World War 3


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This story took me about a week to make, its just a starter im gonna be making more but I like it alot, and am pretty sure if you like war and cool plot twists youll love this.

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World War 3

  1. 1. The Beginning *Distant gunfire and explosions* You ever look at the sky and think: "Why am I here". Who hasn't right. *Distant shouting* Well this was one of those days. By now you're probably wondering whats with all the commotion? Well it started this morning......Flashback Please. OK there we go. Newsman:"The crisis in the east has been escalating ever more every day. We hear reports of.." Dante: "Mom shut that off will ya its too early to hear about how many soldiers died today." *shuts off TV, phone starts ringing* Dante:" Hello you have reached the gay lovers hot line, what kind of fag you wanna talk to?" Justin:" Stop screwing around you ass, you ready?" Dante:" Jajajaja, yeah im ready, is Carlos coming today?" Justin:" yeah about that, you remember that chick he met last night...." Dante:" O come onnn how does he do that, how does he bang every chick he meets? Hes not even that .... You know what screw it!" Justin:" jajajaja you were gonna say hes not even that hot weren't you? Jajajaja you fucking fag!" Dante:" Screw you and come pick me up already!" Justin:"I'm already here, lets go." Dante:" Bye mom be back soon." *runs out the door to Justin's car* Dante: “So what paint-ball park we goin today.” Justin: “Were going to Rio Grande, theres this abandoned apartment complex in which some of us go play every now and then.” Dante: “What about all the equipment, we ready to go?” Justin: “ Ive got two 20 oz. Tanks in the back with my mask and the gun, plus ive got 2,000 paint-balls in a box.” Dante: “OK were ready then, lets play some paint- ball!” Justin: “I didn't think you were coming today dude.” Dante: “Whys that?” Justin: “ Well you know with today being you're dads.....well you know.” Dante: “ You can say it man, today my dads been dead for a year, I know, thats the more reason why I got out of that house.” Justin: “ You wanna talk about it man?” Dante: “ What are you dumb? Why would I wanna talk about it? He went to war and he died, whats there to talk about?” Justin: “OK man if you say so.” OK so far so good right. Just going to play paint-ball with friends, nothing special right? Well lets fast forward this about two hours, when we start playing some paint-ball. Justin: “ OK we all know the rules right, two teams of four, if you got paint on you you're out. Everybody ready?” Heather: “Wait a minute whose team am I on?” George: “Our team Heather; Me, Justin, Chris and you.” Dante: “Wait a minute why do we get the new guy?” Stop, you're probably wondering who the new guy is, hes one of Heather's friend. Heres the deal, this guy was about 7 feet tall, and had more muscles than Arnold and Stallone combined. I mean he was freakin huge! But there was a problem, he had NEVER played paint-ball before, making him useless. Lets continue. Norman: “Come on dude, im pretty sure he knows how to play, I mean look at him!” Dante: “Fine but I mean were still missing a player in our team.” Carlos: “No you're not, I told you guys id be here.” Dante: “What about that chick last night” Carlos: “Oh shes back home..” The Attack *A very loud pitch is heard and then all of a sudden* BOOM!!! Now heres where the fun begins. Dante: “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!” Justin: “That was an explosion!?! What the hells going on here!!!” Carlos: “Tha...that....that was close to my house!!!! I have to go....” New Guy: “No you guys cant go anywhere, you gotta come with me.” Carlos: “ARE YOU INSANE!!! THAT WAS MY HOUSE YOU MORON!!! AND WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!” New Guy: “I'm special agent Johnson
  2. 2. from U.N.I.O.N and I was sent here to protect you, all of you.” Dante: “Wait a sec you want me to believe you were sent here to protect US, a couple of worthless kids, instead of going to the president or mayor or something? I'm outta here, im going to see what that explosion was about.” Johnson: “Fine you want to see what that was about? Look up” And wouldn't you know it there were about 10 fighter jets passing over us, and all of a sudden a shit load explosions broke out. Like he already knew what was going to happen. Dante: “Justin, lets go back home, those blasts were close to my house!” Justin: “OK lets go!” Now were gonna jump ahead abut 30 minutes, OK the images portrayed in this part are not for the faint of heart.*A fiery wasteland, people running and screaming, houses crashing down, fire engulfs everything.* Dante: “Oh my god.” Justin: “What the hell happened here?” Dante: “Mom.”*Dante's house once a common suburban home, with a beautiful flower garden in the front yard, the backyard had a pool, and a sandbox where Dante used to play as a kid. Now it was gone, all that was left was a fire pit, nothing else in sight.* Dante: “MOM!!!!! Where is she? Why did this happen? What is going on?!” Justin: “Dante I....” Johnson: “Shes dead Dante, everyone here is. Everything you knew and loved is gone.”*Dante forms his hand into a fist and hurls at Johnson, he grabs Johnson by his shirt and is about to punch his face in* Hi me again, OK so we don't know whats happening but just a quick query, any of you wondering how Johnson got there so fast, I mean he cant fly as far as we know. OK that was all, lets get on with it. Johnson: “What will you do Dante punch me, KILL ME?! Do you have the balls to do that?”*Dante lets go of Johnson, and goes back to where his house used to be.