émergence d’une classe moyenne.Mme Rousseff poursuit les efforts de lutte contre lapauvreté et fait progresser les réformes en s’attaquantà la corruption et en nommant un nombre croissant defemmes à des postes clés du gouvernement. Certainsparticipants ont toutefois fait part de leurs inquiétudesconcernant l’avancée du consumérisme et l’absencede préoccupations environnementales de la présidente.Un intervenant a appelé à la mise en place de mesurespermettant de garantir une plus grande participation desfemmes parmi les élus. The Agora‘‘Iêda Novais «We dominate interiors like the home. We need to be in the interior not only of the soul and families, but also of corporations and governments.” Christina Carvalho Pinto Isabel Franco in the Agora 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM ❙ 13
  15. 15. BUSINESS
  16. 16. PLENARY What if ‘‘ corporate key drivers became totally different? Thursday, 13 October 2011 – 14:45-16:15 Moderator : Patricia Szarvas, Lead Anchor, CNBC Europe, “Our company is about 600 GermanyB Opening Presentation: usiness models are changing years old. And we plan on being James Allen, Partner and Co-Head of Bain & rapidly to meet the challenges of a around for another 600. That Company’s Global Strategy Practice world economy that is not growing Speakers:much for the moment, but should expand means paying very careful Antony Jenkins, Chief Executive, Retail and Business Banking, Barclays Muhtar Kent,extremely rapidly in the next ten years. attention to what happens in Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, TheChallenges includes stiffer competition for Coca-Cola Company (via TelePresence)increasingly expensive resources, pressure the next ten years.” Gina Qiao, Member of the Executive Committee and Senior Vice-President,on corporations to take social responsibility, Antony Jenkins Human Resources, Lenovo Group, USAand a rising demand for talent. The question Jérôme Tolot, Executive Vice-President, GDF Suezis whether companies can change their Les modèles d’entreprises évoluent rapidement pourbusiness models quickly enough to cope répondre aux défis suscités par la faible croissance éco-with all these trends. “We have spent, nomique mondiale actuelle qui devrait être suivie par uneand are still spending a great deal of time forte expansion au cours des dix prochaines années. Ilconsidering our potential business models restera également des défis à relever, tels qu’une concur- rence accrue pour l’accès à des ressources de plusfor the future” said Coca-Cola chief Muhtar en plus chères, des pressions poussant les entreprisesKent. Jérôme Tolot of GDF Suez pointed out à devenir socialement responsables et une demandethat his company was at the center of the croissante pour des travailleurs de talent. Reste à savoir siglobal concern for resource conservation, les entreprises pourront changer leurs modèles assez ra-and devoted a large share of its budget to it. pidement pour pouvoir s’adapter à toutes ces tendances. « Nous avons consacré et continuons à consacrer beau-For Antony Jenkins of Barclays, keeping in coup de temps à l’évaluation de nos potentiels modèlesclose touch with the consumer expression d’entreprises pour l’avenir. » a déclaré le PDG de Coca-in social networking provides a paradigm Cola Muhtar Kent. Jérôme Tolot de GDF SUEZ a souli-for a change in business model. “I have an gné que son entreprise était au centre de la préoccupa- tion mondiale pour la conservation des ressources, et yentire wall covered with monitors that track a consacré une part importante de son budget. Selondifferent channels on Twitter. And I keep Antony Jenkins de Barclays, rester à l’écoute du point dewatch on them”. vue du consommateur dans les réseaux sociaux crée un paradigme pour une évolution du business modèle. « J’ai un mur entier recouvert d’écrans qui suivent les différents fils Twitter. Et je les suis de près. » Antony Jenkins You can watch the video of this plenary session on youtube and on www.womens-forum.com 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM ❙ 15
  17. 17. Plenary ❙ “We are already seeing today the rapid adaptation of and new resources for technology — this trend will only grow. But companies have to be on the lookout for game-changers, and be ready to adapt rapidly to different trends in consumer demand.” “Careful planning for the use of increasingly scarce resources was crucial to new corporate business models.” Gina Qiao Patricia Szarvas Key fact  Nearly 20% of working women in Thailand are entrepreneurs, 14% in India, 12% in Brazil and 10% in Chile and Mexico. Gina Qiao and Jérôme Tolot 75% According to a recent study by Bain & Company, number of CEOs who ‘‘ Muhtar Kent (via TelePresence) would make radical changes to their business models in the short- and medium- term due to the massive changes engulfing the global economy. $90 trillion The global gross do- mestic product in 2020. “A city the size of New York will be created every three months, many of them in emerging markets.” “Women now control spending of $20 trillion a year, more than the United States, James Allen China and India put together.” Muhtar Kent16 ❙ 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM More info on our website www.womens-forum.com and our social networks
