2009 Wolverine Career Boot Camp Networking Sign Up


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This is the information from the networking sheets that were on the wall during the event

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2009 Wolverine Career Boot Camp Networking Sign Up

  1. 1. 2009 Wolverine Career Boot Camp Networking Sign Up Name Your field/company Steve Silverman electrical engineering Edward Fortunate engineering Saron Dier software test engineer → EE Kate Chulski civil engineering Roz Keith mktg/communications teaching management consulting Karen Epstein student advising have degree in mechanical engineering Matthew Lee Hoover unemployed Kirsten Olson architecture Ronald Kroll mechanical engineering Nicole Mechanco environmental + finance Asim Ashraf mech engr. Marty Maddin leadership + business coaching Mike Faremouth management-technology, auto engineering-automotive simulation, fuel Mike Johnson economy human service/non-profit, health care management, diversity consulting, community Isabel Menendez liaison, volunteer management Tiffany Brightwell human resources/financial svcs Sam Erebor ind. engr/Ford software development, mortgage banking, Carlos Aguirre inventory control. Rama Tumati product design/Visteon Bill Pielemeier electrical engineer customer service/looking for management Paul Helmich advancement Eric Rodriguez tech industry marketing Andrew Arends IT business systems implement. ERP PLM Stefan Panson mechanical engineering Sama Harp teaching, organization trainer Jim Boyle communications Brian Bartlett data processing (networks) Robert Cameron urban planning Rick Isenberg marketing-ecommerce, direct multichannel
  2. 2. IT biz analysis, security analysis, proc analysis new passions---web 2.0, education, social Bob Gawecki networking, social media, educational tech program management John M Pia engineering R. Jean Ruth analytics/market research Michelle C. Cooper finance Susan Darnell-Smith development/major gifts alumni management Linda LaBarre marketing Chris Harrison technology manager Ashley Friedman-Moronato auditor/health insurance & manufacturing Dave Norton Norton Instrumentation Randy Hancock I.T./computer programmer/analyst Betsy Everett mechanical engr w/MBA Jessica Marshall architectural Scott Sweeder IT project mgmt/business analyst Pamela Humphries-Stuart human resources/marketing and advertising LaKeshia Haliburton marketing/Detroit Medical Center Clifford McCardell consulting/programmer IT strategy, PMO, ERP Implementation, Mary Ramirez Roberts supplier strategy Frank Oberc IT documentation/ IT security Sylvia Bandyke communication Ahmad Moslimani sales/customer service sales/public speaking Stacey Pratt (aspiringinnovation@gmail.com) environmental science Jim Stone education/community development statistical analysis/academic & corporate Tony Phillips research Angela Zaetta engineering - auto/mgt/design Miriam Sherbin law/criminal and probate
  3. 3. Gregory White sales, education, healthcare Chris Hartsock technical sales Brandon Brightwell banking fin svcs Parsla Liepa engineering - chassis Andrea Anderson Proj. Mgmt - IT & Bus Process Improv. sales, customer service, contract Laurice Zielinski management Julie Ingram mgmt consulting/business management Lisa Perazza engineering /tech sales Monica Skrzynski business systems analyst LaCarla Cureau engineering/business planning
  4. 4. t Camp Networking Sign Up Who would you like to meet? engineers who have been working for years. nice people other engineers engin consulting aspiring entrepreneurs structural/geotech engineers & consultants exp w/ bus start ups web/tech developers mktg professionals people with opportunities in any/all these areas to direct/indirect contacts to employment in mech eng field and/or temporary minimum wage work in the Jackson area architects, design/build, real estate any opportunities openings in env. firms energy sector people interested in a partner to help them reach their goals technology ventures, small vc supported firms engines teachers software engineers diversity specialists, health care, community liaison, client education. volunteer management human resources professionals, website designers, financial svcs professionals hr/hiring managers recruiters/hr hiring managers. recruiters, hr hiring managers wind/solar power firms recruiters/hr managers/headhunters analysts, marketing managers, consultants, entrepreneurs, economic developers hiring managers, recruiters, analysts, other IT professionals entry level mechanical or CAD jobs! recruiters, hr personnel, civil rights activists broadcasters recruiters IT managers anyone who's hiring people working at cos that could provide introductions people needing mktg consulting services
  5. 5. recruiters, others who share passions career transitioners who would like info about similar events IT people, mgt, brainstormers, entrepreneurs recruiters program management networking contacts network contacts for Japanese companies (Japanese language ability) recruiters analytics/research contacts market research; - healthcare individuals in pricing/revenue management recruiters development staff. people working w/ SW or web services COS people with technology challenges anyone who's hiring tech/eng/research problem solving (hiring) healthcare, industrial- people w/connections/interest in to Finance also considering career change environmental/community awareness issue that could be a job architects project managers-construction design/build IT managers IT personnel hiring managers hiring managers, recruiters, individuals in creative fields healthcare publicists marketers bloggers/social media event management recruiters/IT Mgr recruiters IT mgmt. potential entrepreneurs healthcare manager company looking to hire sales/customer service anyone interested in public speaking, website design, recruiters, and people looking to be entrepreneurs! private or govt sector alt.energy community development university or private sector researchers, strategic planners people to help transition from auto industry to other mfg/ design industries people who work in organizations that help individuals find education and work
  6. 6. mgt consulting consultants/recruiters/career advisors recruiters/bankers/consultants recruiters people who can help transition out of auto recruiters, IT managers, consulting org, non-auto growth companies job leads in these areas/contacts with hiring mgrs individuals in the healthcare field defense & renewable energy contacts & friend with friends small to medium sized co's people who are currently working in the government sector, or education sector