* Dante: “Why? Why is this happening? Who would do this?” Johnson: Come with me Dante and I can answer all those questions.” Justin: “Wait a minute you said you belonged to U.N.I.O.N right? What is that?” Johnson: “United Nations Intelligence Or Nerve-center” Justin: “Wait, Nerve-center, what does that even mean?” Johnson: “ There no time to explain we have to.....” Dante: “Lets go.” Justin: “You sure man, I mean we don't even know this guy, or if hes even telling the truth.” Dante: “I don't really care anymore, I mean what do I have to live for now?!” Johnson: “You have no idea how much you have to live for, now lets go look for the others.”*They drive off in Justin's car and go back to the apartment complex.* The Revelation Stop. This is where I tell you that his mom is fine and she managed to escape into the sunset right? Wrong, this isn't a happy story, shes really dead, gone, kaput. And this is also when you expect him to say he will take revenge for what they did, picks up a gun and starts killing all the bad guys. Wrong again, heres what really happened.*Back at the apartment complex* Dante: “So what were all here whats so important about us?” Johnson: “You're the son of Gregory right?” Dante: “I was, in case you haven't heard hes dead.” Johnson: “Yes he is. You know how he died?” Dante: “A mission he was sent on I guess, they didn't really tell us.” Justin: “Wait a minute if you just want Dante why are we all here?” George: “Yeah I mean makes no sense why would you have to protect all of us.” Johnson: “Heather would you please explain.” Heather: “Guys you were all chosen for a special, 'super soldier' project since you were born. Why do you think that kids who live blocks away from each other and go to different schools would meet and become good friends?” Chris: “Actually me and Justin go to the same school.” Heather: “Yeah that was coincidence, anyway, the project was meant to be activated when you were 21 but seeing as how the attack came a little early we must activate you now.” Dante: “Hold up you're telling me that us, a couple of nobodies, are super soldiers meant to save the world?” Johnson: “Not really kid, YOU are not a super soldier, and we sure as hell don't plan on 4 of you to
  3. 3. save the world.” Heather: “We need you all to help on the attack.” Ha didn't see that one coming did ya! See heres the deal they're the BAD guys, they're the ones who started all this, they're the reason for the war, and they're the one who will end everything. The Truth So you're probably wondering who I am, well im just a normal kid, 16 years old, scrawny little guy, no super strength, speed, intelligence, nothing, just a plain old kid caught in between. I was over at Carolina, P.R when this all started, just chilling in my house with my girl Jennifer, and my friend Manny, when all of a sudden a missile lands about 5 houses down. Needless to say once we heard and saw the explosions we ran out of there as fast as possible. We ran into a small warehouse, and hid there for a while, the warehouse was strong enough to hold until the explosions stopped, and then we went out. What we saw was horrifying, people cut in half, blood everywhere, one man had no legs and was still crawling over to a baby cradle in the floor, where the child lay filled with blood without a sign of life. Then we saw a bunch of paratroopers coming down and shooting everything. I saw the presidential seal in one of those carriers, but I couldn't believe that we were being attacked by OUR government. I took my girl's hand and we headed over to the sewers to hide from the soldiers. In the sewers we found some guerrilla militia, they gave us some M4A1 Assault Riffles and told us to follow them if we wanted to live. We did the obvious thing and followed quietly, once we got to a safe zone they started asking questions. Who were we? Where were we from? How did we survive? They battered us with questions, but then all of a sudden this kid comes out of a corner and everybody just stops talking and turn away. Kid: “Hey im Alexis, I run this place, sorry for the questions but we gotta make sure you're not enemies.” Can you believe it a KID was in charge he was no older than 15 and he ran an entire rebellion, cool huh?! Jennifer: “You're in charge of a bunch of grown men, YOU a little kid” This of course was the dumbest thing anyone could say at this point and yes my girl said it, no comment. All of a sudden this kid grabs a knife and throws it directly at her, and hits a bullseye behind her head. She of course basically pissed her pants cause she thought he was aiming at her. Manny: “Oh my god! Were you aiming at that bullseye?!” Alexis: “No more talk we need to get you guys ready to fight.” Manny: “Wait a minute fight? For what, im not gonna risk my life to save some little old lady I mean those guys out there are trained professionals, how can we fight that?!” Alexis: “You seriously have no idea whats going on here do you, let me explain.” He points over to a television over in a counter and one of the guys there turns it on. Alexis: “You know theres a war over in the middle east right? Well things just got a lot worse, you know how U.S.A has always been on our side, well they found out that Puerto Rico was trafficking illegal drugs and guns over with the middle east. This led to an investigation and what was found was horrifying.”* He sat down on a bar stool and pointed at a document being streamed on the TV.* “They found that there was an organization called U.N.I.O.N with a headquarters somewhere in here, this in term made the organization go rogue and try to take control of the Nation. This is the first strike, they had a secret project they were working on which was said to be able to destroy the Government as we know it. The Americans cant get to us fast enough thanks to the fact that they're also getting attacked and have to protect they're country, but thats why were here, were the rebellion and were gonna take down U.N.I.O.N.”