  18. 18. ‘‘A. Jenkins, G. Qiao, J. Tolot, P. Szarvas Gina Qiao “As the global gross domestic 180,000 The number of people who arrive in cities every 24 hours product swells to $90 trillion in 2020 from $63 trillion today, the 100 The number of cities which account for 30% of world gross domestic product rising wealth of the emerging (GDP) markets will create vast numbers of new consumers. An additional 1.3 billion people will join the ‘global middle class,’ providing corporates with liquid new markets – households with more than $5,000 per year. Companies must plan to ‘‘ take market share in this new group of consumers.” “There is a real risk of supply insecurity for corporations unless they develop detailed scenarios for planning.” “Modern consumers feel that they have a right to demand social and environmental responsibility from corporates.” James Allen Jérôme Tolot $20 trillion Spending per year controlled by women worldwide, more than the United States, China and India put Key fact “Sustainability indexes are now accepted together  In the West, where growth will be slower than in emerging markets throughout the around the world, and they provide asset managers with reliable and objec- 120% The jump in demand for raw materials over the next decade next decade, technological advances tive benchmarks to manage sustainabi- may be one of the principal growth drivers as breakthroughs unleash new lity portfolios.” Jérôme Tolot waves of technological innovation. You can watch the video of this plenary session on youtube and on www.womens-forum.com 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM ❙ 17
  19. 19. INTERACT SESSION Hosted by Sanofi What if we took a people-centric approach to business? Thursday, 13 October 2011 – 12:30-13:45 Host Welcome: Yoshiko Naito, Manager, President’s Office, Public Affairs, Sanofi Japan Moderator : Mark Zeh, Writer & Educator, Consulting in Innovation and Project Management, Germany Featuring: Gretchen Addi, Associate Partner and Location Lead, IDEO, USA “N o matter what we do, we can in these difficult economic times, Addi all take a people-centered said it was essential. The key to success, approach,” said Gretchen she explained, lies in careful observation Addi of IDEO, a leading U.S. design and and the ability to develop empathy and innovation consulting firm. Multinational understanding. To illustrate how the pharmaceutical company Sanofi took a process of creating people-centric design ‘‘ people-centric approach to the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan by chartering a helicopter to deliver drugs and relief supplies to its employees, said Yoshiko Naito of Sanofi Japan. While some companies might argue that putting people at the center of their business is a luxury works, Addi presented four examples of projects developed by IDEO for four very different clients — the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Air New Zealand, Kaiser Permanente and The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. Key fact  “Journey Home Boards”: help new “For people to be able to mothers and caregivers understand develop people-centric design and keep track of where they are in the post-natal process. The boards are so in business they need to have successful that 30,000 nurses adopted a passion to move things them throughout the Kaiser Pemanente system. forward.” Yoshiko Naito Yoshiko Naito18 ❙ 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM More info on our website www.womens-forum.com and our social networks
  20. 20. “Looking at extremes is the most inspiring part, that’s where people get creative.” “By using people-centric design we can help solve problems, not just by providing the answer of the day, but in a way that is strongly grounded in core issues that are really important to people. As a result these solutions have validity and can stand the test of time.” Gretchen AddiMark Zeh« Quelle que soit notre activité, nous pouvons tousadopter une approche axée sur la personne », a déclaréGretchen Addi d’IDEO, une société de conseil américainespécialisée dans le design et l’innovation. Le groupepharmaceutique international Sanofi a appliqué cetteapproche lors du séisme et du tsunami qui ont touché leJapon en mars 2011, affrétant un hélicoptère pour livrerdes médicaments et de l’aide à ses employés, a expliquéYoshiko Naito de Sanofi Japan. Pour certaines sociétés,placer l’être humain au centre de son activité est un Gretchen Addi and Yoshiko Naitoluxe en cette