Uber cloud at ucc dresden dec 2013


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Uber cloud at ucc dresden dec 2013

  1. 1. The UberCloud Paving the way to High Performance Computing as a Service International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing December 9 – 12, Dresden, Germany Wolfgang Gentzsch and Burak Yenier
  2. 2. What is High Performance Computing ? Modeling the World on the computer … t   U      U  U   0 F  ma i t   H  E  mc 2 … in order to allow for Virtual Product Development … 2
  3. 3. What is High Performance Computing ? … or for scientific insights Combustion Environment Cosmology Climate 3
  4. 4. HPC is needed to stay competitive The digital manufacturing engineer has several options to use High Performance Computing (HPC):  HPC on the Desktop: over 90% of engineers  HPC on the Server: about 5% of engineers  HPC as a Service: in the Cloud; less than 1%
  5. 5. Workstations: limited capacity Low-end workstations and PCs are important for daily design and development work, but  50+ % of users are dissatisfied with their computing capacity*  Too slow, e.g. jobs run over night or a whole week  Too small, detailed geometry and physics don’t fit into memory  Number of jobs are limited which affects the quality of the final result * Source: http://www.compete.org/
  6. 6. Servers: expensive and complex  For SMEs buying and using large scale HPC systems is expensive and complex …
  7. 7. HPC as a Service: benefits & challenges HPC as a Service (in the Cloud) offers flexibility, business agility, scaling up and down, pay-per-use, OPEX instead CAPEX, but  It’s a new business and working paradigm  Security, privacy, trust in service provider  Intellectual property  Software Licensing  Heavy data transfers
  8. 8. UberCloud Poll about Roadblocks The UberCloud, June 13, 2013
  9. 9. The UberCloud HPC Experiment An open voluntary collaborative community Objective: Making HPC as a Service available, for everybody, on demand How? For SMEs and their engineering applications to explore the end-to-end process of using remote computing resources, as a service, on demand, at your finger tip, and learning how to resolve the roadblocks.
  10. 10. The End-User’s Benefits  Free HPC Experiment, on-demand access to hardware, software, and expertise, with a one stop resource access experience  No hunting for resources in the complex emerging cloud market  Professional match-making of end-users with service providers  Perfectly tuned end-to-end, step-by-step process to HPC Cloud  Lowering barriers & risks for frictionless entry into HPC Cloud  Crowd sourcing: End-Users are building relationships with other community members who actively contribute to improvements
  11. 11. How does the Experiment work?  End-User joins the experiment  Software Vendor joins  We select a Team Expert  We suggest a Resource Provider  Team is ready to go  … 22 steps on Basecamp’s virtual team office  Finally, writing the Case Study
  12. 12. Where are we with the experiment  Started August 2012: today 700+ participating organizations and individuals  Participants are from 66 countries  Round 4 started September 1: already 42 new teams  124 teams have been formed in Rounds 1-4  Registration at: www.hpcexperiment.com www.cfdexperiment.com www.compbioexperiment.com www.bigdataexperiment.com
  13. 13. UberCloud community website  With social network and crowdsourcing features  Forums, Q&A, discussions, newsletters,…  Feature stories: HPCwire, Desktop Engineering, Bio-IT…  UberCloud University with free and paid lectures  UberCloud HPC Experiment free trial service  UberCloud Exhibit services directory  List of currently ongoing team projects, their status, and organizations involved  List of upcoming conferences with ‘meet me there’ button
  14. 14. Finally: The UberCloud Marketplace  Crowdsourcing and social networking: provide the community web platform to discover and try HPCaaS, address pain points, facilitate adoption, harness collective intelligence  Marketplace for computing-related services: 20+ million engineers, scientists, and their service providers to list, discover, try, and sell/purchase  IaaS: HPC centers and public cloud providers  SaaS: open source and commercial technical software  Expertise: specialized HPC, software, technical know-how
  15. 15. Cloud Computing Reality Check  UberCloud Compendium sponsored by Intel  25 selected use-cases from 60 teams in Rounds 1 & 2  Google: “ubercloud compendium” 17
  16. 16. Team 2: Simulating new probe design for a medical device Front End + 2 GPU Solvers In Action
  17. 17. Team 2: Team members HPC Expert: Electromagnetic Simulation End User: Anonymous
  18. 18. Team 8: Multiphase flows within the cement and mineral industry Drying moist particles with hot gas
  19. 19. Team 8: Team members Ingo Seipp and Team End-User CFX
  20. 20. Team 26: Simulating Stent Deployment Using SIMULIA’s Abaqus/Standard and Remote Viz Software from NICE to run CAE on SGI Cyclone™  Assessment of a fictitious balloon expandable stent design  deployment, physiological pulsatile loading  and both axial and radial compression.
  21. 21. Team 26- Team members  End User: Anonymous: Global Designer and Manufacturer of Sterile Medical Products  CAE Software Provider: Matt Dunbar, Chief Architect, SIMULIA  Remote Viz Software: NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV)  HPC/CAE Expert: Scott Shaw, Senior Applications Engineer, SGI  Resource Provider: SGI Cyclone. Tony DeVarco, Senior Manager for Strategic Partners and Cloud Computing at SGI. Eugene Kremenetsky, Systems Engineering Technical Lead at SGI  Team Mentor: Gregory Shirin from the HPC Experiment team
  22. 22. Challenges and Solutions  Information security, privacy: protecting the users intellectual property, guarding raw data, processing models, resulting information: document security requirements, and select the right provider  Internet too slow for heavy data transfer: don’t ship every result, just the important ones; use remote visualization; if necessary, fedex the data over-night via USB hard drive  Incompatible software licensing models: ISVs have to develop compatible on-demand software licensing models
  23. 23. Challenges and Solutions, cont’d  Reliability & availability of resource providers: seeking info on reliability and availability of each vendor before partnering  Lack of easy registration and administration: originally HPC resources are not designed for the masses: use automated rules based instant decision making capabilities  Costs: pay-per-use billing can result in unpredictable cost, project can easily run out of budget: use automated, policy driven monitoring of usage and billing  High expectations, disappointing results: we are in transition to the cloud computing paradigm: Set goals that are incrementally better than your current capabilities.
  24. 24. Why join?  HPC as a Service is the next big thing, benefits are obvious  HPC is complex; together it is easier to tackle the complexity  Low entry barrier to HPC as a Service through an experiment  Learning by doing; experimenting with no risk; no failure  Becoming an active part of this growing community  Exploring the end-to-end process and learning how this fits into your research and/or business direction in the near future
  25. 25. Thank You http://www.hpcexperiment.com http://www.cfdexperiment.com http://www.compbioexperiment.com http://www.bigdataexperiment.com