Docker - Lego bricks for developers

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Build up you server configuration wit LXC containers.

Build up you server configuration wit LXC containers.

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  • 1. DOCKER LEGO BRICKS FOR DEVELOPERS Created by Wojciech Pietrzak / @astropanic
  • 2. HEADS UP Docker is an open-source project to easily create lightweight, portable, self-sufficient containers from any application.
  • 3. PREPERATION Vagrant (v1.4 has built in Docker support) A Vagrant box with at least 3.8 Linux kernel (details, samples) A Vagrant configuration file with Docker provisioner setup
  • 4. LETS ROCK ! c /m d tp mdr/m/okrpagon & c $ ki tpdce_lyrud & d _ vgatbxaddce hts/osbnre.hsopsegrcmvgatbxsuut-2 arn o d okr tp:/s-iaispuinasne.o/arn/oe/bnu1. vmVgatie i arnfl Vgatcniue2 d |ofg arn.ofgr() o cni| cni.mbx="okr ofgv.o dce" cni.mpoiin"okr d || ofgv.rvso dce" o d ed n (90.490.ahd |ot 400.90)ec o pr| cni.mntok:owre_ot :ot= pr,:us = pr ofgv.ewr fraddpr, hs > ot get > ot ed n ed n
  • 5. RUN DOCKER, RUN vgatu arn p vgatsh arn s vgatuut-2~ dce vrin arn@bnu1:$ okr eso Cin vrin 073 let eso: .. G vrin(let:g12 o eso cin) o. Gtcmi (let:80a4 i omt cin) 52d Sre vrin 073 evr eso: .. Gtcmi (evr:80a4 i omt sre) 52d G vrin(evr:g12 o eso sre) o. Ls sal vrin 073 at tbe eso: ..
  • 6. RUN SOME COMMAND ON A BASE CONTAINER dce rnbs eh "el wrd okr u ae co hlo ol" Ual t fn iae'ae (a:lts)lcly nbe o id mg bs' tg aet oal Pligrpstr bs uln eoioy ae b5f729:Dwla cmlt 70e96d onod opee 2c7440:Dwla cmlt 7f8179 onod opee hlowrd el ol You can run a shell too dce rn- - bs /i/ah okr u i t ae bnbs -i - keep stdin open -t - preserve tty
  • 7. PIMP OUR CONTAINER WITH COWSAY We can log in to our base container, set it up, and save a snapshot of the system in the repository atgtudt & atgtisalcwa p-e pae & p-e ntl osy dce p okr s a CNANRI OTIE D 337622 575359 IAE MG bs:aet aelts CMAD OMN /i/ah bnbs CETD RAE 3 scnsao 2 eod g SAU TTS U 3 sc p 2 e dce cmi 337622 atoai/ipdbs okr omt 575359 srpncpme_ae dce ps atoai/ipdbs okr uh srpncpme_ae Pes lgnpirt ps: lae oi ro o uh Lgnaantsre a hts/idxdce.ov/ oi gis evr t tp:/ne.okri/1 Uenm:atoai srae srpnc Eal ata.oe@mi.o mi: c.scdrgalcm Teps rfr t arpstr [srpncpme_ae (e:1 h uh ees o eoioy atoai/ipdbs] ln ) Snigiaels edn mg it Psigrpstr atoai/ipdbs ( tg) uhn eoioy srpncpme_ae 1 as 2c7440:Iaearaypse,sipn 7f8179 mg led uhd kpig b5f729:Iaearaypse,sipn 70e96d mg led uhd kpig c62fca:Iaescesul pse 12363e mg ucsfly uhd Psigtg frrv[12363e o {tp:/eity1dce.ov/eoioisat uhn as o e c62fca] n hts/rgsr-.okri/1rpstre/sr
  • 8. USE OUR NEW CONTAINER FROM THE REPOSITORY dce rnatoai/ipdbs /s/ae/osyDce i aeoe okr u srpncpme_ae urgmscwa okr s wsm __________ _________ <Dce i aeoe> okr s wsm ----------------- ^_ _^ (o___ o)____ (_ _) )/ |--w| |-| | | |