  4. 4. The Rebellion If you're having trouble understanding all this, welcome to the club. Me, Manny and Jeniffer had no idea what was going on, all of a sudden were getting debriefed on how were gonna attack the U.N.I.O.N headquarters. This was insane, I barely knew what was going on and yet for some reason I didn't complain. Something inside me just told me to go ahead and do it, maybe I was just insane, hell im narrating my whole story, but something just said “Go for it”. Go for what you ask, well you see my job in the invasion was to LEAD the first battalion! Insane right this kid just met me and all of a sudden he got me leading a battalion of about 200 men into battle. So I did the only logical thing in this situation, I ran. Soldier: “Sir the commander of first battalion has gone, we don't know where he is.” Alexis: “Don't worry sergeant you just go ahead with preparations, ill be right back.” *Somewhere Deep in El Yunque.* Yeah so I ran, so what, id like to see you try and lead a battalion after never lifting a finger in aggression in you're life. The only aggressive thing I ever did was play Modern Warfare 2 and insult people over the Internet. Anyways Alexis eventually found me and he has the nerve to.... lets just keep in the flashback. Alexis: “You know, you cant run from this forever. They'll find you and kill you.” Me: “I know. But why, why is this happening, why did they attack now, whyd you choose me to lead a battalion?” Alexis: “Have you ever just looked at the sky and wonder, Why am I here? Whats my purpose? Why is my life so empty?” Me: “Well of course, everyone has obviously.” Alexis: “Well thats good, and tell me have you ever found the answer?” Me: “No, Not really.” Alexis: “Then one more question, have you ever thought that maybe the answer wont come to you, that the answer to that question doesn't really exist, and you answer that question yourself with the actions you take in your life. Eventually in the end you will be judged by your actions, you will be remembered for your words, and you will be a legend, for answering that question.” Me: “But im not a legend, im just a kid, not even that cool, im not an athlete, never been a leader, I just stay home playing video games with my friends thats it. Why would I be the guy to be in charge for the lives of about 200 people.” Alexis: “Because I said so. If you don't like it I could just kill you right here, your choice.” At that point you gotta understand the choice of death was pretty tempting, cause I was headed on a suicide mission anyway. But I decided to go back and do what he said, even if not for me but for all the people I would help save. The Ultimos Lets go back to Dante's story for a second, this is after a few hours of more explaining and disbelief to the fact they're super soldiers. Dante: “Great so you guys have already told them why they were selected, they're super weapons meant to control the world. But what about me, you said im NOT a super soldier, so im just a normal kid, so why do you want me?” Johnson: “Because you're the son of our leader Gregorio The Magnificent, you're also the heir to his throne, and you're the one who has to lead the invasion.” Dante: “Wait, im your leader, then why did you kill my mother!!! I order you to stop the invasion!” Heather: “We didn't kill your mother, that was just an extra we set in after your real mother's death. And two he said you're the Heir to the throne, your father is still leading us.” Dante: “ father is still alive, THAT WASNT MY REAL MOTHER!!! What the hell is going on here!” After a few more minutes of explaining and discussions Dante finally accepts his reality and is taken back to U.N.I.O.N headquarters along with the others. *Somewhere deep in El Yunque rain
  5. 5. forest* Gregorio: Welcome my sons to your new home, and welcome back Dante, im sorry for all I have put you through so you could understand what I am doing, please understand I did it because I love you.” Dante: “You LOVE me?! Is that a joke, I thought you were dead for a year! I thought my mother was killed in a fiery explosion!! And then I found out my whole life was a lie!!! and you did it because YOU LOVE ME!!!! You can go to hell with that!” Gregorio: “Johnson please take the children to the training grounds and test they're abilities, I must have a chat with my son.” Johnson: “Of course my master, come children follow me.” *The children are taken to a training facility filled with machines, and robotic suits, it was an enormous room, obviously built for testing machines.* Carlos: “Wait why are we here, weren't we going to the training room?” Johnson: “This is it, this is where we will test your strength, speed, agility, and war strategy.” Justin: “So what are the machines for?” Johnson: “Those will me your training weights.” Chris: “Wait, we cant lift those! They're massive!” George: “And the robotic suits?” Johnson: “Those are for the safety of your instructors.” Justin: “Look I don't know who you think we are but I can barely lift a 10 pound weight at the gym, how do you expect me to lift THAT!” Johnson: “U.N.I.O.N protocol 67, Ultimo program number 502938, activation initiate, UNION member Colonel Johnson.” “Activation protocol initiated, Ultimo nanobots enhancing human capacity” Justin: “What the hell, I feel weird, my body starting to hurt a little bit, what did you do?” Johnson: “I activated the nanobots implanted in your body when you were born, you see we tried to initiate this program with adults first, but the nanobots were not compatible with the body and while the antibodies tried to fight the nanobots, they would destroy the body in the process. So we tried it with infants, and found that young boys would be more compatible with the nanobots but the body would still deny the nanobots. So based on the research we tried it with newborn children, Justin you were our first candidate, and you were implanted with the most nanobots, so your transformation will be extremely painful, but the results will be marvelous.” Justin: “Wait, extremely painful?! But I didn't want to be....Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! THE HORIBLE, AAHHHHHHH!!!!” *The children all started screaming in pain and horrifying wails that would make any mans spine shiver* *Back at Gregorio's room* Dante: “WHAT! You're gonna tell me how I will someday understand that all you did was because you love me and....” *Gregorio stood up from his chair and grabbed Dante by the throat and choked him* Gregorio: “You will listen to me! I may be your father and I love you with all my being, but I am not going to deal with a winy little brat. You lost your “mother” and hate me for making you believe I was dead. Let me show you what I have been through to keep you alive.” *Gregorio threw Dante into a chair, and Dante started gasping for air, then a monitor cam down from the ceiling behind Gregorio.