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Gcse launch evening 2011
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Gcse launch evening 2011


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  • 1. GCSE Launch Evening 2011
    Welcome to all Year 8 students and their parents
  • 2.
  • 3. Tonight’s objectives
    To launch KS4 curriculum including GCSEs in English, Maths, Science
    To explain the impact of national policy on the option process for 2011/12
    To explain the structure of the Year 9 curriculum
  • 4. What do I have to study in KS4?(Year 9 -11 commencing Sept 2011)
    All: GCSE English Language
    Some: GCSE English Literature
    All: GCSE Mathematics
    All: GCSE Core Science
    either: GCSE Additional Science
    or: BTEC Applied Science
    Triple Science available as an option in Year 10 and 11
    Full / Short Course GCSE RE
    Core ICT
    EDEXCEL Aida qualification or Functional Skills
    Core PE
    Physical Education
  • 5. What other subjects will I study in Year 9?
    French or Spanish or Additional Literacy
    Technology (2 choices)
    Arts (3 choices)
  • 6. Week plan - Year 10 Sept 2012
  • 7. What’s new?
    English Baccalaureate
    The new ‘gold standard’ in education???
    C grade or better in...
    English GCSE
    Maths GCSE
    2 x GCSEs in Science
    GCSE in a Language
    GCSE in Humanities
    The ticket to Sixth Form, University and Employment success???
  • 8. Vocational opportunities
    Under Review
    Under Review
  • 22. Current GCSE Options Offer
  • 36. So back to year 9... Our principles
    Real focus on maximising achievement in English,Maths and Science – 3 years to get to GCSE
    Preparing students for the ‘English Bac’
    Allowing students to make some choices now about which subjects to follow
    Giving plenty of Information, Advice and Guidance about the ‘Options Process’
  • 37. GCSE Mathematics
    Subject Leader - David Lee
  • 38. Mathematics
    Testing and assessments
    Progress and Contact
    Exam Preparation and Materials that lead to Success
  • 39. Thinking Ahead and Support
    Parents’ Evenings
    Mathematics Assessments
    Dates and contact
    Booking Holidays
    Examination Dates
    Study Equipment
    Quiet place to work
    Get Involved
    How can Parents help?
  • 40. GCSE English
    Subject Leader - Cheryl Grantham
  • 41. What does GCSEEnglish look like?
    40% Exam
    Or English Language with Literature?
    20% Speaking & Listening
    40% Literary Reading / Creative Writing
    English Language: 30% Extended Reading / Creative Writing / Spoken Language Study
  • 42.
  • 43. GCSE Science
    Subject Leader – Julian Rouse
  • 44. Science from Y9 to Y11
    Year 9: Core Science
    Do the first module examination in June Y9
    Do some work on Controlled assessment
    Y10: Core Science
    Do the second Module examination in January Y10
    Do the final Module examination in June Y10
    Complete CA in Y10
    Y10/11: Triple Science
    Do the first triple Module examinations in Jan Y10Do 1-2 Extension modules in June Y10
    Do the final Module/extension examinations in June Y11
    Y11: Additional Science
    Do the first Module examination in January Y11
    Do the final Module examinations in June Y11
    Complete CA in Y11
    Y11: BTEC Applied Science
    Complete a range of BTEC assignments starting in Y10 and finishing in Y11
  • 45. Monitoring Achievement in Science
    Half-termlyAssessments to monitor achievement since Year 7
    • In Year 9 the half-termlytests will be based on GCSE
    questions and the results will be a GCSE grade.
  • 46. How are you getting on?
    Check your progress outside the Science office.
    The symbol shows how you are doing.
    Thursday, 16 June 2011
    Wolverley CE Science
  • 47. Parental Support
    Homework Projects
    Internet Site – Oxford University Press – electronic homework similar to MyMaths
  • 48. Monitoring Achievement
  • 49. Monitoring Achievement
    Intervention based on attainment and attitude
    Achievement interview/Options discussion with member of Senior Team in Spring term
    Mentoring programmes:
    Year 10 – Academic Mentoring focusing on E Bac students
    Year 11 – Assertive Mentoring focusing on achievement in all areas