période de crise économique, mais pourMme Addi, c’est essentiel. Selon elle, la clé du succèsréside dans une observation attentive et la capacité à Key factfaire preuve d’empathie et de compréhension. Pour  Using visual aids and collage were veryillustrer le processus de création d’un concept axé sur useful in developing a common languagela personne, Mme Addi a présenté quatre exemplesde projets développés par IDEO pour quatre clients to express core values and needs. Thedifférents, la Fondation Bill et Melinda Gates, Air New free innovation guide IDEO developedZealand, Kaiser Permanente et The National Campaign for social enterprises and NGOs workingto Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. with impoverished communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America is available online, and when the Women’s Forum started, it had already been downloaded Key fact 64,000 times.  bedsider.org: a free support network for birth control aimed at women aged 18 to 29. Part of The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, it is a valuable tool, giving young women accurate information about birth control and creating dialogue with other women. Gretchen Addi 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM ❙ 19
  21. 21. SIDE MEETING by Bain & Company As corporate key drivers change, what should I do differently on Monday morning? Thursday, 13 October 2011 — 17:15-18:30 Facilitator: T Tory Frame, Partner, Head of Consumer Products and Post Merger Integration, Bain & his session was built on a presentation Dans le cadre d’une séance plénière intitulée « Et si les Company, UK and Ireland by James Allen, Partner and Co-Head principaux moteurs de l’activité d’entreprise changeaient complètement ? », cette session s’est articulée autour of Bain & Company’s Global Strategy d’une présentation de James Allen, Associé et Co- Key facts Practice, in a plenary entitled ‘What if corporate key drivers became totally directeur du cabinet de stratégies internationales Bain & Company. M. Allen a identifié cinq grandes tendances  Five megatrends different?’ Allen identified five megatrends affectant les entreprises : (1) l’émergence de la classe for companies: (1) the growing middle class moyenne dans les pays émergents ; (2) la responsabilité •  Growing  middle  class  in  emerging  in emerging markets; (2) environmental and environnementale et sociale ainsi qu’une bonne markets: How can businesses address gouvernance d’entreprise ; (3) la technologie ; (4) les social responsibility and good corporate ressources humaines ; et (5) la raréfaction des ressources the needs of consumers in different re- gions? What kinds of products will ap- governance; (3) technology; (4) human matérielles. Les participants ont été répartis en petits resources; and (5) finite material resources. groupes par thème. Pour chaque tendance, les groupes peal to these new customers? ont identifié une action essentielle pour les entreprises Participants broke into small groups by et une pour les particuliers. Un exemple d’action a été •  Environmental  and  social  responsi- topic. They identified one essential action donné par Bain & Company qui tente d’intégrer plus bility and good corporate governance: for companies and one for individuals in de femmes au sein de ses opérations, en partie afin Following the multitude of corporate scandals in recent years, how can businesses become more responsible citizens? •  Technology:  How  can  companies  adapt to and take advantage of new technologies? •  Human  resources:  Emerging  mar- kets will need more and different kinds of talent. How should companies ad- their personal lives that will help address these trends. One example came from Bain & Company itself, which is attempting to integrate women more fully into its operations in part to help satisfy human resource needs. At a corporate level, after undertaking straightforward tasks like recruitment, the firm is thinking about tougher ones like job sharing. At a personal ‘‘ de satisfaire ses besoins en ressources humaines. Au niveau professionnel, après s’être penchée sur des tâches simples comme le recrutement, la société envisage désormais des tâches plus complexes comme le partage de poste. Sur le plan personnel, les employés peuvent alterner entre un travail sur un gros projet et des périodes de congés. level, people can alternate big projects with dress the projected shortage of white- time off. collar workers? “What can we do about these •  Finite  material  resources:  Compa- megatrends personally and for nies must figure out how to address our companies?” Tory Frame limited supply and potentially volatile markets.20 ❙ 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM More info on our website www.womens-forum.com and our social networks
