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Members of Connect: Professional Women’s Network share how to get the recognition you deserve at work. Connect: Professional Women’s Network is a free LinkedIn group powered by Citi with more than 280,000 members. To learn more and join the conversation, visit

  • Hello Cheryl, thank you for sharing your story. When I began to read it I have a mirror on my desk, I looked at it and said she is striking a rare cord. There are many women unable to toot their own horn because of many reasons, one would not think having a special needs child(ren) would be their rationale. I believe you have it, the topic most passionate to your heart is how you can make your brand stand out! It's not fake its real and people connect with real, just look at the amount of time they spend watching reality television. Go for it and thanks you also inspired me! I appreciate you!
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  • I am often too shy about tooting my own horn, but when I speak up to say things, I am reminded by people who come up, even with tears in their eyes, and tell me how I inspired them or encouraged them. It helps me do more, but I need to tell my story more often! With a special needs son, there have been many victories in our lives -- specifically, speaking about these things. Love to know how to reach a greater audience. Any suggestions? Any of your corporations need help understanding special needs workers? Contact me! It is a pleasure to help others understand.
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  • Really solid advice on a very important topic...that many women tend to avoid.
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Toot Your Own Horn With Tact

  1. 1. The members of Connect: Professional Women’s Network share their proudest moments of the past year. Prepare to be inspired! Members of Connect: Professional Women’s Network share how to get the recognition you deserve at work. Toot Your Own Horn With Tact BROUGHT TO YOU BY
  2. 2. If you don’t, who will? “It is totally appropriate to speak honestly of all your accomplishments. None of us has a press secretary following us around to report on our every move!” Bianca Constance, CAP, Executive Assistant
  3. 3. Record your achievements. “Keep track of significant achievements and goals attained for performance review time. Some aspects of our work or projects are team-oriented and its always appropriate to "toot the team's horn" too! Karen Nichols, CDR, Senior Recruiter
  4. 4. Look for opportunities to tell your story. “Maximize the ‘About’ page on your website. It’s the second most read page on your site, yet most women put up a sentence or two. Tell your story. That's how you connect. I’ve made amazing client relationships just by telling my story.” Lori Osterberg, Small business marketing expert
  5. 5. Make yourself heard, but don’t go overboard. “It's totally appropriate to say "I did a great job!” It's just a matter of how often and the audience. If we go overboard, we can be viewed as cocky. It's perfectly acceptable to remind yourself and others that you are a valuable member to the team!” Tameeka Robinson, Store Manager
  6. 6. It doesn’t have to be overt to be effective. “Do it, but in a subtle way. No one likes bragging. Work in how you 'helped' or how you 'built' something. You never want to be someone who thinks too well of herself where others can't get a word in edgewise because it is all about "me me me!” Sandra Queen, Director REO Client Services
  7. 7. But beware of being too shy. “I used to be shy about calling attention to my achievements, but through my career I’ve seen that it is essential. I say something like, "I'm so excited because… " and I give credit to all who contributed. I keep a spreadsheet of those who have helped me along the way.” Sherry Fair, Expert PR and Communication Services
  8. 8. Take a good look around you. “Many men toot their own horn as second nature, so watch and learn from them. You may not always have to do it verbally. You can update your LinkedIn profile or your CV/resume. Just remember, you are the best source of letting others know what you are doing.” Ginger Wilson, Student Program Coordinator II Internal Medicine
  9. 9. Job seekers, speak up! For those in transition, it’s an absolute MUST. Future employers don't want to hear about what everybody else did. They want to hear about what you specifically bring to the table. Nancy Davis, Senior IT Manager
  10. 10. Practice makes perfect. “We need to do it as much as possible so that it comes as naturally to us as it should be.” Adrienne Garland, Marketing Executive & WomanCon Co-Founder
  11. 11. You can’t please everyone. Even when done with humility, some people will be jealous and uncomfortable with you for taking pleasure in your triumphs. That is their problem. Do not play "small" just to make other people feel comfortable or you'll never realize your greatness. Susan Berg, Actress, Playwright, Writer, Public Speaker
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