* Gregorio: “I was a military scientist before all this began, I was one of the best, but I was still property of the United States Government. When you were born we were working on a super soldier formula, and we needed a test subject, running out of options and funding the General commanded me to give you as a test subject. This I couldn't do so I took you and your mother and ran. Of course running from the government is no easy task and we had to keep running for years.” *Images about him, his mother and Gregorio started showing up on the screen* Gregorio: “I loved you and your mother more than anything in this world, but one day when you were only 3 years old, your mother took you and ran away, she couldn't take the pressure anymore, she went back to the Government to tell them were I was and give you up. Felling betrayed and devastated I did the only thing I could, I kept running, until one day 2 years later I stumbled upon an old friend of mine, The General. He told me how he was fired and dishonorably stripped of his rank because the super soldier project was a complete failure, he was a hopeless imbecile out on the streets and dying of hunger. I decided I would not end up like this, I infiltrated they're research facility and found you were being raised by one of they're doubles, I volunteered to be your substitute father, ironic as it may be, under the name of Gregory Ortiz. It wasn't until about a year later I found out what happened to your mother. Your mother was convicted as a traitor to the nation and executed immediately.” *Gregorio started wiping tears from his eyes* Gregorio: “What they did was unacceptable so I decided to found the UNION, I combined my resources and my knowledge and
  6. 6. founded an organization right under their nose. When you were 10 I decided to integrate you into the organization and raise you to be the next leader of the world.” Dante: “Wait, leader of the world?! Ive never been leader of anything, I don't know war strategy, I cant be leader of the world!” Gregorio: “You know how sometimes you would wake up in the middle of the night and I would read you about the great leaders through history? Those were lessons, and you learned from the best of them. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Adolf Hitler, Alexander the Great, and all those others, you will surpass them all. And of war strategy you need not learn, you will rule with peace and justice for that is the way you are meant to rule, that is the way I raised you to rule, I will worry about the ugly things.” Dante: “I still cant believe what you're telling me is true, I...My whole life has been a lie, its too much to take in, I need some time alone.” *Walks out the door and heads to the training room* Dante: “Hey guys hows trai.....” *He saw Justin lifting a giant piece of machinery as if it were a toy, when Justin sees him he drops the thing and runs toward him, although being about 100 feet away he runs at amazing speeds and gets to him in a few seconds* Justin: “Hey Dante whats up. So have you decided to lead us into the new world?” Dante: “WOW....I knew you'd be strong and fast but I mean, WOW” Justin: “Cool huh? But you still haven't answered my question.” Dante: “I cant Justin, its just too much, you know me im no leader. Hell in high school I was nobody, in life ive been nobody, the only reason I was ever invited anywhere was because I was friends with you guys. And even then I was shun out by everyone but Heather. Now I find out Heather only liked me cause I was the son of her leader.” Justin: “Dante, I get it man, I don't understand much of whats going on either, but if you don't agree we can leave, I mean im a super soldier, whose gonna stop me. But at least know before we go, we didn't invite you cause we knew you were our leader, or because we felt pity for you. We were always with you cause we Respected you so much, you were so strong, your father had died and you took it head on, hell my mom yelled at me and I would just lock myself in my room and ignore reality, but you, you faced it head-on and you would never complain, you had it harder than all of us combined, and you were so strong. Really I would only follow you, no one else, so whatever you say Boss.” Dante: “Justin I never knew.....I will lead the new world and make it the best world for all of us!” The Leader Have you ever just look back at you life and think “Why Me”. These days thats exactly how I feel. It all started yesterday morning when I went to play some paint-ball with my friends, when all of a sudden these blasts go off around my town. Then me and my friends found out they were part of a super soldier program and I was to lead them and my fathers army into a “New World” full of peace, understanding and all that. I found out my life was a lie, my mother was not my REAL mother, my father was the leader of a super secret anti-government organization bent on taking over the world. Oh did I mention I thought my father was dead for a year before I found all this out. Anyway soon once the war is over im taking over the organization in my fathers place and leading the whole world, basically the president of the world. Today was the day when I would attend the war meeting, I followed my father into an enormous chamber, beautiful round table in the middle of the room, and sitting there were the generals, some old men that had been in the organization from the start. Sitting there as well were my friends, Justin, George, Chris and Carlos, even Heather was there, well seeing as how she was my father's bodyguard it was no surprise. The person who did surprise me being there was Johnson, the moment entered the room he stood by my side and never left my side. The meeting was tense they were
  7. 7. discussing different war strategies like the Blitzkrieg or the Pincer Maneuver. You see we had already taken most of America, we had all South America, North America was just a few bases away from falling and Central America was pretty much ours, the Caribbean is were it all started so that wasn't a problem and since our base of commands was here in Puerto Rico we had no enemies that could reach us without us knowing about it. There was a problem, the eastern part of the world was going to be tricky, we had such success taking the western side because we attacked with all our strength and had the element of surprise but not anymore. Reports had already spread of our attack and a counter-attack was already being set up, so we had to act fast. There was an argument between two of the leaders because one was suggesting we just wait for the counter-attack and the other was disgusted at that idea saying it was cowardly to just wait and that they should attack head-on. My father raised his hand and they both shut up and sit down, then my father suggested they use a decoy squad and then flank the enemy. “Wouldn't that be a suicide mission?” my father stared at me with rage in his eyes as if saying how dare you question me. Gregorio: “Are you questioning my authority?! Because that my son would be an act of treason, and traitors are punished, harshly.” “Well I mean its just