  22. 22. Key facts come more aware of the environmental consequences of their purchases. think about new scenarios in order to be prepared to adjust to a fast-changing Two key recommendations, one for environment. Involve all employees fromcompanies and another for individuals: •  Personal  action:  Reexamine  where  all levels of the firm in this process. and how you invest your savings, favor-Growing middle class in emerging markets ing responsible investment funds. •  Personal  action:  Participate  in  social  •  Company  action:  Conduct  research  media like Facebook and Twitter, if only Human resources to understand how they work. Use so- to better understand these emerging consumers. How do they behave? What •  Company  action:  For  firms  in  the  cial network monitoring software like are their needs and desires? How are same geographic region or industry, join Nutshell to keep tabs on developments their demands affected by culture? forces to train workers or support rel- without wasting time. evant university programs. Finite material resources •  Personal  action:  Build  a  network  of  friends around the globe. Learn new lan- •  Personal action: Change the way you  •  Company  action:  Curb  demand,  for  guages, starting with English if you are raise your children so that they will be example by limiting travel and using not a native speaker. more open, flexible and cosmopolitan. more teleconferencing and other tools Make sure they learn languages. Also to communicate with colleagues, clientsEnvironmental and social responsibility and teach them values like loyalty, the workgood corporate governance and customers. ethic, respect and responsibility. •  Company  action:  Incorporate  the  •  Personal  action:  Design  and  imple- Technology ment a family project to reduce waste principles of sustainability into the long- term planning of the firm. This should •  Company  action:  Avoid  getting  and the use of water and energy in the include encouraging consumers to be- caught up in day-to-day operations and home. 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM ❙ 21
  23. 23. INTERACT SESSION Hosted by Cartier Is social entrepreneur- ship the new business of the future? Friday, 14 October 2011 – 12:30-13:45 ‘‘ S Host welcome: ocial entrepreneurship has emerged Loïc Sadoulet, Professor of Economics and former Head of the Africa Initiative, INSEAD, and Jury significantly over the past few years “What one needs is Member, Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards, France as a viable form of business. Initially, passion, compassion and Moderator: it was considered more a responsibility of Janet Voûte, Vice-President Public Affairs, competence.” Svati Bhogle Nestlé civil society, whereby a social entrepreneur Speakers: was measured by the social capital created Svati Bhogle, Founder and CEO, Sustaintech, and the social return produced. This opportunities it offers. There also appears and 2011 Cartier Women’s Initiative Finalist, India Pablo Brenner, Partner, Prosperitas could be a restaurant in San Francisco, to be amerging between the private and Capital, Member of the Board, Endeavor, and Jury Member, Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards, Uruguay Daniela Nascimento Fainberg, Founder and Director, Instituto Geração, Brazil Ann MacDougall, CEO, Acumen Fund, USA Alyse Nelson, CEO, Vital Voices, USA whose waiters, dishwashers and cooks are former criminals or an organic farm in Indonesia that hires young people from the street. But how should social return be calculated? Like any compelling initiative, there is now a bandwagon effect, with the corporate world becoming interested in the ‘‘ public sectors. Social entrepreneurship is still small compared to the capital generated by private corporations, but the potential is enormous. Whether it will emerge as the business of the future remains to be seen, but its influence over traditional commerce is growing. “The principal challenges are to bring in additional capital for the social and environmental good, but also to attract and retain talent. The social sector cannot compete with private salaries, but eventually, there will be a convergence.” Ann MacDougall Svati Bhogle and Pablo Brenner Loïc Sadoulet22 ❙ 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM More info on our website www.womens-forum.com and our social networks
