TF Wolfpack FRG Newsletter of 9-2-12


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TF Wolfpack FRG Newsletter of 9-2-12

  1. 1. WOLFPACK SEPTEMBER 2012FRG NEWSLETTERTHEIR RETURN HAS BEGUN...As they marched, the crowds lining the route broke into applause, a sweet and deeply felt spontaneous patteringthat was a sort of communal embrace. Welcome home. ~ Lance Morrow They are on their way. Finally. We first message is sent out athave many families that have already approximately 72 hours prior to yourbeen brought back together by the troopers expected arrival at Ft. Bragg.redeployment of their trooper. The rest Updates are sent when they departwill be on their way! Asia and again when they depart Please know that our Rear D is Europe.working very hard to keep you notified Please note that there are multipleof your troopers movement as they aircraft with each main bodyredeploy. They are using the eArmy movement - across the whole of themessaging system to keep everyone Brigade. You will be notified by TFupdated as the troopers move from Wolfpack of anything that impacts theBaghram back to the United States. movement of TF Wolfpack troopers; TF Wolfpack Table Notifications are not information that impacts the Stop by the table that TF taking place as troopers of other TF’s. Wolfpack has set up with follows: Questions or concerns can be information for families and incoming troopers. Per Division directed to Rear D via Karen Foshee at: guidance, the 910-643-7594 [1]
  2. 2. FRSA FOSHEE FINDS...Greetings Wolfpack Family! It’s almost that time for you to be Monthly Recipereunited with your loved ones! I am Enjoy the quick, easy andexcited as well! healthy recipe below!eArmy Messaging Labor Day Message from This month has been very busy for me Karen Foshee the FORSCOM Commanderensuring the rosters were updated as well TF Wolfpackas IRIS - our eArmy Messaging System. On Labor Day we reflect on FRSA the powerful social and If you know of someone who is new to economic achievements of Make safety partthe unit, please contact me with thefamily’s information so it can be updated. America’s work force. We also appreciate of your plan. Before you the vital work of our Army Family — our do anything, from completing homeThe same can be said for someone you Soldiers, civilian employees and Family projects, to preparing for a road trip, toknow as left the unit. It is also beneficial to members — who work tirelessly to further going swimming, ask yourself, “What aregive me a call or shoot me an email if your freedom’s cause. Our thoughts also focus the risks? What am I doing to mitigateinformation changes - new email address, on America’s deployed Soldiers, for whom them?” Be careful! Each and every one ofcell or home number. We don’t want Labor Day is another day working to you is vital to your fellow Soldiers, civiliananyone to go without being contacted astheir trooper redeploys! protect our nation’s security. co-workers and Families. For many of us, the Labor Day Your personal labor, commitment andReintegration weekend is a last opportunity to enjoy sacrifice contribute greatly to our nation Also, take advantage of the reunion warm weather activities and take to the and to keeping our Army strong. Thankclasses. Check out the flyer (on the next road for a well-deserved break. Remember you for your service!page) for date, time, and location. the basics: get plenty of rest before traveling, don’t drive or swim after ContactVolunteers consuming alcohol, use personal As always, if you have any questions, I’d like to thank all the volunteers for protective equipment, and don’t drive please don’t hesitate to contact me at:assisting with the single soldiers rooms at while distracted. barracks, we really appreciate the help. 910-643-7594CRISPY CURRY SCALLOPSIngredients: Directions:• 1.5 lbs large sea scallops (about 12) • Pat scallops dry with a paper towel.• 1/2 cup panko • Toss scallops with soy sauce; sprinkle• 2 tsp lower-sodium soy sauce 1 tsp curry powder evenly with curry powder; dredge•• 2 tsp canola oil through panko - coating thoroughly.• lime wedges • Heat oil in a large skillet over med-high heat. Add scallops and cook 2 to 3 minutes each side until browned. • Serve with lime wedges. [2]
  3. 3. [3]
  4. 4. Alpha 1/17 - RoughnecksHere are some photosfrom our August troop FRG meeting. Alpha Troop will not have a September FRGmeeting. Enjoy the time with your family! [4]