that.....” His eyes got even darker and I just sit down and quieted down, Justin looked at my father with rage in his eyes as well, I think he didn't like the idea either, but there was nothing us kids could do, or so we thought. Meanwhile there was another plan being thought up. Alexis: “We should just attack head-on, its our best chance, they don't know we even exist so we have the element of surprise.” Manny: “But thats insane! How are we a rag tag team of rebels with barely 200 members going to go head-on against a trained army?! Its ludicrous!!” Me: “It may be insane but Alexis is right, we have the element of surprise, so they have no idea how many we really are, I say we split up into three groups, Manny you take 50 guys and go underground, theres a sewage pipe that leads directly under they're base. Jennifer you take 50 more and flank around the back, you'll be covert-ops, don't let them alert the others you're there....” Jennifer: “Sweety im not a soldier and I don't plan on being one so you can count me out. Its bad enough I lost my parents in all this, but now you want me to play soldier?! NO WAY!” Me: “Honey I know you're sad and all about losing your mom and dad but guess what? WE ALL LOST OUR FAMILIES SO SUCK IT UP AND ACT LIKE A BIG GIRL!!! Now as I was saying, Jennifer will be covert-ops and me and Alexis will take the 100 others into a full frontal assault.” Manny: “Again seems like a dumb idea but hell at least im not in the frontal assault. You better come back alive Bro or imma be really pissed off.” Alexis: “OK tomorrow were going to war, I expect all of you to be here at 0700, if you're not here, I understand.” The meeting ended with my fathers plan as the main plan, send about 500 soldiers into a suicide mission so that another brigade with 1000 others would flank the enemy form all sides and take them out. I couldn't accept this plan, these were 500 men we were talking about with families and kids, sent to die for what?! A plan that didn't need to happen?! Justin: “ I didn't like it either, there were a lot more options but they went with the worst one right of the bat. We should do something.” “Like what? Were just kids, you may be a super soldier but remember they have an army.” Justin: “I know but we should still do something, lets just go talk to your dad, you should be able to convince him.” “Maybe, at least we can try.” So we went over to my fathers office but as we were walking I look back and see Johnson following us, at the time I paid no attention to him seeing as how he was following me since the meeting but it was kinda getting creepy. So we found my father in a Podium overlooking the training room. Gregorio: “Did you have fun insulting me at the meeting?” “What? I didn't.....” *Gregorio rushed at Dante with a knife in his hand, Justin jumped in front of Dante and grabbed Gregorio's hand.* Justin: “What the hell are you doing Gregorio!!!” Gregorio: “Nice reflexes kid, but I have my own little secret project.” *Johnson came out of the darkness like a ghost and punched out Justin like he was just a normal kid.* Johnson: “Will there be something else you need from me leader?” Gregorio: “No Johnson that will be all. Dante don't think for one second I will let you interfere with my plans, remember you shall only take my place when I say so, and right now you could be living in a dungeon, where you'll be safe and wont interfere.” “What the hell?! Why did you knock out Justin and, WHY DID YOU TRY TO KILL ME?!!!” Gregorio: “Only trying to teach you a
  8. 8. lesson, I wasn't going to kill you, you mean to much to me but disrespect me again and I will kill all your little friends.” “Fine, ill stay out of your way, now when is the war happening?” Gregorio: “Tomorrow.” The Final Day No matter how much you hate it, you cant get away from your responsibilities. As leader of an entire army my responsibility was to lead them to victory, no matter how many die in the process, as long as we win the war. At least thats what my father got me to believe. I don't know whats right or whats wrong anymore, my whole life was a lie so why should I believe that what thought was right is really right. I'm on the verge of loosing my mind, but nows not the time to whine or bitch about this, I have a responsibility and that is to win this war no matter what. Justin: “wake up....wake up....wake up....Dante wake up dammit, were under attack!!!” Dante: “What from who, did our enemies find out the plan?” Justin: “No not Europe were under homeland attack, were being attacked by a rag tag team of rebels,about 100 in our radars.” Dante: “Wait 100 don't we have an entire army on our side?!” Justin: “Yes but somehow we were hijacked, most of the security doors are locked so it'll take about 15 minutes until most of our troops get out, and the rest have already left to start the invasion.” Gregorio's voice is heard over the intercom. Gregorio: “Whatever troops remain without being trapped report to the front gates, the rebels are starting to get through!” Dante: “Wait, somethings not right, how could they attack from the front and still be able to sabotage us? I think they're already in here, and the others are decoys! Lets go to Gregorio's office, NOW!!” *Meanwhile outside the base* Alexis: “OK Jennifer already did her part, they cant get out so they're manpower is cut in half!” Me: “Yeah well half of a few thousand....” *Gunfire ricocheting of the wall and a distant explosion* “is still a few hundred!!! All we have is 100 guys against like 500.” *heard over the wrist communicator in Alexis' hand* Manny: “OK were in...bzz....but need some....bzz....too many sold....bzz....Get you asses in here already!!!” Alexis: “Copy that, OK everybody give us some cover fire were going in!” Me: “Wait by we you mean all of us right?” Alexis: “Nop just you and me.” Me: “Greeeeeaaaaat, just what I wanted, a suicide mission into the root of all evil.” *Dante arrives in Gregorio's chamber only to find it messed up as if there was a big fight.* Dante: “What...The...Hell, Gregorio are you here....Dad are you here!” Justin: “Dante look!” *Out of the pitch black Johnson comes out bleeding and all torn up, missing his right arm, and with a knife in his back.* Dante: “OH MY GOD, Johnson what happened to you!” *In that moment Johnson collapses to the ground and reaches out with his hand* Johnson: “Dante im sorry, I couldn't get here in time to save him, they were too strong even for me....” *coughs up blood* “I never thought The Ultimos would betray us like this. Someone....” Johnson died then, not telling us who they were working for but before I could even ask I got my answer. George: “Hey Dante whats up.” Dante: “What did you do George, where is my father?!” Chris: “Oh we killed him, it was part of our orders.” Justin: “Who the hell gave you THOSE orders!” Carlos: “General Hopkins.” Dante: “You mean the old man who was with us in the meeting?! But hes one of us!” Chris: “I'm sorry to say Dante but our orders aren't over.” Dante: “Wha...” *Before he could finish the question Chris and George rushed at him with incredible speed. Chris threw a punch at Dante while George went with a high kick. Justin blocked the fist by grabbing it with one hand and the kick by using his forearm.* Carlos: “What the hell Justin, we all have the same orders, to kill Dante. Why are you stopping us!!!” Justin: “I don't follow orders from anyone but Dante, and I know for a fact that you guys don't wanna fight me. You cant beat me.” Chris: “Carlos hes got a point.” Carlos: “Fine well report back the the General, in the meantime well let you live, but Dante, your little bodyguard wont always be there so....” And just as quickly as they appeared they left. Something wasn't right, why would somebody want me and my father dead. *Distant explosion ground