  24. 24. “The younger generation needs role models. The problem ‘‘ with Uruguay is that people are very low-key and modest about their achievements, so no one knows about their successes.” Pablo Brenner “You build talent by having confidence in them.” Alyse NelsonAlyse Nelson Daniela Nascimento Fainberg and Janet VoûteL’entrepreneuriat social s’est imposé au cours desdernières années comme une activité viable. Il étaitdans un premier temps considéré plutôt commeune responsabilité relevant de la société civile,l’entrepreneur social étant évalué sur la base du capitalsocial créé et du rendement social obtenu. Il pouvaits’agir d’un restaurant à San Francisco employantd’anciens criminels comme serveurs, plongeurset cuisiniers, ou encore d’une ferme biologiqueen Indonésie recrutant des jeunes de la rue. Maiscomment calculer le rendement social ? Comme pourtoute initiative de ce type, le milieu des entreprisestente maintenant de prendre le train en marche etde s’intéresser aux opportunités qu’elle représente.‘‘Il semblerait également que nous assistions à unrapprochement entre le secteur privé et le secteurpublic. L’entrepreneuriat social reste un mouvementmodeste comparé au capital généré par les entreprisesprivées mais son potentiel est énorme. Reste à savoirs’il s’agit d’une activité d’avenir. En attendant, soninfluence sur le commerce traditionnel s’étend.. Ann MacDougall and Loïc Sadoulet “The challenge is one of scalability and finding good projects. Another is how to balance social impact with results.” Daniela Nascimento Fainberg Svati Bhogle Pablo Brenner and Daniela Nascimento Fainberg 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM ❙ 23
  25. 25. SIDE MEETING by KPMG Bringing best practices and international expertise into the boardroom Friday, 14 October 2011 — 12:30-13:45 V. Morali, C. Borges Torrealba Carpi, C. Cohen, D. Fletcher I Host Welcome: n today’s stormy economic climate, board staff member; dealing with over-regulating Nancy Calderon, Americas Chief Administrative Officer, KPMG, USA Susan Stautberg, members across the world are facing governments; and facing the unique set President, PartnerCom Corporation, and Co-Founder, so-called ‘VUCA issues’ — Volatility, of challenges created by family-owned Women Corporate Directors, USA Unpredictability, Complexity and Ambiguity. businesses. Moderator : Maria Livanos Cattaui, Board Member, This invitation-only session enabled women “We also have to be sensitive to cultural Petroplus Holdings, and former Secretary-General of sitting on corporate boards to discuss the differences,” Cynthia Cohen stressed. As an the International Chamber of Commerce, Switzerland major governance issues facing them. example, Cohen reminded that contracts, Featuring: Celina Borges Torrealba Carpi, Member of Maria Livanos Cattaui asked about the which may be non-existent in the United the Board of Directors, Grupo Libra, Brazil hardest situations with which they had had States, are considered essential in Europe. Cynthia Cohen, Member of the Board of to deal as a board member. All of this takes unity on a board. Disunity Directors, bebe, Hot Topic, The Sports Authority and Strategic Mindshare Founder and President, The American Denise Fletcher and the is usually very destructive if it is deep and USA Denise Fletcher, Member of Brazilian Celina Borges Torrealba Carpi involves rivalry, Cattaui said, adding that the Board of Directors, Unisys Corporation, both cited a board’s decision to fire a CEO. women have to work out how to handle this USA Véronique Morali, Founder and CEO, Terrafemina.com, Vice-Chairman, Fitch Group, and The delegates added that it could also be if it occurs. President, Fimalac Development and the Women‘s confronting a CEO about an affair with a Forum for the Economy & Society, France V. Morali, C. Borges Torrealba Carpi, C. Cohen24 ❙ 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM More info on our website www.womens-forum.com and our social networks
  26. 26. ‘‘ ‘‘ “Boards are groups but we must remember they are also made up of individuals.” Maria Livanos Cattaui “One woman is a token, two is a presence but three is a voice.”Celina Borges Torrealba Carpi Maria Livanos Cattaui Susan StautbergAu vu des troubles qui caractérisent le climat Parmi les autres exemples cités on peut mentionneréconomique actuel, les conseils d’administration sont le fait de confronter un PDG qui avait eu une liaisonconfrontés à ce que l’on a appelé des problèmes « VICA » avec un membre du personnel ; faire face à des règles(pour volatilité, incertitude, complexité et ambigüité). gouvernementales trop strictes ; et relever les défisCette séance, sur invitation uniquement, a permis uniques qui caractérisent les entreprises familiales.aux femmes membres de conseil d’administration de « Il faut également être sensible aux différencesdiscuter des principaux problèmes de gouvernance culturelles, » a expliqué Cynthia Cohen. Elle a rappeléauxquels elles sont confrontées. Maria Livanos que les contrats, qui n’existent pas toujours aux Etats-Cattaui leur a demandé de raconter les situations les Unis, sont jugés essentiels en Europe. Il faut donc unplus difficiles auxquelles elles avaient dû faire face conseil d’administration uni. Toute désunion peut êtreen tant que membres d’un conseil d’administration. très destructrice si elle est enracinée et qu’elle se traduitL’Américaine Denise Fletcher et la Brésilienne Celina par des rivalités, a précisé Mme Cattaui, ajoutant queBorges Torrealba Carpi ont toutes deux cité l’exemple les femmes devaient savoir comment faire face à cesd’une décision du conseil visant à licencier un PDG. ‘‘ situations si elles se présentaient. Susan Stautberg “As a board member you have to be very flexible and understand both the mindset and the value you can bring.” «Today it is important to be supportive and united and to take a collegial approach on boards.” Véronique MoraliVéronique Morali 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM ❙ 25