  5. 5. BARRACKS ADVENTURES...What your FRG is up to... Throughout the month of August the FRG got together to help welcome TFWolfpack single soldiers home by getting their barracks rooms ready for their arrival.One would think this would be simply done... but not when we remember we’re aTaskforce! Each of our troopers got their bed made with new sheets, a rack pack ofpersonal hygiene supplies from the USO, a bag of snacks & 2 bottles of water fromFayetteville cares and our volunteers’ contributions, and a welcome home message. Thank you again to all the volunteers who came out to help over, and over, andover again!! We appreciate you!!!Coming up in September... A-1/82 A-2/82 HHC D-1/82 E-1/82 Diva Dash The Redhawk’s FRG Meeting at Timberwolves Lonewolves had A group of Red will not be NP Starbucks had nothing to nothing to add Wolf spouses having an FRG Sept 10 @ 1800 add at the at the time of will swim, Meeting this time of publication. bike and run month. Enjoy Lunch Bunch at publication. the White Lake the time with Jason’s Deli Tri on 9/9. your families! Sept 14 @ 1100 [5]
  6. 6. WOLFPACK It struck us, as a group, that we could help with that. If there’s anything a group of volunteers can do, it’s pull together a potluck meal. AndFOR so we did. With the help of numerous folks in the unit, and outside the unit as well, we brought a potluck meal - with take out boxes for leftovers - toWARRIORS our wounded brethren here at Ft. Bragg. If that’s not reason enough... we Back in July it was brought to the try to keep in mind that TF WolfpackTF Wolfpack FRG Leaders’ attention has a handful of Wounded Warriorsthat our Wounded Warriors here at Ft. that have come home from this tour.Bragg could use some help. We were And we want to keep them in mindmade aware of an organization that and honor them for their service. Evenhas served the WTU for a couple of if it’s not to them directly; it’s to themyears now - in mind and heart. One of the things that Cause If time allows, we’ll go back to theprovides to the WW’s is onsite meal WTU later this year. Considerservice multiple times a week - but contributing your best dish for them tomost importantly on weekends since share. Giving back to those who havetheir DFAC is closed at that time. given is priceless. Taking some time to chat and make 550 cord bracelets. [6]
  7. 7. VOLUNTEERS makes events like that not just happen, but make them successful! Another effort put on by the FRG and volunteers was to get banners BANNERSAT AT THE made and hung up at the Talon (3/82) hangar to welcome our troopers as they arrive home. The pictures here are just a few of the banners that have HANGARWORK gone up at the hangar. Almost all of our companies are represented and we know that our soldiers appreciate In addition to working to get all our the greetings as they arrive in.single soldiers’ barracks rooms ready With all the great work that ourfor their arrival, our volunteers have volunteers do, we try to make surebeen working away at other activities that they are awarded for that time andas well! effort. This month it is our privilege to As noted on the page prior, our wish Alison White congratulations forvolunteers put together a potluck being awarded the Dr. Mary E. Walkerdinner to support the Wounded Award for outstanding volunteerWarriors at the WTU here at Ft. Bragg. support. She is yet another exampleAlthough organized through the FRG, of the stellar volunteers that TFit is the work of the volunteers that Wolfpack is proud to call their own! Alison White, D Company, has earned the Dr. Mary E. Walker award for outstanding volunteer support. Thank you for all you do Alison! [7]
  8. 8. WEBSITE meal trains, potlucks, care teams, event support - that is only one way you can give of your time.OF THE This month we are featuring the website of one of the organizations on Ft. Bragg that can always use anMONTH extra hand or volunteer to support their mission. Take a minute to learn more about it. There are a number of ways tovolunteer on Fr. Bragg and very few ofthem have to do with your specific WWW.CAUSE-USA.ORGunit or FRG. Cause programs While your FRG can always use ... here for provide opportunities need engaging socialyour help with different activities - those who are for recreation, relaxation here for us... interaction, pleasurable and resiliency for activities designed to members of the US Armed VOLUNTEERING ON FT. BRAGG combat isolation and services recuperating from You do not have to depression, and tangible Volunteer with Wolfpack to injuries received in Iraq and expressions of appreciation and serve the Ft. Bragg Afghanistan.  Community. Contact ACS support from a grateful nation. Cause To recover physically and for all the possibilities steps in to provide that support to available to you! emotionally, wounded warriors need wounded servicemen and women, their more than medical care alone. They families and their caregivers. Cumberland County Department of Social Services If you are interested in becoming foster parents please attend an “We need GOOD foster information session. parents to help with the 600 plus children we Every 3rd Thursday at 12 service.” noon and 6:30 pm CCDSS Conference room. Please call 910-677-2541 for more information.