Restore Hormone Therapy Program Overview


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The Restore program is the innovative and comprehensive hormone management program that combines the key elements of analytical measurement, personalized therapy, and ongoing case management to help women, and men, feel like themselves again through life transitions.

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Restore Hormone Therapy Program Overview

  1. 1. Wo ealth meEn’sRHI C A Feel Like Yourself Again with Restore® A M Restore®What is Restore®? How do you monitor my results USING SALIVA?Restore® integrates the very latest in laboratory Results are monitored using FDA cleared diagnostictechnology and pharmaceutical science with traditional testing. A simple saliva test is all it takes to preciselyvalues in healthcare that include listening and responding measure your hormone levels. Saliva tests measure “free”to a patient’s individual needs. The Restore program helps hormones which make up the two to five percent of activeassure each patient’s hormones are being supplemented hormones in a person’s body. In contrast, blood serumin exactly the amount needed, without over or under generally tests “total” hormones, which also includes thosedosing. bound to protein and unavailable for use.Why should I chooseRestore® for Hormone therapy? The Restore® programRestore® is a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive hormone componentstherapy program. We not only measure your hormonelevels and compound your customized prescription, we 1. Analytical measurement of saliva to determine baselinework with you and your healthcare provider every step of hormone levels (estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA andthe way to assure maximum results at the lowest effective cortisol) and of urine NTx to measure rate of bone loss.dose. 2. Customized low-dose prescriptions that are specific to your individual test requirements and medical history. At Madison Pharmacy Associates, our pharmacists individually compound each prescription using “natural” hormones that are biologically identical to what your body produces in unique and specific dosage forms and formulations that are exclusive to Madison Pharmacy Associates. 3. Ongoing case management provided to you and your healthcare provider. Coupled with free* follow-up retesting, our pharmacists will assist in evaluating and adjusting the plan of care to attain optimal therapeutic outcomes at the lowest effective dose. (over) w w w . w om e n s h • 1-800-558.7046
  2. 2. BONE LOSS TESTING Thank you for giving hope to womenOur NTx urine test is able to quickly measure rate of bone loss, like me. I have been a Restore®showing changes within three months. This is a distinct advantage member since August of 1999.over the two years generally required for sequential bone densitometry(BMD) measurements and allows for early intervention to help preventirreversible bone loss. Our urine test accurately measures the NTx Thanks to your wonderful staff…mymolecule (cross-linked N-telopeptides), a biochemical marker of bone menopause is not over but at least Imetabolism. know there is light at the end of theHow do I get started WITH RESTORE®? tunnel. Thank you so much for allTo get started, simply have your healthcare provider complete a Restore® you have done for women all overenrollment form and fax it to Restore Clinical Services or Madison the world.Pharmacy Associates. Additional Restore enrollment forms are available —Jenniferby calling toll free at 1-800-558-7046, or online at receiving your enrollment form: • We will contact you to explain the program, how to collect the test samples, and we will verify your insurance, payment, and shipping information. • Once we have received the Restore® Baseline Hormone Evaluation Panel order from your healthcare provider, we will contact you and ship the test kit directly to you. Once received, you collect your samples and return the kit to our recommended certified laboratory for analysis. (Complete instructions are included.) • Once your test results are complete, you healthcare provider will be e-mailed, faxed, or mailed a complete report including results and recommendations for health improvement to discuss with you. • If you and your healthcare provider choose prescription therapy, your healthcare provider may call/fax your prescription(s) to Madison Pharmacy Associates, or submit directly from your file online through • At regular intervals, your healthcare provider will be notified you are due for re-testing. Re-testing is important for monitoring your individual hormone levels and the results of your therapy - enabling your healthcare provider to adjust your medications to the lowest effective dose. * Follow-up retesting offered to qualified Restore® patients who fill their hormone prescriptions with Madison Pharmacy Associates (MPA). w w w . w om e n s h • 1-800-558-7046 Ref #: RPO-01