  27. 27. INTERACT SESSION Business innovation: Using emotion in creating new products and services Friday, 14 October 2011 — 17:15-18:30 S uccessful brands are generally customer emotions — which in turn drives recognized to be purpose-driven the creation of impactful new products and and to make a strong emotional services. The example he used to illustrate Facilitator: connection to their customers. The his theories was innovation in retail banking, Mark Zeh, Writer and Educator, Consulting in Innovation and Project Management, Germany challenge is how to create products and but he noted that the same principles apply services that make these connections and to many other areas of the business world. maintain them over time. Innovation and “It isn’t sufficient to simply eliminate user Design Consultant Mark Zeh described error — designing user delight is the goal,” how to apply new design thinking in order he quoted IBM Design as saying. to understand unarticulated, or overlooked, Mark Zeh26 ❙ 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM More info on our website www.womens-forum.com and our social networks
  28. 28. Key fact  The most-important physical expres- sion and body language cues to look out for, when observing users: •   elight, Happiness D‘‘ • Nervousness, Frustration, Impatience • Fear, Intimidation • Uncertainty • Confidence “Concepts that stick can only come from an understanding of actual customer behavior in situ.” Mark Zeh Mark Zeh ‘‘Les marques populaires ont souvent des objectifsclairement définis et arrivent à établir un lien émotionnelfort avec leurs clients. Le défi consiste à créer des “Emotions and feelingsproduits et des services qui aboutissent à ce lien etqui le maintiennent sur le long terme. Le consultant of employees are at leasten innovation et en design Mark Zeh a expliqué as important as those ofcomment on pouvait utiliser une nouvelle approche du the customers, in creating‘‘design pour comprendre les émotions inexprimées ounégligées des clients et motiver la création de nouveauxproduits et services ayant un impact. Pour illustrer sesthéories, il a donné des exemples d’innovation dans labanque de détail, précisant que les mêmes principespouvaient s’appliquer à de nombreux domaines dumonde des affaires. Citant IBM Design, il a ajouté : «Il ne suffit pas d’éliminer les erreurs d’utilisateurs maisplutôt d’optimiser leur satisfaction ». successful products and services. Trust and confidence are powerful factors influencing whether people will commit themselves in creative work and complex projects, accept change and “Emotional attachment must help facilitate it, and work be continually developed well with others, including to avoid entering into the potential competitors.” so-called commoditization Mark Zeh cycle, or price and features battle.” Mark Zeh Mark Zeh 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM ❙ 27
  29. 29. SIDE MEETING by Sodexo Quality of daily life: A key driver in organizational performance? Thursday, 13 October 2011 – 17:15 -18:30 W hat makes life better in the finding ways to improve the quality of life Facilitator: workplace? Does making it better in the workplace is what we are all about.” Laurent Cousin, Group SVP, Marketing Offer, Research & Development — On-site Service also improve productivity? Recent research by Sodexo in collaboration Solutions, Sodexo with the French business school ESSEC has The Sodexo Group, which offers support enabled the company to draw up a model services like site maintenance and for improving quality in everyday life. It catering to corporations in 80 countries, shows that positive factors vary widely from has a mission to answer these questions. person to person, but that focusing on broad “Defining the notion of quality of life in and human values like the physical environment, of itself is not for us the most important leisure activities, or health and safety paves factor,” explained Laurent Cousin of the the way for improvements. Research and Development team. “But 1/5 In Europe, one employee in five suffers from stress disorders 75% of French employees say they are anxious at work $20 billion In Europe, stress is estimated to cause 50% to 60% of all lost working days and to cost some €20 billion per year. Laurent Cousin28 ❙ 2011 - WOMEN’S FORUM More info on our website www.womens-forum.com and our social networks