  9. 9. rumbling* No time to worry about that now, gotta find out whats going on. *Meanwhile in the training room* Manny: “Am I glad to see you two.” Alexis: “Whats going on Manny, wheres your team?” Manny: “They're providing a decoy for me to go to the main reactor room and blow this place to hell. But I cant seem to get past this point, theres no exits.” Me: “This room is huge, and look at all that machinery, what is this place?” George: “Our training room.” *Alexis and Manny point their guns at the three.* Alexis: “Who are you?!” Carlos: “Were the Ultimos” *In a balcony overlooking the training room.* Justin: “Dante look, Carlos, Chris and George are down there, and I think those other three are enemies! Should we help them?” Dante: “No, not yet, lets see how this plays out.” Alexis: “Wait YOURE the Ultimo project!” Manny: “What does that mean?” Alexis: “You remember the secret project they were working on that could take over the world, its codename was project Ultimo.” Manny : “So what does that mean, these kids are....Weapons!!!” Alexis: “I don't know, I cant really understand whats happening.” Manny: “Screw this they're the enemy so im shooting them!” *Manny shot them with his M-9 pistol a few times but the Ultimos dodged every bullet.* Manny: “Wha....Thats impossible, nobody's that fast!!!” *Carlos ran at Manny and grabbed his right arm, he then proceeded to break his arm, and once his arm was broken he backed up.* Manny: “AAAAAHHHHH MY ARM!!!” Alexis: “Both of you get out of here, this isn't a fight you can win!” Me: “OK, but wait, whyd you say both of you, what about you?!” Alexis: “Ill give you some time to escape, these don't look like the type of guys who'll just let you go. Ill take care of them while you escape.” He had no chance, if they could kill Johnson Why did he think he would kill them, at that moment I saw one of them, they never mentioned his name, but somehow I knew him, he look just like me except, I had never met him before. And yet somehow I knew his name. His name was “Virgil.” Brothers Hey guys im back, and just in time to tell you about the attack, but by now you're probably wondering my name, seeing as how no-one has said it and I'm refereed to as me. My name is Virgil and im leading the rebel forces main assault. The attack has been going great, we already sabotaged they're controls, see Jennifer snuck in early in the morning and shut down all they're main systems, meaning security doors, alarms, vehicles, everything but guns. Most of their forces are stuck so me and Alexis went into meet with Manny, which had snuck in underground and was headed to the reactor room to blow the place into hell. We encountered a little problem though, three guys came into a room we were stuck in and they were calling themselves Ultimos. They were unnaturally strong, and one of them even broke Manny's hand without even breaking a sweat. Thats when Alexis told us to back off and run away, that he was gonna keep them busy. I mean I know Alexis is strong and all but these are super humans he cant just expect me to leave him here to die! Virgil: “Alexis you cant beat these guys. They'll kill you!” Alexis: “If thats whats gotta happen then so be it, but you guys have to survive. You wanted to know why I picked you to be the leader of the assault right?” *Hands Virgil a CD* “Its all there, you'll find every answer you need to know. Now GO!” What was I supposed to do, I had to get Manny some medical attention, and I couldn't just stay there arguing with Alexis, all that would do is give the Ultimos a chance to kill us. So I left, but just as I was leaving I looked up at a balcony overlooking the room, and I could swear I saw someone that looked exactly like me, but no time to double check, gotta get outta here, and find “Dante”. Manny : “Who's Dante?” Virgil: “Oh did I say that out loud, didn't mean to, just a name that popped into my head is all. Now lets get you a medic.” *Back at the training room* Alexis: “Now that they're gone lets get serious.” Chris: “Do you really think YOU can beat all three of us?! Jajajajaja you're either really dumb or really brave, but either way you're gonna die!” Carlos: “Chris, shut up and get serious, he doesn't look like hes scared of us so whats that tell you?”
  10. 10. George: “He has a trick up his sleeve.” Carlos: “Exactly, so no messing around, go at him with all you've got.” Chris: “Who died and made you our boss?!” Carlos: “I could kill you if you don't like it!” Chris: “Or I could kill you, hows that sound?!” George: “Cut it out and focus, hes doing something.” *Alexis reaches into his back and pulls out two blades, they're sorta crooked but they look sharp as can be* Alexis: “Lets Go!” *Chris rushed at him first, throwing his strongest punch, Alexis dodged to the left, grabbed his arm and broke his elbow.* Chris: “SHIT, he broke my arm, aaaaahhhhh it hurts!!!” Carlos: “I told you to be careful, George lets go!” *George and Carlos rushed almost too fast for the eye to see. George threw a punch at his face and Carlos threw a kick at his legs. Alexis did a back-flip right in between the punch and the kick. George then tried hitting him with a kick to the face but Alexis ducked and cut his leg off.* George: “OH MY GOD.....HE CUT OFF MY LEG......AAAAHHHH.” *While George was on the Alexis stabbed him once with one of the blades and killed him. Meanwhile Chris and Carlos snuck up behind him. Carlos grabbed Alexis by the hands and Chris punched him right in the gut, the punch was so powerful it made Alexis barf right there. Then Chris curled up his punch even harder and hit him down into the floor. Carlos jumped on Alexis' back breaking his spinal cord in the process. Alexis was beat, he was coughing up blood and could barely move, Carlos then put his foot on his face.