The Best Career Investments


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Members of Connect: Professional Women’s Network share the decisions they’ve made to further their careers––and themselves.

Connect: Professional Women’s Network is online community with more than 300,000 members that discusses issues relevant to women and their success. The free LinkedIn group powered by Citi also features videos interviews with influential businesswomen, live Q&As with experts and slideshows with career advice. To learn more and join the conversation in the largest women's group on LinkedIn, visit

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The Best Career Investments

  1. 1. Members of Connect: Professional Women’s Network share decisions they’ve made to further their careers––and themselves. The Best Career Investments BROUGHT TO YOU BY
  2. 2. “My best investment has always been optimal health. When my body, mind and spirit are functioning at their best, my business soars. I take "me" time every day and I plan for downtime, book vacations and getaways often!” Kim Richards, RN, NC-BC, Motivational Speaker
  3. 3. “Time and effort spent building my self confidence, hands down. The skills are easy, mostly. The chutzpah to convince people you have them is the harder part.” Crystal N Woods, Intelligence Analyst
  4. 4. “Before I got my current job, I bought a decent suit for interviews. It probably was not the suit, but the confidence it gave me helped me get the job.” Karen Kay, Independent Representative
  5. 5. “Training on how to prepare and give effective presentations. I use the tools and information from the training in almost everything I do, whether its speaking one-on-one or to large groups.” Pam Norton, Owner/Coach at TransitionSpark Coaching
  6. 6. “Hiring a business coach when I first started my business, even though I didn't have money for my mortgage. With his help, I was able to create an executive income in 90 days. Since then I have always surrounded myself with personal and business coaches.” Kim Kasparian, Owner, Success Genie LLC
  7. 7. “My best investment was getting a big, fluffy best friend. Seriously, my dog. After work is done you need an outlet to de-stress, smile, exercise, be loved and maintain all around emotional stability.” Susan Wronski, Communication and Sales Specialist
  8. 8. “I invested in an online personal development course. The best investment is the investment in yourself.” Kimberly Bennetta, Helping Parents Create a Lucrative Income
  9. 9. “I took a lower paying position to learn new skills and reposition my career. I advanced quickly and was able to land a couple great positions that would not be available to me if I had not taken the risk.” Carol Reifsnyder, Senior Manager, Workplace Strategies
  10. 10. “College classes or a training center––it doesn't matter, go learn it. Spend the time to build the skills for the job you want, and never stop learning. There are always going to be new ways to do what you're doing today; if you can't talk about it in contemporary terms, you've just dated yourself in a very competitive market.” Melanie Brown, Programmer, Technical BA, Trainer
  11. 11. “I spent $100 for a professional resume writer to develop a formatted and detailed resume. The first time I used it, I got the job. I still use that template to this day, though the content has obviously changed. Half the time, I still get interviewers who say "I love your resume!" Yep, well-spent 100 bucks.” Evelyn Cashen, Account Manager
  12. 12. Stacy Buster Taylor, Property Investor “I have helped friends get their businesses up and running and I have done volunteer work. I either didn't get paid or got paid very little, but I gained experience that helped with other ventures. Sometimes volunteering or helping others turns out to offer you more than you might even imagine.”
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