What Women Will Achieve in 2014


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The members of Connect: Professional Women's Network share their goals for the new year. To learn more and join the group for free, visit http://www.linkedin.com/womenconnect.

What Women Will Achieve in 2014

  1. 1. New Year, Here We Come! The members of Connect: Professional Women’s Network share their personal and professional goals for 2014. BROUGHT TO YOU BY
  2. 2. „Tis the season for resolutions! The members of Connect are a driven bunch, so when asked what they hoped to accomplish in 2014, it‟s no surprise that they were ready with ambitious answers. Here‟s a sampling of some of the inspiring goals the Connect women hope to accomplish.
  3. 3. “It‟s time to create space that honors my needs as a woman, social worker and parent. I want to model for my children that women deserve to „have it all‟ without sacrificing self-care.” Stephanie Slayton, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  4. 4. “I hope to allocate more time for volunteering with Stop Hunger Now and Samaritan‟s Purse (helping children in need).” Fran Lytle, Co-founder Brand Champs
  5. 5. “I read a study recently that concluded that money does buy happiness when it buys experiences, not material things. I want to make an effort next year to experience more and buy less.” Pamela Castelli, Social Worker
  6. 6. “I want to put as many girls‟ empowerment programs in schools as I can!” Cynthia Bazin, Life Strategist, Inspirational Speaker
  7. 7. “My goal is to secure a job that I have a passion for, where I will make a difference. I have promised myself that I will not settle, and that I‟ll be patient and make sure it‟s the right fit.” Ann Becker, Account Executive
  8. 8. “I want to REALLY figure out my purpose and write my life‟s mission statement. I‟ll be 50 in July, so I figure it‟s time.” Karen White, Certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker, Trainer
  9. 9. “I would love to pay off all my loans, and to sit back and exhale because my education was earnestly earned. That‟s freedom!” Tosin Akeredolu, Public Relations & Communications
  10. 10. “My goal is more heart and deeper connections, with clients as well as personal friends.” Melissa Tong, CEO DunkPunk Productions, Inc.
  11. 11. “My top career priority for 2014 is to live my purpose fully and to do more speaking engagements teaching people simple, powerful ways to be happy and get what they want in life. OK, I guess what I really want to do is change the world!” Bonnie Pond, Creator & Author of “The Power of Three”
  12. 12. “All the things on my list have a common base: happiness. In 2014, I want to wake up happy every day while I complete my screenplay, finish my book manuscript, expand my business, repay debt and accept two acting roles.” Tanya Christian, Marketing Communications Manager
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