* Carlos: “So thats it, you could barely kill one of us, what was your plan, just letting them escape, please, we could catch up to them in a minute.” Alexis: “*cough* thats not gonna *cough* happen.” *Alexis reached into his coat pocket and took out a detonator* Alexis: “This is the end for you. *cough and spit out blood* Goodbye, Virgil.” Carlos: “Chris, run...” It was too late, you see Alexis had stashed a pack of C-4 explosives into his coat, I thought it was to destroy the reactor but he found a better use for it. *Giant explosion* Virgil: “I guess were not gonna have another nice little talk huh.” We went back to the entrance to find our troops were celebrating and running around cheering. Virgil: “Soldier, what happened wheres their army?” Soldier: “They left sir, they all retreated, WE WON!” Manny: “Well thats wonderful and im ecstatic but can someone please find me a medic, MY ARM IS BROKEN!!!” Soldier: “Right away sir, Medic...” A medic came rushing over so I left Manny with him. Something was off, why would an entire army leave, the only way we were planing on winning was to kill Gregorio. But I didn't pay that much attention to details, we won and only a handful of soldiers were sacrificed, now my main concern was what was on the disc Alexis gave me, he said the truth, what truth. I looked to the base again and Jennifer was coming out with just about 10 others, they were all battle torn and Jennifer was all beat up. Virgil: “Oh my god.... JENNIFER.” I rushed over to her and she collapsed right in my arms. Virgil: “MEDIC, MEDIC.” A medic rushed over and checked her vitals, he told me shed be OK she just needed some rest. That was the best news id ever heard, who knew my day was gonna go all south from there. *In the balcony that used to be overlooking the training room. Something is moving in the rubble of the blast, then Justin lifts a stone that was on top of him revealing Dante there as well.* Dante: “*cough* Thanks Justin, that was too close for comfort.” Justin: “I said you were my leader so ill protect you no matter what, so what now?” Dante: “Now....” *His face turned pale as if he saw a ghost. On the wall pinned by a pole was his father Gregorio.* Gregorio: “Dante *spits out a puddle of blood* took you ….long enough to.....find me” Dante: “Father, who, how....” Gregorio: “Shut......up and.....listen Dante *cough* I don't....have *cough* much time. The general that did this *moan* to me, hes trying to take.....over. YOU must be.....the one who rules *cough* or the world will again be in ruins. Now go.....fulfill your destiny.....don't let me down never......have.” *Gregorio slips from consciousness and falls asleep to never wake up again.* Dante: “*wipes tears from his eyes* Lets go Justin, we have a traitor to kill!” *Dante and Justin are on their way to the command center when they see the General heading towards the Hangar. They follow him to find the whole army loading in cargo planes and leaving. As they try to sneak in they're spotted and caught by the guards* General Hopkins: “Why hello there Dante, so nice of you and your little science project to join us, seeing you alive is most fortunate....” Dante: *spits in his face* How dare you betray us, you sent MY FRIENDS to kill
  11. 11. my father and me and you act like its nothing, I should kill you right now!” General: “ME....BETRAY....why thats absurd, I would never want to hurt you, but you see your father he was the real traitor. He betrayed his government for what, vengeance?! Something so worthless, you see he had to be taken out of the picture for a real leader to step up.” Justin: “And I guess that you right?!” General: “Well if the shoe fits son, but you see, I don't want revenge or even glory, im doing this for democracy. So long have other countries suffered from dictatorships, and monarchies and other horrible governments. I'm just bringing democracy to the world, for there to finally be peace. Thats why we founded the U.N.I.O.N for peace but your father wanted revenge, such an ugly emotion cannot bring forth peace.” Dante: “Isn't the base of democracy the fact that people get to choose?!” General: “Smart boy, yes indeed it is, but most people don't even know democracy, and the others don't know how to choose, so well make this small choice in their behalf and let them be free.” Soldier: “General were ready to leave.” General: “Good, take the super boy and load him in the cargo area, keep him under heavy watch, take Dante to the command center, ill be there shortly.” *They take them into the ship, and after a few moments the planes leave the base.* *A few hours after the battle is over* I finally found a working computer in this dump, Jennifer and Manny are resting so I have some time alone, now lets see what this CD has in it. *Alexis pops up in the computer monitor and tears rush to Virgil's face* Alexis: “If you're watching this Virgil I didn't come out of the battle alive, I need to tell you a very well kept secret about your past, that could possibly save the world, but for that you need to believe me so ill tell you my back-story. I was born into a family of spies of the U.S. Government, my mother and father were investigating a man named Gregorio who had run away from the military facility he was stationed to protect his son. I was born bout 2 years into they're research and what they had found was amazing. This man was not just a scientist, he was the best scientist in the world, the man was smart enough to take on an identity and keep the same one without being found by the best spies out there. Not only that but he kept his research going, from time to time data would pop up about his super soldier serum, he had perfected it, but he had no volunteers, my parents trained my brain to understand this man better than he understood himself, since I couldn't train physically for the fact that I was a baby, they crammed me with knowledge. By the time I was able to walk and speak I could say his name in five different languages, and knew all but quantum physics, this is an exaggeration but you get the point. A year later Gregorio's wife Eva showed up at our doorstep as if by magic, she said she couldn't take it anymore so she took her baby and ran. If I remember correctly the baby's name was Dante and he was 3 and a half when he joined us, I was 2 so naturally we bonded and became pretty good friends. A few weeks after that my parents were sent on a mission they never returned from, but no one told me what happened, so I promised myself I would become stronger to find my parents. It wouldn't be until years later I found out they were dead but thats a story for another time. Right after my parents were sent out on the mission Eva gave birth to another baby boy, now the government decide to split the two and Eva didn't want this, so they executed her and gave Dante to one decoy and the other baby to another decoy. Two years passed and then out of nowhere a man named Gregory Ortiz a famous war hero showed up and started taking care of Dante, we would later find out he was Gregorio, we should have probably been a little more cautious with that but hey, no ones perfect. Bu the time Gregorio came back I was 4 able and ready, I was already being sent out in easy scouting missions with some of the best in the world. You're probably wondering what any of this has to do with you? Well as I said Eva had another son, which she named herself, her son was named Virgil.”
  12. 12. Virgil and Dante How could I let this happen, to me of all people I got caught and am en route to god know were with the man that killed my father. General: “So Dante, how do you like my mobile command center?” Dante: “Its pretty maybe ill take it after I kill you!” General: “Ah Dante, so naïve and yet so much potential. You want to know a little secret about your mother Dante?” Dante: *His eyes widened* mother, what do you know of her!” General: “For starters, her name, your father never told you her name did he?” Dante: “No, he....” General: “Well thats a surprise after all it was such a beautiful name. Her name was Eva, she was a beauty to behold, long brown hair, green eyes, and a tan skin so soft to the touch you'd think....” Dante: “ENOUGH. You shouldn't even be speaking her name let alone...” General: “Oh but I knew her so well Dante, you see your father might have mentioned a General in his story, the evil General that wanted him to give his son as an experiment, and thats why he ran. Well that was me, and I found then what I still know your father was a coward. He ran away because he didn't want to face reality, his experiment was a failure, it was meant to fail. For out of that failure came a new light. He became obsessed with his experiments, trying to make the super soldier serum perfect, while I was left holding the blame for HIS failure. They made me offer my son as an experiment, my only son. He didn't reject it at first but after about a week his body started growing, but it didn't stop. Needless to say he died, but im not mad at your father for that, nor do I want revenge for what he did. Instead I just want you to see we all made sacrifices, not just you.” In the meantime while hes rambling on I found a sharp corner and I'm untying myself from the chair. General: “Now back to your mother. You see unlike your father, your mother was brave and eventually got tired of running. So she came back, and heres something you might find peculiar, she had a son.” At that moment I felt paralyzed and I could do nothing but think about the kid I saw back at the base. Dante: “ mean....i have a.....Brother! Why would my father not tell me!” General: “Because your father never found out, you see when your brother was born you two were separated. Your mother put up a fight but at the end they just executed her and put in the excuse she was a traitor of the nation. You see the government knew Gregorio was still alive, and that he would someday return so they hid your brother from him. They couldn't hide you because he knew you were alive, but at least your brother was our trump card, if he got out of control wed bring him in. The only problem with that plan was I was to be the spy for the government, but I decided the hell with it, ill follow him until I get the chance to kill him and take over.” Dante: “ You bastards killed my mother, my father and hid my brother from me for 19 YEARS!!! ILL KILL YOU!!!” I finally got free, now ill just take him out, get to Justin and get the hell outta here. *Dante threw himself at Hopkins hoping to take him out but Hopkins moved out of the way and hit him in the back knocking him into the floor* General: “Nice try kid, I see you still got fight in ya, well thats great, cause you'll need it in the front lines, were almost to Europe.” He's right I can see it in the GPS we're almost there, and apparently hes planning to take me out without laying a hand on me. I cant believe, my whole life was a lie, my parents they were just decoy, my father was the man I was sent to kill, and my mother died just days after I was born. Alexis: “Virgil listen to me, you must stop them whatever the cost, I know you now have mixed feelings about this but we're talking about someone bent on taking over the world. Please do your best, you're in charge of the rebels now.” *Computer shuts off* Its too much, I cant....I cant do this, ITS TOO MUCH. *Throws the computer on the ground and stomps away.* How does he expect me to kill my own father, and god forbid my brother be alive then ill have to kill him too. Manny: “You don't have to worry about your father, they found Gregorio's corpse on top of were Alexis died.” Virgil: “ heard....and DEAD, so we
  13. 13. really did win!” Manny: “Not exactly. We need you back at camp, come on.” We rushed over to were Jennifer is and I am extremely relieved to see her up and sitting in her bed. Virgil: “JENNIFER!” I hug her with all my strength as if I haven't seen her in years and give her the best kiss I ever gave her. Manny: “*Ujum* Guys if you don't mind, we have to talk.” I stop kissing her but keep holding her as if to never let her go. Manny: “OK now, Jennifer tell him what you told us.” Jennifer: “OK, so me and my team entered through a secret hangar bay in the back and sabotaged they're electronics.” Virgil: “Yes and thanks to that we won right?” Jennifer: “Wrong you see we were on our way to sabotage the planes so they couldn't leave when they're army showed up, about 700 against us 50 we stood no chance, so we ran towards the main entrance and realized they weren't following us. My guess is they took the planes and left.” Virgil: “So good they retreated.....but wait why was....” Manny: “Exactly it doesn't add up why they would leave their leader behind, unless he was just a puppet and theres another mastermind.” Virgil: “Maybe one of our explosions or something got him early, maybe we got lucky.” Manny: “We hoped that too but the way we found him wasn't made by explosions or gunshots, it was cruel and unusual as if to send a message.” Virgil: “So he was just a puppet, and they played us all for fools.” Manny: “Yes and no. You see he really was in charge but I think they betrayed him, he was impaled into the wall when we found him, didn't look human to do, then I thought about those Ultimo guys who were super human, and saw that yes it was very possible for them. So my theory is someone betrayed him and is now en route somewhere to start his own little agenda.” Virgil: “So what were in square one, WE KNOW NOTHING!!!” Manny: “Well we know the only heavens left are in the East so thats were we should start looking.” Virgil: “Jenny its all right if you wanna stay here and rest, im not gonna make you go on a mission that dangerous again. I couldn't bare to loose you too. *Tears run down his face*” Jennifer: “*Wipes the tears from his eyes* Baby im fine, I was just tired when I got back, the guys did a pretty good job with defending me, and im not letting you go to the Eastern part of the world without me, you know how many skanks there are over there.” And that was the end of that, we now had a new enemy, whose name or face we didn't know and who had enough influence as to take out the leader of the strongest organization in the world and take over it. So yeah three kids, barely old enough to drive, have to suck up all our misfortune, misery, hate, anger, and concentrate on taking out the most powerful man alive. Yeah, we got our work cut out for us.